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Meaghan Plays with the Neighbors


{Standard disclaimer. This is a slut wife story. There is no category on literotica for it and editors tend to place stories where they want them, often over the writer's choice. This story is about spouses who have sex with others outside of marriage. If you absolutely detest that sort of thing, don't read it. If you insist on reading it anyway after being warned and feel the need to spew your anger over it, then your opinion has no value. Do what normal people to, click off of it and move onto something you like. If you are one of those people who absolutely dig this subject matter, enjoy!}

On nights like this I feel like a kid with a new video game. My wife is preparing herself for another spontaneous erotic adventure. I know that I'll get her best when it's over. It always ends this way, us together. It is basically foreplay for us. When we are with anyone else, it's just the build up, but when back together it's the main event. Meaghan is a hottie. Biased I know, but truly, she is. She's 36 years old. She's of Irish descent. She has that smooth, soft, almost porcelain skin. She's a strawberry blonde (natural). Her tits are full and perky, her cleavage leaves men drooling. Her ass is tight, but round and full. She's got the eyes of an angel, they are an intoxicating mix of bluish green. She's also outwardly classy but shy. Most people don't know the tiger that lies beneath. She has told me all about her promiscuous past and I love every moment of experience that it gave her.

She is actually quite adventurous and willing to experiment with most things, not just sex. She's also naturally submissive when it comes to sex. She likes being told what to do and then have to do it. She says it helps free her from feeling guilty about it. It helps her rationalize how she can be such a dirty girl. She thanks her ex-husband for bringing that part of her nature out of her. He was naturally dominant. She submitted to his whims and perversions and she gained a decade or so of incredible experience, which now benefits me. He was great in the bedroom, terrible everywhere else. She calls him her "perverted douche bag ex", though the "pervert" part is said with a smile and a glint in her eye.

I'm Sean, I'm 48. I have had my share of women, ok, perhaps a lot more than my share. I'm an ex-professional athlete. Women came to me, more often than me to them. I never married before this, probably wisely. Meaghan and I have a bond. We see each other as we are, we don't need to hide behind a façade. We both love sex and accept our pasts as wonderful experience we can use to make us both happy.

This is where I have to say that one of the things we both enjoy is when there is sex outside of our marriage. Yes, it has happened both ways. I've had other women, she's had other men (and a woman too, that's a whole 'nother story). Why did we marry then? We fought it, for awhile at least. We didn't feel the need to be traditional. No one pressured us. One day, we just realized that we were it. We were going to be together for the long haul. Funny thing was, we both had the same caveat before we agreed to marry. She actually rejected me at first, said no. When I asked why, she bashfully admitted to me that she wanted things to stay as they were. When pressed, she admitted that the thing she was concerned about was that we both would then be forced to close off other people. She was concerned about the same thing I was! We both readily admitted we like our arrangement and wanted it to continue. Only after promising each other that that part wouldn't change did we agree to marry. It might not work for most people but it works for us, it really works for us. We're both ecstatic about how things have turned out.

Spontaneity seems to be the best for us. We don't like to plan most sexual things, we just like them to happen. Today is a great example. We hosted a small cocktail party at our house. There were a dozen people or so, mostly neighbors and a few friends. Meaghan was a knockout. She had on a very sheer blouse that opened generously on top. She loves showing off her breasts as much as I love her to do it. Her cleavage was on display. I always notice the looks men give her when they think I'm not looking. We both dig that. I noticed Meaghan talking to Tom, a neighbor from down the street. I could tell he was a bit tipsy. He was being flirty, probably more overtly than he realized. I'm sure alcohol was making her feel better too, for her it's an aphrodisiac. I caught Meaghan's eye as he danced with her. She gave me that seductive smile to let me know she knew I was watching her. She's never done anything with any of our friends, or our neighbors. In fact, we've always talked about things beforehand so that we are on the same page. For example, she's called me from the bar before she decided to let some guy take her home to make sure things were ok. I knew if she had something in mind for tonight, she'd let me know.

Most of the guests were outside on the patio, hanging out by the pool, which was now covered due to the season. It was starting to get that late fall chill in the air. Meaghan came out to me. She was grinning.

"Did you see Tom hitting on me?" She giggled.

"Of course," I laughed, "how could I not?"

"He wants to get in your wife's tiny panties," she whispered jokingly.

"He does? Of course he does, who doesn't?" I chuckled. "Did he try anything?"

"No, silly," she smirked. "They are all too afraid of you, Mr. big time athlete. They don't want to get their ass kicked."

I laughed again. "Little do they know how we might like it. Though, I have to admit, it would make me mad if one of my friends or neighbors tried anything right under my nose. You know me, I love the kink, but I hate the liars and schemers."

"I know, baby, he wasn't trying to persuade me or anything, I can just tell he wants me," she purred confidently.

"I'm sure he does. You know who really wants you?" I asked.

"Who?" She asked with interest.

"Jared, Tom's son."

"Ew!" She said as she playfully punched my arm.

"He wanted to come tonight," I said. "His dad didn't want him to but I know he wanted to see you all dressed up like this. You know he's wanted you since he saw your tits," I chided.

Jared was 19. He was back home from an aborted attempt at college. He often came over to use our pool with his friends. He even helps us around the house with lawn chores. Being 19, he really can't hide the fact that he ogles Meaghan openly. Youth tend to lack guile. I've watched him ogle her laying by the pool in just her bikini as he mowed the lawn. I've seen him have to adjust himself after watching her for awhile. He's a nice enough kid. He's polite to me, though Meaghan says that's only because he looks up to me. Jared is also an athlete, though undisciplined and often lazy. He does have natural ability, though. He could be good, he just needs to apply himself. Surprising to me also is that Meaghan says he's quite mouthy and cocky. Again, she says he's just afraid to be that way with me. I have to laugh when I think of this but, I think he's a lot like I was, though I applied myself earlier and matured quicker, especially when I got to college.

"I can't believe you'd bring that up!" She hissed playfully.

She'd been in her pool lounger with her top untied and Jared had just started the mower up near her and she jumped up in alarm. He saw her tits spring free in that brief moment before she covered them up and came in the house red faced.

"He wants more than your tits though, baby," I grinned.

We love teasing each other about things, most often it means nothing, or leads to nothing specific. It just helps us get charged up for each other later.

"I know," she said in a shy whisper, her face now lowered. "He really does. All his friends do, too."

I recognized that look. She was actually getting turned on. Its almost as if she was waiting for further instruction. It's like a signal to me. I realized there was going to be some fun, and soon.

I looked over my shoulder. Tom was staring at us from behind the sliding glass doors, he quickly looked away when he saw me look in his direction.

"Bastard," I thought. "If you weren't such a sneaky weasel you might have had your world rocked."

"Your friend is waiting for you," I joked, while motioning towards him.

"Oh, he's ok," she said with a slight slur. "I think his cock is more than ok, too, from what I can feel poking against me when we dance."

She looked up into my eyes intently. "So....do you want me to...?" She shyly began to ask.

"With him? Naw," I said. I think it surprised her.

"Ok," she said softly with a hint of disappointment.

She clearly was in the mood for something. I just wasn't in the mood for it to be Tom at that moment. Like I said, if he'd been different, more upfront about it, or at least cooler, I'd have considered it. It just looked like he wanted it, but behind my back. I just couldn't abide by that. If it is my idea, or Meaghan's, fine, if it is his, then no.

She stuck out her lip in a pout, though playfully, and went back inside. I stared at the pool. The episode with Jared and her tits made me smile. I thought of all the times I caught him looking, hell, leering at her. I turned to see her and Tom engaged in more flirty conversation. She saw me looking and she stuck out her tongue at me as if to said "Spoil sport!"

I had an idea. She was clearly in the mood and I was clearly ready to adjust her bratty attitude (even though admittedly I love every minute of it). This would be something I'm sure we'd both enjoy.

The drinks flowed and a few people started to leave. I made sure Tom stayed though. I wanted him close to me for this. I made Meaghan keep filling his glass with wine and encouraged her to "give him a nice show," which she didn't understand, since she knew I didn't want her to end up with him. I told her to trust me. I looked down the street to the end. Jared was shooting hoops in his driveway. Perfect!

I called Meaghan in to the kitchen. She was so fucking hot. Her tits were swelling up over her lacy black bra. She had on stockings and black high heels. I knew she had the matching panties on underneath. She was now buzzed. I recognized it as the perfect state of drunkenness for her. Drunk enough to lower inhibitions, not too drunk to enjoy it.

"Change your mind about Tom yet?" She asked with an evil sexy smile.

I had to laugh. "That's not the cock you'll be getting tonight."

"No?" she asked. "But you do have someone in mind, right?"

"Yes," I smiled. "Remember though, this is mostly because of your attitude."

"What is?" She asked with concern. There was a sexual tension in the air, we both could feel it. We both love it.

"What I'm going to have you do," I answered with mock coldness. As I've mentioned, she likes me being in control, telling her what to do, making her do it. I could see the lust building in her as she watched me lay it out for her.

"First, we really need to hurry, I'm not sure our opportunity will last long."

"Ok?" she said with hesitation.

My mind raced with ideas, one came to the forefront. "Go upstairs, take off everything except the stockings, shoes and panties." I could see her gulp. Her face started to heat up, she was into it. "Then, get out your fake fur coat."

She has a knee length faux fur coat that's elegant and beautiful. It would be perfect for what I had in mind. I pictured it in my mind. She in her heels, panties and stockings, covered only in the fur coat. Yes, it made me hard thinking about it.

"Then what?" She squeaked demurely. She was falling easily into her submissive role now.

"Then come downstairs the back way and meet me around the side of the house." There was a back staircase and she could slip out of the party without being noticed (hopefully).

She nearly bounded upstairs. I could feel the heat of her excitement. Five minutes later I excused myself with the excuse of using the restroom and moved outside. I met her at the side of the house. She was panting, both from the exertion and lust.

"What do you want me to do?" She asked. Her eyes were sharp and alive, her lip was quivering.

"Remember, this is punishment for your bratty attitude earlier," I chided.

She nodded shyly. "Yes, sir."

It makes me shudder to hear her say those words. I know she's now totally into the game and that it will eventually lead to orgasmic bliss for both of us at some point (or multi-orgasmic bliss, for her usually).

"Ok, because you are such a slut who can't seem to avoid wanting a stiff cock I think I've got a potential one for you."

"Who?" She giggled nervously.

I pointed down the street. We could both see Jared in the driveway.

"Him!? She stuttered. "Are you serious?"

I eyed her intently. "I am serious," I said sternly. "Are you questioning me?"

"Um, no, no sir, it's just that...." she sputtered nervously. "First, he looks up to you too much to try anything, he's always been forward about commenting on my body and all but he's never actually tried anything. Actually, all his friends are like that.

"What comments did he make about your body?" I asked, it was the first time I'd heard of it.

"Oh, he'd never say them in front of you, but, things like, "you really have a nice rack, Mrs. M. Or, "your butt looks fantastic in that bikini."

Wow, I'd never known. He was like a horny Eddie Haskell. Why she kept that from me I don't know but I liked that I could use that against her now. She realized that almost immediately after. Her eyes lowered submissively and she said, "sorry I didn't tell you."

"Ok, well for sure now you need to have that attitude adjusted. I had something simpler in mind but now I think I'll add some details to it, just for that reason."

We both knew she got off on the humiliation of it, it was part of the game.

"So hurry, I want you to walk down the street, go right up to Jared."

She was listening intently, trying to absorb it all as the lust built in both of us.

"Take him inside, if that's possible, if not I guess what's the big deal if the slut does her business in public." I knew that shot would get her deeply. I know she has a weak spot for public sex, it drives her wild, even though I knew she'd be reluctant to do it in our own neighborhood, unless I demanded it.

"Ok?" she moaned softly.

"Then, when you are ready, drop the coat, present yourself to him like that. I was just going to have you suck him off, but because of your attitude I think I'd like a couple more things."

"Oh god," she choked out. "What?" She asked, her excitement evident.

"First, I know how he's ogled you now for a couple years and never been able to touch. Because of your brattiness I think he should be able to touch you. So that's rule number #1, once your coat is off he can touch you as he pleases."

She groaned at hearing that. She knew what it meant. He can touch her, anywhere, everywhere. We get off on having rules like that to follow. She never fails to follow them completely.

"Oh god, Sean," she whined. "He is going to paw me. He'll touch everything," she said as she considered it for the first time.

"I think he will," I grinned cruelly. "Second, you are going to suck him off, of course."

Her face reddened at the statement but her head nodded meekly.

"But," I added, "just your mouth." It was a touch she recognized. She knew what I meant. When I tell her "just your mouth," she has to bring me off using only her mouth, no hands allowed. I think it makes her focus more on what she's doing with her mouth and tongue as well as helping stoke the fires of her own submissiveness.

Her eyes looked at me imploringly. "Are you sure?"

"Yes I'm sure," I snapped. "In fact, when you are on your knees sucking that 19 year old off I want you to put your hands behind your back and hold them that way until he's finished filling your mouth with his cum. And you'd better take all of his cum, understand me?" I asked gruffly as I pulled her chin up to force her to look me in the eyes.

"Yes sir," she said as a tear formed in her eye. It was part of her nature to have the two parts of her fighting over who the winner would be, her "logical" self, or the submissive one. We both knew who would win.

"What if he doesn't want to?" She asked with concern. "What if he won't do it because he's afraid of you?"

"I don't believe any man is going to deny you, especially how you'll be presented to him, but, it's your job to convince him."

"What if he wants more? What if he wants to fuck me?" She said, she quivered as the thought washed over her.

I hadn't thought past the blowjob, in fact, I figured him being so young, the whole thing would be over in ten minutes. Still I wanted something to needle her, it drives her wild, makes her get off so much better later so I added something.

"You suck him off as I wish," I said. "After you've swallowed his cum I want you to give him 15 minutes. Don't tell him this, but, he's got 15 minutes where you can't say no to him. So, god bless him if after he's cum in your slut mouth he can do anything else he wishes."

I heard her gasp. "So I've got his cum in my mouth and I still have to wait and hang around him for 15 minutes?"

"Yep," I said smugly.

"And I don't have to tell him that I can't say no?"

"No," I said. "But, the coat stays off the whole time, I'd guess most of that remaining time he's going to have his hands on, and in you."

I saw her breasts heave as she sighed, she was now filled with so much sexual tension.

"Now hurry, I don't want Tom going home and catching you two, I'll have to keep him busy, GO!" I said as I swatted her on the butt. I only watched for a moment as she sashayed down the street.

I hurried back to the party. I was able to catch Tom at the door, thank goodness. I think he actually was looking for Meaghan. The small group remaining went downstairs and played pool. Tom kept asking about Meaghan. I lied and told him she went down to the store to get more wine. I texted her and told her that when she showed back up she needed to have a bottle of wine in her hand. I was just buying her time. The more I looked at Tom, the more we talked, joked, kidded, the more I realized he was just a man. How could he help it? Meaghan is gorgeous. I heard her come back in the back way. It had been about 45 minutes.

About fifteen minutes later she reappeared with a bottle of wine, as ordered. Her face was flush, her cheeks were a bit rosy. I could see she'd freshened up some before showing up but she couldn't hide that sexual glow she had from me. I could almost smell it, I wondered if anyone else could, She made a beeline over to me.

"You fucker," she hissed seductively. She kissed me deeply. I could taste him on her. "Serves you right," she giggled when she saw me recognizing the taste of his cum on her.

"You are awesome," I whispered.

"Yeah, that's what Jared said too," she chuckled. She reached down and slyly traced her finger up my cock which was straining to get out of my pants. "Tut tut," she teased, "you'll just have to wait until later."

I groaned. I wanted to take her then, hard. She went back to being the good party hostess. I saw her avoiding Tom, obviously for me. I told her it was ok. I said we "were cool." She smiled.

"Wow, father and son in the same night? I've never done that!"

"Such a little minx," I muttered. I shook my head.

She saw that I hadn't considered that yet. "Probably a good idea," she purred. "I've got to take care of you, plus, I'm now a little sore, if you know what I mean."

She knew how to play the game, now it was her turn to twist the knife. I followed her around and tried to get in kisses, feels, and find out as much as I could about what had happened. She deftly played me off. However, several times she flashed me her tits, which showed prominent red marks on them. He'd given her hickeys there. Other times she'd flip he skirt up and flash her ass, which had some deep red hand prints on them. I'd just groan.

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