tagLoving WivesMeanwhile, Back at the Lamplighter

Meanwhile, Back at the Lamplighter


It is no secret that a lot of people really, really like living in Colorado. Karen Carrigan, who met Doug Yanevich while attending the University of Colorado, Denver, certainly was happy that Doug was able to get a job in Denver, shortly before she married him.

They are somewhat of an odd couple. She is a tiny five foot, one inch, and weights one hundred and five pounds. He, who was a second string lineman on the football team, is six foot five, and weights in at two hundred, fifty-five pounds. Doug is everybody's friend. With two brothers, and two sisters, he is used to the hustle and bustle of a busy household. Karen is the only child of Dr. Phil Carrigan and his lovely wife Elizabeth, who Doug considers a first class pain in the ass.

The good doctor was up early and worked late, so all of Karen's life, it was Momma who ran the show. Now, even though they have been married for six years, Momma still phones every day.

The Carrigan's home is north of Denver in Fort Collins. Doug made sure that he purchased a home south of Denver in Castle Rock, just off Interstate 25.

Doug started with Verizon shortly before they had explosive growth. He now is making over one hundred thousand dollars a year. Karen is the executive assistant to Mr. Thomas Bell, the president of Mountain Mortgage Brokers, a wholly owned subsidiary of Chicago Mortgage Brokers.

Is life perfect? In a word, no. No children have appeared, which Momma comments about, often. Karen, who grew up spoiled, rich, and an only child, rationed the sex that she allowed Doug.

Normally that would piss a guy off. But, Doug, everybody's friend, ran into an old girl friend six months ago when he visited the Verizon office in Colorado Springs, the home of the Air Force Academy. Patty O'Donnel is now the wife of Major Chester Millington, an instructor at the Academy.

Doug met Patty in the Wal-Mart parking lot. One thing led to another. They had lunch together. Patty said that she had three children in three years when she first married. "Doug, the kids are in daycare. Chester does not get home until after five. Would you like to see our home on the Manitou Springs road?"

"Love to. That is a scenic drive. I'll follow you."

Once at the house, Patty sat with Doug at the kitchen table with a spectacular view of the mountains. "Are you happy, Patty?"

"Yes and no. I'm bored. Chester is somewhat of a stuffed shirt, playing the officer game."

Doug had dated Patty most of his junior year. They had been very active sexually. He knew that back then she was known as a party girl. So he took a gamble. "Patty, If you are interested, I know something that will break your boredom." As he said that his face broke out in a shit-eating grin.

She looked up at him, without raising her head. "I'll bet you do."

He stood up, still smiling. She stood and walked to the stairs. He followed, his mind racing. She walked into one of the spare bedrooms. There was children's toys stacked on shelves. The bed was small, but big enough. She kissed him, a long, soft kiss. "Been a while, Doug." She said as she undressed.

Doug, who has a respectable cock, was aware that he was longer and thicker than most men. In college, some girls dated him, just to see if what another girl had said about him was true. He proudly ran his hand up and down his shaft, which drew Patty's eyes to it. "I see that you still bring your friend with you." She said in jest.

Naked, Patty stepped forward. Both her hands took the back of his head. This kiss was more urgent, passionate. Her breasts, stomach, and pelvic areas all pressed against him. His cock was pressed between them. He was aware that her breasts were bigger now. Her stomach hung out with the excess skin from her pregnancies. She turned and lay on the bed, with her legs apart, and arms above her head. "I don't need foreplay, I'm ready now."

Patty is a bigger girl than Karen, but Doug covered her, with just part of her face above his shoulder. Her hand guided his cock to her waiting slash. He eased into her. She moaned. In a whisper she said. "I knew when I saw you in the parking lot that I needed your friend right where it is now."

There, Doug thought. It has been said. She planed on fucking him all the while when they were eating lunch.

Doug became very active. If she craved his big cock, he would deliver it deeply into her body, with a lot of ass-rolling, and sliding so that she would want much more of him. He raised his ass and powered himself down, driving his member, with all its girth, right up to the balls in her.

Her hands were clutching his back. Her pussy was clenching, again, and again on his cock. Her moans now were constant. She went quiet, as her body shook all over. He knew that he had done his job.

He slowed. Then picked up the thrusting, knowing that she would come again, almost immediately. She did. He let himself come. Her pussy milked him all-the-while, just like old times.

Doug went to Colorado Springs every other week. Patty became his lunch time workout.

Doug had gone to one of the Mountain Mortgage Brokers' Christmas party. He had met Mr. Bell, Karen's boss, who was a slight, grey haired, old man, in his sixties. Therefore it did not disturb him when Karen told him that as his executive assistant that she was expected to go with him to the home office meetings in Chicago, or to meeting with major clients, usually in New York, Atlanta, Dallas, or San Fran.

Doug knew that Karen was very proud of her position, as well as her pay which was a respectable seventy thousand. She also like rubbing shoulders with the very rich.

Doug got a phone call at work. "Know who this is?" A voice asked.

"God damn right, I do, you old horse thief." They both laughed. Doug continued. "Are you in town?"

"Sure am. How about joining me for dinner and a few drinks at the "Gold Mine?"

"Ramsden, You know just what to say to a guy. Wife is out of town, be right over.

The two old room mates, and college buddies, spent the evening together. "So, you are no longer with the Bears?"

"I was only their third string quarterback. They didn't renew my contract last year."

"If I know Ramsden White, you somehow landed on your feet."

"Got me there, Buddy. I sure did. During the off seasons, I have worked right along for Chicago Mortgage Brokers. My degree, as you remember, is Actuary, so I shined. The manager of Mountain Mortgage Brokers is retiring. I am to work with a Tom Bell for a month, and then, I'm the new president."

Doug knew that Ramsden would be Karen's new boss, but he said nothing for the moment. There was a lot of history to consider.

They both were more than a little gunned. Ramsden laughed. "We pulled some weird shit when we were in school."

Doug laughed, while shaking his head.

Ramsden continued. "I'm lucky that I didn't get my ass thrown in jail. Remember that night that I came back to the room shit faced. You were under the covers screwing. The room was dark. I got naked and climbed into bed. You stumbled into the bathroom, saying something about a shower. I thought that you were with that Patty what's-her-name, who let both of us fuck her a few times. So, I got my black ass up and climbed on top of your friend, who fortunately for me, was well plastered. I ram my Rammer right up to the balls in her, and kicked the old ass into high gear. You must have blown your load early, 'cause that little lady came three times before my vodka soaked balls discharged. That was some great fuck. When you came out, you saw me in your bed, so being a good guy, you climbed into my bed. I fucked that gal two more times. In the morning, she had the strangest look on her face when she found me in bed with her. I forgot her name; wasn't it a Karen somebody? You dated her a long time. Is she still around?"

"Very much around."

"You still doing her?"

"Not as often as I would like. She is my wife."

"You lucky bastard. She is one sexy woman. What is the not-as-often-as-I-would-like comment about?"

"Just exactly as I said. She rations her sexual favors. But I have a back-up situation."

"I'm listening."

"Patty O'Donnel, is now married and living in Colorado springs. Every other week, we meet."

"I'll have to go along. Will she do us both?"

"Sure of it. Something else to discuss, buddy."


"Your executive assistant is Karen, the girl that you got in bed with."

"Your wife?"

"Yes, and it is part of her job to go with the president for important meetings.

"Fly with me on the company jet, and stay with me in hotels?"


"Hey, I don't want to lose a good friend over a little pussy. I'm divorced. You know me. If I could seduce your Karen, I would. So, it probably would be a good idea to transfer her to another position, away from me."

"Ramsden, I have been thinking about what I wanted all the while you were talking. If I was getting pussy from her like I did before we got married, I would want her moved. But you might just be the right guy at the right time to adjust her priorities."

"You want me to seduce her?"

"A little more than that. I remember some of you stories you told when you visited a couple years ago about what you football guys did to the groupies. Some of that should make for an attitude adjustment."

"Gee, Doug. That can get a little rough"

"Well, I never get head or butt. As I recall, you guys trained some of those girls very well. You said that most of them came back for more."

"Let me get this straight? It is okay if I pass her around, sometimes to several guys at once?"

"You got it. My suggestion is that you cool it until Bell is gone. In the meantime, do not tell her that you are the guy that jumped her bones. She probably won't recognize you. Wait until you will be away for a few days. Give her an ecstasy. Remember that sorority girl that we gave the ecstasy to. She was horny as a goat for four hours. I would wait until you have had her several times before bringing others into the mix."

Two days later, Ramsden called. "She doesn't remember me, or she doesn't want to muddy-the-water. I'm just some yaw-hue from Chicago."

A month later, another call. "We are going to Dallas for two days. She never blinked an eye, just stood there telling me the names of the important clients and how long the drive is from Love Field to their offices. Thursday night will be the night."

Phone call Friday. "Doug, can anyone listen in on this line?"

"No, It's my own cell."

"We had dinner. After, she went to use the toilet. Some E and valium found their way into her drink. Twenty minutes later I suggested that we go to our rooms. At the last minute, I steered her into my room for a nightcap. She got sweaty, so I helped her off with her jacket. I stood behind her and blew on her neck, while my hands ran over her nipples. That girl is tit less, but she has sensitive nipples. Her reaction was like she was in a pleasant fog. Taking my time, I undressed her. Not a peep of objection from her. We went sixty-nine. She held my cock, but did not lick it. I had a good time playing with her snatch. You sure can tell that she had never passed a kid. By the time I was ready, she was pleading for me to push it into her. I got her to have her jollies three times.

This morning when I woke up, she was laying on her side staring at me. I am sure that she was wondering just how she had ended up in my bed. Quickly, I rolled over on top of her. I pulled her legs above her head and ran my Rammer up to the balls in her. You have to remember that she was cold sober. I thundered into her, just pounding as hard as I could. She came. I came. At breakfast she acted as though nothing had happened. Either she is a hell of an actress, or she has accepted that she has a new role."

"My guess Ramsden is that it was naughty, exciting-as-hell, and she is in bed with the president. You said that she came several times. How you acted at breakfast would have been a big factor for her. If you were professional, she will go along for the ride."

Patty was greatly surprised to see Ramsden with Doug. They had lunch at Applebee's. Instead of going to her home, Ramsden suggested the Holiday Express. Once in the room, Patty gave Ramsden a long deep kiss as soon as they were all undressed. As she finished the kiss, her hand went to his cock. "As I recall, you call him Mr. Rammer?"

All three laughed. "Still as thick as I remember it." She continued.

Doug had suggested that Ramsden take her first. Patty and Ramsden went sixty-nine. Patty was looking at Doug, as she sucked hard on Ramsden's Rammer. Doug was envious of its thickness. Patty shook with an orgasm. Quick as a cat Ramsden was up and on her, driving his Rammer deeply into her shuttering body. "Oh, oohhh" she moaned.

Knowing that Doug was ready and waiting, Ramsden slashed and rotated his ass, stirring her pussy. He pulled out and dumped his load on the sheets. Doug appreciated his consideration for not leaving him a soaking pussy. He pulled her legs up next to her head, lay her arms across her legs. Ramsden held her arms down, so that now her ass and pussy were level for Doug's assault. She was helpless. Not that either man would hurt her, but both knew that Patty liked rough sex.

Doug came. They relaxed and chatted, while eating some snacks. Ramsden kept looking at Patty. All noticed his Rammer filling out again. "Stand on the floor, Patty, while you suck Doug. I want to doggie this end."

Ramsden's up thrusts would lift Patty up on her toes. In that position, He was able to bury all that he was in her muff each time he thrust. Doug enjoyed the show.

When they parted, Patty said, "Doug, I don't seem to be as bored as I was."

A week later Ramsden phoned. "Going to Atlanta this week. Tuesday night should be exciting."

Wednesday morning call. "No ecstasy or valium. A little drunk. She took a third of Rammer in her mouth. Taught her how to suck and lick it like a "Sugar Daddy." I warned her before it erupted. She was fascinated when it shot off in her hand. She even smiled. Later, I had her do the reverse Cowboy. While she was doing it, I told her how to undulate her hips and slid back and forth on my pubic area. She is so tiny. I just don't know where Rammer is inside that girl. Anyway, she rode me like a champ, and seemed to be having a great time. She gave me a long, deep kiss."

"Wow, I would have bet that you would never get her to do that."

"Doug, I have a trip next week to Chicago. It is for three days. Karen is going. You still okay with this?"

"Am so far."

That evening when Karen got home, she told Doug of the Chicago trip. She also phoned her mother, Elizabeth. Doug could only hear Karen's half of the conversation. "I will have meeting in the mornings the first two days. ---There are plenty of seats on the company plane. --- I could ask him tomorrow. --- I don't think that he would mind."

Later Doug told Karen that he was going to the ABC store for vodka. She asked him to get her some Jack Daniel. Doug had noticed that she now had three drinks every night. Outside the store, he called Ramsden, filling him in on the fact that Doug's mother-in-law wanted to join her daughter in Chicago.

"How do you want me to play it, Doug?"

"Write this down. I suggest that you put them up in a different hotel than yours. You told me that Great Lakes National, one of your clients, has "escort women" for their important business contacts. You also said that some guy by the name of Graham was a buddy of yours."

"Right. John Graham owes me some favors."

"Have Graham arrange for two of his escort girls to meet with Karen. Have them offer to take Karen and "Liz," her mother, out to eat. Get some E into them and then take them to the "A'mour Club," and turn 'um loose. Do it on a Wednesday night, which you said was "Gangbang" night."

"I can see why you want me well away from that. If Karen complains to Graham, he can just say that he will fire the ladies, which of course, he won't do. What does this Liz look like?"

"She is forty-nine, bleach blonde, same general figure as Karen, with more boobs, and a fuller butt. You wouldn't kick her out of bed. If you have any connections at A'mour, I would love pictures of her on her back with a cock in her butt, another in her pussy, and still another in her mouth up to the muff."

The night came. That day, Doug had spent an hour with Patty. He had his feet up reading a sex story on his computer when the phone rang. A deep voice said. "Is this Doug?"


"This is Jake at the A'mour Club. I'm told that you want some pictures."

"You got that right."

"Set up your computer to burn a disk. Go to www.A'mourClub.org. Click on room number five or room number six. We've got two hundred folks here tonight, of which one hundred and fifty are guys. Mostly college guys who came to watch what goes on, never thinking that they would have access to two good looking babes on ecstasy."

Doug was shaking as he prepared his computer. At first, there was no one in room five, which was a large room with a mattress on the floor, a slanting padded table with stirrups to restrain a woman's legs, and a raised bed.

Doug thought that there had been some mistake. Both rooms remained empty. He made himself a stiff drink, turned on the television to watch a baseball game. Half way through the inning the door to room five opened. A guy came in leading his mother-in-law by the hand. She was smiling. The guy, who appeared to be her age, kissed her. Doug saw that she closed her eyes during the kiss. One of the guys hands was kneading her ass. Unbelievable, thought Doug. The same hand pulled her blouse out of her skirt. Now the hand was rubbing her pubic mounds. Her eyes remained closed. Her mouth opened wide, as her head fell back. Quicker now, the guy got busy undressing Liz. He lay her on the bed, opened her legs and lapped the insides of her labia, which he had pulled apart.

Liz had both of her hands on each side of his head. Her legs were now fully apart allowing the guy complete access to her womanhood. He sucked on one of her tits, but just for a few seconds. Her hands now were raised above her head. She was then mounted. As the shaft slid in and out of her, her eyes opened. The camera zoomed in on her face, which showed a state of pure bliss.

Doug noted that the guy had on a condom. He shot his load. Liz had not come, but she had been prepared for what was to come. Three guys walked into the room. He sat on the edge of the bed. The other two guys lifted Liz and lowered her onto the sitters cock, which had a gleaming red condom on it. Liz's eyes opened in shock as it disappeared into her butt. She was sitting facing away from the sitter, who reached around her to grasp two handfuls of tits, pulling her back as he lay down.

Her legs were outside of sitters, so her pussy was now open, unprotected, inviting. A short guy with a fat cock stepped up and slid his cock into her. He raised her legs, so that there was nothing between his cock and her pussy. Standing, his ass became a blur as he fucked Liz.

The door opened. Nine more guys entered. Doug shut off the TV.

He switched to room six. All he could see was Karen's legs in the stirrups of the slanted padded table. A large guy was standing between her leg fucking her as fast and hard as he could. There had to be fifteen guys standing around, naked, stroking their cocks. The camera angle changed. Doug could not see Karen's face, which had a wild, excited look as she stared down at the piston driving in and out of her. Doug noted that the fucker was not putting all of his cock into her. Just then, the fucker pulled his cock out of Karen. It was the longest cock Doug had ever see. The fucker placed his cock at Karen's butt and shoved it in. It took him three shoves to bury it. Two shoves later, his ass cheeks tightened, as he lifted his head. Doug was sure that he had shot his load. He pulled out, striped off his condom and walked out of the room.

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