tagRomanceMeant to Be Ch. 08

Meant to Be Ch. 08


"Thanks, Sgt."

"No problem, Sir."

Aaron slammed the car door and looked around. It had been over 2 months since he had been on base. It hadn't changed that much. There was a Christmas tree near the flagpole now. He noticed that there were some unusual decorations on it especially the nylons. He wondered who found the female mannequin leg.

His wound was still giving some trouble but he decided it was time to get out of that hospital. He was going stir crazy. He was given a cane to help him walk but he used it as little as possible. Somehow he was going to convince those above him he was all right.

Aaron realized how lucky was. The bullet that struck him hit just outside and above his knee. It cut a deep furrow up his thigh and out. Muscles were cut and it bled like a stuck pig. It just nicked the bone causing some fragments that were still coming out. He lost a lot of blood before they could get him squared away. One of the doctors told him that any more and he wouldn't have made it.

"Is the Colonel in?" Aaron asked the clerk.

"Yes, sir," he replied. "I'll let him know."

"Aaron!" a voice called. "Welcome back."

"Frank, it's good to see you."

Major Frank Scovill was the Air Exc. on base. Aaron and he had come over together in Spring, 1944. They were part of the very few that remained. "How's the leg?"

"Good enough."

"I heard you're going to be the new Operations Exc.. Going to be flying a desk for a while?"

Before he could answer, Colonel Logan stepped out of his office. "Williams, welcome back. Come on in."

"Yes, sir."

Colonel Logan was a big man who seemed to fill the room with his presence. He was unit's first Air Exc. and now was in command. He didn't play favorites and he could be blunt when he wanted.

"Welcome back, Williams. How's the leg?"

"Fine, sir."

"Good, good." The colonel replied. "Glad to have you on my staff."

"Happy to be here, sir."

"I'll get right to the point, Williams. You shouldn't be here. You should have been sent home. You don't really believe you'll fly again, do you?"

Just like Logan, right to the point. "That's the plan, sir."

"You have flown enough. 26, 27 missions? It doesn't matter. You earned it. Did you know the boys of your ship all have flown 30 missions and went home? All except Wilson. He stayed to help with the radar units we got."

"I believe I can be a help and get back in the air, sir."

The Colonel hmrrph. "We'll see." As he did, he pick up a newspaper and then dropped it on the desk. "Have you read the article? Damn good writing. Some talk of a Pulitzer or something."

Peter Smithson was the reporter who hitched a ride on "Tantalizing Takeoff" on Aaron's last mission. He wrote a 2-article piece about it that made it into the NY Times. From there it spread to every other newspaper. Aaron's name and story splashed across the nation, something that bothered him very much. As a result, he was promoted to Major and recommended for the Bronze Star and a DFC. An Army Public Relations idea, he thought. He wonder if that was behind Logan's comment about being sent home.

How could he wear either medal as he was only doing his job, job that thousands of others were doing? A job on which 3 men died, 3 men who entrusted their lives to him.

"Yes, I've read it, sir. He tells a good story."

"Look, you came back at a good time. The weather is supposed to bad for the next couple days. Take your time learning the ropes. If you want, cut yourself a pass. You might want to unwind after being in the hospital so long."

"Yes, sir. I'll do that."

Aaron headed over to his new quarters. He now had a room to himself since he was on staff. Not much but enough room to stretch out and it included his own desk. His gear was on the cot and it was nice to see that his personal stuff had been saved. He knew how quick that got removed after an airman was gone from the unit. He began to sort through it.

He found a framed picture of "Tantalizing Takeoff" and the entire crew. He stared at it for a moment. He wished he had the men sign it but he didn't think of it at the time it was taken. He hung it on the wall. He dug out another.

It was a picture of Archer, Gilles, Martini, and him, standing together in front of their plane. It was taken the same day as the other. They looked like they didn't have a care in the world and were ready to take it on. Now 3 were dead and the other a cripple. How quickly things had changed.

Writing the letters home was the hardest part. He said all the right things but he really didn't know what to say. What he wanted to do was actually talk to them in person, to tell them how very sorry he was. He even wrote to Gilles' wife. Aaron couldn't tell her about what her husband was doing over here and he didn't let on that anyone knew about her affairs. What surprised him the most was he received a letter back from her, thanking him.

Though the letters to Gilles' wife and Martini's mother were hard, the one he wrote to Bill Archer's mom was the most difficult. How to do tell a mother that you could feel her son's life slipping away through one's fingers? That no matter how hard he tried, he couldn't save his best friend's life? Aaron felt he should have, maybe he could have done more. Like Gilles' wife, just last week he got a letter from Mrs. Archer. She said the letter was a comfort to her and she felt good knowing that such a good friend was by her son's side when he died. She also said that she saw the newspaper article but she couldn't force herself to read it. She said she pray for Aaron to make it home safely.

He knew that the letter was written to make him feel better but he still felt guilty, that somehow he let those men and their families down.

He hadn't seen Vicki in 2 months, since he was sent to a larger hospital. They wrote each other and twice they talked on the phone, only for a short while. There was a lot they needed to talk about. He wasn't sure when he was being released from the hospital so he never told her when he would be able to see her. Today was a good as ever. There was much he needed to discuss with her.

"Now you are sure you have my order?"

"Yes, Mrs. Grayson." Vicki answered. "I have it all written down here." She heard the bell ring as another customer entered the store.

"When do you think you can have it delivered?"

Vicki looked over at a delivery chart she had taped to the counter. Out of the corner of her eye, she caught a glimpse of him. Her heart skipped a beat. She gasped.

"Well, when will it be delivered?" Mrs. Grayson drummed her fingers on the counter.

"Ah, ah," Vicki stuttered. "By Wednesday, Friday at the latest."

"Very well then. No later than Friday."

Vicki escorted Mrs. Grayson to the door. As the older lady left, Vicki locked the door, turned the closed sign, and pull down the shade. She rested her head briefly on the doorframe. Her heart was beating so hard than she needed to catch her breath. She turned.

Aaron was standing near the counter, smiling. "I was wondering if you have anything for a lady. I think something to say I'm sorry."

"Sorry for what?" she said, running to him. Vicki threw her arms around him. "Oh my love," she exclaimed.

They kissed, a kiss of lovers too long apart.

"How I missed you. I have so many questions, so much to say, to ask," Suddenly she began to cry. "Don't look me. I told myself that I wouldn't let you see me cry, only smiles."

Aaron lifted her face and began to kiss her cheeks, her nose. He kissed her tears, tasting their saltiness. "Its alright," he whispered, "We'll have plenty of times for smiles."

"How long can you stay?"

"All night. Longer if you want."

She hugged him tighter as if she was never letting go.

Dinner was very awkward. Vicki's mother attempted to make small talk but it went nowhere. Vicki picked at her food while Aaron's effort was directed at keeping his mouth full so he won't have to talk. It was some sort of stew and Aaron didn't want to ask as to what kind of meat was in it. It might have been chicken.

"Victoria, you haven't touched your food. Are you feeling alright?" her mother asked.

"Yes mother," Vicki answered. How could she tell her that her stomach was in knots?

"You haven't said more than 3 words, Aaron. Didn't they feed you at the hospital?"

"They fed me very well, when I felt like eating. That first 2 weeks I must have lost 15 pounds but I have most of it back."

"I see you have a different insignia on your shoulders than the last time." Mother said.

"Yes," Aaron replied, "I'm now a major."

"Does that mean you won't be flying again?"

"No, not really but I'm grounded until my leg heals."

"Perhaps the war will be over by then." She wiped her mouth with her napkin. "My, it is getting dark so much early. Vicki, be a dear, and clean up for me. I'm going up to bed and read. Good night." With that she rose and left the table.

Vicki and Aaron looked at each other and each began to laugh. "I'd thought she never leave," Aaron said.

"So did I," Vicki smiled. "Help me clear the table."

They grabbed the dishes and headed to the kitchen. "I'll fill the sink. You get the rest of the plates. Do you want some tea?"

Aaron got all the dishes and returned to the kitchen.

"Just set them down here." She handed him a towel.

Aaron stood behind Vicki and smiled. Her blonde hair fell to her shoulders and gently swayed as she moved her head. His eyes traveled down her back, noticing her waist and the flare of her hips. Her legs were finely toned and showed off the nylons Aaron had given her. She had kicked off her shoes and was moving her feet in time with the music coming from the radio.

He moved forward and placed his hands on her hips. He moved them slowly up her sides then down. He cupped her cheeks and gave them a squeeze. His hands moved around to her front and up to her breasts. There he stopped and held them.

The feel of his hands moving over her body caused Vicki to shiver as her skin seemed to tingle. She threw her head back and sighed.

Aaron slid his hands back down along her body. Reaching the hem of Vicki's dress, he lifted it, exposing her garters and lacy underwear. He pressed himself against her. He kissed her neck.

"Good Lord," Vicki thought as she gave out a low moan. She wanted him so badly, right here, right now. She grounded her pelvis into the sink. Aaron grasped her breasts and began to massage them, sending electric feelings through her body.

"Oh, Aaron," she gasped.

He spun her around and kissed her. Her lips parted and his tongue swirled in her mouth. She nibbled and tugged on his lips as her hands groped across his back.

Aaron picked her up and placed her, seated, on the counter. She spread her legs wide, inviting him between them. He didn't hesitate and move between them. He kissed her neck, moving down as he quickly undid the buttons of her blouse.

Suddenly Vicki pushed him back. "Aaron, stop," she said softly. "Wait."

Aaron gave her a confused look.

"Yes, I want you but not here, not like this," She pointed up and then put a finger to her lips. "Soon."

Vicki poured 2 cups of hot strong tea and they headed for the parlor. They sat on the couch. She curled up next to Aaron, her legs under her, her head against his shoulder. Aaron put his arm around her. "I could stay this way forever," she said softly.

"Vicki," Aaron said, "That's what I like to talk to you about."

"Oh." Vicki swung around and faced him.

"We, no I, need to talk."

"All right, go ahead." Vicki could see by the look in his eyes that he was serious.

"All I ever wanted to do was fly. That was all that matter. School came easy but I never really applied myself. Girls were easy come, easy go. I never got emotionally involved. I was having too much fun. Then the war came. I thought it was quite an opportunity for me. I would fly anything just as long as I could fly. Do you understand?"

Vicki nodded, "I think so. Go on."

"At first it was fun, flying a big B-17. Then I realized 9 other guys counted on me to get them there and back. It was my responsibility. Suddenly it wasn't fun and it was time to take things seriously."

"Don't blame yourself for what happen." Vicki held both his hands. "From what I hear, you did all you could."

"I don't but I think I have grown up since then. For the first time, I need to think about a future and be serious about it. Which brings up another problem, you."

"Me? Why am I a problem?"

"I never had a serious thought about any woman until I met you. Now you're all I think about. I know I'll never be able to fly again, at least not in this man's army and my future, well."

"Are you saying what I think you're saying?" Vicki straightened up.

He took her hands and slipped the sapphire ring they bought in London off her hand. "I love you and if you will take a "future isn't so bright" damaged man for your husband..."

Tears began to run down her face. "Oh, Love, it is I who is damage, not you. I married and lived with a man I didn't love for 4 years. Then when I found love I fought against the feelings. I really thought I never find love so I retreated inside. You changed all that. So yes, I will marry you."

Aaron slipped the ring onto her left hand and for a moment they looked at each other. They kissed, not a kiss heated by passion but one guided by love.

Vicki stood up and extended her hand. "Now, my love."

In Vicki's bedroom, she walked over to the nightstand and turn on the lamp. It cast a soft light upon the room. Returning to Aaron, she began to remove his shirt as they kissed. Slowly she removed it and rubbed her hands on his skin. It had been a long time.

Aaron undid her blouse and slid it from her shoulders. He lightly kissed her neck and her shoulders, taking small nibbles as he did. Vicki shook with excitement. He reached behind her and unzipped her skirt, causing to fall to the floor. He ran his hands over the silky fabric that covered her cheeks.

There was no hurrying tonight. Even though it had been over 2 months and both had ridden an emotional roller coaster, they acted as if time didn't matter and they were the only two people in the world.

Vicki reached down and then pulled her chemise over her head, causing her breasts to fall free. Her nipples were hard and erect, aching to be touched, kissed, and loved. She cupped each one and offered them to him.

His whole being and senses were filled with her presence, her smell, her skin, her hair, her heart and soul. He began to gently kiss her. Her mouth, then her neck, her shoulders, slowly working to her breasts and nipples. While her kissing her, his hands were exploring the soft curves of her hips and legs. He moved his hands up to her breasts and started kissing his way down her body. Vicki reached her hands up and placed them over his, making him squeeze her breasts harder and roll her nipples between his fingers. Aaron's mouth reached her nipple and she moaned quietly.

He moved from one breast to the other, sucking it fully into his mouth. With his fingers, he teased the other nipple, still wet from his mouth.

She could feel the wetness grow between her legs as the feelings grew more intense. She undid his belt and pulled down his pants. She pushed him back on to the bed and dropped to her knees. She removed his pants and shorts.

His cock was semi-erect and her hand moved towards it. Grasping it, she began to stroke it. She loved the feel of it and as it grew, she stroked it harder. Vicki bent over.

She gasped as she saw it. There in the soft light, she could see the ugly slash upon his thigh. It was purple and red, angry looking. "Oh, my dear, look what they have done to you," she softly exclaimed. "Oh my love."

She laid her head on his stomach and kissed him lightly. His erect cock nestled between her breasts.

Aaron placed his hands under her arms and tried to lift her up. She pushed him away. "No, just lay back and let me do the work," she said.

Vicki removed her panties and garters and climbed on to the bed. As she straddled him, he said, " Wait, the condoms are in my pants' pocket."

"Not tonight, my love. I want nothing between us. I want to feel all of you."

Vicki had made love to Robin for 4 years without ever using a condom. During that time, she never became pregnant, not even a false alarm. Now she wanted to express how much she loved Aaron by removing that last barrier. She wanted to feel all of him.

Aaron had never made love to any girl without using a condom. He could have said no but he didn't. By not using one, it was removing more than a physical barrier; emotionally he was finally making love.

She leaned down and planted a quick but firm kiss on his lips. Reaching down between her legs, she grabbed his hard cock and rubbed it along her wet opening. She pushed down. It slipped in easily and filled her completely. Vicki let out a low groan

She moved back and forth never letting his cock leave her. Occasionally she stopped and grounded against his crotch; then resumed moving back and forth. She felt completely filled as she clenched around his cock.

He placed his hands on her hips. "It feels too good," he moaned.

She moved faster, pounding him almost in a frenzy. She looked directly into his face.

His cock seemed to explode. He arched his back while pushing her hips down on to him. His head rolled and yelled, "Oh God, Vicki. Oh!" She felt his hot cum fill her up and spill out around his cock. To her own surprise, she came too. It was smooth and easy to take making it all the better. She fell on his chest.

Aaron wrapped his arms around her, refusing to let her go even as his cock slipped out her and their mixed juices flowed on to the bed. Vicki squirmed against his body. He could feel her heart beating on his chest.

He kissed her forehead and she sighed.

"Vicki, I love you," he whispered into her ear.

She smiled and sighed. It was a love that she knew was meant to be.

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