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Means of Reproduction


Diane Spencer worked a normal job in the city of Chicago, Illinois. Just out of college, this normal job to which she normally walked was the best she could do. Regardless, she found it to be far more cost-effective for her to walk instead of own a car, plus the fact that she was able to stroll through a beautiful park both coming from, and going to, work.

It was late on a Friday night, and Diane was forced to work well into the night hours to finish a presentation due for Monday. She sure as hell didn't want to work on it over the weekend, although she had blown off her best friend already tonight. She looked at the clock on her office wall, which read 11:34 pm, and said to herself, "To hell with it all. I'm tired, and I'm going home."

She strolled out of her office building and made the first half of her 35 minute walk, which brought her to the park. It was a midsummer night with a nice breeze, so she slowed her pace a bit. As she walked past the central large clump of trees, she heard something rustling around. She knew there were no animals in this park, it was in the middle of urban Chicago, for God's sake. She leaned in to investigate, and something grabbed her ankles.

Something grabbed her, and she couldn't tell exactly what it was. Soon, however, her vision adjusted to the darkness of the inside of the small alcove of trees, and she looked down to see vines tangled around her ankles. She thought out loud, "Vines?" She then followed her gaze to the source of the vines, which was an unusual-looking tree, set right in the center of the alcove where it could not be seen from the outside. She thought momentarily that she had just tripped over the vines, and tried to stand up. Quickly, the vines tangled tighter around her ankles and pulled her to the ground. One thick vine forced its way into her mouth, and that was when she knew that something weird was going on.

It was no time at all before 4 other vines snaked out from the tree looming over her and methodically tore all of her clothes off. She would have yelled, but the thick vine in her mouth restricted her speech. She was surprised she could even breathe, thanking God that her sinus infection had recently cleared up, as the vine seemed to be shaping itself to fill her entire mouth. She felt the 4 smaller vines trace paths up her legs to her inner thighs, which made her shiver. She reached down and grabbed one of the vines: it was slimy and very slippery. At this, the vine she grabbed and one other immediately tangled around her arms and pinned them to the ground. The two vines tangled around her ankles pulled her legs as far apart as they would go, and Diane began to panic. There wasn't much she could do, being completely restricted, but she struggled, nonetheless, albeit fruitlessly.

She began arguing in her own mind whether it was truly possible for a tree to rape someone, and her answer soon came. The vine in Diane's mouth thinned out to only about an inch in diameter and plummeted down her throat. She gagged for a bit, but the vine was smooth and slippery enough to where it did not cause her much discomfort. She could feel the vine probing around her stomach, a feeling which she could not deny herself was new and surprisingly intriguing.

At this point, one of the other thin vines tickled the area around her anus, and plummeted in, again causing her little discomfort because of the smooth, slippery texture of the vine. Diane could feel the vine winding through her bowels, eventually meeting the other vine in the depths of her stomach. Diane was marveling at how strange the feeling was, and also at the fact that it was not causing her discomfort.

The vines began to move rhythmically back and forth, the tips of each vine touching each other with every thrust. Then, both vines swelled. Diane's eyes bulged as the vine in her throat completely closed off her airflow, and the vine in her ass completely shut off any passage. She swore that, as she looked at the tree, the entire tree seemed to bulge, and then she saw something passing through the vines, quickly approaching her. She felt the fluid coursing through the vines pass her asshole and her mouth, finally reaching the ends of the vines.

Diane gave a muffled scream as the vines housed within her stomach began spurting a thick fluid, quickly filling her. The swollen vines did not allow any fluid to escape. Diane looked down with horror to see her belly beginning to visibly swell.

Her hardened nipples pointed straight upward as her tits were propped by her swelling belly. When she looked as if she were about 9 months pregnant, the vines stopped spurting their liquid, and remained inside her. After about 3 minutes, the vines thinned out and pulled out of her ass and throat. She gasped a deep breath, and watched as all the vines entangling her shot back into the odd-looking tree.

Diane slowly stood up, and felt her bulging belly. She quickly turned to the side, and felt the fluid filling her stomach slosh around. She didn't feel sick, but she was afraid of what was inside her. She sneaked home, and a deep sleep came over her before she could even reach her bed.

The next morning, she awoke, content that she had merely had a bad dream. She hobbled to her bathroom to look in the mirror, and screamed.

It wasn't a dream! "Oh my God...what happened to me?" She began to sob, looking in the mirror at her bulging belly, which still made her look as if she were about nine months pregnant. It was then that she felt a movement, and she could swear that she saw something move across her flesh in the mirror. Something inside her had moved. She felt like she was going to throw up.

Diane leaned over her toilet, and coughed up a glob of some thick white substance. Diane peered at it with curiosity, thinking, "No...it couldn't be. That looks like semen..." Suddenly, a myriad of movement began deep within her belly. Diane sat down on her bathroom floor, and groaned. Just then, she felt something moving in her vagina. It was coming out of her, and causing a wonderful sensation as it did. Diane began panting as she leaned over her belly to see what was coming out of her. Something black, looking like a large, shiny slug, was emerging from her pussy. Diane was disgusted, but at the same time, the creature had given her an amazing sensation. Then, the feelings began again...her body trembled as another slug-creature slid out of her pussy. When the third slug was emerging, her pussy clenched as she hit orgasm, which propelled the creature out of her pussy with a small splash of her own cum.

It had been half an hour since she had given birth to the first slug-creature, and they were still coming. Her belly was about half the size it had been when she woke up, and it got a bit smaller with each creature that emerged from her pussy. She had already lost count of how many of the creatures she had birthed, and the number of orgasms she'd had. Finally, her belly returned to its normal size, and the final slug-looking creature emerged from her pussy. Diane lay there for a moment, then slowly stood up, her pussy sore from the use it had just been through. She looked around in awe. She couldn't even see her floor through all of the black, writhing creatures. She had no idea what she was supposed to do with them!

"Well," she thought, "I did give birth to them...I might try to keep them somehow. Maybe they can be useful in the future, anyway..."

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