Me, Myself and Daddy


"Your mum called. She's on her way. We have about 2 hours." He said to me as we entered my bedroom.

"You know how to make your daddy happy?" he asked me, and I nodded.

"Make me happy baby. Be a good daughter and make me happy." His voice echoed.

He put me down and he sat on the sofa facing my bed. He simply sat there, waiting for me, his good daughter to make him happy. I slowly knelt I front of daddy and opened my legs slightly apart.

"Daddy...please...I want your big thick cock." I started whimpering and begging.

"You're so strong daddy...make me hot and wet inside." I continued and I began rubbing my pussy with my right hand while my other hand was tweaking my nipple.

"Here pussy...please...I want your cock." I whimpered and moaned with the pleasure of my hand on my own soaking pussy.

I could see daddy began fidgeting his legs, making room for his throbbing growing cock in his trousers.

"Daddy...fuck my pussy with your cock daddy...please...I'm a good...girl."

My fingers were already wet with my own juices and involuntarily I began gyrating my hip enjoying the pleasure I created.

"Fill me up...daddy! Fill me...up...with your...thick cock." I continued and I was incessantly moving my fingers in my wet vulva. My vaginal wall had begun to contract and shudder with pleasure.

"Daddy?" I begged my daddy again.

He raised himself from the sofa and freed his cock from his trousers and I took out my fingers from my sopping pussy. I rose slightly from my kneeling position and held my daddy's throbbing cock in my hands. He pushed my body away to my disappointment, but he then grabbed my shoulders so hard, lifted me from the floor and pushed me on my soft bed. My body bounced on my bed and my daddy quickly got himself between my legs holding his engorged cock at the wet entrance of my vulva. I moved my hip to insert daddy's warm cock into my sheath but he held his body away from me. I whimpered in frustration.

"My good daughter...tell me what you want. Tell daddy what you want." He said hoarsely.

"Fuck my pussy daddy! Fuck my pussy with your thick cock! Fill me up with your cock daddy! Please!" I whimpered and cried.

Daddy gave me a wicked smile and shoved his cock into my pussy and I immediately moved my hip receiving his thrusts. I had no control over the overwhelming pleasure and delight brought my daddy between my legs. He held my damp body so tightly and our bodies fused into one. I could feel my daddy's cock filling up my vagina again and again. My tits were meshed between our bodies and I frantically held his body that was still covered with his shirt. I moaned and gasped with every thrust that daddy made and he too groaned and grunted. My pussy continued to pump more and more juices as daddy intensified his thrusts in my pussy.

I felt it. Daddy sensed it too and he crammed his cock more vehemently in my wet pussy. I wrapped my legs tighter around daddy's body and it heightened the delightful rapture that was about to explode in my pussy. My hip moved to its accord and I did not have control over its relentless movement as daddy vigorously rammed my pussy with his cock. My vaginal wall convulsed in the end, when I came with daddy's cock inside me. I held him close and savored the tremor and spasm of my climax. Daddy kept thrusting and thrusting in my dripping pussy, and at last daddy growled and slammed into my body with so much force that I winced with the slight pain that I felt as his gripped my young damp body and came in my pussy. I felt his cum inside me as daddy spurted his warm creamy seeds inside. I kissed and licked his damp neck, loving the feeling of him.

We stayed on my bed for a long time, then I heard mum's car coming into the driveway. I turned my body towards daddy's warm one and I smiled when he wrapped his strong warm arms around me. I kissed his warm lips feverishly, regretting that my weekend with my daddy had ended. I sucked daddy's tongue so hard until he moaned but he was raising himself up from my bed. I lifted my body to continue my kiss on my daddy's mouth. He then to my frustration, held my body away from him. He was breathing hard and his deep blue eyes penetrated into mine.

"Be a good daughter and wait for me? You will obey." He said.

I steeled myself from leaping on my daddy. I had to follow what daddy said if I wanted him to reward me. I nodded in the end affirming his request. He checked himself using the huge mirror I had on the wall, he made sure that the there was no trace of our sexual adventure. Then, he turned around and studied me. I was on the bed still on my knees. He suddenly came rushing to my bed and grabbed both my tits hard and he sucked and suckled my left nipple until I fell back into my bed with him deliciously on me. I immediately wrapped my legs around him. It ended in moments to my disappointment. He pushed his body up and untangled my lean legs around him. He gave my right ankle a wet kissed before he turned towards the door, opened it and went out from my room.

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