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Meagan's Eyes


(My thanks again for Muddy for editing this for me. I realize it's a long story and hope you can hang in there, I simply couldn't find the right place to break it into two chapters.)


It started out being a Tuesday, just like any other to me; my secretary putting through a call from an old friend soon changed all that. Jake never calls unless he needed something.

"I have a problem I think is more suited to your way of doing things than mine."

Mentally I was already working out what appointments I could postpone or cancel. We fixed a time and I arranged with my secretary to clear the afternoon for me. I was at his place a little after two that afternoon. We chatted for a while, but I could tell he had something on his mind and wanted to get to the point; he was just unsure how to approach it.

"Luke, I watched how you trained Cara, even though you included some of my advice, she was pretty well ready when you handed her to me for the week."

Again he paused and I was getting the feeling that this was new territory to him, actually asking for my help must have taken a lot of soul searching.

"I have a girl at the moment I want you to look at for me. Give me your opinion."

That peaked my interest I had known Jake a little over five years now and he was very good at what he does, you see in our world Jake is a trainer, he teaches women the art of being a slave. He's respected in this part of the country, Jake isn't a slave trader, woman actually come to him for training, sometimes a Master or Mistress would call Jake and he would take on a girl for some sort of specific training but most of the time he would only agree to train a woman to be a slave if she came to him.

It was his niche in life and he enjoyed it so who was I to judge him, since I myself was a Master that had used him. I placed my cup on the table and told him he had my undivided attention. For a moment Jake thought about what to say then shrugged his shoulders and stood beckoning me to follow him, he opened the door at the end of the room and we both descended the stairs. He was just about to open the door at the bottom when he looked at me and simply said that I was to watch her eyes.

Now I knew why Jake had involved me in this, the door opened. This was my first sight of Meagan; she was in the middle of the room hanging about a foot off the floor by a harness. Jake walked in first and we stood about three feet from her. Meagan still had her back to us at the time, all she had on was a wide belt and a cuff on each wrist that attached to the belt, her arms were tied back and her whole body weight was suspended on her arms. Jake gave her ass a slap; it was the force of the blow that moved her around to face us.

Jake stopped her swing and I now came face to face with her and I have to say that if looks could kill I would have been stone dead that very instant. Meagan for her part locked her gaze on me and never seemed to blink. Jake unhooked the rope from the wall and lowered her to the ground, then the most amazing thing happened, once her toes touched the basement floor a veil seemed to drop over her eyes and they became soft almost sexual.

Once Jake undid the belt and took off the cuffs Meagan went down onto her knees and placed her hands on her legs, finally her head lowered and she stared at the floor, totally submissive.

"You see what I mean? I've worked on her for a month now and it's always the same, I can't place her anywhere her training still isn't complete because I can't move her beyond this point."

"Then look on it as a failure and tell her to leave," That was the only piece of advice I could offer at that moment.

I was watching Meagan as we talked about her, her whole body language screamed that she wanted to speak, her training kept her on the floor and silent. Jake shrugged and resigned himself to this woman being one of his few failures. I was still watching her intently her body began to shake her whole being seemed to be in turmoil, yet still her training held her silent and to the floor. By now I was starting to become curious. Telling Meagan to stand she stood two feet from both of us her eyes riveted to my chest.

Jake could sure find them, Meagan was about five foot six, jet black shoulder length hair, rather broad shoulders for a woman, her breasts must have been that middle ground between a B and C-cup, and I smiled when I thought she could easily get away with not wearing a bra. I suppose just then it was one of those, right place, right time moments. She moved fractionally and the light caught her hip at just the wrong angle. My smile faded when I spotted it. I looked at Jake.

"Ok old friend, I will do what I can with her but what if I can't do anything?"

Jake shrugged his shoulders and sighed. "She came to me I can't do anything with her beyond what I have, if you can't then she leaves, none of my clients will touch her the way she is at the moment."

He spun around and headed for the door, closing it behind him.

"Get dressed."

Instantly Meagan rushed to the corner and with her back to me pulled on a pair of panties and a summer dress, again I smiled, I was right no bra. She quickly put her feet into sandals and grabbed her purse the whole exercise took four minutes. She followed me up the stairs and I waved goodbye to Jake, in his mind he had effectively washed his hands of her, to him she was my problem now. Out on the side walk and away from Jake's I stopped and turned to Meagan, my hand in my jacket pocket, finding a card and pulling it out.

"First off, don't ever play me for dumb, take this card and come by my office when you're able to. We will talk and decide what to do."

I jotted a few words onto the back of the card and handed it to her. Meagan's face remained calm her eyes gave just a small glint of confusion then even they became neutral, she took the card nodded and left. I went back to work and for a week heard nothing from Meagan and to be honest I didn't expect to.

My secretary buzzed me and came in, I was on the phone at the time so just watched her as she stood by my desk with a card in her hand. Once I finished the call I took the card, recognized it instantly and told her to show the lady in. Moments later Meagan appeared and sat across from me, we both looked at each other saying nothing until we heard the door click shut.

"I still want this; I thought Jake was the answer now it seems you are."

I looked into her eyes; she stared back at me a hint of defiance in her eyes mixed with hope on her face. I leaned over and clicked the intercom telling my secretary to hold all my calls for the next thirty minutes. I then told Meagan to stand, she did.

"Remove your clothes and I warn you right now, if I don't see what I expect to see then we are finished, I warned you the one and only time not to play me for dumb, let's see if you took the hint."

Meagan didn't even falter, her hands went to her blouse undid the buttons and removed it, folded it and placed it on the corner of the desk, her bra followed and went on top of the blouse, her skirt followed and there it was. I told her to stop; she blushed when she knew what I was looking at.

"I don't know how you see this before, all the time Jake worked on me he didn't, granted his mind was often elsewhere."

She smiled as she said it so I knew she wasn't disrespecting him. I told her to put her clothes back on and watched her as she did, my mind still unsure that I should really be involved.

"My brother served in the same unit, I know the tattoo you have is your right of passage. You used a flesh pad to hide it from Jake because you're still on active service."

A deer caught in headlights couldn't have given a better impression of Meagan just then. Her mouth opened and shut yet no sound came from her lips. She seemed to be on auto pilot as she finished getting dressed and sat back down. I thought to myself why the heck was I doing this, but the only answers I came up with were Meagan's eyes and that tattoo.

"Your brother..!" Was all she could say before her eyes looked away and then back to my chest her whole body was in turmoil now as she suddenly realized just how exposed she had now become and suddenly figuring out she was about to give me a gift. Just one of many from now on, this one was, trust.

"I'm the brains of the family, my brother has the looks. It was my company that invented the flesh pad, I used my brother as a template and once we perfected it, his unit uses them all the time, in return I chose not to put it on the open market. I have no doubt its cost me a small fortune not to, but I also believe it also helped you folks since it's not even known to exist."

It took her a moment to absorb the information and said.

"I went home not long after I passed the course, Mom and I were in bikini's by the pool Mom went crazy when she spotted the tattoo; Dad took one look and knew instantly. He has never talked to me about it and acted as interference on Mom since. Usually when I go home I use a flesh pad to cover it and told Mom I had it lasered off, Dad knows differently."

It seems Meagan is a fast learner. I gave just a little of myself and she did exactly the same, I started to wonder if I had stumbled on the key that would open Meagan up, perhaps there was hope for her after all.

"Ok lie to me and you leave, when are you due to be posted again?"

She blushed and lowered her head slightly, "In ten days, we're away for a year."

Damn it, ten days wasn't anywhere near enough time, she was asking me to be in this for the long haul I wasn't sure I wanted to be. It was then she looked directly at me again a silent plea in her eyes. My mind started to work out a plan, perhaps it would work but the odds were so tilted against her I doubted it.

"Ok, for eight days you will live with me before you go back, if I think I can help you I will and wait a year to finish your training, however there is a 'but' in this. If you complete your training I will either hand you back to Jake or give you away, I have a Slave I chose not to have more than one." I said with a sigh.

There wasn't even hesitancy within her, instantly she smiled and nodded her agreement. I still had my doubts but she looked like she needed this so much; who was I to stop her, telling her to return at five and not to bother bringing an overnight bag. She practically skipped out of the office, shaking my head I returned to work, at five on the dot Meagan was waiting by my secretary's desk for me to finish.

The trip home was done in silence, she already knew the rules and I would make sure I added to them when I needed to. I had chosen my house with great care five years ago and once I found what I was looking for the Realtor found herself with a rather large tip as my personal thank you. The double garage only had one working door that opened the far end section of the garage. Once my car was inside, the door closed we both got out, Meagan followed me to a door in the corner, opened it and heard her gasp as we both entered the play room.

I didn't stop and she had to run to keep up as I walked through another door and into the kitchen. Cara was home before me today and kneeling in the middle of the kitchen floor to greet me, her smile faltered when Meagan came into view.

"You will be informed about what is going on when I deem it necessary for you to know Slave. Bring me the spare chocker."

Cara nodded, stood and left the kitchen. I then turned to Meagan.

"This is my house therefore my rules, slaves do not wear clothes at all here, remove them and kneel."

Meagan practically jumped out of her clothes and knelt on the kitchen floor, by now Cara had returned and stood in the doorway. I nodded; she stood behind her and fastened the chocker around her neck. I watched in fascination as Meagan's whole demeanor changed, her chest swelled and her cheeks where now just a slight hint of red, Cara moved and knelt besides her, waiting.

"I know very little about you, for instance why did you go to Jake?"

Cara tilted her head slightly at the mention of Jake's name. Meagan paused to organize her thoughts and then said.

"I have suppressed all thought of being a submissive for most of my adult life. Now that need has started to take on a life of its own. I'm safe doing my job and I'm very good at it, but this need seems to be self feeding and I can no longer ignore it."

"Have you thought that it's your job that gets in the way of you becoming a slave?"

"No Sir."

Meagan's cheeks took on a darker red color then as she realized what she had said and hastily continued.

"I'm third generation military. The military is my life, but I feel like I'm suffocating, I need someone to take over my life for me. Let me be told what to do on a personal level, take away my ability to think. Let my mind rest so it can recharge, all this I need and my Master can give me."

Cara simply listened to everything. I had not asked her anything I didn't need to, because two years ago Cara was where Meagan is now. Detective Cara Anderson and one of this city's finest was sat at the restaurant bar were I was eating I recognized all the signs and for a moment thought better of talking to her, I even made it as far as the door before turning around, instinct took over from then on, an instinct I've trusted for so long now. I simply walked over and put my card on the bar in front of her. She countered by placing her badge next to it.

"My calling card is bigger than yours buddy so why don't you fuck off and leave me in peace."

I smiled as I watched her take another sip of her drink.

"I can help you before you have that break down. It's going to be more difficult after it."

Leaving with a smile on my face almost challenging those instincts of mine to be wrong, Cara came to my house a month later sat across from me placing her side arm on the coffee table between us. I laughed. Her training started a week later and we had been together ever since and to this day she is still a damned good detective.

Even on the drive back to the house I had decided that Meagan's training should start as soon as she got here, putting it off for any length of time would shorten the already ridiculous time scale I already had: telling her to go to the play room and wait, leaving her to stand for a few minutes while I started the mind games on her. Half an hour later I walked in. Meagan stood in the center of the room her eyes focused on the mat until I came in. Standing to one side of her I said, "Do you understand what this place is?"

Meagan nodded taking a quick glance at some of the equipment and then added. "Yes, it's called a play room. I assume I'm going to be bound and punished."

I was a little pissed at her answer and the attitude she put on it, "You don't have to be; you know where your clothes are, get dressed and leave."

Instantly she looked at me, fear crept across her face as she fought to put the right words together. Her mind must have been going frantic, at that moment she watched Cara enter the play room from the mirror behind me, walk to the middle of the room and kneel. Meagan took a step back halted and then added another so she was now slightly behind Cara and knelt. I watched for a moment, Meagan had opted to say nothing. Still not happy with her comment I squatted down in front of her.

"I am going to punish you, I may even decide to hurt you, I could even chose to inflict so much pain on you that you wouldn't sit easy for a week. All these options are open to me because you are the Slave."

Meagan refused to look at me, her eyes bored into my chest, will power alone kept them there. I was starting to think maybe a tinge of fear of what was to come helped.

"Stand and come with me."

Placing the belt and cuffs on the table Meagan looked long and hard at them, forgot herself for a moment and looked directly at me, a flash of fear perhaps? I wasn't sure, she cloaked her real feelings well. As I placed the belt on Meagan, Cara was strapping a leg spreader to her ankles, by the time she had finished I had placed the cuffs on and attached them to the belt.

Beads of perspiration appeared on her forehead, Cara stood and I told her to get the ball gag, instantly she was away. Meagan stood motionless in front of me. I took a step back and looked directly at her, she was desperately anxious now and started to fidget, Cara had now returned holding the ball gag. Meagan took one look and her anxiety became worse, so I slapped her across the tits. Like lightning her eyes locked onto mine again and this time there was pure hatred in them.

Cara placed the gag on her. Meagan still looked at me like I was a bug that needed to be trodden on. Her breathing became more regular now as she fought so hard to gain back her control and then suddenly realizing who was in control. Cara took a step back as Meagan simply stared at me.

"Nod your head."

Meagan did, her eyes still locked onto mine.

"Good now shake your head."

Again she obeyed, not once did her gaze leave me.

"You came to me, you showed free will and stood by that. But now is the real moment of truth. Once I start I won't stop until I choose to and no amount of begging on your part will stop me. Do you wish me to continue?"

Without even a moments hesitation she nodded, her eyes still on me, those eyes still giving away so much about herself. They had dilated already, her brain eager to tap into any sensation I would give her body, her cheeks flushed a deeper red now and I smiled realizing I was right it was interesting watching that same redness change her neck and proceed down to her chest. Meagan's breathing had already changed to accommodate the ball gag, it took on a more rasping sound as her mind and body infused themselves to anticipate anything and everything.

Pulling on the rope I hoisted her off the ground. A small groan escaped from her as her whole body weight was now on her arms. As her body swung slightly her eyes still locked on mine, the same look on her face as when we met at Jakes. That cold stare that gave me the impression she had already killed me, but just wondering where to stash the body. I was amazed at how quickly her demeanor changed, her mind and her body were now in conflict with themselves and I knew why.

Her body desperately wanted this, her mind although felt the same need conflicted itself with her military training. It was time to work on separating both emotions as I had to do with Cara two years ago. It was time to conduct a little experiment.

I looked over to Cara, her cheeks where red and nipples bullet hard, I knew I would soon start to smell her sex, she was excited watching Meagan swing from the ceiling, her own mind already recalling the times I had her there and what I had done to her. Cara's eyes drifted from Meagan to me, she may be turned on but she knew she also had to remain alert for my instructions. As her face again turned towards me and noticed me looking at her she took a half step forward, ready.

"Eat her until I tell you to stop."

The sound of, "Yes Master," just passed her lips before she was between Meagan's legs her hands holding Meagan's hips to keep her still as Cara buried her tongue into her pussy. The change to Meagan's body was almost instant, her chest went totally red, both nipples fought between themselves to see which could become the hardest, her breathing became more erratic adding to the difficulty she was already having trying to breath around the ball gag.

As Cara's tongue again penetrated her pussy lips Meagan's body stiffened and a slow groan of pleasure came from between the ball gag and her eyes fluttered and closed. Suddenly her body stiffened, her nostrils flared and she came. Her body tried to convulse but Cara holding on tight just built up the feeling inside her and she screamed into the gag. She was relentless and gave Meagan no peace, again she plunged her mouth around her cum soaked pussy. Poor Meagan really didn't have anywhere to hide.

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