tagNonConsent/Reluctance"Me-Too-- Fuck You!"

"Me-Too-- Fuck You!"


title- "ME--TOO, FUCK YOU"


NOTE- This story contains abusive sexual practices that have been revealed and identified by the Me-Too Movement. If such details tough for you to handle, I sugest you skip this story? The truth may set you free but there is always a price to pay after learning the truth.

ALSO, this story was dictated to the writer by a retired LAPD Commander know as Ram. His misogynistic opinions are his own. These not the ideas or beliefs of the writer who has cringed and bitten his tongue throughout the Commander's interview. The Commander refers to as his DICK-TATION.

As a journalist I believe it is my responsibility to reveal the true personality of an individual who mirrors the opinions of many, if not most policemen, especially the older ones. You'll note that the Commander is also disrespectful to me, calling me gay and Sonny Boy and abusing me as well. I listened, because I know he had a story to tell, but I too had to pay the price.

AND SO the dick-tation starts, Commander Ram is speaking...

It was April Fool's Day when I was served by a court clerk with a subpoena that claimed I was guilty of sexual abuse in so many ways. I thought it was some kind of joke from the guys in the squad room. A whole litany of female ex-office workers were claiming I'd forced them to have sex or taken advantage of them sexually.

"Life just ain't what it used to be. Fuck it! I'm a cop. A big cop. I'm 6 foot 2 inches, weigh 245 pounds and have a thick 9 inch cock that some women have declined on first view saying,

'It's too big for me.'

"Well, Me-too fuckers, too bad. I'm a top ranking cop. I made it all the way to Commander and would have gone on to Deputy Chief if this bugaboo hadn't ever taken place. What's a bugaboo? I have no idea, but has nothing to do with anything you may be thinking."

"Now look, I know there have been abuses. Guys taking nude photos of females of all ranks who they were fucking. I know the've tried to use those nudies to blackmail the gal into further sex against the gals desire."

"Yes, I know of female offices raped by ex-lovers when they refused to have sex. Sure, that stuff goes on and will go on. Let's be clear, most females are subservient and want to be dominated. Those who are not are probably lesbians."

"I never blackmailed or stalked anyone. It was simple. If you want me to do you favors, like getting you promotions, then honey, it is time to start sucking my cock."

"But I'll tell you this, Sonny Boy, you cock sucker, when I say jump, you say, 'Where is the window?'"

"Excuse me Commander, but I'm not gay."

"That's no fucking excuse, a good cock need a good suck, by anyone."

"Yes, Sir, but please let's not get personal, just tell your story."

"Ok, Sonny Boy. We will check out your cock sucking abilities another day."

"I've been a cop for over 30 years and now the do-gooders are trying to get rid of me. Well, I've got a story to tell. I'm going to tell it. Maybe it ain't a nice story, but I'm not a nice man. I'm a powerful man. I'll get my rocks of any time I choose with whatever bitch's snatch catches my eye, or my nose.You know Sonny Boy, every pussy has its own special smell and taste. But you being gay probably don't know that."

"I've told you repeatedly Sir, I am not gay."

"Yeah, sure."

"Ok Sonny, you want me to start at the beginning. But I tell ya, I'm going to be skipping around a bit to give you a taste of what it was like and is still like, being a member of the LAPD. When I say member, Sonny Boy, I mean COCK, get it?"

"Yes, Sir, I got it."

The Commander continues...without quotation marks.

Back when I was hired, life was simple. They sent you to the Police Academy over next to Dodger Stadium. We fooled around there for 6 months. Then they let us go, out like locus to devour everything around us.

Now I'm talking over thirty years back. At that time the police Academy was just getting rolling. It was a small school and most of us were recommended by family or relatives on the force. Yeah, it's called nepotism. Women were not common and the few who showed up were discouraged from continuing. We wanted an all male force.

I remember a big female recruit, Linda Belinda. She was able to keep up with us pretty well through the first few weeks of the program. Finally we had enough of her. We dragged her into the steam room and seven of us held her down as each of us had a go at her. We were afraid to get her pregnant so we pulled out and let her have a moon pie right in the face. Jesus, that was a fun night. Did she look silly with all that cum on her face?

She dropped out of the program a few days after. Never made a complaint either. I had no intention of putting my cock in the same hole as the other guys. I told them to turn her over and I guess I enlarged her ass hole a bit. I didn't pull out. It was a tight fit but my cock is kinda large. As I said before, it's about 9 inches when fully erect and wide. That's where I picked up the nickname, "Ram."

But you Sonny Boy don't be calling me that unless you are down on all fours.

Years later I pulled over a green Pontiac for drunk driving. Who do you think was driving? Yep, it was Linda.

"Get in,"

She said and gave me a full swallow blow job. Of course I didn't write her a ticket. I wasn't sure if she remembered me but when she was finished she said,

"I'd rather blow you then take it in my ass."

I guess that's the answer to that question. What was that blowjob worth to her? A DUI can cost you $12,000 in legal fees. I'd say she was well served. My dick was happy too.

Now, as you might be interested, we did have some cops who were gay fuckers. I remember one of the first, a cadet who was, to our eyes a bit too fem for the corp. It didn't take long for us to wrestle him down in the shower area and he quickly offered to blow all of us if we'd let him stay on the force.

Some of the guys said it was good to have a gay cop. They figured he could get info on the gay community, which back then was raising its ugly head in West Hollywood. So we gave him a pass. His nickname became Trombone, as his cheeks would swell up like a trombone player as he'd try to hold all our cum in his mouth and not swallow it. We'd slap both his swollen cheeks at the same time and he'd just about choke. God it was so funny.

I started out as a neighborhood cop, Rank 1, just walking the beat. I was assigned to the downtown area where there were a lot of sleazy bars and not far from the homeless center over on 6th St. A lot of the homeless slept in the shelters at night for their own safety.

During the days, the woman, mostly alcoholics or drug addicts, would walk around in disgusting states of undress with their tits exposed. Often a nipple would be poking out of a hole in their shirt. Maybe wearing those open shoulder blouses. Often they'd be braless in an old worn tee shirt. Of course there is nothing wrong with showing off or looking at a good pair of tits.

There were tented alleys behind the stores where the gals could hawk guys walking by and sell their sexual services. Of course this was illegal. If a cop was to turn a blind eye he'd have to be compensated. I'd do the early morning walk around when the whores were the cleanest. They washed up before they left the homeless centers run by religious groups or charities.

I'd picked out a brown skinned Hispanic with two huge tits and a big old ass. I made her mine. I made sure I was her first fuck of the day. I didn't want to be wallowing in some other guy's cum juice. Especially down there. Her slit was always moist and clean with no trace of a customer's sludge.

She went by the name Maria, hell most of them had the same name. She played along nicely and did just what I told her. I have to admit I'd get a hard-on whenever I'd see her. There was something real sexy about her.

She was tall for a Hispanic woman and had a pretty face with long shiny black hair. Her big lips were made for sucking cock. She'd spot my swollen cock knob. I'd get hard just watching her. She'd walk me back where we couldn't be seen. Then she'd start to suck me off, my dick sticking out of my blue uniform pants like a flag pole.

Then I tell her to stop sucking and I pull out of her mouth. That was when I'd fuck her standing her up against the alley wall. When I was done I'd knot the condom and drop it there to mark the spot. Kinda like a dog pisses to leave his scent. I'd been here, I'd fucked here. Sometimes if I couldn't help it, I'd piss in a tin can or an empty bottle. Sometimes after a good fuck you can't hold it back.

I always used a rubber because you'd never know what you might catch. I must have fucked that bitch at least twenty times a month. I even got sweet on her. I'd give her a $20 dollars to buy a clean dress or food from the Chinese take out.

Then comes the sad part. She got onto crack after I'd known her about a year. You wouldn't believe how fast she destroyed herself, losing her teeth and her beauty.

That was when I was promoted to a district further uptown. They gave me the 2nd Rank. It had been awhile since I stopped fucking Mary.One day I had to go down to the old beat to file a report. There she was. She looked a bit confused when she saw me. It was too sad to see her so reduced. When I knew her, she was a very nice person that life had just shit upon. She turned to heavy drugs and was strongly addictive. My Dad who was in the Navy, used to say,

"You can't save all the garbage that's floating out to sea, that's why we have oceans."

So Sonny Boy, you asked about perks. I'm proud to say, I don't think I ever paid for a drink in a bar or for a lunch in all the years I worked the downtown district. A lot of the bars were hang outs for whores. The bartenders would throw us cops a fast fuck in the back room if we'd play along.

I met that crazy fucker Carl Bukowski down there and also uptown in Hollywood at the Frolic Room where he held court. What a weirdo! Who would even read that shit? That girlfriend of his was a common whore. You could fuck her for a six pack.

Not all the famous writers are saints. He and his bitch were drunken trash as far as I could tell. He gave me a few of his poetry books. I read a few pages and just stuck them out of sight. One day I went into the mall bookstore and spotted a shelf with his name on it. I couldn't believe he'd written all those books. Take a look one time. It'll make ya puke.

I don't know what the fuck has happened to this country. Good luck at making it great again. They even stopped publishing Playboy magazine a year back. Shit, that was the squad car bible. Poor Hef, and what about those guys who bought a lifetime subscription? I guess they got fucked but good.

Yeah, I know Sonny Boy, we were talking about bars. There was a young female bartender, named Linda, from the East Coast who ended up over on 8th Avenue. She wanted to be an actress. I told the head guy at Whiskers that I fancied her. She wasn't a whore, just working girl in a bar. She was kinda cut, slender, not a big tittied girl. She'd service me just to keep her job. Does that make her a whore? I don't think so.

What makes a bitch a whore? I think if she takes money for fuck or suck over a hundred times she's a whore. Any less she's just a normal gal who needs a bucks for a fuck. Maybe she's a mom who needs money for her kids. Don't piss on that one, she's taking care of her family.

Oh yeah, I was talking about Linda. I'd walk her into the back room behind the bar where they kept the extra kegs of beer. I'd bend her over a keg, lift her skirt, find her vag there in the dark room stinking of beer.

That's where I'd fuck her. She'd cry out that my cock was to large for her. So I'd keep it only about four inches inside her. After a few months I got her used to my stiffy and I'd give her a hard hip roll and shove the whole thing balls deep. She'd tear up at first but once she was sized she'd ask for all of it.

She thought she was going to be a famous actress. Shit, even Marilyn Monroe got fucked by all of Hollywood in her day. Those actress girls were promiscuous. That was when the pill came out. They were all on the pill. I would do her Linda bareback just about every week except when she was on the rag. That's when I get her to suck me off. I'd shove my whole dick down her throat. She got pretty good at taking it deep throat.

I sent her to see two brothers I knew. They had started making those hi-8 porno tapes which were transcribed to TV size cassettes. They asked her for a demonstration. She blew each brother. They agreed she was a deep throat artist.

She started doing their porno films and cock sucking became her specialty. She always said I deserved the credit for giving her a start in porno. I trained her well. You've probably seen her films. Unfortunately Linda died young, but her films made the Mafia a fortune.

About that time I got a taste for crime. There was a jewelry store on my beat. One day I looked through the window and there was some dude wearing a mask. I pulled my revolver and walked right in.

"No officer, it's ok," said Bernie, the owner.

He handed he a few hundred and told me to take off. I did as he asked. A few days later he explained he'd been heavy into football gambling with the local Mafia bookie and this was how they squared the debt. The Mafia got the goods and Bernie collected the insurance on the theft.

With the extra cash, I took my girlfriend out to the Indian Casino near Palm Springs. We had a great time. I remember pushing her nude up against the big picture windows in the room and fucking her from behind. Of course with her big tits spread out on the window glass a few guys at the pool below started waving and taking pictures.

She was embarrassed but we still went to the buffet for dinner. All the guys were looking at her and at their cell phone pics. When I got up to go to the bathroom, they started hitting on her. There was a bottle of champagne on the table when I got back. What would you expect?

Did you ask me if I was ever married? Sure, doesn't everyone get caught in that glue trap? I always treated my wife with kid gloves. Sure I fucked her, but gently. All that cock sucking and cum guzzling was for the whores who knew well how to do it. It wasn't something I wanted to nurture in my marriage.

Oh Sonny Boy, let me ask ya, have you heard of the Wilshire School Shootout? It was a while ago, before people kept track of that stuff. Today school shootings are a dime a dozen.

Unfortunately Muriel, my wife, was a teacher there when Pedro Farkas decided to shoot three teachers. What the hell for? Well, we never figured that out. He took my wife, a Mr. Layton who was the teacher next door and Mrs. Winslow, an old bitty who had been there from the time the building's cornerstone was laid. The little fucker put them on the floor and then shot each one in the head. Why? He said it was a boring Monday. Then he offed himself.

So after 14 months of marriage, my wife, pregnant with our first born, was dead. I had to give the eulogy at a special ceremony set up by the school.

I talked about what an angel she was, she was the perfect woman. How she was always happy, smiling, eager to help her students. At the conclusion of the ceremony before I could leave, Layton's wife came up to me.

"Here, I want you to see something," she said. She took out a small Canon e-camera and set it to display.

"Here, take a look."

There was my wife sucking on a dick.

"That's my husband dick, there is no question."

As I flicked through the video sex tour, there were the two of them, in the school classroom, fucking on the teacher's desk. There was a shot of him sticking his cock in her ass. Then the one that galled me the most, the one with her dribbling out his cum from her lips. That was my angel?

"I wanted you to know your wife was no saint," said Layton's bitch.

"My husband played around, he photo-ed all the teachers he seduced. She was just one of them. I think he fucked just about all the young teachers. He was meticulous about photographing his sex with them. Then he'd bring the camera home and show me only a few hours after he'd taken them. I thought it was pretty funny. I'm no saint myself but he knew that. Not like your slutty wife who did all of this behind your back. Anyway, if you want some revenge fucking, just come on over to my place and bring along a buddy."

"Thanks Mrs. Layton, now do me a favor and go fuck yourself."

Sonny Boy, you asked if ever I was married. Now you got your answer. One time through the ringer is enough. You think?

While working uptown and studying for the Detective exam, I was introduced to a famous escort. You probably know her name so I won't mention it. She was running an escort service for wealthy Hollywood actors. Charlie Sheen was one of her clients. Anyway, my partner was, shall we say, a little crooked. He had the goods on her but instead of arresting her he asked for a monthly retainer of $1000 to protect her business. She was happy to comply and Murray gave me $300 of the payoff money. Why not 50%? Because it was his deal and he didn't have to give me nothin. This arrangement went on for almost two years.

It was New Year's Eve and it was the escort madam's habit to have a big party. She'd rent a ballroom in what was an old fraternal lodge over on Western. She'd invite clients and cops to come. There was a lot of booze around and lots of bartenders to serve it. There was also a lot of cocaine in the powder room.

I went back there to piss. One of the girls, Natasha, a Russian whore, was there. She kept fooling around with me. Some gals get super sexy on cocaine and ecstasy and she pulled me into the bathroom stall. She stood up on the toilet seat and threw her long legs around me, as her legs clamped down, my cock went right inside.

I was dosed on cocaine as well and no matter how hard I tried with my firm erection, I just could not cum. She got mad and started calling me a fagot so I had to slap her around to shut her up. She fell and hit herself on the toilet edge just above the left eyebrow and started to bleed all over the place.

I stuffed my cock back in my pants and carried her out, we called an ambulance and off she went. After that event I didn't think I'd get invited back. No matter, a few months later someone informed on the Madam and her whole escort service came falling apart like a house of cards. I think she ended up out at the Chicken Ranch in Vegas run by that fat guy.

The blond, I had to slap around, eventually contacted me. She needed a favor. I ran interference for her with vice in exchange for as much sex as I wanted. As horny as I was at that age, it was a lot. But I never took a penny from her and I kept her out of jail by intervening on more than one occasion.

She was so mad at the vice officer who tried to extort her that she filed phony charges that he raped her. I got her to drop the case. It was thrown out of court before it started. That avoided all the nasty publicity for the cops. The story died a quiet death and she was never held to account for her false testimony.

Ok, now you might have noticed I used the word fagots. Ok, so maybe you don't like the word. Fuck it, it's just a word. Well, anti-gay cops usually have a reason for their bias, maybe they were molested by the neighborhood queer? Who knows? I never had any problem with fagots, I even fell in love with one.

I had picked up a male prostitute masquerading as a female, back in the mid 80's. She was crossing the street just outside West Hollywood. I really had no business picking her ups because I had no evidence she was soliciting. But Sonny Boy, that's the way we did it.

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