tagBDSMMean Girls Pt. 01

Mean Girls Pt. 01


This is a work of fiction. It should not be taken as a guide for your real life activities and I take no responsibility for your actions.

All rights protected under the Berne Convention, all similarity to persons living or dead is solely coincidental and unintentional.



Would you allow a beautiful stranger to seduce, blackmail and ruin your life all for the promise of sex?

Are you willing to accept the fact that by giving in to your sexual curiosity and reading these accounts of perversity you may already be in danger?

Then dare to explore the perverted tales of the men and woman who have fallen victim to their own sexual desires.

Experience first hand the tragic story of John Fields. A poor lonely little man who's only mistake was to attract the attention of two gorgeous and irresistible Mean Girls.

Watch as he becomes caught in their web of blackmail, perversion and sexual domination.

Mean Girls is the story of two very beautiful lesbian lovers who will stop at nothing to seek their revenge on a male dominated world.

Read about the red headed vixen, Ms. Buffy the ruthless dominatrix who will use every device, drug and technique to destroy her targets manhood and reduce him to a sniveling loser.

"John watched in horror as Ms. Buffy encased his cock in the evil device. Bitter tears began to well up in his eyes as the full impact of what was being done to him became shockingly clear.

Everything had methodically been taken away from him even the use of his cock and by the sinister look on Buffy's face she was enjoying every minute of it. "

Bask in the sheer ecstasy of the tall blond and cruel Ms. Tiffany as she seduces you then drains your bank accounts and perverts your soul leaving you broke and impotent.

"Yes, this is Mrs. John Fields and I need to place a security lock on both my husband's checking accounts and credit cards. Yes, I'll hold." Tiffany said with confidence as she rifled through John's desk collecting his financial records.

Are you brave enough to explore how deep your lurid curiosity really goes?

Then read on...

Mean Girls...A thrilling new short story of perverted lesbian domination and forbidden sex!


Mean Girls

Part One: Chapter One.

By Spicewriter55

Two women wrestled for dominance in the dark. Buffy, quickly gained advantage over her younger lover and straddled Tiffany's chest trapping her arms against the sweat soaked sheets. Tiffany countered with several violent moves trying to buck the full figured redhead off her. But Buffy had prepared for this and leaned in close, passionately smothering her lover with moist kisses and nipping down her slender sensitive neck.

"That's not fair." Tiffany moaned into the moon lit room.

Buffy slowly nibbled her way to Tiffany's mouth and slipped her tongue past her parted lips, muffling her protests. The taller athletic blond was reluctant to stop struggling at first, but soon surrendered to Buffy's white hot passion.

Sensing her surrender, Buffy slid back down Tiffany's slim torso releasing her arms but still holding her squirming body between her strong thighs. She pushed Tiffany just a little further towards the edge of ecstasy by fondling her peach sized breasts while kissing her.

The helpless blond mewed and moaned like a trapped animal as Buffy teased her areola with her sharp nails then squeezed her nipples between thumb and forefinger pulling and twisting the sensitive rubbery flesh.

"Ohhh...Mmmm..."Tiffany moaned into Buffy's mouth.

"Not yet, my love,the night is still young." The sultry red head whispered as she abruptly broke off her kiss and sat back up.

Buffy gazed down at her willing captive and watched her facial expression in the moon light quickly change from wild abandon to painful urgency.

"No...No...What are you doing." She begged. "Don't stop now."

Buffy reached forward and cruelly clamped one hand around Tiffany's neck cutting off her protests then snaked her other hand behind her back and lightly tickled Tiffany's firm tummy with her red nails, purposely teasing every inch of her torso slowly moving her hand further down to the top of her vulva.

Buffy slid her hand over Tiffany's smooth mound and onto where her clit was hiding and began a series of long leisurely strokes. She could sense her lover's excitement begin to build once again as her breathing became more labored.

"That's it, baby, I've got you now, just let yourself go." Buffy whispered.

Tiffany's pussy became more sensitive by the minute as Buffy separated her swollen lips and aggressively plunged her fingers in, capturing her clit.

"That's it...Aaah...YES!...Please don't stop." Tiffany pleaded in the dimly lit room.

The young blonde began to move her hips up and down as Buffy pressed harder now, while increasing her grip on Tiffany's neck severely restricting her air intake.

The domineering redhead knew how much pressure to apply to her submissive lover and watched her face in the moon light as it turned several shades of red until she was close to passing out.

Tiffany began to shiver as her first orgasm exploded; she grabbed Buffy's wrist with both hands and held her death grip to her neck and stared into Buffy's eyes with that look she knew all to well.

Buffy didn't stop, she continued to apply pressure to both Tiffany's slender neck and slippery clit. Her second orgasm came faster and more violently, shaking her body.

Both were soaked with sweat as their intense lovemaking continued. Tiffany came a third time, though not as powerful as the first two. She pushed Buffy's arm from her neck and took a deep breath.

Buffy sat up and took a cigarette from the nightstand and lit it then moved to lay back next to her lover. Both were silent for a long while and then Tiffany asked, stealing a drag from Buffy's cigarette, "Do you think he heard us?"

Buffy got up on one elbow and looked through the smoky cloud at her lover.

"I hope so. It would make things so much more interesting if he could somehow still get an erection after all the things we've done to him."


John Fields had finally found something cheaper than internet porn he thought. For a week now he'd been secretly peering through his living room curtains at two of the most beautiful women he'd ever seen.

Their back patio was just a few yards from his living room window making it impossible not to notice them as they lounged around dressed in the skimpiest of swim suits.

Each day as he peered through his curtains the free show got a little more titillating slowly drawing him in until one day his lurid curiosity gave way to a full blown obsession. It had even gotten so bad that he rummaged through their garbage one night just to find out their names, and to his amazement laying there amongst the coffee grounds and cigarette butts were two expired pass ports, one for Ms. Buffy Nelson and the other for Ms. Tiffany Bristol, complete with their pictures.

He didn't exactly remember when, maybe it was the afternoon the tall blond Tiffany had decided to walk around topless that had pushed him over the edge. But the site of those jutting firm petite breasts was too much to ignore and he soon begin abusing himself to distraction.

Then late one night while doing his laundry both women walked in to the laundry room and immediately his life changed.

Tiffany, the tall athletic blond, her peach sized breasts tantalizingly hiding behind a thin white tank top, introduced herself first, asking if John had lived there very long and if he had ever complained to the landlord about how thin the curtains were.

"Um...No," John stuttered barely able to hide his shame.

"Really," she said as she circled behind him stopping next to his dirty laundry basket and taking great interest in his soiled underwear. "I'll bet that's never been a problem for you." she said to no one in particular.

"Wh...What are you doing," John nervously asked.

"Looks like you've been a naughty boy," she said as she fished out a pair of cum stained shorts and dangled them in his face.

The full figured red head he knew as Buffy from her pass port stood in front of the door blocking the exit, and wagged her red manicured index finger in his direction.

John's insides felt like warm melting butter in her presence, she was everything he had ever fantasized about; with full pouting red lips and nails to match her dominatrix inspired makeup made every inch of his small body quiver.

Her hungry coal black eyes penetrated deep into his soul and she made no attempt to hide her obvious disgust at what she saw.

"Isn't it sad that some perverts get there jollies from spying on their neighbors," Buffy said, "I guess you'd have to be some sort of a sick fuck to get off on that."

Suddenly John felt like there was no air in the room and as they stood in the cramped space of the laundry John became aware of how quickly they had maneuvered him between their gorgeous bodies, making it impossible for him to escape.

As the room became filled with the musk of their intoxicating perfume both young women began to work their seductive magic on their frightened little peeping Tom.

"So, John. . .or should I call you Tom, have any plans for later?" Buffy asked in a sultry voice as she traced her red nails along his bare arm.

John tried to step out from between them but was stopped dead in his tracks when both women grabbed his arms and pulled him back.

"Where you going Tom?" Tiffany hissed. "Don't you want to play with us?"

"My...My names not Tom its John and I have to finish my laundry." He meekly answered.

Tiffany leaned in closer and snaked her left arm across his lower back and deftly pulled his cell phone from his pocket before he could react.

"Oh, I'm sorry Tom, your right, look how late it is," She faked surprise, as she waived the cell at his surprised face then stuffed it into the pocket of her tight leather pants, quickly joining Buffy at the exit.

"But, my phone." John exclaimed.

"Don't worry Tom," Tiffany cooed, "You'll get it back soon enough." She laughed as both women disappeared up the stairs.

"My names not Tom...It...Its...John," he yelled after them.

30 year old John Fields woke up at 3am to the ringing of his living room phone. Who could that be he wondered as he stumbled half asleep from his bed and answered the phone.


"How fucking long have you been spying on us?" The harsh voice of Buffy asked in anger.

John was startled by how demanding the woman's voice was. In his current state of sleepy confusion, his foggy mind struggled to process the angry woman's demand.

"Ummm ...Who is this" He sheepishly asked.

"Who is this!, you pervert." The angry woman screamed at him. "I'm one of the girls you've got pictures of on your phone. Are you some kind of stalker? Have you been playing with your little wiener while you watch us?" She demanded.

John was shivering all over now, it was becoming all too clear who this mysterious caller was.

"Answer me, are you a stalker or just a pervert?" She barked.

"Yyy ...Yes...I mean...No." He confessed.

"You stupid little disgusting perv I just recorded this whole conversation and your confession. So if you don't want the police involved, make sure you show up at 9am sharp, you know where we live, and don't be late or I'll let them have your phone and this recording."

"Wait..."John pleaded but Buffy hung up before he could say anything else.

John showed up tired and apprehensive from a night of restless panic at the apartment as Buffy had ordered. After ringing the bell and waiting almost 10 minutes Tiffany opened the door. She was wearing a black bikini, black 5 inch high heals and smoking a cigarette.

"Oh," She said with disinterest. "It's the little pervert from across the courtyard and look he's 10 minutes late."

John found it impossible to stop staring at the sight of Tiffany's firm breasts just inches from his face barely contained by the thin black material of her bikini.

The towering figure of the six foot tall blond dominated the slender almost petite little man of 5 feet 5 inches. His longish dark hair and soft brown eyes, full lips and skinny legs and arms made him look feminine, almost too pretty to be a man.

Tiffany made a mental note of that for later. A little lipstick and some mascara and the right clothes could make her a little extra money on the side after Buffy got tired of him.

Either way the little man would never be the same after they got done with him she thought.

"Come in, take your clothes off and leave them near the door." Tiffany said as she closed and locked the door behind him.

"What..."John stammered in disbelief.

"Are you STUPID or just retarded." Tiffany yelled. "I said TAKE YOUR CLOTHES OFF...NOW!"

John slowly started undressing and when he took off his pants he realized, to his horror, that he had a hard on.

"Oh my God, Buffy." Tiffany yelled to her friend in the other room. "You gotta come see this, he's got a little tiny toy hard-on."

John turned red with humiliation as Tiffany broke out in laughter at the site of his small manhood proudly straining against his white jockey shorts.

Buffy walked in smoking a cigarette seductively dressed in black high heels, tight jeans and a black strapless corset and looking like she had just come her makeup table. Her red hair was still up in curlers but her nails makeup and bright red lipstick had been freshly applied.

John stood trembling as both women began to circle him like two hungry felines who had just cornered a mouse.

"Take the rest of it off, I want to see just how tiny you really are." Buffy demanded.

John continued to tremble as he slid his shorts down and off and stood there in front of them, his barely 4" anemic cock hard as a rock.

"Looks like we've got your attention," Buffy giggle. "Now that you've finally arrived, I thought we could all play a little game," she said.

John lowered his gaze to the floor to avoid Buffy's intense stare. "No. . .I'd kinda just like to get my phone back and go home if you don't mind," he said.

"Listen...perv, you don't seem to get it yet, you no longer have a say in what happens," Tiffany answered for Buffy as she pushed John into the middle of their living room.

"Now spread your legs...WIDER!...That's it," Buffy commanded as she moved behind him and crouched down inches away from his ass.

"Hold still or I'll make this much more painful than you could ever imagine."

She reached up between his boyish legs and grabbed his small ball sack with her right hand then deftly separated his balls from his shaft.

With her index finger and thumb surrounding his nuts she pulled them down, painfully stretching his sack away from his body while digging her red nails deep into his tender skin.

"I'm going to start squeezing, like this," she said, closing her hand just enough to make his nuts ache and keep his attention.

Buffy then reached around with cigarette in hand and captured his tiny shaft and began slow smoky, up-and-down strokes.

"If you can manage to control your little dick and not cum then you can put your clothes back on and leave."

Buffy said with an evil smile as she slowly began to expertly pump his pale circumcised wiener back and forth coxing little droplets of precum from his cock head, a sure sign she'd already won.

"But if you're the little pervert we think you are and can't control your disgusting member then you will be very sorry you met us."

John became very alarmed at her threat, he knew there was no way he could resist Buffy's skillful hand.

Tiffany could hardly control her excitement watching their pitiful captive squirm as Buffy confidently worked to bring this drama to an explosive climax.

The very sight of this sub-human struggling against Buffy's persistent manipulations and the look on his pitiful face was priceless Tiffany thought. And the look of cruel concentration in her lover's eyes was truly only something that could come from a natural sadist.

John groaned as Buffy's sweet hand urgently and slowly stroked his aroused member.

The ache caused by her crushing hand around his nuts sent sharp pains throughout his body.

It was clear to John that neither woman would let him go once he lost their perverted game. With growing panic John tried to look around the room for something to distract him from Buffy's relentless pumping.

Sadly his eyes fell on a large coffee table just a few feet away neatly piled high with all sorts of ropes, clamps, and medical instruments.

What had he gotten himself into, his terrified mind screamed as the intensity of Buffy's stroking began to overwhelm his senses.

Buffy got a rush of arousal from hearing John's moans and labored breathing. The feeling of his girlish body twisting and squirming between her strong arms made her want to hurt him even more.

He was completely under her control now and she knew she could end this anytime she wanted to. But she was reluctant to give up on his torture too quickly as the thrill of making him suffer was so exciting.

Tiffany admired her lovers skills as Buffy subjected their soon to be pet to exactly the correct balance between cock stroking and painful ball squeezing to give him just enough stimulation to prolong his suffering.

Suddenly John yelled, then bucked. He twisted. He begged Buffy to stop, to let him go before it was too late.

"Please, please I'm sorry, I'll never do it again, just let me go!"

Tiffany watched with great interest as the little pervert struggled against Buffy's relentless milking. The pained expression on his face was priceless.

John fought an internal battle he wanted her to go to the finish line and force him to cum but the fear of what they had planned for him if she won was almost too much to contemplate.

Tiffany's insides tingled as she witnessed the drama play on. She felt the cruel excitement of the moment begin to demand attention in her pussy.

Buffy brought him closer, John yelled for her to stop but she steadfastly increased the pressure on his nuts along with the stimulation.

John endured what felt like hours of ball torture. Then his tormentor began to pump faster and faster.

"Here it comes." Buffy said with confidence.

John screamed as his cock erupted with an intensity he would never be able to describe. Buffy reveled in her triumph over her new toy.

Pitiful Spurts of lumpy pale sperm dribbled from his cock and pooled into her hand. Only then did she release the pressure on his balls.

She allowed him a few seconds to enjoy the afterglow of his ejaculation, then quickly smeared her slimy hand over his face and cruelly punched him in the stomach just above his flaccid cock making him double over in pain.

"You're all ours, bitch!" Buffy said with victory in her voice.

"Tiffany go get the cock cage and bring it here."

Mean Girls

Chapter Two.

By Spicewriter.

Buffy tied John's hands behind his back then pushed her stunned victim to the couch and quickly forced his skinny legs apart exposing his limp little wiener. Next she forced his ankles apart and tied them to a spreader bar she had hidden under her couch then tied his knees to the leather straps she had installed near the arm rests.

When she was finished, she stepped back to review her work. John was totally immobilized. There was nothing he could do to protect his exposed genitals.

A wicked smile crossed her face as she knelt down, grabbed a piece of thin rope and tied one end of the rope around his ball sack.

"Please . . .Don't hurt me." John whimpered.

Buffy chuckled, "Oh it's too late for that," she said pulling John's balls towards the front of the couch. John nervously looked down and saw his balls were now stretched out onto the center of the couch cushion. His eyes widened as he realized Buffy was tying the other end of the rope to an eye bolt in the middle of the stretcher bar.

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