tagSci-Fi & FantasyMean Girls Ch. 02

Mean Girls Ch. 02


***Hello all! Please note the category as it might help you avoid this story before you start reading it if it's not within your tastes. On that note, this story also has elements of Mind Control, Anal, NonConsent/Reluctance and a little Exhibitionist & Voyeur with foreshadowing of Incest/Taboo. If these are things you might enjoy or have an open mind to, then I really hope you like this story.***

***In the last chapter, Haley, Crystal, and Laura - three college freshmen known as the "Mean Girls" - stole from a cave that they were warned not to. They found out the hard way that the world is actually governed by gods and goddesses with great but local power. The goddess of the cave gave each girl an unique but equally perverted punishment. Haley become incapable of saying no, Crystal's body required fresh cum to survive instead of water, and Laura's breasts became unbearably sensitive; the slightest touch or failing to wear revealing clothing now sending her into a blinding lust. She also became only able to orgasm via breast stimulation and not through her own touch. When we last left our "heroes", Haley had been able to escape the cave a few minutes ahead of Crystal; both of them leaving Laura passed out inside. Please read Chapter 1 if you'd like further details!***

Crystal cursed herself for not wearing a sports bra as she held her extremely generous chest in place. Then again, she didn't know she'd be running like this today. She cursed again when she finally reached the exit and Haley was nowhere in sight. Haley was too smart to stay anywhere near the college and certainly anywhere near herself or Laura. And even if Crystal didn't have to deal with her super-sized boobs, Haley was way more in shape. With a headstart, there's no way Crystal could catch up to Haley. No, she would have to forget about Haley and consider her own problems. She had just swallowed the disgusting seed of an old man and was still thirsty. Unfortunately, it appeared as though the curse made it such that she needed as much cum as she would normally need water. How was she supposed to get that much if she wasn't allowed to store it up? Not that that would have appealed to her any more. It just would have been a bit more convenient.

It wasn't like Crystal didn't give blowjobs. She had her pick of terrified boys to bring back to her place whenever she felt horny, and giving head made her feel in charge; as strange as that sounded to some. But that was why she hated the idea now. She didn't want to need it. She wanted to make all the rules. She would just have to pretend that she was doing it for the reasons she normally did. The boys rarely asked questions and unlike Haley, Crystal wasn't required to honestly answer under the wrong circumstances.

Crystal had been right about Haley who had made a beeline for the farmland on the other side of the college. She had to cut straight through campus to get there, but her reputation served her well enough that nobody dared speak to her. They had no idea that she would be required to comply with anything they told her to do. Haley didn't even bother stopping by her dormroom. Too big of a risk. She tried to keep her cool and walk at an even pace, but even the most casual observers would have said that the leader of the Mean Girl's short black bob was bouncing more than usual that afternoon.

Haley couldn't remember the last time she felt so relieved as when she got to the wooden fence signifying the start of private property. She wasted no time in hopping the short barrier and breaking into a run across the field. Haley had done track in high school, but despite her still toned body, she was more out of shape than she was used to. Despite her aching muscles, she pushed herself farther. She would tell herself to run just one more property every time she reached the next one. Finally her legs screamed too loudly to ignore and she snuck into the closest barn. She climbed up into the loft and found a patch of hay that was out of sight from below. She had run all afternoon and although the sun was only just beginning to set, Haley passed instantly into a deep sleep.

Hours later and back in the cave, Laura was just coming to. She groaned as the memories came back to her. She was so desperate for release that she had let that old creep Larry fuck her on the hard cave floor. Her knees were bruised and she was still naked. The only upside seemed to be that she was alone.

Laura had thought she got the easy end of the punishments at the time, but she didn't know the extent to which her horniness would go. It had taken over her to the point where nothing else mattered. Her head was clear now, but she had a feeling that no matter how hard she tried to keep in control, if something triggered that lust, she would be helpless.

She began to feel resentful of the other Mean Girls. Sure, she had been pretty awful this year, but it was their influence. She was a nice girl before that. Surely she didn't deserve this like Haley and Crystal did.

Crystal. Laura figured that Haley was halfway across the state by now, but Crystal had no reason to leave campus. In fact, with so many willing virile boys, it made way more sense for her to stay. Laura resolved to avoid her. It would only serve as a reminder of what put her in this position in the first place. Maybe she could have her punishment lifted sooner for good behavior. Not that a month was very long, but still. Best to avoid Crystal. Especially because Laura had molested her in a fit of lustful desperation.

Laura looked down at those chocolate giants. She was always proud of her DD tits ever since they grew out of nowhere in tenth grade. It was only when she compared them to Crystal's massive boobs and this very moment when she felt anything but positive things toward her young mounds of flesh.

The Goddess told her that the more clothing she wore, the more horny she would get and her escapades last night proved that. Wait, last night? Yesterday? Two days ago? With only torchlight to go off of, Laura had no idea how much time had passed. She wasn't as crazy about school as Crystal, but she still wanted to pass and if she missed a day, it means she hadn't bullied anybody to taking notes and doing work for her.

She found her clothes that were thankfully still in the small cave room. She tentatively slipped her thong and jean shorts back on, and lifted her bra off the ground and looked at it. It wasn't the most revealing bra she had, but it was still a bra for fuck's sake. That wouldn't set off the curse, would it? She had given up hope of putting her t-shirt back on in any form, but a bra seemed reasonable. It would be embarrassing enough to walk around like that, and that's if it didn't get her in trouble with faculty.

She did up the clasp in front of her and twisted the bra around.

"Here goes nothing," she said out loud and pulled the straps up around her shoulders, letting her big boobs nestle into the slightly larger cups. Laura felt nothing at first but didn't claim victory yet. Sure enough, she started to feel a faint tingling sensation between her legs.

"Not so bad," she reassured herself, "I can manage this."

She picked up her t-shirt and stuffed it in her pocket. She wasn't about to let that old man do who-knows-what with her clothing even if she couldn't wear it herself. She slowly walked toward the exit and her stomach sank as the heat between her legs grew more intense. She propped herself against the wall and closed her eyes, waiting and dreading how intense the lust would grow. It swelled, but didn't reach the point of losing control. Laura waited for a minute, trying to get used to that level of horniness. When she finally felt ready, she let her hand off the wall and almost fell over.

"Goddamn," she said out loud.

"Heh heh, don't you mean 'damn the Goddess'?"

Shit. It was Larry.

"Go away, old man."

"Tsk tsk, I thought you would be a little nicer after your punishment. Or after our little session, heh heh heh, yesyes."

Laura tried to soften. "Look, you had your fun. You helped me out with my, er, problem. But I need to get back to my life and survive a month of embarrassment, so if you don't mind."

"Oh I wouldn't mind helpin' you out again, young lady. You're the prettiest gal I've stuck my willy inside since I last saw my beautiful Gloria."

"Wasn't Gloria your sis-" Laura started but then thought better than to probe, "never mind. I think you've helped enough, thank you."

"Are you sure?" The ancient man said, hobbling his way over to the beautiful and busty black teen. Laura couldn't help but remember that he seemed far more able-bodied when he had fucked her earlier. "'Cause you seem to be havin' a hard time walking," he continued, "I'm sure you'll get used to it, but a little release wouldn't hurt, hehheh."

Laura clenched her muscles and tried to ignore the unscratchable itch between her legs. Based on her experience yesterday, it was too late to try and disrobe to undo the sensation. She didn't want to give Larry the pleasure of her bare breasts again either. She gathered all her strength and stood up straight without the support of the wall, hoping she didn't look as nervous as she felt. Larry grinned and said nothing until he was right beside her.

"I was there too when you got your punishment, my chesty pretty," he said, then he lifted a wrinkled hand to Laura's snug cleavage.

"Don't you dar-ohhhhhh," moaned Laura the moment Larry's skin made contact. His touch on her tit worked instantly. It filled her body with warmth but also made her shiver. The resilient voice in her head shrunk away. She tried to bring it back, but Larry had begun squeezing her breast aggressively, wriggling his hand under the fabric of her bra and pinching her rock hard nipples between two knuckles. She knew she would be lost to the lust soon, but resisted until the very last second to give herself the illusion of control. When her last resistant thought passed through her mind, the pleasure became too much too take and her knees gave out and she fell on her ass on the cave floor. She was now lost to the lust.

"Oh please, Larry, you got me so close to cumming, play with my titties some more please Larry!" Laura had scrambled to a kneeling position and had pushed her bra back down to her stomach and was now cupping her young, large breasts together. Not that the young flesh needed much help staying high on her chest, but her eager cupping did make them somehow appear larger, one fleshy mound crashing into another, creating willing and slutty waves on her skin.

"I don't know," the old man teased, "you didn't seem so eager before."

"What do you want? I'll do whatever you want. Whatever you want!" Laura was writhing around on her knees, oblivious to the further damage she was doing to them. Larry grinned down at the teen and he dropped his cane and appeared to grow almost a foot as he straightened his back.

"I want you to talk about how beautiful you think I am. I want you to compliment me and beg me to fuck you in the ass."

"Then you'll play with my big boobies?"

"If you do a good job."

"Oh thank you!" Laura exclaimed, as if Larry was doing her an incredible favour. She kneeled as upright as she could and continued to knead her own abundant titflesh; the only method she had to cling to any semblence of sanity. "You are so beautiful, Larry. You're not just hot for an old man, you're the hottest hunk I've ever seen. I've had all sorts of chisled men fuck my pretty asshole, but if you did, you'd be the best. I can't believe how I didn't notice how fucking hot you were before."

Larry expected more resistance, considering that Laura wasn't technically under any mind control, but he wasn't complaining. He dropped his canvas pants. "Now compliment my cock, you slut."

Laura's inner voice had come back, if only barely. It was shocked at all the words coming out of her mouth, and definitely reacted to Larry's crude words. But the inner voice was nothing compared to the volcano between her legs, so she complied. Plus, she had to admit, it was a beautiful cock. Must have been help from the Goddess.

"Larry, I didn't know old men could have such giant cocks! I want it to split me open, I want you to put it wherever you want. I want that dick to be my master. I've never had such a big and beautiful dick before. Holy shit, is it growing?"

It was. Larry silently thanked the Goddess. Laura's further punishment was his reward. Laura wanted to turn around and pull open her asscheeks for Larry, but she was too scared of what would happen if she stopped playing with her own breasts. It didn't look like Larry would be able to hold out much longer, so she gave a final push.

"Please, you gorgeous stud, ram that giant dick into my little teen asshole. Fuck your whore," Laura begged to the great dismay of her inner voice. Her pussy had completely soaked through her jean shorts and so Laura took the risk of removing her hands from her fleshy funbags to rip off her bottoms as quickly as possible. The lack of breast stimulation almost knocked her out, so she couldn't even get her shorts and panties off her ankles before needing to return her hands to her needy tits. She twirled on one knee and let her head rest against the cave wall, presenting her shapely butt to the geezer while being able to still squeeze her own boobs.

It was too much for Larry, who couldn't believe his luck. The Goddess had given him a few gifts over the many decades he had spent as her guardian, but this past day had been the most fun he could remember in a while. He didn't want to admit it to the teen, but it was Larry's first time trying anal sex and the sight of the 19-year-old's tight ass sticking up for him didn't let him hesitate. He didn't bother lubbing up his now 11-inch dick on the girl's pussy juice and just started pushing into Laura's ass.

Laura loved sex but had always been lukewarm on anal. She got into it if the guy was really into it, but mostly she did it for the guy's pleasure and not for hers. And the fact that the curse only allowed her sexual pleasure through her breasts combined with Larry's huge prick made the experience very unpleasant. Yet, because she was so turned on from the previous titplay, she felt a very strange mix of pain and pleasure which she had not felt before. She bit her lip and made no noise, but Larry didn't seem to care. He had plenty of precum that was slowly starting to lube the tight passage and he was thrusting more forcefully.

"Fuck, your ass is so tight! Tell me you're a whore, girl!"

Laura said nothing.

"Girl! I told you to say something! Do you want me to touch your slutty tits after this or not?"

"Yes, yes please I want you to touch them," she managed.

"Then tell me what you are!" Larry grunted, barely able to hold back his orgasm.

"I'm, uh, a whore."

"WHOSE whore?!" Larry yelled.

"Your whore! Your slutty busty whore!" She yelled, mostly in frustration, but that was good enough for Larry who began spurting wildly inside the girl's ass. Laura bit her lip and pressed her head harder against the wall to stop from further bumping. Her hands still grabbed furiously at her own chest.

"Oohhhh shit! Shitshitshit! Sorry Gloria! Oh fuck! This is the hottest slut I've ever fucked! Shit!" And with that, Larry blasted his final burst of cum from his large load into the tight teen and then passed out backwards.

It took Laura a second to realize what happened, her asshole still burned with pain and she felt dirty all over while somehow maintaining an almost unbearable level of horniness.

"Fuck!" She yelled, and scrambled over to the man. He had a habit of appearing and disappearing without warning, so Laura did the only thing she could think of doing. She grabbed Larry's hand and brought it up to one of her round globes. She pressed both her hands over his and forced the passed out man to grope her fleshy tit. Laura's inner voice got in one small self-deprecating jab about how pathetic she must have looked before she shuddered into a massive orgasm. It wasn't satisfying as much as it was necessary. Her hips shook violently as she knelt before the ancient passed out man, his hand still held to her young breast. Laura was well aware that the first orgasm she had under the curse had been strong enough to make her pass out. And while this one was less pleasurable, it was even stronger, so Laura did her best to maintain her conciousness as she rode out the final wave of spasms. To her credit, she lasted much longer than the first time, but her willpower still wasn't enough, and the naked busty teen collapsed on top of the man who she figured was at least four times her age.

At that exact moment, Crystal was gulping down the load of a boy named Robbie. He was two years older than Crystal, but he was still one of the many boys she had wrapped around her finger, and she knew from the past that he produced exceptionally large loads. Although now that her body required it, the amount felt underwhelming. It had been over 12 hours since she escaped the cave and staying alive via blowjobs was already starting to feel like a full-time job.

"W-wow," said Robbie, "you didn't swallow last time."

"Shut up," the innocent-looking blonde said, "did I say you could talk?"

"U-uh, no I guess," Robbie stammered.

"Then shut the fuck up. I just sucked your dick, so you don't get to say anything," she said. Then Crystal wrapped her cushiony lips around the boy's thick cockhead one last time and sucked as hard as she could. Robbie bit his tongue. It was sensitive so soon after cumming, but he was terrified of the tiny, stacked blonde. She stood up after deciding he was completely spent and wrapped her sweater tightly over her chest. It covered her cleavage, but with 32G breasts on a slim figure not much taller than 5 feet, there was no way to hide how busty she was. "Now get out of my room, you perv. I can't believe you agreed to get a blowjob before 8am."

"But you-" Robbie couldn't help but protest.

"I was just proving how pathetic you are. Get the fuck out of my room, you ugly piece of shit."

Robbie's face drained and he pulled up his pants and dashed out of the room as fast as he could. Crystal felt no remorse. After all, she was the victim of this stupid curse. Plus, Robbie was a stud. Her petty insults wouldn't cut deep. It was because he was so good-looking that she had to cut him down to size.

"I guess that's my new morning glass of water," she resigned to herself. She was still thirsty, but she had to ration. Despite the power she had over both men and women, college students would still gossip and it wouldn't be long before a few things became obvious. Two of them would be devastating to Crystal's reputation and she knew it. The first was the separation of the Mean Girls. Haley was gone - maybe for good - and Crystal had no interest in seeing Laura again until the month was up. She had left the girl alone in that awful cave with a dirty old man, for god's sake. The second was the now inordinate number of blowjobs she was going to have to perform just to survive. Crystal knew there were other ways to coax out a load of cum, but since it was going down her throat anyway, a blowjob was the most efficient. Especially because the cruel and busty blonde was very good at giving head and she knew it.

Out of desperation, Crystal had attempted to drink water the night before. It was beyond strange to have water dry out her mouth and fill her stomach without refreshing her in any way. She had never loved the taste of cum before, so she hated the way she craved it now. The taste still wasn't pleasant - although Robbie had tasted better than Ted the night before and certainly better than Larry in the cave - but it was refreshing on her tongue and in her stomach. It was still heavier than water, and still lingered on her tongue and in her throat, but she now felt rejuvenated by it. She figured that was the Goddess' plan: to rewire her brain, but Crystal knew she only had to last a month. She could do that.

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