tagLoving WivesMe, My Wife, & My Old Girlfriend

Me, My Wife, & My Old Girlfriend


If I were a smoker, I'd be smoking a heater. Then again, I'm sporting such a huge smile, that I'd really have trouble holding a cigarette in my lips. I'll settle for the memories of being in bed with my naked wife, a sore penis from a massive workout and the opportunity of having sex with an old girlfriend. Well, Sort of. Let me explain.

My friend Brad talked me, and my wife Renee, into going to a Halloween Party. He went last year and raved about how much fun he had. You have to pay a $25.00 cover charge unless you wear a costume, so we decided to go in costume.

Renee would not tell me what she was going to wear. I decided to go as pirate. I did a pretty good job, and practiced my "Rrrrrrrrrrr's" in a mirror while wearing an eye-patch. I was ready for a good time. Brad showed up as a 20's gangster. I knew we wouldn't win any contests, but we were going to have fun.

Just as Brad was asking about Renee, she announced her arrival. "Here I am boys," she said as she walked around the corner. My tall blonde Nordic wife was now dressed in a long black wig, tight white sheer sleeveless shirt with a black bra, short black leather mini-skirt, dark nylons with big "hooker shoes."

Brad and I looked at each other, speechless. She was the spitting image of my old girlfriend Marcia. My wife HATES Marcia! I could never image any similarity between the two until just now. Marcia was a true party girl who loved to have fun. Renee has heard all the stories. She always grimaced whenever the old stories surfaced.

"Remember me boys? My name is Marcia, and I want to party!"

She walked to the kitchen with a sexy bump to her walk, swinging her hips much more than usual. Brad and I just stared at each other. Let me describe my wife. She's thin and tall, 5' – 9," has short blonde hair, firm round breasts, and a delicious ass. She's very hot looking, but also extremely shy. She never wears anything sexy out in public. She wears sexy stuff when we're alone, but never have I seen her dressed like this, and ready to go out.

"I think I need a few more drinks." She said in a sultry voice. I made a pitcher of Margarita's faster and stronger than normal. I was anxious to see how far she was willing to go with this scenario.

Marcia was a woman that I had dated for quite a while before I met Renee. She was gorgeous and very fun. She was what Letterman always referred to as a "Leggy Supermodel." She actually had modeled some stuff in her life. One of my buddies found some old lingerie pictures of her in some mail order catalog. It became a favorite of my buddies.

She was always the wild girl to flash her tits when we were out, seldom wore a bra, and most likely, had an affair or two while we dated.

Anyhow, back to Halloween and my wife. Renee, or should I say "Marcia," downed one drink and poured another. I noticed that Brad was keeping a close eye on her chest. The sleeveless shirt she was wearing was very sheer. You could easily see her black bra, which was pretty sheer too. You could easily see the outline of her nipples.

"Renee, How'd you come up the THAT idea"? I asked.

She looked at me, and said, "Renee who? My name is Marcia."

"Ok then," was all I could say. Brad smiled, and said, "I'll be the judge of that, I partied with Marcia, I'll let you know if you're Marcia or not."

"That sounds like a dare!" She snapped back. "Ya, I guess you'll see."

We got to the hotel bar, and it was hopping. Most everyone was dressed up in the usual costumes; the accident victim, Cinderella, guys dressed like women, Dracula, French Maids etc. People were assuming that Renee was a dressed as a hooker, we were the only ones who knew the inside story.

I was picking up on several danger signals. Renee, I mean Marcia was drinking more than usual, she kept commenting on who much she loved the music, and was getting more and more into her new personality. I didn't know if it was the festive spirit of Halloween, the drinks, pretending to be someone else, or perhaps some pent up jealousy of all the "Marcia" stories that surface when the guys get together. I quit trying to analyze the situation, and decided to go with the flow and watch the "show."

The DJ was whipping the crowd into a great party mood. I could see that "Marcia" was very fond of him. He finally announced the first of several contests. He asked for female volunteers and "Marcia" was one of the first on the stage. About ten women were up there waiting to see what the contest was about. He had one of them reach into a bag and pulled out a piece of paper. He smiled, as if he knew what was coming.

"This is a timed event. It involves a bit of acting. You must recreate a scene from the movie "Flash Dance." The scene with where Jennifer Beals takes off her bra at the restraunt without removing her shirt!" One girl left the stage shaking her head "no," and another announced that she wasn't wearing a bra. She pulled the front of her French Maids costume to the DJ and let him look. Of course, he played it up to the fullest, and the crowd was giving catcalls and whistling. He disqualified her, unless she could get one from the audience. No one offered, so it was back to the show. He asked them to introduce themselves and what they do for a living. When he got to Renee she introduced herself as "Marcia." He asked her if she was a "hooker." She shook her head no, pointed to me, and announced, "I'm his old girlfriend." It was all that the crowd needed. It was as if everyone suddenly understood.

And what does his old girlfriend do?

"What ever she wants." She said in a sexy sultry voice. The crowd roared.

He put the theme song to the movie on and held up a stopwatch. The ladies reached under their clothes and started fumbling with their bras. "Marcia" won hands down. She took the bra and draped it over the DJ's head. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. There stood Renee, pretending to be Marcia, her tits clearly visible thru her white top, especially with the bright stage lights. She wasn't concerned about that at all.

As she raided her arms, at least half of her tits would show. The crowd was giving her all the attention she could handle and she was eating it up. The DJ gave her $50.00 for first prize and she returned to the table with big smile and the admiration of many of the people around us. I looked at Brad and he was staring at her full round tits gently bobble as she half-danced half-walked to our table. I could have been mad, I wasn't. It was making me incredibly horny.

She looked at us and asked, "Would Marcia have taken off her bra like that in a crowded bar?" she said in a proud voice, as if she were beyond approval.

I could tell what Brad was up to when he answered, "It's hard to tell, and I don't think she EVER wore a bra."

I nodded. It was true.

"So, she asked like a lawyer grilling a witness, "Exactly how did you know that she never wore a bra?"

"Come on, we're men here, we KNOW those things! Besides, she almost always flashed us."

"Like this?"

There she was, shirt under her chin, tits in full view, proudly showing herself for the very first time in public. The people around us cheered. She lowered the shirt and sat down.

"I'm impressed," said Brad. "I'm getting lucky," I said.

"You don't know HOW lucky you're going to get! I swallowed hard. I knew this was going to be a great night. I looked at her in dismay and unbelief. Her nipples were very hard and sticking proudly against her sheer shirt. She was partying like never before. I was thoroughly enjoying this.

It was as much fun dancing with her as it was watching her dance with Brad. The armholes on her shirt were becoming larger and larger. More and more of her tits were showing.

At one point, the dancers made a circle, and one at a time a person would have a few minutes in the circle, doing their own thing. I was just returning from the bathroom when I noticed her and Brad would be next. As soon as she got in the center the DJ stopped the music and put on "The Stripper" song. The crowd chanted, "Go Marcia, Go Marcia!" I took about 1½ second until she unbuttoned the buttons, whipped off her shirt and was twirling it in the air over her head.

She came back from her "show" and put her shirt back on. Well sort of, she buttoned the bottom two buttons and left the rest open. This gave a wonderful view of most of her tits. She gave me a kiss and told me that she'd be right back. She left for the bathroom.

Brad and I just looked at each other. I saw a table full of empty glasses. "I thought you were the designed driver?" I asked.

"Fuck no, not tonight. But I'll pay for the cab ," he laughed.

Renee, I mean "Marcia" came back from the bathroom with a smile. She announced, " I had to do the old concert trick. I peed in the men's room. The line for the ladies was just too long. She reached out and handed me her panties. Take care of these for me."

Tonight, She was a wild child. She was completely different. She was funner than she had ever been before, and she was eating up all the attention. She went to dance with Brad. I, and anyone else who gave her look could tell that she was wearing thigh high stockings. I was wondering if I was going to be the only one who knew that she wasn't wearing any panties.

She did raise her minidress just a little bit to show her cheeks, but kept the front down.

When she came back, she told me, "We need to go!" I didn't know if it was because of too much to drink or what, but I agreed, and told Brad to go call a cab. We walked out the door and piled into the back seat with "Marcia" in the middle.

She said that some guy kept feeling her ass and actually tried to put a finger in her when she was standing by the bar. She also said that the DJ was in the bathroom when she was there and he asked her for a blowjob. I was thinking that she had enough and was back to being Renee again, when I realized that she had both her knees up, dress hiked around her Hips, and was giving the cabby a full view of her pussy.

We were laughing, while watching the cabby attempting to drive and look at her at the same time.

Brad started laughing and finally said, "WWMD?"

We both gave him a quizzed look.

"What Would Marcia Do?" He laughed.

That sent us reeling. I laughed uncontrollably.

"I know" she said, "She'd show the cabby her tits!"

Within a few seconds, her top was off. The cabby quit trying to drive and just smiled and gleamed.

Brad told him he better get back to driving. He took off, found the freeway and was on the 15- minute jaunt to our house.

"Boys," she announced, "I read this in a story one time, and I've got to try it." She reached over and unzipped my pants and took my cock out. Then, she reached over did the same to Brad. She sat back in the middle of us and slowly fondled our cocks. First slowly, then jacking us both off with long slow motions. We both sat back with our heads all the way into the headrests. As we got to the last turn before our house, she turns and leaned into Brad's lap. She started sucking his cock. I couldn't believe my eyes. I reached over to fondle her tits and found Brad's hand on one. I took the other. Brad lasted only a few minutes until he jerked his hips and came into her mouth.

As the cab finally turned up our driveway, she sat up, sat in Brad's lap, facing him and said, "See Ya Brad," and she gave him a big kiss. "It was fun. But, if you ever tell anyone about tonight, I swear, I'll rip your balls off!"

Brad shrugged his shoulders, and nodded yes.

I threw twenty bucks at the driver and followed her into the house. She was on the way up stairs when I caught up to her and grabbed her hips. I lifted the skirt and dropped my pants. My cock went right to its intended target. She lay down on the steps and I pounded away into her wet, waiting pussy. She was louder than she had ever been. "Fuck me baby, Fuck me hard. Fuck me harder."

I came like I had never come before. I pulled her hips as tight as I could. She wiggled her hips back and forth as if she was trying to swallow my cock into her entire body. I finally pulled out and tried to catch my breath.

She rolled over on the steps. She looked so beautiful and erotic. She still had on the wig, and thigh high stockings. So, she asked between breaths. "Who'd ya just fuck, me or Renee?"

I knew this was a loaded question, "I think it was both!

"Good answer," she said.

"My first threesome," I chided.

"Not really," she answered, "This night ain't over yet!

I followed her into our room. My cock was finding new life again. I was going to need it!

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