Me, My Slutwife & Rick Ch. 02


My horny wife sauntered up to the front of his desk, letting her boyfriend admire her petite body. She was wearing a wrap-around dress that, when buttoned at her side, effectively looked like a tight sundress. It had a single strap over one shoulder, but a conservative cut that covered her breasts entirely. It hung knee-length, not giving away what she might have underneath it. Assuring that his full attention was turned to her, Kitty slipped around his desk, leaning against the edge of it opposite his computer, resting her little fanny on the wooden corner. "So are you really too busy for a few minutes with me, Rick baby?"

He'd received her first email of the morning, asking for a rendezvous. He wanted to, but probably was too busy with work, he told her -- maybe later in the week, he was hoping to "arrange" something. When her other well-hung boyfriends were equally unavailable, Kitty decided to test whether he really meant "no" to her. She'd made surprise appearance as my office in the past -- she had a fetish for risky sex, such as in public or in an office -- but this was her first visit to a boyfriend's office for that purpose.

His deep brown eyes were glued to the sight of her body in the tight dress, the hills from her bra and the sleek curve of her slender hips. "Well maybe I have a couple of minutes," he moaned, pushing his chair back from the desk. As he parted his legs, his slacks showed a bit of a bulge in his crotch.

"Good," my wife muttered, sitting her ass on the corner of the desk, while slipping her sandals off. With her hands grasping the edge of the desk, she reached one tiny foot out, placing it on the front edge of his chair, right between his thighs, right in front of his muscled ass. "Because your little slut wanted some of your attention today." Then she corrected herself: "Actually, your little slut NEEDS some of your attention today, honey." She lifted her naked foot off the chair, brushing her small, red-painted toes over his balls and cock in his pants, then softly placing the balls of her foot against his growing erection. He didn't stop her, in fact spreading his thighs more widely, as she put some pressure against his penis with her foot.

Rick's eyes glanced to his door, knowing Meldy would probably keep out any unwelcome visitors, at least for a little while. "You little cockloving whore," the admiring financial professional chuckled at the slut sitting in front of him, masturbating his dick with her foot, "you're gonna get us both in trouble, you know that?"

"Awww, am I?" She didn't sound convinced, but she acted innocent about it. "Really -- so, what, you want me not to show you this?"

With that, she unhooked the button at her side, and her whole wrap-around loosened immediately. She watched her boyfriend gasp as she pulled the sides of her dress away from her body -- not taking it off, the single strap was still secured over her shoulder -- but revealing her undergarments. Kitty let his eyes fall on the black matching set of a lacy, see-through bra and frilly string thong, barely covering her just-shaved bald cunt. Her boyfriend approved, his eyes riveted at the sight of her nipples showing through the bra, and her slit of her cuntlip a dark line inside the lacy thong. Kitty leaned back, her foot still on his almost-fully erect cock in his pants, spreading her thighs as she placed one hand behind herself on his desk. "Maybe you want me to cover this up, hmm?"

It was a sexy bra-and-thong set that I'd gotten her a couple of weeks earlier, she had just never had occasion to use it. She told me -- promised me -- she'd put it to good use. Today, she figured, this was good use. And she knew I'd approve.

Rick's dick was almost its full nine and a half inches, stretching out a visible tent in his dark slacks, using his powerful cock muscle to make his dick move against her small foot pressing on it. His eyes bore toward her crotch, the soft upper thighs against her dark thong, the leaking wet pussy inside. Seeing her admiration of the thong, Kitty removed her foot from his cock and stood up on his floor, a couple of feet in front of him, brushing her dress off of her shoulder. The useless garment fell to the floor, leaving her facing her boyfriend in the bra and thong. Spinning slowly, pushing her ass towards him, she turned around and let him stare at her almost-naked butt, the string of the thong completely digging into her asscrack as if it wasn't there. With her face swung around her shoulder to look back at him, she moaned at his gaze on her little body and butt.

"Mmm, baby," my horny wife gasped, "you like my new outfit? I wore it just for you, honey." She parted her thighs, bending over at her waist all the way forward so her torso was horizontal, holding herself up with one hand on the desk. He could see her cuntlips from behind now, visible through the thong. "Does it give you any ideas, sweetie?"

Muffled male voices could be heard through his closed door, with Meldy's high-pitched squeak talking back to them. Rick cast his eyes in the direction of the noise, then at his girlfriend's hot ass. "Oh I have ideas," he admitted in a whisper, "but very bad ones -- very, very bad ones."

Kitty, too, paused at the sounds of the noise. Meldy was talking a mile a minute, maybe lying to cover for him or something. But, for once, her risky behavior actually seemed to have caught up with her.

Rick, however, wasn't going to let the opportunity pass. He stood up, cock-tent bulging out of his crotch, and took my wife's hand while niftily scooping up her dress on the floor with his foot. "Come here, bitch," he giggled, leading her into his private bathroom. Shutting and locking the door, the two of them had complete privacy, in a very secure, clean little room.

"Mmm, baby," Kitty snickered at their little escape, standing up against her tall boyfriend on her heels. With her small hand clasping over the shape of his erection in his pants, she offered her lips up to his. "Sooo good to see you baby, I've missed you sooo much since last week." His mouth didn't wait to press into hers, and she welcomed his strong, thrusting tongue, her senses filled with the aromatic divinity of his expensive cologne and aftershave. The man has great taste. His hips ground his erection against her hand, while he fucked her mouth with his long tongue, thrusting it into the back of her mouth as far as he could.

She knew what she wanted, and she dropped to her knees to get it. "God I missed this too," my wife murmured, unfastening his belt then unzipping and unbuttoning his dark slacks, seeing his underwear stretching over his bone. With urgency, both of them pushed his briefs off of his ass and halfway down his legs, freeing the constrains on his 9.5 inch monster cock, thicker than her fist, huge cum-filled balls dangling under it. "Ohhh, shit, yes, mmm!" Kitty immediately grabbed the fat base with one hand, pointing the missile at her face, and her other hand cupped and stroked his sensitive balls. Her mouth opened and swallowed his fast head, sucking it greedily, pushing a good couple of inches of his amazingly large dick into her hungry wet mouth.

Voices were now in Rick's office, both Meldy's as well as a couple of other people, males. They were looking for something -- papers or something, not Rick. Meldy must have made excuses for him. They were relatively safe in the bathroom, but had to be quiet.

Rick's voice, thus, was barely a whisper. "Suuuuuck it," he hoarsely moaned, breathing out in a long-drawn gasp, "suuuuck it you sluuuuuut!"

"Mmmm, ohh uhhh huh!" She was gagging on his cock, shoving it into the back of her mouth, salivating all over it, even drooling. Her fingers couldn't reach all the way around his shaft, as she pumped her hand on the thick, concrete base of his penis, while her mouth swallowed and sucked the upper few inches. "Mmmm, so good, soooo good, oh god," she groaned as my slutty little wife gulped the man's incredible prick. "Ohhh fuck, ohhh fuck!"

She saw him laughing, and she realized he was listening to the voices; she did the same, whomever it was out there, they were sitting on the chairs by the windows -- right near the door of the bathroom. He put his finger to his puckered mouth, the universal symbol to be quiet, and she nodded.

Rick leaned down, putting his mouth to her ear, whispering so quietly even she had trouble hearing it. "Can you be totally quiet, baby?" he asked.

She nodded, but she wasn't sure she could. Kitty was a screamer.

He stood upright, popping his cock out of her wet mouth, and then he pulled my wife to her feet. She was so much shorter than him, six-foot-four versus not even five feet. He grabbed Kitty's slender hips and lifted her onto the granite countertop, right next to the sink, plopping her little body on the front edge. She giggled without making noise, grabbing the edges with both her hands, leaning back. Rick took hold of my wife's skinny ankles, spreading her legs wide apart, holding her body on the countertop while he split her wide open. Hooking her legs over his elbows, his hands freed, he reached to her crotch and stuck a finger between her thong and her body. His powerful finger hooked the thong and pulled it completely to one side, exposing her slick, bald pink cunt to his cock.

She wanted to scream out so badly, so horny for him. "Uhh huh," she encouraged breathlessly, "do it, fuck me!"

Kitty stared down at the sight of his amazingly huge penis nearing her twat, and she gripped the counter with more force, steadying herself, letting her legs rest on his strong muscled arms. He tossed his tie over his shoulder, and unbuttoned the lower few buttons of his shirt so that it didn't completely cover his cock and her pussy. She could now see his ripped abdomen, ready to pound his meat into her. With her body in position, the huge rounded head of his penis kissed her wet slit, finding her spot, and he rammed forward.

"Mmm--" Kitty started to moan, but she caught herself, just before Rick slapped his palm over her mouth to shut her up. She laughed, and he acted all put off and unhappy, but he didn't pull back. His rock-hard cock started fucking her, moving into her tight cunt slowly, stretching her little pussylips apart, driving against the pressure in her pussy. Kitty was panting against his hand hard on her mouth, looking up at her loving boyfriend in adoration. She tried moving her legs apart more, to let him fuck her more easily. It was painful, propping herself up on the hard stone surface on her butt, right at the edge, while his cock was driving into her. But the huge dick in her pussy felt wonderful, exactly what she wanted.

The two of them didn't say a word, just breathing and gasping hard, both of them staring down at the sight of his enormous Latin prick stuffing into her tight bald Asian cunt. He had a good five inches, then six, pushing in and out, the rest of his fat shaft and balls glistening wet while she leaked all over him. He drove harder, deeper, making her wince and want to scream loudly. The voices were still out there, they were two young guys using Rick's office while he was out, talking about sports or his secretary and other stupid shit. They had no clue that, behind the door of his bathroom, their boss was fucking a very horny, slutty 29 year old married woman.

He removed his big hand from her mouth, leaning down to put his lips in its place. Her eyes half-closed in lust, my wife let out a soft moan for him right before they embraced. "I love you baby," she gasped to him, just as his lips closed on her, his tongue invaded her mouth, they started kissing madly while he continued to fuck her gushing-wet vagina. His huge cock was driving in even deeper now, really stretching her out wide, just as she wanted. Kitty wanted so badly to scream, to let out the energy building in her lungs caused by his sensational, thick erection plowing deep and deforming her cunt so much; it was making her laugh, now, as she tried to contain her sounds to nothing more than panting and inaudible moaning.

She felt herself about to cum, still hearing the males talking outside the door, feeling Rick's wonderful erection so deep in her pussy, pumping in and out. Kitty closed her eyes hard, as if fighting off the orgasm, but then it hit. Her body erupted; her legs grew week, her clitoris sizzled, her nipples inside her bra grew painfully hard. Her mouth opened but made no noise, her tongue just stuck out and froze while the climax shot through her body. Gasping, wincing, almost crying, my wife had her first-ever totally quiet orgasm from the extremely manly 9 and a half inches of super-fat meat shoving into her pussy.

Sweating everywhere, light-headed, she cried a little as the cum subsided, the pain of keeping it quiet now gone too, her body burning and on fire. Looking up at her lover, she wanted to kiss him hard, but he was listening to the men outside the door. They were leaving; gathering their things, leaving the office. Meldy's voice could be heard, she was kicking them out, it seemed. Good girl.

Rick exhaled as it seemed the coast was clear, and Kitty whimpered, sucking in air, then moaning as she let her boyfriend keep fucking her. "Mmmm, yeah, baby, mmm yeah," she cried to him, her voice weak, "fuck your little slut, honey, fuck me!"

He didn't want to, but he saw the writing on the wall. "We gotta stop, baby -- you know that."

My wife had tears in the corner of her sexy slanted eyes, but because she loved the fucking. "I know, baby," she agreed with a frown, "I know -- but I want you to cum in me, honey!"

The tall, muscular, amateur MMA fighter nodded, grunting as he thrust his cock as hard into her bent little body as he could, making her want to scream again. Leaning his face forward against hers, not kissing her but rubbing her cheek to cheek, Rick breathed hard and pumped his sexy body back and forth harder and faster, holding her body firmly with her legs still hanging over his elbows. He fucked my wife powerfully, plunging into her wet little hole, as his orgasm drew near. "Uhhhh, baby," the married stud grunted to his mistress, "fuck, yeah."

"Yesss!" Kitty was trying to milk his penis with her pussy, trying to get him to cum hard. "Cummm, baby, do it Rick!"

He sort of nodded, his eyes closed, thrusting hard. He was there. She felt his shaft exploding, the tell-tale ripples through the soft underside of his penis as it pumped semen into her body. She couldn't help herself, she yelped at the delightful feeling. "Uhhh -- YEAH, baby, YEAH!" Her second orgasm hit her at that moment, and the world became dizzy, she felt like she passed out, her entire body filled with energy and her limbs grew weak. Still feeling Rick's awesome cock spurting seeds of his love into her, Kitty whined and began a light cry through her orgasm, her spasms inside her vagina gripping and squeezing Rick's penis while he too was having his climax. "Mmmm, baby, yesss, oh god!"

"Kitty, oh Kitty," her lover snarled, kissing her sweaty forehead, "god, baby, I love you!"

"Yesss!" She kissed the side of his neck, right above his stiff collar. "I love you, Rick, I love you -- fuckkk!"

There, he had expended himself inside her. They kissed, hard, as he pulled out, juices dripping down his rigid shaft and streaming in waves down her slender thighs.

"Oh my god," the boyfriend panted as he pulled back from her, gazing at the mess of her vagina, "oh my god, baby, that was sick fun, you're amazing."

Kitty had to exhale and catch her breath, before answering. "No, you are -- god, Rick, I was sooo hot for you -- I love you, baby!"

* * * *

My cellphone rang as I was eating lunch, and from the ring tone I knew it was my lovely wife. I was still sore from fucking her most of the afternoon and evening the previous night, when she got back from her weekend at Joseph's. "Hey, baby," I answered, putting my food to the side as I swung my feet up on my desk.

"David?" Her voice was soft, tired. "Hey, can you talk a little bit?"

"Yup, sure." I leaned out of my chair to close my door, giving myself privacy. My cock was already growing hard, figuring she might have something sexy to tell me. "So what's up, baby?"

I heard a giggle from my wife, and it was another clue she had something very fun to tell me. "Well -- you sure you can talk a bit?"

"Yes," I stammered, wanting her to cut to the good part right off the bat, "yeah I can -- so where are you?"

She answered cheerfully, in a relaxed voice. "In my car -- I'm in a parking garage in the business district." Then, after a pause, she let me in on the secret. "Near Rick's office."

"Oh, Rick, huh?" It was no secret between us that she found the hunk the sexiest man of her boyfriends, with his amazing cock, wonderful demeanor, and sweet heart. They had as much fun laughing as they did fucking. "So, you got a date with him now?"

Her voice became a little more husky, a little slutty. "Oh, no." Then she laughed and her voice lowered yet again. "So, you know how you like me to visit your office, maybe do something your boss wouldn't want you to do?"

I chuckled at the memory of several blowjobs while she was under my desk, and I was on the phone with colleagues or clients. Even a judge once. But my imagination was leaping ahead in the conversation. "Oh, you little slut -- did Rick just get a blowjob in his office from some Asian hussy?" As I said it, I had to adjust my cock in my pants, it had grown almost fully erect as I pictured my wife going into another man's executive suite and screwing him in the middle of the business day. "You little cocksucking whore!" I was laughing as I said it.

"Oh, David," Kitty purred with delight in her voice, softly and slowly, "we did more than that -- you really wanna hear?" She knew I did, and she didn't have to wait to hear me say it. "Baby, okay, you know that sexy black bra and thong you got me, and said I could wear it for something special?"

I nodded, while gripping my achingly hard cock, picturing her awesome sexy body in it. "Oh yes, I do, that was one expensive little fucker."

"Well," laughed my playful wife, "I put it on, and took my wrap off, and showed it to him, and got him all hard while he sat at his desk." As she told me, I was rubbing my throbbing erection through my pants, picturing it all. I loved knowing she had hot sex with a really handsome, hung man. "Then, like, people were almost at his office, so we went into the private bathroom he has -- and they were, like, in his office even, while we were in the bathroom--"

I must have moaned, picturing the image, wanting to hear every detail. "And, baby, what were you doing in the bathroom, tell me?"

"Ohh god!" I heard her squeal, and I realized she was rubbing her pussy as she told me, sitting in her car. "David . . . it was sooo hot . . . I was so wet, he was sooo fucking hard, his cock is sooo sexy and big . . . huge . . . I really, really wanted a big cock today, baby -- I got him all hard, sucking him, then he put me on the sink and fucked me!" As she said that, I could picture it exactly, and I wanted to cum in my underwear at the thought of Rick's huge erection plowing into Kitty's pussy. She continued her tale. "They were talking out there while I cummed, I was sooo fucking wet -- I was fucking soaking -- cumming hard -- but I couldn't make noise, it was killing me -- you know I love to scream!" (As if I didn't know that.) "Then they left, and David, he stuck it all the way in me -- it was so good -- he came so hard, he unloaded his cum, he filled my hot slutty cunt with his cream, baby!"

My palm was flat, grinding on my erection, pressing it against my body through my pants. "Holy shit, baby -- that's so hot -- did this just happen, are you touching your pussy right now, is it all wet with his sperm?"

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