tagLoving WivesMe, My Slutwife & Rick Ch. 02

Me, My Slutwife & Rick Ch. 02


[Author's note: This is part of a continuous story, it's not really a stand-alone chapter. I recommend reading the parts continuously, and not jumping into it cold.]

Kitty doesn't just tell me, her husband, that she loves me. She says "I love you" to a lot of men -- long-time boyfriends, recent ones, even one-time lovers. She's the sweetest person ever, because, she truly always means it. She's never leading anyone on; instead, she has nothing but lust and love for each of the men in her life, wanting all of us to be completely happy, and to be fully satisfied, as best as she can, with the limited time most of her married or attached boyfriends have for her.

I suppose, if you were a complete moron like that guy Pete we'd end up meeting a couple of weeks later, you might think she was a fucking tramp, a liar, or simply clueless what the definition of "love" is. But she's none of those things.

I think, instead, you just need to know what she means when she says "I love you" to someone.

That's a difficult thing to know, however.

* * * *

It was the Thursday before the long Fourth of July weekend, which was going to begin on the next day, Friday the Fourth. Kitty's soft breaths fell on the beads of sweat dotting Rick's muscular chest, as the mid-day sunlight bathed both of their bodies in golden warmth through our guest bedroom's window. As she lay her small body along his long, rigid frame, she felt his own deep sighs pushing her little body back and forth, swaying with the rising and falling of his muscle-bound ribcage. Lying on her side next to him, she parted her knees slightly more, pressing her sloppy, used vagina against Rick's powerful hips, and her one arm draped across his six-pack stomach so her small breasts and still-hard nipples hugged her lover a little more tightly.

Flicking her hair back, her beautiful, slanted, brown Asian eyes looked so petite next to her gorgeous boyfriend. He was dreamy to her -- half-Latin, half-white, not quite 40 years old, Rick had close-cut dark curly hair over a strong, boyishly-young face, scared from mostly-healed cuts and bruises he voluntarily obtained during his amateur MMA workouts on weekends. The Regional VP at a major, household-name bank, his dress shirt and slacks were money all the way, custom made, dry cleaned after each wearing. His chest was a rock -- sporting his powerful six-pack stomach and muscular pectorals and tight little brown nipples. There wasn't a drop of flab on his six-foot-four body, the perfect complement to his GQ-quality face.

Neither the handsome married male nor his Asian mistress were sleeping, but they were recharging after a furious, heated session of their typically animal and passionate sex. Clutching her sexy boyfriend's hulky body, not a drop of fat on it, Kitty found herself giggling, almost laughing out loud. She felt Rick stir and look at her, and she explained. "Ohhh fuck I'm sore," she panted, "you've really worn me out today?"

"I did, huh?" He pushed his hip in the direction of her vagina pressing against it, imparting a little bit of pressure against her allegedly sore pussy. "You saying you don't wanna stay for another hour, and get more of Mr. Happy stuffed inside your hot little pussy?" Rick had named his cock.

Although sensitive to contact, the grinding of his manly hip and the thought of more sex with him made her ache for his sex again. My wife lifted her chest a bit, sliding above his, so his firm little pale-pink nipple was below her face. She stuck her tongue out, swirling around his nipple, then licking some of his sexy flat chest. "Mmmm, I'm saying since I have you here, I better get as much of Mr. Happy into my pussy as you can give me!"

Her boyfriend's broad paw slipped down her little body, cupping her perspiry soft buttocks in his flattened palm and stroking the sweat and juices off of it. "God, you know, Kitty," the cheating husband mused with a touch of melancholy in his normally playful voice, "I'm never as happy anywhere else as I am with you -- don't you wish we could do this a lot, lot, lot more often -- and not have to be sneaking around on my wife and your husband?"

With her nude body wrapped over his athletic physique, feeling their deep breaths catching up from awesome lovemaking, Nadia found the concept extremely welcoming, making her body relax in a warm, light-headed daze. "Mmmm," she purred at his thought, "that would be divine -- you make me feel sooo good, baby."

"Both of us feel soo good," corrected her boyfriend, now using both of his hands to cup her buttocks and slide her little body on top of his. "It's not right, how we only get a few hours every few days, seems like it should be all the time!" His lips touched hers, opening them for a soft, romantic kiss, while his increasingly-hard 9.5 inches of cock throbbed heat on her tummy abdomen, until he had slid her all the way up and could touch his massive, swollen cockhead to Kitty's married vagina.

"Yess!" my slutty wife yelped, feeling him positioning her body over his, "fuck me, Rick!"

Right at the moment his dick was about to penetrate her pussy, the handsome, bronze-skinned stud moaned his thoughts into their sealed lips. "I love you, Kitty!"

"Mmmm, Rick!" My wife, eager to feel his awesome cock inside her pussy again and her heart filled with satisfaction, also let him know her honest feelings too. "I love you too, baby, so much -- fuck my little cunt!"

Maybe an hour later, or so, as she was standing on the floor of our guest room slipping on her panties, she heard Rick's voice from behind her, where he was still seated upright on the queen-size bed. "God your ass is so hot," he moaned, and followed up his comment with a small throw-pillow that he tossed in her direction. It landed gently against her butt, forcing my wife to stand upright before she was ready, leaving the panties in a bunch around her knees.

"Hey!" she exclaimed in mock anger, turning around. "Do you wanna go to lunch now, or what? I don't think you want the attention of me going out naked, you're a married man with a hot job at the bank, mister."

The still-nude male, his eyes roving over my wife's A-cup breasts and bald pussylips, snickered with a hunger unrelated to food. "Instead of sneaking out for a burger," he offered, "maybe we can just stay here until I have to get back to the office?" His eyes were fixated on the dripping liquid seeping out of Kitty's vagina. "Then you won't have to put any clothing over that hot little cunt, baby."

Standing upright on display for him, Kitty wiggled her legs, loosening her panties, so they fell to the floor. She stepped out of them, nude again, and started to head back for the bed. "I like that idea better, my love," she grinned, her cunt still hungry for his massive cock even though he'd already deposited three loads of sperm inside it.

He snickered at a happy thought, looking at her across the room. "You know what idea I like, baby?"

"Hmm mm?" she denied, shaking her head as she stepped towards to the bed. "What's that idea?" Her eyes soaked in the sexy sight of his powerful, muscular chest and arms, ripped with muscles, below his boyishly handsome face.

His eyes were aglow. "The idea that we can be like this all the time -- you and me, together, not sneaking around -- just, you know, all the time, naked, or doing whatever, having fun." A melancholy scowl crossed his lips, his voice dipping a bit in energy. "I think about that, don't you? Don't you ever thing, how fucking happy we'd be, just, like, together all the time?"

My wife, not wanting to disappoint him, didn't really explain her full reaction to that. "That's a happy thought," she did say, and meaning it. Whether it was realistic or not, that was entirely a different question. But the seed was planted, unknowingly.

Rick smiled at her positive response. "So, baby, you busy when I'm done with work today, maybe we can hook up for a few?" The wheels in his mind were turning, as he was thinking about something, which he revealed to be his own calendar. "Tomorrow's the Fourth, I gotta take my kids some places, so that's out. How about Saturday, like, late afternoon, I can say I've gotta go into the office or something?"

Kitty stood patiently beside the bed, frowning because she would have to disappoint him. "Nah," she shrugged, "sorry, Saturday, I'm -- well, we're going to a wedding -- gonna eat up the whole weekend, I think. And, uh, I don't think I'm available later this afternoon, I -- have an appointment." She wasn't lying about either that afternoon or the weekend; she just wasn't revealing some of the details of her plans. Kitty felt he didn't need to know; in fact, from everything she knew about Rick, he probably didn't want to hear the truth.

"Well, then," he sighed, reaching a hand out to his beautiful, petite Asian mistress, "we'll have to spend the rest of our time today doing what we would have done this weekend!"

Crawling up to him, leaning her face down to start sucking his beautiful, smelly penis, Kitty had a moment of concern about something else. She had expected to spend only an hour or so with Rick in the early afternoon; she had a "coffee date" scheduled for 3 o'clock, with a married guy she met on the Internet in a chatroom for local singles. She'd seen pictures of the guy's prick; she fully hoped that she'd be putting more than coffee into her mouth, and that the date would run into the early evening. But would she still be in condition, after this marathon fuck-fest with Rick and his incredibly large penis?

Taking one look at his boyishly-handsome, but manly-scarred face -- above his muscular torso and super-sized penis -- Kitty knew what she wanted. The day would take care of itself later. Right now, all she wanted was to be with Rick.

* * * *

It was an oppressively hot early afternoon, that Sunday of the three-day weekend for the Fourth. In fact, the entire weekend had been hot. I'd been alone at home since Friday afternoon, and I kept myself inside almost the entirey time, it was too painful to voyage out into that heat.

As I stood in our kitchen straightening up some junk in the cabinets, I heard the familiar roar of a "hog" -- Harley Davidson motorcycle -- rumble up our secluded driveway. With Kitty's and my house buried behind trees at the end of a private cul de sac, no one visited us back here, way off of the highway in a less-dense distant suburb of our large metropolis an hour away, without intending to be here. I knew exactly who it was.

It was much earlier than I expected, barely past noon. Normally, she didn't back home with Joseph until around dinner time on a Sunday.

I toyed with the idea of staying in the house, hiding as it were, but I trudged outside into the hot sun. Joseph, one of Kitty's regular boyfriends, was straddling his hog in the middle of our driveway, with my wife standing on the ground and leaning up against him. She is so fucking petite compared to Joseph. A portly man in his late 30s, he had a trimmed beard, leather jacket and gruff eyes that suggested he was a bad ass with a blue-collar background. In fact he was a computer programmer, single, with a proclivity for pizzas, beer and online sex. She'd known Joseph years longer than me, which by now was quite a long time. It was merely coincidence that he lived only about three hours from me.

"Hey, back so soon?" I cautiously strolled up to the two, knowing Joseph had never gotten completely comfortable around me. Here he was, an older, single guy who had developed a years-long online relationship with a horny 20-something Asian girl who'd gotten married too soon, to a young man who didn't know what she really wanted, because she herself didn't know. Then the girl moves to a nearby state three hours away, to marry some other schmuck (that would be me.) Now Joseph got to see her in person, for long weekends, time to time, and those online orgasms had now become real-life orgasms. I mean, how lucky was Joseph that Kitty was marrying a second hubby who was entirely willing to let Kitty meet Joseph in person and spend weekends with him. But, you know, I understood Joseph was a little wary of me. Joseph always viewed me cautiously, like I was going to play a trick on him or something. I didn't fault him for feeling that way; there was unequal power here, he got to treat Kitty like a girlfriend for a weekend here and there, whereas she slept in my bed as my wife most of the year.

The guy with even more rolls of fat than me was wiping his hands off, while my wife stood hip-to-hip with him, her hand on his chest. "Yeah," he explained to me with his country drawl, "I gots to get back, got another fuckin' party or somethin' tonight, with the sister and all, gotta help them clean up the mess we made last night."

Kitty had her overnight bag slung on her petite shoulder, which I retrieved from her, allowing her to stand on her tippy-toes and lean over to kiss Joseph on his lips. "Wish you could stay, a while," she pouted, smiling playfully to let him know what she would like continue doing. "Don't you want to eat or anything before you go back out?"

The hog roared to life, giving us his first answer. "Naw, really got no time," he apologized, revving up the engine loudly before letting its sounds reduce to a more livable rumble, "I wish, you know that -- next time, baby, we'll have more time together."

"Awww!" My wife blushed, leaning into him again, both hands now gripping the two unzipped sides of his leather jacket to steady herself as she moved her mouth towards his face. "I can't wait, baby, come back soon!"

She placed a soft kiss on his lips which he returned, but his eyes fluttered in my direction. He wasn't comfortable.

Kitty giggled, stepping back, smiling sweetly at his eyes. "I love you, Joseph, thanks so much for another great weekend!"

"Love you too, baby." He sat back on his bike, making the engine explode with more noise, which made the ground under my feet quake. Then he looked at me and smiled affably. "See you around, partner."

My wife stood at my side, my arm around the small of her back, as Joseph's bike turned around then zipped out of sight with yet more noise. She was sore from clutching his belly for a three-hour bike ride, but she had a bounce in her step as we went into our house. "So you knew we went to his niece's wedding?" she explained to me, allowing me to put her in the kitchen and make lunch for her. "It was pretty nice, we were up really late, but then had to leave early."

"Sounds fun." I chuckled at an image I had. "So how were you introduced to his family and friends -- his girlfriend?"

"Oh, yeah, of course," my wife answered without hesitation or guilt. "I've met lots of them before. I'm the out of town girlfriend." Then she laughed at some thought before sharing it with me. "Hell, David, they keep on asking when Joseph and I are gonna get married too!"

In the midst of making a garden and seafood salad for her, I snickered. "Yeah, did anyone tell them you're already married?"

Kitty didn't answer, just wiggling her petite nose at me and taking a sip of soda. "Well, they know we sleep together, his brother even vacated their motel room for a while so Joseph and I could, you know--" Her knowing little snicker didn't need explanation, but she loved teasing me with these kinds of thoughts. "So we could, ya know, carry on like boyfriend and girlfriend."

"Oh," I joked, sliding her the bowl with her lunch, "you mean, so you could let Joseph shove his fat penis into your twat."

"Mmm!" Her eyes lit up as she relished the memory. "Yeah, that!" Testing my handiwork, she leaned back in her chair at the kitchen table and mused on the flavors in her mouth. "Good, honey, I like it."

I put my own salad next to her, taking me seat gingerly. I had a question I wanted to ask, but didn't want to seem too anxious or annoying about it. You'd think, after her coming home from so many dates since we'd started living together, that this part of the conversation would not be so difficult to me. I just didn't want to disappoint her, or make her feel she was obligated to do something that wasn't really her plan.

"So, um, Kitty -- it's Fourth of July and all, well, technically, it's the Sixth -- if you didn't already have plans for tonight, would you feel up for some wine and a picnic in the park by the lake later? It's still good weather today."

My playful wife had food in her mouth, which she swallowed before answering. "No," she laughed, smiling at me, just curtly shooting down my suggestion. "No, David, I do have plans." Then, allowing a pregnant moment to drive up my anxiety, she giggled, "I have plans to get very, very laid this afternoon and tonight."

"Oh!" See, I had no idea; sometimes she makes two or even three dates (well, that rarely) with other men for a single day, so it wasn't surprising she'd had plans to see another boyfriend later today. "Well, I didn't know, sorry--"

Kitty was toying with me, teasing me relentlessly. "David, honey," she announced with some mocking scolding in her voice, "it's you -- my plan is to get you very naked, and have you fuck my tight Asian pussy all afternoon and night -- think you can do that, baby?"

The smile on her sweet face was awesome, all at once disarming, loving, and slutty. The girl just like sex, and today it was my turn to entertain her.

"I fucking love you," I winked, wolfing down my salad to get to the good part of the day. (Hey, I was fucking hungry.)

"And," my slutty wife agreed, "I love you too -- so hurry up, eat, let's go fuck!"

* * * *

When she started her first fully day back after the holiday weekend, Kitty realized she had gone long enough without a really huge cock. Sex with Joseph over the weekend was nice -- fun, romantic, kinky -- but, he couldn't really stretch her out with his six and a half inches of cock. Similarly, while her hubby's five and a half inches could go rounds and rounds, my wife's cunt wasn't exactly pushed to the limits when I fuck her. It had been since Thursday that she'd really been pounded by an eight-inch or longer dick, and my petite little slut decided it was time to put an end to the wait.

"Hey, there, Rick, you busy?" My giggling, playful wife poked her head into Rick's well-appointed corner office, on the tenth floor of his corporate building. Her sexy Latin boyfriend was seated neatly in his pressed white shirt and silky red-and-blue tie, behind a dazzling large oak desk with computer to one side and stacks and stacks of glossy reports on the other. Behind him lay a view out of wall-to-wall windows of the tree-lined, grassy park in what passes for the downtown section of our busy suburb. A leather sofa stretched across one wall; four leather chairs occupied a large space behind his desk, near the window, arranged around a small table. The only access to Rick's personal bathroom -- with granite countertops and even a small shower -- was through a door in the back corner of the office. Artwork and his children's school drawings covered most of the wall space, other than a picture of the founder of the bank.

With the mid-day sun streaming through the windows behind his head, she couldn't see his dark eyes to well. But she saw the surprised gape of his mouth on his face. "Well, well," he purred with a sinister giggle, "look what the Kitty dragged in?"

Kitty turned over her shoulder, catching a waive from Rick's hand-picked administrative assistant, Meldy, who stood behind a row of wooden cabinets that sort of hid the doorway of Rick's office from the building's marbled hallway. Meldy (short for Esmerelda) was one of those secretaries the males wanted to have so they could brag about her to other guys -- she was a curvy Latina, maybe five foot three, with a C-cup bust over a tiny size-0 waist, and draping, dark curly hair cascading down her slender shoulders and back. She always wore too much makeup and jewelry, with usually fifteen or more rings on her eight fingers. But, if Meldy was anything, she was hip to Rick's several-month affair with Kitty. Having allowed Kitty to his door without anyone else in the bank noticing, Meldy winked my Asian wife good-bye and made sure the coast remained clear while Kitty was with him.

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