Meaghan Plays with the Neighbors Ch. 02


She hustled off. She still had no idea what was about to happen. Jared showed up. I took him to the backyard and explained everything that needed to be done. I made it sound detailed and difficult, but I knew that he could knock it off in an hour or less, especially if he had help. I wanted him to think that I thought it would take a few hours. I told him that I had to run to work for awhile and take care of some things and if he had any questions to ask Meaghan. I saw his eyes light up unintentionally at the mention of her name. Then, with some trepidation, I asked if his friends were coming.

"Oh yeah, they should be here in a minute," he said with a bit of impatience. I noticed the cockiness he had in him. It was becoming more evident. He was basically trying to get me out of there as soon as possible. He was just trying to run off the old man so he could get to his prize. I had to smile to myself. How could you blame him? He was going to have the best, again.

I made him think I left. I drove around the block and parked at the strip mall, then walked back home. I made my way into the side entrance and upstairs. I expected Meaghan to be waiting for me. I thought she'd want more instructions. She didn't wait for me. Perhaps she thought I'd left her as well to her own wiles. I didn't mind that, I'd see what happened first, then decide if I needed to guide it in any way so that it'd end up as I wished.

Meaghan was talking to Jared. He had the pruning shears in his hands. He had already taken care of one of the bushes. He no doubt planned to knock the job off as quickly as possible. Meaghan looked delicious. She was sitting on the lounge chair, talking to him casually. The top was barely doing its job of covering the soft flesh of her tits, I looked for any movement where she might "accidentally" expose herself to him. He was looking too, intently. His eyes barely left her as he worked himself into a sweat.

Meaghan had propped one leg up. "My god," I thought to myself. "He must have quite the view of the outline of her pussy, hell, he might even be able to see some of her lips sticking out the side of her short shorts.

I carefully opened the window so as to not be heard. I wanted to hear them. Just then Jared's friends arrived. Meaghan was completely taken aback. She hadn't expected this, especially after I soft played the chance of his friends seeing anything. His friends took notice of her immediately. I also noticed that besides Tony and Adam, they'd also brought along Tony's brother Benji. They were nearly twins. I think they were only 11 months or so apart. I hadn't counted on this but I would have to adjust on the fly. They spent a good ten minutes circled around her, almost blocking her, as she re-explained to them what we wanted done. I knew Jared could've told them. I also knew they wanted to be as close to this fine woman as possible, perchance they'd see anything. I thought it was very likely all of them had seen the pictures I'd sent as well as heard the whole story behind it, perhaps even an embellished version of the story.

I could tell Meaghan was nervous. We've had threesomes before, but not in our time together had she had more. I think she thought she was going to be gang raped or something. I heard her make an excuse to come inside and get them some drinks. I saw them reluctantly part and let her by. She had to turn sideways to get between Tony and Benji, her top rubbed against Benji's shoulder and also probably pushed the material to the side. If so, the bottom of her tits were exposed for a second. I hustled downstairs, but still was careful not to let the guys see me. I startled Meaghan.

"Oh god, I thought you'd left," she said, her eyes wide with angst, yet something else as well. I think we both knew what that was.

"No, I just wanted them to think I'd left, so that they could act like they normally would around you. Remember you told me how they said crude things to you, about you, about your hot body? I wanted to see them in their natural state."

"Gawd," she panted. "I wasn't sure that right then, that I'd get devoured on the spot."

"Yes, that looked like a possibility. Don't worry, though. I'm right here, you are not getting gang banged today," I reassured her.

I wasn't sure if a whimper escaped her lips in regret or not, but I didn't press it. "Listen, go back outside and do what you know you love to do. Tease them, work them up."

"Oh man, honey," she said. "It took all of ten seconds to work them up, did you see the look in their eyes? Well, maybe you didn't, but they are worked up already, I can assure you. I'll bet they've passed the pictures and stories of me back and forth all week."

"Yes, I guessed that too. Go back outside and enjoy yourself. This is going to be another one of those things you'll always remember, I promise you. I have an idea, a good one, I think. You'll enjoy it. If things start to get out of hand just yell, I'll be watching. You aren't fucking them all today, don't worry. If things start to go the wrong way just tell Jared that I would be home earlier than expected, he's their leader, I think his fear of me is strong enough to control it."

"Ok honey," she said, her eyes wide with excitement. "I feel so exposed like this, I can barely move or else they'll," she said with an embarrassed smile.

"Right," I said, now unleashing part one of the plan. "Remember how you promised Jared you'd let his friends see you? Well, that's the first part, they are going to see you. Do it in "accidental ways" of course at first. But I want to make it clear, before they get done with the bushes they should have all seen your tits by then. That means, over the nipple, got it?"

"God," she panted with growing desire. "Got it, sir."

I basically shoved her back towards the patio door. She sashayed outside with a new confidence and feeling of safety. I went back upstairs.

As the boys worked I saw sometimes one, then two of them approach her and chat for a few minutes before they'd reluctantly walk off, only to reapproach later. I noticed she was much more free now. She no longer had to worry about her safety, this made her teasing much easier. Each time they'd be near she'd smile and lift her arm up as if to cover her eyes from the sun. She and I both knew what that meant, though, by lifting her arm the top would ride up over one of her tits, nearly to the nipple. I saw all the boys get a good look each time.

Naturally, Jared, the cocky one, tried to push it further. I heard him pull her aside, right under our window, to have a "private chat." I didn't hear what they were talking about for a minute, until they moved closer to the house.

"Listen, we both know you like to, why not do it? We're all adults here," he reasoned.

"Some of you, barely," she snickered. "How old is Benji, anyway?"

"Just turned 18," he said without realizing its implication. She was age checking, just in case. "You weren't complaining about my youthfulness the other night, were you?" He said cockily. "When you were swallowing my cum or begging me to put my cock inside your pussy, deeper, deeper?"

I could feel her blush. "No," she squeaked meekly.

I think he felt he had a hold over her. It was her promise that he could have her "anytime." I think he felt like he could hold that over her, like blackmail, so she'd do what he asked. I liked the idea, I wanted to see it play out some more.

"So, why are you suddenly so shy?" He snipped. "You know I'm going to tap that pussy again, right? You said so yourself. Today, I'm going to fuck that thing raw, you know that, right? " he growled in her ear.

"Yesss," she said with a sharp intake of breath.

"This time, I get that pussy as I wish, right? So why fight it? Work with me a little, we'll all like it and everybody wins," he said firmly. I am going to fuck that pussy long and hard today, right?"

"Yess," she said, barely over a whisper, " but you want me to parade me like that, in front of your friends?"

"That's exactly what I want," he said coolly. "I think you even promised to let them see you, that way, if I remember correctly," he said smugly.

I wondered what Meaghan was thinking, how she'd allow this to go. I didn't have to wait long. "This is as far as it gets," she said with some evident excitement. "I mean it, this does not get out of hand or I swear you'll never see me, or this pussy again."

Jared wasn't an idiot, there was no way he wanted to fuck up the good thing he had going so far. He didn't press her on it since he noticed she'd basically acquiesced.

Meaghan disappeared from view. She was going to do her task for Jared, whatever that was. She appeared behind me in the bedroom. I looked at her questioningly.

"Don't worry," she said softly but confidently. "Jared has it under control. He just had an idea I think you'd like. I don't know what you have planned but maybe everyone will just be a little bit more excited.

"What is it?" I asked excitedly.

"I'm sure you can guess," she snickered as she took off her clothes and began putting on the same lingerie she had on the last time she was with him. Black high heels, stockings, garter, lacy panties, and a barely there bra, She didn't have the same bra or panties since Jared was now their new owner.

"Remember, sweetie?" She cooed. "Remember how the 15 minute rule made me promise that not only they'd get to see me, they'd get to see me, like that," she said, using the air quotes. She was right, the wording was such that she had promised to let them see her just like that, dressed as she was. This was a nice new twist.

I warned her again, "If this gets out of control...."

"It won't, I have trust in you....and for Jared, for some reason," she said with an amazed look in her eye. I let her go.

I didn't see her reappear into the backyard. The boys finished their jobs, they looked dejected that they had to finish the last part without some of their inspiration. I saw Jared look over to the house, I saw him grin from ear to ear.

"Ok boys, remember how I promised you that we'd get a nice reward for finishing this job? Remember also what I told you happened, and how you all told me I was a big liar?" They all nodded. He said, "I'll be right back." He opened the patio door and led Meaghan out in full slut uniform. I heard the boys gasp. He had her by the elbow, in a way that suggested to them, to all of us, that he was currently in charge of the show. "Tell them, " he urged her. "Tell them why you are here, dressed like this for us."

I heard her take a deep breath before speaking. "I just wanted to reward you nice strong guys for doing such a nice job."

Jared looked at her with a hint of disapproval. She quickly rectified the situation. "I mean, besides the reward I did promise Jared that I'd let his nice friends see me, just like he did."

"Why were you promising me that?" He growled. He was leading her, just like I like to.

I saw her gulp and begin to stew in her own delicious debasement. "I promised that to Jared so that he'd allow me to suck his big cock and to fuck my pussy raw," she squeaked with shameful pride.

I saw Jared beam at that. Now, they all knew it was true, he didn't just steal the pictures from our hard drive or anything, as they'd thought. He really had nailed this beautiful MILF.

He had everyone sit in the lounge chairs around the pool. I was surprised by where this was going, it was almost as if I was writing the scenario myself. He made her walk, hell, sashay around the pool, where she stopped in front of each guy, did a little spin or would bend over and wiggle, only to move to the next guy. She was giving them a slut parade. It was freakin' awesome to watch. The guys were totally rapt by this beauty in front of them. Meaghan was turned on, you could tell by how she was moving, bumping and grinding. I wondered if I'd have to step in any second. I was ready to.

Jared finally put a halt to it, but only after making her make one last lap around the pool on her knees. This just highlighted her magnificent ass and her heaving breasts even more. She'd probably have scrapes on her knees as well as reminders of her debauchery.

He pulled her up to him and kissed her hard while he pawed her breasts through the thin material. I could see the other guys groan with envy. I think Jared was near the breaking point. I think he wanted to leave himself enough time to do what he wanted with her before I could so rudely interrupt him from fucking my wife.

The boys started to file out, dejected, yet still giddy and high fiving each other about their tremendous fortune at what they'd seen. I saw Jared and Meaghan continue to kiss before she pulled away and whispered something to him.

"Wait guys," Jared said. "The slutty Mrs. M. wants to tell you something. Go ahead," he grinned evilly.

"Well," she said with hesitation, probably doubting whether or not she could go through with the idea. "Jared thinks you guys did such a good job that perhaps you need a better reward, in order to come back some other time."

"Why?" He asked with obvious intent.

I saw her lower her face with shame. I knew this one was going to be good. "So that I can make sure you boys do another good job so that my lazy husband won't have to." I knew it was part of the game of teasing we both do with each other. I was pretty sure that wording was her idea.

I saw Jared grin proudly. The boys had turned on their heels to listen to the slut intently. "What else?" He urged.

"He wanted to make sure I thanked you enough, and, as he said before I'd promised him that you could all see me like that," she said, with that particular emphasis, "so that he'd fill me with his big cock," she said, much to his approval.

They couldn't believe their luck when Jared let her go, she slowly peeled off the bra, freeing her tits to their hungry eyes. She even surprised me by what she did next. She turned around, bent over and ever slowly peeled her panties down over her ass, inch by inch, until she stepped out of them and kicked them towards the boys. One of them grabbed them triumphantly, almost as if he'd caught the wedding bouquet while the others grumbled. She stood before them only in her heels and stockings. Again, Jared spun her around like she was his puppet. The fire in his eyes was evident, she was in for a proper fucking, for sure.

"Oh," she said, remembering what she'd promised. She dropped to her knees and put her hands behind her back and clasped them together, like she'd done while sucking Jared off before. She truly had completed her task, they definitely now saw her as he had. There was an uncomfortable silence. I was ready to fly out there as needed. Jared had it all taken care of, however. He grabbed her by the wrists and lifted her up. He pushed her towards them, I ran down the stairs and to the edge of the patio door, I was only yards away from them now in case I was needed. Jared marched her up to them like she was his own whore, which, at this moment, she probably was. He held her hands behind her.

"I think it's only fair that after all that teasing, they at least get to feel what they are missing, don't you agree, slut?" He said with a canary eating grin.

I saw her wriggling a bit, but not too strongly. I would wait, for now.

"After all, you did kind of promise to please them too, right?"

"Nooo," she whined. "No, Jared, not like this," she moaned. I almost had one foot out the door, but luckily I hesitated.

Suddenly he pulled her away, almost right on the other side of the wall from me. He talked under his breath so that the others couldn't hear.

"Listen, it won't get out of control, You want this, I can smell how wet you are. They aren't going to fuck you if I don't want," he said smugly. "Just reward them for later, let them touch you, I promise that's all, if that's all you want."

"Jared," she whined.

I needed to give her an out. I quickly texted her. Her phone was right on the picnic table next to them. It startled Jared who let her go immediately. She answered it. She saw it was me. She made the excuse to go inside. Jared tried to stop her, he thought his opportunity was lost. He was so worked up, he didn't want to see it all come crashing down. He held her hand as she tried to go inside, it was almost like a lover, pleading with his love to not leave. I saw her whisper something to him before he let her go. She came inside. The house was somewhat dark now, twilight was approaching. She walked past me without even noticing. I grabbed her quickly and pulled her into the den, away from the window.

"Honey, what's wrong?" She said haltingly, she was panting, there was a fire in her eyes.

"I felt I had to stop things, you know, before they went too far," I said. "This wasn't quite what I envisioned, even though I've liked it so far, I had another ending in mind."

"Yeah, I thought so," she said, her face still flush with excitement. 'Did you see all of it? Did you see how he took control over me? He paraded me around them like a common slut."

"Yes I did. I also seemed to notice that you enjoyed it. I can smell your excitement too."

She looked out a side window, the boys were unsure of what to do. Jared was pacing.

"They look like they might leave, what did you want, exactly?" She asked.

"Are you ok with it so far?" I asked.

"Yessss," she sighed. "It's been exquisitely humiliating. But, I agree with you, I don't know about being gangbanged by a bunch of horny 18 and 19 year olds."

"Yes, that wasn't my plan either."

"So hurry, I see them starting to go," she said, it almost sounded like a whine.

"I wanted Jared to fuck your pussy raw, of course, as he should. You did promise it. I heard you also promise that he should do it hard, and as long as he wanted. I think you owe him that now."

"Ok," she gasped excitedly. "Hurry!"

I quickly told her my plan, how I wanted it all to end. She bounded back towards the door. I stopped her. "What did you whisper to Jared before he let you go and come back inside?"

She almost looked frustrated, like she was a mother with a child with too many questions. But we both knew it was part of the whole tease. She smiled wickedly. "I told him not to worry, he wasn't leaving this yard without filling my pussy up first." With that, she went back outside. I saw the boys start to come back to the patio.

She explained to Jared that I was on my way home and that he needed to "expedite things." It was comical when she had to tell him what expedite meant.

"It means hurry up," she giggled.

She placed her hands behind her submissively and clenched them. It allowed her tits to hang freely in front of them. "Ok, Jared has convinced me to let you touch me as a reward for helping a poor woman with a lazy no good husband."

"How did I convince you of that?" he asked. He wanted to embarrass her further. I was really starting to like him.

"Because in order to get your big dick in me today I have to do as you say," she giggled shyly.

"That's right, so step up boys." He grabbed her wrists and held them behind her. I knew that wasn't necessary. She wasn't going to resist.

"You want this, right slut?" He grunted. I could see his cock trying to burst out of his jeans.

"Yessss," she panted.

They swooped in. Their hands were all over her. Her tits were pawed, her sensitive nipples tugged. They had her stand with her legs wide so their fingers could slip in and out of her dripping pussy. It was a display of lewdness that was impressive in its scope. I was rock hard as well. Jared let her hands go when he realized she wasn't fighting it.

She leaned back into Jared and whispered something I couldn't really hear but I knew by his action what it was. He took her hands again and held them tight behind her. She wanted to be held, she wanted to be made to let them fondle her. For a young punk, Jared did have a lot of control.

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