tagRomanceMeant to Be Ch. 09

Meant to Be Ch. 09


It was April in England and spring was in the air. The air was growing milder and flowers were beginning to bloom. Vicki thought back. A year ago, she was resigned to a life that to her was a dead end. She was living with her mother in a small town running a flower shop. She was a war widow with no potential prospects on the horizon. Then a chance meeting ended all that.

Aaron Williams was everything she dreamed of. She fought against the feelings she had for him in the beginning. It was more out of fear of being in love and not loved back. Her first love wasn't all she thought it would be. She made a vow not to be disappointed again. She fought the feeling hard but since she finally realized that to fight it was foolish, she couldn't remember being so happy. Aaron and she planned to be married when the war ended and all indications were it wouldn't be long. They had talked about returning to The States and starting their life together there. Foremost in her mind was she hoped to start a family and all that entailed.

Aaron had been very busy since Christmas but the fact was he hadn't flown since his injury. Vicki prayed each night that he never would fly again. She knew how much it pained him not too but she had made it clear how much worry it caused her. They had numerous talks about it usually around the fact that Aaron felt he wasn't doing his bit. She felt he had and still was in his present position. No, it wasn't flying but he was playing an important part. Vicki felt that he was resigned to the fact that the Army wasn't going to let him pilot any plane and he admitted that just being a passenger wasn't the same thing.

Major Williams found himself in demand as his reputation began to grow. It was discovered that Aaron could take multiple reports and data and summarize them quickly in clear and concise language. He had been to SHAEF to meet with the brass a few times. Col. Logan brought him along to make presentations or to explain results of past operations. It seems to have come naturally to him and the higher ups respected his findings. On one occasion, he accompanied Gen. Arnold to a conference with RAF Bomber Command. He got to witness first hand "Bomber" Harris and the dealings and differences between the AAF and RAF.

He had some dealings with British airman and came to realize they were no different than Americans. One thing that amazed him was how easily they embraced night bombing. They thought that the Yanks were crazy to bomb in broad daylight and he felt they were nuts to fly at night. Aaron wanted to see what was coming at him. They invited him on a few missions but each time he turned them down, claiming he wasn't cleared yet. He justified it to himself by thinking that Vicki would be upset. He knew that wasn't true. If he wasn't the pilot, there was no way he would be on a plane flying in the pitch dark.

Vicki had been able to meet him a number of times as he traveled to London. The more time he spent with her the more he understood why he was in love with her. She was beautiful, smart, and witty. Their moods and personalities fit perfectly. Aaron was unable to describe how fantastic their lovemaking was. Vicki had grown bolder, more confident and showed a willingness to let herself go. He asked her one night as they lay together, catching their breath, what caused this. She thought for a moment and said, "You."

Aaron grew more and more restless. He planned the operations and watch the bombers take off each morning and return. He gathered their reports and prepared outstanding briefings to those above. He felt like a starting pitcher who got his team to the pennant and then the manager sat him down for the World Series. The war was ending. Any one could see it and he wanted one more chance. He would swallow his pride and hitch a ride. He didn't need to tell Vicki. It would be over before she knew. He knew he have to tell her but after he got back.

The mission he picked was an easy one. It wasn't a milk run but the Luftwaffe was a shell of itself and the fighters were doing an excellent job of keeping what did come up off the bombers back. Aaron had taken after battle reports of jet and rocket-type fighters hitting the formation and he was curious to see them first hand. He wanted to witness what they were reporting.

The squadron he picked was flying B-24s so this would be the first time he flew in one. He heard that it was a beast to fly but the pilot in him made him want to see this himself. So he picked out one and walked over to crew.

"Lieutenant, I'm Major Williams. I'd like to ride along with you today."

"Sure, Major. Glad to have you along." The lieutenant couldn't have been more than 20. Aaron thought back. He must have looked like that when he first got to England.

The takeoff felt different than a 17's. It was difficult to determine from where he was but it definitely had more power and a higher takeoff speed. It climbed differently too. Not better or worst, just different.

As they reached altitude and winged over the Channel, Aaron climbed up to the cockpit. "How many missions?"

"12, sir."

Suddenly the twin .50s of the top turret fired off a burst. Aaron jumped not expecting it. The other gunners fired off theirs, each one clearing their weapons. Each one reported that they were clear and ready.

Aaron stood back out of the way. He watched the pilot and co-pilot go through their routine. There was very little chatter on the intercom and the roar of the big four engines made it impossible to talk so he settled back.

As he did he glanced out a side window. He noticed a stream of liquid streaming from behind one of the engines. There also seemed to be a bulge, a bubble growing there. He was not familiar with the B-24 but he was damn sure that wasn't right. He knew they were prone to fires in the engine so he moved to the cockpit.

Tapping the pilot on the shoulder, he pointed towards the wing. "What's with that?" he yelled over the engine noise.

The pilot looked and then spoke into his intercom. Aaron could hear a mumbled reply. The lieutenant gave a thumb up.

Aaron was not reassured. The bulge seemed to grow bigger as he watch it. An inner voice told him it was time to get out. He grabbed his chute, hooked it on and waddled to the rear. As he passed the other crew members, he pointed to the wing. They didn't seem concerned and they gave him a look as why should they.

He made his way to the bomb bay. The doors were already open and as he looked down he could see the green gray water of the English Channel. He knew they be crossing on to the continent in just a few seconds. If he waited, he be over land. The bigger question was if he should jump? If he did and the plane continued on, he never live it down. If he didn't jump and the plane did explode...

Suddenly a huge explosion ripped through the air.

Vicki was an ocean of emotions. She couldn't remember being so angry. She was mad at Aaron and mad at being so angry. She was relieved, hurt, and confused. She wanted to see him but then again she didn't. She was also worried, worried about his reaction, worried about the result.

Aaron entered the house, hung his jacket, and walked into parlor. Vicki was standing with her back to him. He crossed the room and put his hands on her shoulders. She shrugged him off and stepped away.

Without turning, she said, "How could you?"

"How could I what," he replied, knowing full well where this was going.

"How could you what?" she exclaimed as she spun around. Aaron could hear the anger in her voice. Her eyes seemed to flash. "You lied to me. You said you wouldn't fly again. Yet you did!"

"Hey, I never said I wouldn't fly again. Just I wouldn't be a pilot again."

"I suppose that is true but you know what you told me. Then when you do, you can't even tell me."

"Look, Vicki, I'm in the Army Air Force and I'm supposed to fly. There is a war on, you know?"

Vicki's anger grew. "Don't talk to me like I'm a little child! You selfish bastard, it's all about you. Are you trying to get killed?"

"Of course not!" Aaron moved towards her.

"No, no," she said shaking her head. "I don't care. Get killed. Go down in flames to a glorious death." She had reached the point in her argument that she was so upset she couldn't think or speak straight. Nothing made sense.

When she reached this point in any argument with Robin, he would look at her with a smug smile and leave for the officers' club. The arguments didn't end; they just died a quiet death.

But Aaron wasn't Robin. "I'm not going to die. I'm not going to leave you. Do you understand that?"

"How do you know that? You're going to live forever?" She was so mad; tears were running down her cheeks. "Go, leave me alone!" She struck him, hitting his chest with her two fists. She tried to hit him again.

Aaron grabbed her wrists and pushed her hands to her sides. The look in his face frightened her. "You're hurting me!" she said with a tremble in her voice.

He let go but wrapped his arms around her, pulling her tightly to him. She tried to push him away, without success. Suddenly he kissed her. It was hard and forceful. Again she tried to push him away but failed. He continued to kiss her. Vicki found her lips parting, yielding to him.

All the pent up emotions flooded over her. She couldn't stop herself nor did she try. Minutes ago she had so angry at him that if he left it would have been fine. Now she never wanted him to leave.

She kissed him back and began unbuttoning his shirt. She was frantic. Her hands were shaking. The first then the second was unbuttoned. Aaron's hands caressed her back, moving over it.

She started kissing his neck and chest. She was undoing the buttons as fast as she could. It was killing her to have the shirt between them. As she got it halfway done she pressed herself against him. She could feel his warmth but she shivered as she rubbed on his chest.

Aaron reached under her dress and grabbed hold of her panties. In one swift motion, he pulled forcefully, causing them to fall to her feet. Vicki gasped as she felt the cool air on her skin.

"Oh, Aaron," she said showering his with kisses. "My love."

He turned her and pushed her over the arm of the sofa. He spread her legs apart. Vicki waited, anticipating his cock. He rubbed the head of his cock in her slit. He slid in effortlessly and began to stroke in and out. Vicki let out a long satisfied moan.

"Oh,oh,oh," she moaned over and over again. Aaron wasn't gentle as he entered her. It hurt a little but it felt exquisite. Despite it he was moving deliciously in and out. Her clit rubbed against the sofa arm with each stroke, adding to her excitement. She pushed back and grounded into him each time he entered her. She could feel her orgasm building.

Aaron's breathing picked up and he pushed even harder into her. A low growl worked its way up into his throat. His hands grabbed her hips tightly.

Vicki knew he was coming. She felt him pulsing, shooting deep inside her. The thought of him filling her sent her over the edge. Her mouth opened but no sound came forth. She pushed her clit into the sofa and arched her back. Her hips shivered harder than she could remember. She buried her face into the couch as she came.

"So are you going to tell me?" Vicki asked. They had moved to her room to continue their lovemaking and were lying under the covers, recovering their strength. Vicki rested her head on his chest.

"Do you really want to know?"

'Yes, Aaron, I do. Please tell me."

"I was getting upset with myself. Here I was gathering all these reports from men who were actually doing something but you know that. So I decided to see for myself what they were telling me. I picked an easy mission; one I figured I satisfy my guilt."

"Why do you feel guilty?" she said, making small circles with her finger on his chest. "You have done enough."

Aaron sighed. "I can't explain. We were over the Channel, no enemy in sight. I noticed gasoline leaking from one the engine and bulge in the wing. In one of many briefings I attended they mentioned this about a B-24 and fire. A voice in my head said 'Get out.' I grab my chute and was standing in the open bomb bay, looking at the Channel below, debating whether to jump or not."

Vicki pushed off his chest and propped herself on her elbow. "A voice?" she asked.

"Yes," he replied. "Don't know where it came from but I was standing there, debating. Suddenly there was bright flash. I found myself in the air, above the plane. It was upside down and one wing was on fire. I guess the wing exploded, flipped the plane, and the force threw me clear. I pulled the cord and floated down, landing on the beach, about 100 yards from the water. The rest I think you know."

"Major Scovill called and told me that you were shot down but were safe. You have no idea how mad, how upset I was."

"I know," Aaron smiled.

"Weren't you frightened?"

"No, but I was worried."

"Worried about what? Landing in the Channel?"

Aaron pulled her on top of him. "No, I was worried about how I was going to explain this to you and how I was going to make it up to you."

"You were? Then you better start right now." They both laughed.

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