tagNovels and NovellasMeant to Be Ch. 01

Meant to Be Ch. 01


Author's Note:

This is basically a love story but there's humor and angst, too.

Also, there won't be any hot scenes for some chapters (you'll have to wait till chapter 5, I'm afraid) as I want to develop my characters so that the story makes sense.

You've been warned! ;-)

Chapter 1: The Break-up

In a few days the shooting of the show would be resumed and, for the first time in a long time, Jensen was glad he'd be leaving for Vancouver soon ―and more importantly, he wouldn't be spending much time in LA. He'd broken up with his girlfriend and wanted to get away from LA and his apartment. She'd moved out a couple of months ago and he still missed her. It wasn't her fault they'd split up ―not that it was his either― they'd just grown apart and fallen out of love.

Jensen was deep in his thoughts when he heard somebody knocking at the door. He left the couch reluctantly and took a few steps towards it and as soon as he opened it, he found Jared grinning.

"Hey, man. I imagined you'd be all by yourself and thought it was time to drag your ass outta here!"

"What? What are you...?" Jensen was saying when his friend cut him short.

"Come on! I know you're feeling down but it's time you stop all that whining!"

"Am not whining!"

"You need to get outta here. You've been locked up in your apartment by yourself ever since D left. C'mon, man, it's time to go out and join the world again. Let's go some place."

"Jared, listen, I'm not really in the mood..."

"Oh, come on!"

"Like I said, I'm not in the mood...so just drop it!"

"I won't. And I'm gonna keep at it till you say yes...and you know what a pain in the ass I can be!"

"You're not gonna leave it alone, are you?"


"Ok, let's go for a beer then. Anything to keep you off my ass!"


They both left the apartment and headed to a bar. They sat at a table and ordered some beers. The waitress smiled when she saw them and blushed a little. She took their order and quickly came back with two beers, her eyes fixed on Jensen all along.

"Hey, dude, that chick is totally into you."

"What? Who?"

"The waitress, man! Oh, God, what's wrong with you?"

As soon as he uttered those words, Jared knew he'd made a big mistake. Jensen gave him a murderous look, tension building all over him.

"What is wrong with me? What is wrong with me? Well, let me tell you what's wrong with me. I just broke up with Danneel. I thought she was the one. We dated for a really long time, never having the chance to spend much time together, though. And then, when we finally manage to, and move in together, and start getting really serious about the whole thing...well, it all goes to hell. That's what's wrong with me!"

"I'm sorry, man, I...I didn't mean to...It's just that I don't know how to cheer you up. You're my friend and it hurts to see you feeling so miserable."

"Listen, it's okay. Sorry I yelled at you. It's just that I thought it was for real. I don't know how to put it. I..."

"Nothing, just forget it."

"No, tell me, what is it? Pleeeaaaassssseeeee..." Jared said pulling his patented puppy dog eyes.

"Okay, puppy eyes, but don't you dare make fun of me or I'll kick your ass, ok?"

"Yeah, like you could..."


"Okay. Sorry. Now, tell me, what is it?"

Jensen sighed and looked calmer, but a little sadder too.

"Well, it's just that I'm kinda tired of playing games...I wanna fall in love...for real."

"You mean like settling down?" Jared asked hesitantly and Jensen simply nodded. Then, Jared went on speaking "...having a home...a family of your own?"


Jared looked astonished and couldn't say a word. Jensen noticed it immediately and smiled softly.

"Shocker much?"

"No, no, it's just that I had no idea at all that you felt that way."

"Actually I've been feeling like this for quite some time now. I'm kinda tired of fooling around...I guess that's what happens when you're in your 30s. Guess my big bro was right when he said to me 'Wait till you're thirty something and then you tell me if you wanna keep chasing tail'...and I thought he was just pulling my leg!"

Jared didn't know what to say to him and it was clear from the look on his face. Jensen smiled softly again.

"It's okay, man. You don't have to say anything. Just stop being so pushy and give me some space till I figure things out, alright?"

"Yeah, sure."

They both drank their beers quietly and then Jensen noticed Jared's smirk.

"What? What is it? I know that look so spill it all out!"

"You know, Jen. You're right."


"Yeah, you're hurt. You want love, family, the whole picket fence thing...but it ain't gonna happen if you sit on your pretty ass in your apartment all day."

"What did you just..."

"You heard it. Look, there's this party on Saturday and you're coming with me."

"Oh, no, no way, I know where this is going..."

"What? It's time you got out. Besides, it's just a party..."

"Tell me one thing, who's coming to this party?"

"I don't know...lots of people..."


"Fine, Natalie, maybe."

"I knew it! And there's no way in hell you're gonna play match-maker with me!"

"Come on, man, you need to get back on the horse. Go out, meet new people, start dating again..."

"No, I'm not coming to that party so you can hook me up with Natalie or whoever you have in mind!"

"Fine, then stay in your apartment feeling like shit...looks like you enjoy it anyway!"

"You know I don't!"

"Really? Then why don't you wanna come to a party that'll be full of hotties, uh? It doesn't have to be Natalie, could be any other girl...who knows, you might actually have a good time and keep your head off D for a while. It'll be good for you, trust me."

"Okay,'kay, I'm coming. If that's gonna shut you up, then I'm coming."


Jared smiled, pleased with himself because he'd managed to persuade his friend. Now it was only a matter of time for Jensen to get over Danneel and start moving on with his life.

To Be Continued...

Hope you enjoyed the first chapter and that you keep reading.

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