tagLoving WivesMe, My Slutwife & Rick Ch. 01

Me, My Slutwife & Rick Ch. 01


The burly, naked married man resting on my usual spot on my bed had a slight snarl to his tone, as he wiped sweat and juices off of his mouth and chin. "Man, I don't get it," he caustically chastised me, not really looking in my direction where I sat in a chair beside my bed, "if I had a wife as fucking hot as yours, I wouldn't let her get fucked by other men -- I mean, if she says she loves you . . . . ." His husky, tired voice dropped off, as if the point was self-evident.

I'd been accused of a lot worse by the hung men whom I watched fuck my 29-year old Asian slutwife, so Pete's words didn't faze me. Instead, with the sex at a brief interlude, I was just breathing softly, shifting in the chair so my legs didn't fall asleep. My erection still ached inside my slacks and underwear; I could feel my briefs were soiled from the precum I'd been leaking for over an hour -- almost 90 minutes, maybe -- while watching Kitty and Pete getting friendly on the bed, making out, stripping, then going through the entire list of oral sex and penetration in multiple positions.

With his broad back pressing against a pillow -- my pillow at night, to be exact -- and slightly elevating his torso, Pete's face was pressed straight up by the headboard. The wisps of black-and-gray hairs on his 40-something chest were beaded with perspiration, and below, his semi-rigid erection glistened from fucking my wife's tight pussy. He had been slightly reticent about fucking Kitty in front of me, which has been the case with other men we brought home for her entertainment. But it didn't take long of Kitty screaming at the top of her lungs -- "uuugh fuuuck me!!!" -- to convince him, it was worth it for me to watch because he got to screw my slut's awesome little body. So now, relaxing as we waited for Kitty to rejoin us, he wasn't moving to cover or shield his awesome penis from me. I tried not to make him uncomfortable by staring at it, but I took a couple of quick glances at his meaty semi-rigid shaft as it lay patiently between his fleshy thighs. That beast really gave Kitty an awesome fuck, and I sensed (and hoped) it wasn't done for the night.

But Pete's contempt for me was palpable -- and you'd think, after fucking my wife in front of me, he'd be a bit more charitable. He glanced towards my direction, shaking his head contemptuously, and gave himself an explanation for the situation that made sense to his little brain. "So what is it," the proud construction worker asked me scornfully, "does your wife likes fuckin' other men better than you, and you like watching -- you some kind of fag, is that it?" He snickered to himself. "How'd you get her to marry you?"

Now normally, I don't really consider myself a friend of the men whom Kitty fucks, but I certainly don't see myself as their enemy. Pete, here, though, was getting pretty close to the line. He's one of those old-school, old-world guys who thinks of a woman as a conquest, and when you are married to a woman, she has to love you and only you, because if she doesn't, it's a negative comment on your manhood. A man pleases a woman, and a real man pleases multiple women, but not vice versa. I understand that's his world view; I just don't subscribe to it. But for him to be in my face? While naked in my bed? I didn't want to cut Kitty's evening short, but I was moments away from tossing the creep out of our house.

"Well," I softly offered with a drawl, trying to pick my words carefully, "it's -- complicated, of course, but I think Kitty and I have a pretty unique relationship, which really works for both of us." Then I added probably the most important point, "I just know, I love her, and she loves me."

"Hmph!" The arrogant, self-deluded hunk with a dick that was much larger than his brain rejected my explanation out of hand. "You know, if your woman loves you, then she loves YOU -- not other guys." He laughed to himself at a thought, but it was meant as another dig at me. "That's what fuckin' love is. But I guess you don't get any of that." He wasn't even looking at me, the prick. "Hell, I guess you don't 'get any' at all, I bet, 'cept maybe a gay's asshole, am I right?"

You know, he wasn't, he was dead wrong. He had no fucking clue about Kitty and me. Shit, I could have told him the truth -- that just the morning the day before, Kitty introduced me to a blonde, 20 year old college girl, who spread her legs for me and let me fuck her several times over and over, while Kitty was there fucking both of us too. Not to mention the hot sex Kitty and I have regularly. What did this stupid, self-deluded, small-brained little neutrino know anyway?

But any further discussion was thankfully intercepted by the noise of the faucet cutting off in the master bathroom. Both Pete and I looked up a few moments later as my petite, nude wide softly strutted back into the room. She was definitely walking "funny," not entirely putting her knees together. Her jet-black hair, normally halfway down her slender back when brushed straight, was kinked and matted from being twisted and yanked so much by her rough new friend. Her sexy A-cup breasts still sported those long, rock-hard brown nipples, and below, her shaved bald pink kitty was damp with juices just like Pete's penis was.

About the only thing different with my Chinese-American wife was her face, which she'd just washed clean. Gone were the streaks of mascara, eyeliner and other makeup, which had really created a mess by the end of her fucking. Pete had been slamming his rigid erection on her face during a rough blowjob, and then each time he pulled his prick out of her throat, she got more mucus spread over her lips and chin. Then with her crying -- yes, literally, tears of pain and joy while screwing Pete's extremely thick and hefty erection -- she'd made a fucking mess of her face.

Kitty was laughing about it, as she rejoined us in the master bedroom. "Sorry," she apologized to both of us, immediately heading for the bed and jumping onto it on her knees, then crawling back towards Pete. "I just had to clean up, I felt like I was melting."

My beautiful wife of about a year winked in my direction, not really making eye contact, before she rolled onto her back next to Pete, on my chair's side of the bed. She looked so incredibly petite next to him, her 95-pound body unquestionably less than half his weight, and he had at least twelve inches height on her that somehow looked even more when both were lying on the bed together. As she nestled into his long strong arm that wrapped behind her small slender shoulder, I saw her hand with her wedding ring reach down to softly grasp the shaft of Pete's wonderful dick.

"Oooh there's that cock again," she admired of the oversized, fat shaft starting to pulse back to its full size in her hand, "it's only been five minutes and I've missed it so much." Barely having come to rest against him, she was already sliding down the bed, on her tummy, moving between his legs. "Mmm, Pete, you're so fuckin' hot, you get me so wet!" Looking up past his hairy chest at his big eyes, she started massaging his shaft with both of her small hands, while her little tongue licked circles around the rim. "Mmm, gonna get it big and hard again for me, honey?"

Despite having had two orgasms already, that massive cock was twitching back to its fully-erect size in her hands, against her tongue. Panting, staring down at her face and, past it, her naked little ass, Pete was thoroughly interest in another round -- or more -- with my slutty wife. "Ooh yeah, baby," he muttered, his eyes very briefly glancing at me but then staring back down at my wife's face. "Why, you got plans for my big cock?"

"Mmm, do I!" Kitty reached her small arm up to his very broad shoulder, pulling his face and torso down over hers. "I want some more of your hot cock in my tight Asian pussy, baby -- don't you want some more of your little slut?" Her smile disappeared as his lips surrounded the bulbous round head of his cock, and with me watching in motionless silence, Kitty began sucking his penis while feeling it pulsate heat in her mouth. She, too, noticed me staring from my seat at the side of the bed, and she smiled at me with a wink before looking against at this evening's boyfriend. "Get it all hard, Pete -- my husband knows I'm your little slut for tonight, not his -- show him how you make me cum so hard with this big hot cock, baby!"

Pete's stretching, fat dick in her petite little hand looked amazing. Kitty couldn't wrap her fingers around the base, and her flat, gorgeous face was so frail and delicate compared to the rigid, throbbing bone sticking out of Pete's crotch. My small wife held his erection upwards in her fist, while her mouth worked on the soft round helmet of his penis, sucking it, salivating on it. "Mmmm, ohhh, mmm, sooo good, sooo big," Kitty worshipped, sticking her tongue out to lick around the helmet. "Soooo fucking big, Pete, I love your cock." Her small face turned, tracing her little pink tongue down the sensitive underside of his cock, along the tube where the cum shoots, all the way down to his fat balls.

Pete leaned back, spreading his knees wide, giving my wife full access to his genitals. Kitty's mouth opened more as she suckled in his scrotum into her mouth, wetting it with saliva, licking it and gasping hot breaths on it. Pete shuddered, moaning. Her slanted eyes looked up at his face, his balls still in her mouth and her fist tightly wrapped around the huge base of his dick. "I'm so wet for your dick, Pete," my horny spouse purred, now moving her tongue to lick around the base of his shaft. Her tongue was darting out, attacking his prick, then sliding back in her mouth to get more saliva.

"Ohhh, fuckkk," Kitty gasped with more enthusiasm, enamored at the huge size of his penis, enjoying it in her hand and against her face. As she lapped her tongue furiously up and down his shaft, Kitty was pressing her face against his bone, feeling the throbbing heat on her skin, smearing some of her saliva around her cheeks and nose, and his cockhead leaking precum brushed her black bangs and smooth forehead, spreading his juices there. "Sooo fuckin' big, Pete, sooo fuckin' hot, I looove your big dick, baby!"

The guy was snickering as he watched my wife paying homage to his tool, then his eyes shot over to me scornfully. He saw me watching my wife loving his large pecker, and he leaned back even more with an air of superiority, putting his hands under his head, his strong broad arms bent and elbows pointing to the side. "Suck my dick, bitch," he slurred to Kitty, staring down at her mouth and face still licking and rubbing the length of his shaft, "you know you love my big cock, show me how much you need big dicks you cunt." Then, adding another supposed insult, he snickered. "Fuckin' horny whore, you don't get enough big cock from your husband, do you? You're just gonna be my fuckin' little slut now, aren't you, baby?"

He didn't realize that she was growing even more horny from his nasty words. Kitty's brown eyes, half-closed in lust for his penis, gazed up at his face now, past his massive erection. She kept licking it, her fist slowly pumping and squeezing the base up and down slightly, then she moaned in aroused delight. "Mmmm, baby, yesss," grunted my nude wife, rubbing her cheeks and chin around his cockhead a few times, before sucking his dick into her mouth briefly. "Yesss, I'm you're little slut tonight, you gonna keep fuckin' me with this big huge cock, honey?"

Hearing both his and her foul mouths worked wonders on me, as it did her. My 43-year old cock stirred too, pressing against my tight slacks, wanting attention. I didn't want to spook Pete. Some men let me jerk off while they fucked Kitty; others even let me join in, so Kitty can get two holes filled at once. Pete wasn't like that, and I didn't want to do anything to lessen the pounding he was going to give my horny wife. So I just sat there, feet spread out in front of me, watching, eyes glued to the sight, my dick getting relief only by pressing up into my restrictive clothing.

My eyes were riveted at Pete's enormous erection inside Kitty's little mouth. Now, leaning over on her elbows and knees, she had her head directly above his fat throbbing penis. Wrapping her lips around the head, her jaw open wide, my wife pushed her mouth down and started to suck his cock into her mouth. "Mmmm, aggh!" she gagged, feeling his cock filling her mouth, pressing on her tongue, but only three or four inches inside. Her head bobbed, her long black hair spilled around her neck and his cock. Pete grabbed her hair, pulling it behind her head, all to the side away from me, making sure that Kitty's husband had a good show of her sucking his enormously fat, 8-inch-long cock. "Mmmm, uhhhhhgn!" Kitty coughed, bobbing up for air, a strand of clear, glistening drool streaming out of her mouth down to his dick. "Mmmm, god, more!" She sucked air into her lungs, then dove down, shoving his prick into her gaping-open mouth, trying to fit more into her, deeper.

Pete snarled, letting go of her hair and using that freed hand to press down on the back of Kitty's head. She gagged louder, her body convulsed, as she took the head of his manly erection into her throat, a little. "Mmmm uhhh!" Her eyes grew wide, she smiled to herself, trying to fit more of his penis inside her neck. I could see her throat expanding, as she leaned forward to take his penis deeper, her little titties dangling under slender chest.

"Yeah you cunt," slobbered the horny married stud fucking my wife, "swallow my prick, baby, show me what a hot cocksucking bitch you are."

Kitty had to pull up for a second, choking on air, trying to swallow the saliva and mucus in her mouth, and she brushed the back of her small hand over her lips to smear away some of the juices there. "Fuuuuck," she moaned, still staring down at his penis in her small hand, pumping it up and down with more speed, making slick noises as her fingers and palm passed through the clear liquids streaming down her shaft. "Sooo fuckin' huge, I fuckin' love your dick, Pete, I'm so wet for it, I want to make you feel so good, I'm so glad you've got a huge cock!"

Pete grunted and half-smiled, thinking of some inside joke. "Yeah, that's me, Pete, packin' his pistol of love."

Sitting by the side I couldn't resist snorting at his comment. Pistol? I was in awe of the thick, solid size of his erection that was so ably entertaining my horny wife. "More like, packing an ICBM," I told him.

Ignoring me, he was pulling her hair to the side again, his face turned to watch his cock inside the mouth of the younger, sexy Asian woman. "You love putting my big bone in your mouth, don't you, you little cocksucking whore?" He wrapped his other hand around the back of his head, holding her hair tightly in the first hand, and really smashed her face down on his dick. Kitty wasn't really ready; she gagged, choking, reaching her hands to his hairy, muscular thighs as if to push herself away, but she either didn't or couldn't, and she took some of his erection into her throat. "Ugghhh, ummmm!" Her eyes closed, she fought the gag reflex, choking down more of his penis. Her little fingers were gripping his meaty thighs tightly, holding on for dear life, while her jaw was opened all the way, making her neck strain. "Mmm -- mmmm -- mmmmm!"

The jerk was snickering, holding her mouth and throat down on his pulsating bone a few seconds, before releasing her, hearing my horny wife choking and coughing as she regained her senses. "You suck cock good, you stupid little fucking bitch," he laughed, the side of his lip turning up in a disdainful way, "you don't get a big cock like that at home, do you?"

Little did he know, she always said -- totally honestly, she's not a liar -- that she preferred sucking on average-sized dicks like mine, not on the 8-inch monsters like Pete's. Choking and gagging was not a turn-on for her, particularly. But this was his first time in bed with her, if he would become her new boyfriend -- and, given developments of the prior week, she had need for one -- he would probably learn that.

Kitty, however, was not too put off by the throat-fucking. As she regained her breath, she peered up at his face with lusty eyes, and she growled in a hungry voice, "Pete -- I need you to fuck me now -- fuck my cunt!"

He snickered again, enjoying her need for his huge erection. Gasping a little, grunting, watching my wife sucking his dick slowly and softly, Pete's big hand reached downward to Kitty. He slipped his hands under her armpits, and pulling her mouth off of his cock, he slid her over his body, lifting my petite wife's under-100 pound body. "Mmmm!" she moaned, grinning, letting him reposition her body as he wanted. He didn't stop moving her until Kitty's mouth was on his mouth, and she immediately smashed her face forward to kiss him hard. His jaw opened, taking her tongue in his mouth, and the two new fuck-buddies started making out furiously, as they had done earlier in the evening to start off the festivities.

I watched my nude wife lying on the man's handsome naked body, his hands reaching around to clutch her ass cheeks, while they were moaning in unison, faces moving together, licking tongues and exchanging breaths lung to lung in their horny, passionate kiss. His cock was throbbing now, pressing against her flat belly, while he continued to cup and massage Kitty's ass cheeks. His eyes made sure not to look in my direction, but I could tell, he was showing off in front of me -- showing me that my wife loved making out with him, and wanted to fuck his very manly, long fat cock while I watched.

But then Pete added more to his zest to put me in my place, he wanted to deny me some of the pleasure of watching. While he was making out with Kitty, he reached both hands down the bed and grasped the bed sheet. With a swift butterfly motion of his arms he pulled the sheet upwards to the headboard and enveloped himself and my wife under it, making a big cocoon which they shared as she rolled on top of him, mouths pressed together noisily. Then, with Kitty moaning and even yelping, he rolled their bodies over, so Pete was now lying on top of my wife, but both of them entirely covered by the bed sheet. Now I only saw the shape of the man moving to lay over my wife, and from inside it I heard her giggling moan while the male was grunting. The sticky-type noises accompanying the groans meant that their tongues were dancing together in the hot kiss.

Soon the bulge under the bed sheet was moving; Pete was mounting my wife, laying on top of her, sliding his penis back inside her married twat. She was staring to scream immediately, my very vocal wife doing it instinctively and not just for my benefit. "Ohhh fucckkk!" I heard her muffled cry, her mouth stuffed with male tongue, "ohhh, yesss, fuck meee!"

God, I love hearing my wife joyously getting fucked by a huge penis. I don't have one; my under-six inches gets hard and stays hard for a long time, but what I can deliver in quantity (time) I can't do in quality (size). I can't get Kitty to scream like this, I've never made her cry from fucking. It's a beautiful thing to witness experiencing that kind of bliss with other men.

As Pete fucked my wife furiously, the bed sheet started to peel back. First I saw Kitty's hands, flailing uselessly above her head as she laid back, then her tangled hair sprayed around the bed sheets. Soon my eyes saw them kissing madly, not stopping during the sex. His meaty ass was powerfully pumping up and down, so the bed sheet was being tossed around above their bodies, and then he broke the kiss and rose above her on his straightened arms. Now I could see his naked torso, and her breasts and flat tummy. The bed sheets covered his hips and her spread-open legs, but I was still watching them screw.

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