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This is a request from a fan about an all girl summer camp with a couple of man employees who fail to properly follow instructions when using some chemicals. They really should be more careful! WARNING! This story has bimbofication in it, and smart powerful women losing their brains. If you do not like this type of story, then don't read it. If you do read it, then please don't post telling me you don't like these kinds of stories because I just warned you. It's really sad I have to say this, but it's happened so much I feel I have to.




"You two idiots understand what I want? Or do I have to repeat myself to you two white trash losers."

"No ma'am. I understand what you want done. I wrote it down and will do it in the order you listed."

Ralph sighed as his friend John showed Ms. Perkins the list of handyman chores they had to complete. He loved working with his hands, and he loved working outdoors, and the pay was really good. But, and it was a big but, he really, really hated working for Ms. Perkins and company.

Ms. Jennifer Perkins glared at him and he made a mental note to be less loud next time he had to sigh. Ms. Perkins was a nice looking woman with light brown hair, a decent set of tits (maybe a 34 CC), and a nice figure of someone who had a personal trainer. But she was a 1st class, top of the line bitch. She had purchased the old Girl Scout Camp several years ago and had rebuilt it from the ground up as a finishing school for empowered young women. Lots of high school girls, all going to be seniors, came here and were counseled by a bunch of college girls and some young thirty something executives from the big city on how to be successful in the "man's world".

From what Ralph had seen basically it was a camp designed to make a bunch of spoiled rich girls hate men more and how they could fuck men over. Ralph had overheard some of the sessions when the older women had openly bragged about ruining men with false accusations, or by leading them on into compromising positions and then blackmailing them, or by just screaming sexism loudly until they got what they wanted.

And he being one of the only two men on the camp through most of the summer he had to put up with a lot of shit. Catty remarks, snide comments, getting looked down on, oh it happened daily. He had been called "peasant" to his face and told he should be thankful his betters had seen fit to give him a job.

As much as he hated it, he needed this job. The recession had hit the area hard. It was mostly tourist industry to start with and several of the more regular employments had gone under. He and his buddy John had lost their jobs with a small factory and had started their own handyman service. But no one had any money to spend, or were good enough at it that they didn't need them. They almost went under until Ms. Perkins showed up and hired them for a 5 year contract.

So they grinned and dealt with it. The money they made in three months was enough to support them for the full year, and they had finally started getting some other clients so things were looking up. But Ralph knew that even with that, they needed to keep this contract in order to stay afloat.

Ms. Perkins finally shut up and marched off to do some bs work in the office and Ralph and John got to work. John grimaced as he looked at his list and said "Well, let's get at it."

"You know, we could pitch to her that we could be the caretakers during the off months. Offer a cheap rate just to stop by every week and do some repair work. It would stop us from the pounding we get when they start to get this camp ready in the late spring." Ralph said.

"Yeah, not a bad idea. Make a note and we'll hit her up later this week. In the meantime, we gotta a lot to do." John said and hefted his toolbox.

It was long day. They needed to fix a lot of cabins, cracks in the sidewalk, clear out paths, properly dispose of garbage using only the most progressively approved recycling methods which was a royal pain especially when a small burn pit would take care of everything without having to drag it all by hand (no gas power tractors allowed) to the recycling bin, and then touch up paint on a whole bunch of places. And of course Ms. Jennifer Perkins and her merry band of annoying know it alls continually chimed in to "help".

The next several days were pretty much the same pain. They would have finished at least 2 days early instead of nearly missing the deadline if the chattering class of "helpful and empowered women" had just shut up and let them work. They were just finishing up everything when Ms. Perkins tromped up and added another task.

"I have one more task for you. The pool, sauna, and hot tub area are working fine and you did a good job on the deck around it. But I need you to drain them and use this new eco-friendly chemical instead of Chlorine. You have to mix it carefully, play close attention to the instructions."

Ralph was turned away from her, which was good because he just about threw his hammer over the fence and he later thought he might have used it on her if he had been looking at her. He took a deep breath and turned around and said "Seriously? You want us to drain everything and use this new chemical instead? Do you know how long that will take? Do you know how hard that is to do?"

Ms. Perkins glared at him. "I just gave you a compliment on the good job you are doing and this is how you respond? You fucking hick! The ONLY reason you are still working here is because I did your state senator a favor by employing locals instead of going with my first choice! Do you want to get your ass fired and end up pulling in the unemployment checks you fucking loser?"

John stepped in quickly. "Ma'am, that's not how he meant it. His point is valid; it will take us at least a day to properly drain the pool, and another to refill it. That butts right up against your first week of training for your camp counselors, and normally you want us long gone by then. We'll do it, but we need two days to get it done. And its double rate since it's outside the contract."

Ms. Perkins frowned but after a moment and dark look at Ralph she nodded. "I understand. You get the two days, but you stay in this area only and away from my girls, got it?"

The men both nodded and she stalked off. John shot Ralph a look and Ralph shrugged and they got to it. After starting the draining they opened the crate with the new stuff in it. Ralph started to read the instructions and technical data. Some bs about a special herbal mix that was good for the mind, body and soul, and lots of big red bold warnings about mixing it exactly to specs.

After a bit Ralph gave up on the mumbo jumbo and started checking the water system. He opened the door to the pump room and stopped dead.

"Shit. John, come here."

John came up and put his hand to his face with an expression of someone who just realized they had lost the war. "God damn it."

The pumping room was flooded. One of the pipes which had looked fine had burst, and not just a small leak. There was at least a foot long hole along the length and at least half the pipe had rusted clean through. Ralph turned off the water and pulled out the emergency pump and started pumping the water out while John starting checking the other pipes. Their worst fears were realized as the water pumping pipes had mostly rusted through.

"What are we going to do? It will take us at least a week to get all the new pipes in if we order and at least two days if we start driving around to Hard Ware Stores. And if Perkins finds out, if she doesn't fire us you know she will insist on switching to PVC pipe! Hell, she'll probably make us pay for it!" Ralph said as he finished pumping it dry.

John nodded. Ralph noticed he had a thoughtful look on his face and shut up in the hope it would bloom into a great idea. He was rewarded shortly.

"Ralph, I have an idea. See how this thing is setup. It pumps three separate flows; one to the hot tub, one to the sauna, and one to the pool. Each flow is hooked up differently. We can take all the remaining pipes and some spares I have in the truck and make one master water line. We close off here and here" John said as he pointed to two separate outflow areas" and use the pool pipe as the main feeder. When running normally it only is on about 50%, so we can adjust the flow for the other two. We link up the inflow here the same way. We'll have to do some creative tinkering on the hot tub so it flows back, and figure a trapdoor valve for the sauna, but once we have it done it works. We tell Perky at the end of the year this whole thing needs replacing and charge her for it."

Ralph looked at it and after a moment nodded. "That will work. I'll clean out the chlorine filter and figure out how much of this stuff needs to go in it and then help you with the pipes."

They got to work fast and soon had the system up and running. The problem was with the new chemicals. There was a simple formula for how much per x number of gallons, but with the sauna and hot tub (which was large enough for ten people) the math got messed up when you took into account the steam of the sauna. After messing around with it, Ralph gave up and set the chemical release between slow and medium and poured the stuff in. He then realized that he hadn't mixed in two other chemicals and did a rough guess on the amount and poured it in. He made note of how much he had used and figured he could adjust it later. He also noted a warning to not mix this with any Chlorine, but figured he had washed the system enough.

They quit late that night and came back the next day to finish filling the pool. The repairs looked good, and the pool was about half full when they came back. The water looked a bit bluer than normal, but other than that no issues.

Ms. Perkins and two of her main assistants stopped by in the afternoon. Ms. Perkins was nice looking, and these other two weren't bad either. Mrs. Simpson was young bride who had married the son of one of the richest bankers in NYC. She was supposed to be working on a Master's degree but really spent most of her time helping various PC causes and donating tons of her husband's money. She was a nice brunette just over 5 feet 8 inches with nice legs and decent figure, but a rather condescending to anyone not from NYC. Ms. Whilowski was the daughter of a major stock trader and in her third year of college at Harvard. She had some definite Eastern European features and rocked the look with her blonde hair and hourglass figure.

Ms. Perkins looked like she was almost disappointed that they had actually finished ahead of time, but the other two looked a bit relieved. After some discussion to the side, Ms. Perkins thanked them and said they were good to leave until next Monday when they would do their weekly maintenance check.

After the two men headed out the pool area gate Ms. Perkins turned to her two assistants. "Well, white trash or not, they do actually do good work. I don't know about you but I'm going to change into my bikini and use the sauna. Anyone want to join me?"

Mrs. Stephanie Simpson smiled and said "In a bit, my leg is still bothering me from that twist a couple of weeks ago during my morning jog. I'm going to use the hot tub first and then join you."

Ms. Anastasia Whilowski stretched a bit and said "Maybe later. I need to do some laps in the pool."

The three women changed in the locker room and split off. Jennifer went into the sauna and noted that it was on and working up a nice thick steam. She slipped off her sandals and wrapped her towel around her and took off her top and bottom. She opened the door and was hit by a lovely spicy pine odor.

"Oh my! That is very nice. Ahhhhhh, that just makes me feel so relaxed." Jennifer said as she took several deep breaths. She moved in and sat down on the bench as the steam built. She started to sweat right away and she leaned back with a very contented look.

"Wow, this is so nice. I feel so, so, relaxed. Like my brains are oozing out of my head." Jennifer said. And then she giggled. She started at the giggle and then giggled again at herself for starting.

"That's funny. I don't giggle, but I feel like giggling. Mmmmmm, must be this steam, making me so easy." She giggled again at her choice of words. "Oops, I mean its making me, uh, calm? Yeah, like calm. Like? When did I ever use the word like?"

Jennifer was a bit confused by her choice of words and tried to focus but found thinking to be difficult. She tried to focus, but every time she took a breath the lovely scent seemed to just blank her mind and she had to start over.

After a bit she gave up and just leaned back against the next step. The steam seemed to be seeping into her body and she was hot and wet. At that thought her hand slipped under the towel and touched her pussy. She gasped a bit at how wet it was and how sensitive it was. Her light touch sent jolts of pleasure through her body.

Her fingers seemed to move by their own and eased into her wet little clit. She gasped again and then let out a sexy moan.

"Ohhhhhhhhh, yeahhhhhhhhh. Mmmmmmm, that's so good. Jenny likes that. Jenny likes her pussy being touched and played with."

Jenny slipped the towel off and her other hand began to play with her tits. She moaned again as her third finger slid into her body and began to work. She cupped one of her tits and lifted it up so she could lick the nipple. She giggled again as she hefted her tit and looked blankly down at her chest.

"Jenny's tits are big! Wow! Jenny likes this!"

Jenny was now fondling her now 36DD cup tits and marveling at how firm they were and how sensitive they were. Her head rolled back as her hands played all around her body. She giggled again when some of her hair looped down and she smiled dumbly at it. A distant hazy part of her brain registered that she didn't have waist length golden blonde hair, but it was down out by another moan and she seized up as her body climaxed. She moaned and shuddered and slowly came down with a big dopey smile.

"Mmmmmmm, Jenny like playing with Jenny! But Jenny want man to fuck her! Jenny need cock!"

Ms. Jennifer Perkins stood up and strutted to the door naked. She opened the door and headed out with her tits swaying as she giggled.

While Jenny was having some fun in the sauna, the hot tub was heating up. Stephanie Simpson was in her white one piece and eased herself into the hot tub as the water started to bubble and the jets kicked up. She sighed as the heat went to work on her leg.

"Whoa! What a lovely scent! Damn, I didn't know we had scented hot tubs, nice touch." She said as she took several deep breaths and laid back.

The scent relaxed her and she sank down into the water up to her neck. Her hair was done up in a bun and she leaned back against the side of the tub and sighed. The water made her skin tingle and she felt aroused. She sighed as she moved in front of a jet and felt the water massage her legs and body. Without really thinking about it, she undid her neck string and lowered her suit. The water struck her tits and she gasped and froze in place for a minute as the gentle jets played on her nipples. After a bit she slid the rest of the suit off and let it drift away. She spread her legs and the jet played over her shaved pussy. The feeling was amazing and her eyes rolled back into her head. She moaned and gasped and then began to break quickly. She panted and moaned and then orgasmed. It wasn't big but it sent a massive jolt of pleasure through her entire body. She snapped straight up with shriek, shuddered several times, and then a big smile slid over her face.

Her eyes closed and she simply sank into the water. For a few moments she was completely underwater, anyone who would look into the tub couldn't see anything from all the bubbles and disturbance. Then her head slowly emerged.

Dull, ditzy eyes looked around dumbly. Her bun was now undone and she now had long mid-back length bleach blonde hair. She smiled a truly idiot's grin as she stood up. She massaged her now 36EE tits with her hand and giggled. She climbed out of the hot tub naked, wet and so horny she could smell herself. Her perfect bubble butt swayed as she strutted over to the deck overlooking the pool. She heard the gate open and turned like an animal at hunt. As she began to move towards the gate she ran into Jenny who was also attracted to the noise.

"Like, Hi! Jenny heard the gate and Jenny wants some cock!" Jenny said with a giggle.

"Stepha, uh, Step, mmmmm, Staci wants cock too! Jenny and Staci get cock now?"

With matching giggles they strutted over to the sound of a very surprised man and another giggle.

While Staci and Jenny were coming to grips with themselves, Anastasia had slipped into a nice two piece and had dove into the pool in the swimmers lane. She put on her goggled and cap and kicked off the side doing a breaststroke. She soon noticed that her skin and body was feeling very sensitive.

She concentrated but found that the more she swam the more her body tingled. It was very distracting and she quickly noticed that she was getting aroused and her pussy was getting wet and very worked up. She growled and tried to focus but when she kicked and her pussy rubbed the sensation caused her to gasp.

When she gasped her face was underwater and she took a mouthful of the water. She began to cough, but some went down her throat and she swallowed. She stopped swimming and grabbed the edge of the pool. She sputtered and suddenly a wave of relaxation and contentment hit her. Her head rolled back and she let out a long sigh. Right behind it a wave of pure horniness. Her skin suddenly felt like it was one huge erogenous zone and even breathing caused her to shudder in pleasure. She moaned and limply sank into the water. She sat at the bottom for a few moments twitching and then she stood up and pulled herself out of the water.

Anastasia turned as she heard the pool gate open and giggled. She strutted towards the gate with a sexy sway in her bubbly ass. She slowly pulled off her cap and let her ass length bleached blonde hair tumble down. She pulled off her goggles and her dull stupid ditzy eyes looked around and locked on a man closing the gate. She pulled off her bathing suit and let her 36DD tits sway freely as she rubbed her hands over them. She licked her lips and closed on the man.

Ralph was trying to be very quiet. He had forgotten his work belt in the pump room and needed it for another job in a couple of days. He didn't know that the three women were there and he certainly wasn't expecting what he got when he turned around.

Ralph turned and froze at the site of a naked blonde with amazing tits standing right in front of him. Her hands played all over her body and she licked her lips.

"Anna wants cock! Give Anna cock please? Anna make stud man feel good!" the bimbo said and then giggled.

Without waiting for a reply she moved forward and wrapped her arms around Ralph's neck and kissed him. Her tongue slid down his throat and Ralph felt his belt being loosened and then his zipper opened and then a lovely smooth hand stroked him.

Ralph broke the kiss and got out "Uh, whaaaa?" and then the bimbo dropped down and sucked his cock down her throat. Ralph moaned at the amazing feeling.

"Jesus! How can you do that? That's fucking, oh GOD!!" Ralph got out and then shot his load down the bimbo's throat. The bimbo gulped it all down and giggled again. And this time there were two more giggles with it.

Ralph stared at the other two bimbos as they strutted into view, both naked and awesome, blonde and so horny Ralph swore he could smell them.

"Like, Jenny and Staci want cock! Stud give bimbos cock?" the one on the left said as she strutted up with a grin. Before he could respond the bimbo grabbed his head and pulled it to her lovely nipple and he licked. Ralph tasted the sweat and felt a jolt go through him. His deflated cock started to harden again and he licked more of the bimbo's sweat and felt stronger than he ever had. He cock had completely recovered and he grabbed the bimbo roughly.

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