tagRomanceMeant to Be Ch. 02

Meant to Be Ch. 02


Lt. Williams looked up at the gray sky. The heavy overcast had grounded all flights as it seemed this weather had socked all the airbases and extended across the continent. He was thankful for the day off. He and the crew of "Tantalizing Take-off" had completed a dozen missions and so for only one crew member, Roberts, the right waist gunner had been hit. Even that would be stretching it as he slammed his fingers while clearing a jam in his .50 cal machine gun on their last flight. O'Rourke, the other waist gunner, had found a 4 leaf clover upon returning from the first mission and had pinned it to his flight suit. He took to painting one at his station after each mission and one the crew took it a step further. Now a 4 leaf clover was stenciled over the entry door and each crew man patted it upon getting in for luck.

The word around the base was the ship was "special". Something to do with the serial number or some other dumb thing. Lt. Archer, the co-pilot, was convinced it was Williams' piloting skills, that somehow Williams just knew where to be in the sky. Aaron knew better. It was just dumb luck. No 4 leaf clover, no prayer, could save them if their time was up.

Yesterday was a prime example. It was a milk run, a hop across the Channel to the Pas de Calais, to bomb some military installation. There was fighter cover and clear skies. The flak was light too. As they began the bomb run, the B-17 on their starboard disappeared in flash. It seemed it was hit in the bomb bay by some flak and was gone. There were no survivors. Of the 75 planes that took part in the raid, it was the only one that failed to return.

Aaron headed down the sidewalk in Duckworth. It hadn't changed since he was here two weeks ago but then again, it hadn't changed in fifty years. He was headed for a date with Bridget. It had been two weeks since he had been with her and the memory was still fresh in his mind. He was able to lose himself in her warm, soft body that night and he needed to lose himself again. He wasn't sure about how he felt about her. He enjoyed her company and conversation that night. As far as the sex, she was responsive and willingly. He felt she was more than just someone to romp in the hay with but how much more?

One thing he was sure of as he stopped in front of the local flower shop. He noticed it was about 10 minutes before closing and he knew that his timing was perfect. He could see her standing behind the counter as he entered. He knew nothing about her except her name, well, at least her last name, Mrs. Scottsdale. Obviously she was married but where was Mr. Scottsdale? In the service? Maybe she was divorced. It didn't matter. Since he literally ran into her, he had a desire to meet her again, to talk, and to get to know her. There was something about her that intrigued him. She looked up from her work.

"Why, hello, Lieutenant," She smiled as she spoke. "May I help you with something?"

There it was. That sparkle in her eyes he first noticed.

"Yes, you can," he replied. "I'm looking for some flowers, small bouquet, for a lady."

"Any special ones?"

"No, not really. I was hoping you could help me. Perhaps you could tell me what you like."

"All right." She moved from behind the counter.

Aaron watched her walk towards some flowers across the store. There was something about her that reminded him of the girls from Princeton. There was an air about her. The way she walked and moved showed one who was confident and sure of herself. She acted like she was use to a life far from this flower shop and Duckworth. He watched her closely.

"How about these," she said turning to him and showing him some daisies.

Aaron took a second to answer her as his mind was elsewhere. "Uh, yes, sure. What ever you say." He mumbled.

She frowned at him and placed a hand on her hip. "Did you hear anything I said, Lieutenant?"

"Yes,yes," he replied, "They are fine." He moved closer to her. He wasn't sure if it was her perfume or the flowers he smelled but it was heavenly. He smiled.

Vicki looked up into his face. Suddenly she felt strange and confused. There was something about him that awoke some long lost feelings within her. She felt cornered. "Good," She attempted to move by him but it seemed as they moved, they blocked their way. Aaron started to laugh and it was infectious. She joined in.

Aaron stepped aside. "Sorry."

"Anything else, Lieutenant? A card perhaps?"

"Yes, just a note." Aaron was now standing across the counter from her. "And something else." He took a small card and wrote on it.

"Yes, Lieutenant?"

He looked right at her. "Your name. Don't you think it's a little silly you calling me Lieutenant and me, well?"

Vicki laughed for the second time today. "You're right. It is Victoria Scottsdale. My friends call me Vicki."

"Very pleased to meet you. May I call you Vicki?"

"By all means," She actually felt herself blush.

"Vicki, I'm Aaron Williams."

"Aaron. I like it. It suits you."

"Thank you. Now that is done, what do I owe you, Vicki?" He reached into his pocket and placed a pile of coins and paper on the counter. "I can't make any sense of your money."

Vicki sorted through the pile and took the correct change. When she was done, she handed him his bouquet, now tied up in a bright bow.

Aaron took the flowers, put the note under the ribbon, and handed them back to her.

"What is this about?" Vicki asked. There was note of confusion in her voice.

"Please read the note."

It read; 'I'm sorry about the vase. Let me make it up to you."

"I don't understand."

"Look, I would like to see you again. You know, take you to a movie or something. Please."

She looked down at the card. What would it hurt? She thought. Not really believing what she was saying, she said, "Yes, Aaron, yes, you may."

"Great! It's a date. When I get another pass, we'll go. Don't change your mind." He wheeled and left the shop. "Till then."

As Vicki watched him go, a voice came from behind her. "Good for you, Victoria." Her mother put her hand on Vicki's shoulder.

"I don't know, Mother. We'll see."

Aaron hustled over to Bridget's flat. He had a little extra spring in his step. Was it because he just wrangled a date from Victoria Scottsdale or was it because he was going to meet Bridget? He didn't know nor did he care. He felt good and that was all that matter right now. If Bridget was willing, he might feel even better. He knocked loudly on her door and then walked in. "Bridget!" he yelled.

"What are you doing?" Bridget slammed the door to the bedroom. "I'm not even dressed yet."

"Doesn't matter." He shouted through the door. "We're staying in tonight."

The door swung open. She came out covered in a cheap kimono wrap. "What do you mean? Staying in?"

Aaron was emptying his pockets on the table. "Look, I brought some SPAM, some real butter, sugar, and a small can of milk. Do you have any eggs? Potatoes?"

"Yes. Eggs are in the icebox and the potatoes are in the lower cabinet. Not many, I'm afraid. Let me get dressed and I'll cook them up."

He was already rattling through the pots and pans. "Don't bother. I'm cooking for us tonight." For the first time, he looked at her. The kimono barely covered her body but enough to leave something for the imagination. Aaron walked over and put his arms on her shoulders. "You look good enough as you are." He kissed her and he felt her yield to him. He could take her now, make love right then but he stopped. "I'll start dinner."

Bridget never had a man cook for her. Her dad never cooked anything. It was always her mum. It made her feel a little uncomfortable but after the first bite she knew she could grow to like it. Aaron prepared some fried SPAM, scrambled eggs cooked in real butter, fried potatoes, and best cup of tea she had tasted in a while. They sat in silence as they ate, enjoying the meal but even that felt right.

As they finished, Aaron broke the quiet. "I almost forgot. These are for you." With that he pulled out a pair of nylon stockings and handed them to her.

"Oh, Aaron!" Bridget squealed. "I haven't had a pair of these, well, in a long time. I'll put them right now. You're such a dear." With that she hugged him and ran off to the bedroom.

It seemed like just seconds when she returned. "Are my seams straight?" she said turning around.

Aaron reached out and pulled her towards him. She sat on his lap, her legs straddling his. He kissed her. Lightly at first but her lips parted, inviting a deeper, more passionate kiss. He ran his hands through her hair, pulling on it gently. Bridget tossed her head back, exposing her neck. Aaron greedily began to kiss it, to suck on her nape. With his hands he pushed the kimono off her shoulders, exposing her ample breasts.

Bridget sighed as his kisses sent tingles through her body, causing her to grind her pelvis into his crotch. She could feel his erection press against her. She placed her hands behind his head and pushed it towards her breasts.

Her nipples were hard and inviting. He cupped her breasts with his hands and began to suck on one. His tongue swirled around the hard nub as he sucked it into his mouth. He gently bit on it, causing her pussy to clench from the sensation. She raised his face and looked into it. Her expression was one of pure lust. She wanted him badly. Right there, in the kitchen. It didn't matter.

There was a hard knock on the door. "Lt. Williams, are you in there?"

The voice seemed far away and it took a few moments before they heard it.

"Lt. Williams?"

Bridget untangled herself from his lap and pulled the kimono tightly around her. She retreated towards the bedroom. Aaron opened the door a crack, as far as the chain allowed. "Yes?"

"Sorry to disturb you, Lt.," Sgt Brewster said. "But all leaves are cancelled. Everyone is to report back to base. There is a ride waiting downstairs."

"Very well, I'll be right down."

Aaron shut the door and turned to Bridget. "Sorry."

She rushed to him and flung her arms around him. "Aaron, be careful and come back to me. No good-byes."

He kissed her, grabbed his coat and tie, and left.

Sgt. Brewster was waiting outside.

"You couldn't have been 30, 45 minutes later, Sgt.?"

"War is hell, sir."

"Yes, it is," Aaron replied, "especially for a smart-assed sergeant."

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