Measuring My Cum Ch. 01


"You will also need some visual stimulation - we can't really avoid that," she continued, again sounding very schoolmistress like. "As you have told me some of your personal 'secrets' so to speak, I will also tell you one of mine. When your father was around, he liked me to dress up for him in what you might call 'stimulating underwear' before we had sex." She paused for a moment letting what she had said sink in. "I did not mind doing that -- in fact I used to enjoy it, as long as it was done tastefully" she continued. "So what I am prepared to do is stimulate you by dressing up in some suitable underwear which will help you to cum more quickly."

My dick had turned rock hard as she spoke. I did not quite believe what she was saying. So my mom had liked dressing up in sexy lingerie for dad! Wow! And she was prepared to do that in order to 'stimulate' me as she put it! Fuck!

"Is that acceptable for you?" she continued.

Acceptable? Fuck, yea, I thought, but kept my composure and acting a little, replied, softly, "Yea mom, if you're ok with that?"

"Good," she said. "Now, a few other rules. Firstly, I may let you touch me if I feel it may help you cum more quickly. I don't want our sessions to last for ages as I have my day-to-day routine to do, so it may help speed things along if you are able to touch me. But, you may only touch me by first asking my permission, or when I say you can, and where you can."

I gulped.

"Secondly, and again, only because it may help to stimulate you, we can use more normal day to day words for our various body parts. I think it might be a bit off putting if I used the word 'penis' all the time when I was stimulating you, or if you said 'semen' instead of cum. You may use normal slang word which men and women use such as ass, bum, cock, pussy and tits, but, and this is a big but, I do not want you to be very crude in my presence unless I say you can. Do you understand?"

I couldn't believe I had heard my prim and proper mom use such words. My cock was raging in my pants and making me feel quite uncomfortable. All I could do was nod in agreement and slight shock.

"Is there anything you want to ask me?" she continued.

My mind was still half in a daze, and all I could do was say " I can't think of anything right now mom, but I might later."

"That's fine," she replied.

"Now, the other thing is that it may be better to take one sample in the morning and then the others in the evening. How many times do you normally need to cum in the evening?"

"Normally about 3 times" I said.

"That is a lot," she said. "Well, let's see what happens. We'll both have to get up a bit earlier in the morning during weekdays for the next two weeks if we are to have one session in the morning."

"Ok," I agreed.

"Do you feel the need to cum now Jacob?" she said.

Fuck yea, I did, my prick was straining, "Yes that would be helpful," I said, as coolly and politely as I could.

"Ok then. What I would suggest is you go to your room, take off your clothes and lie face up on your bed. Oh, and give yourself a wash down below -- I do insist on cleanliness," she continued. "I'll go and change into something suitable and come in with the semen measuring beaker."

I got up. Mom must have noticed the tent in my pants. She didn't say anything. I thought it didn't matter, she would soon see my hard on in all its glory anyway.

I walked out of the room a little awkwardly, and almost flew up the stairs, I went so fast.

I had my own bathroom attached to my bedroom so after undressing, I gave my hard on and balls a quick wash. I felt like I was going to cum quick.

I laid down on the bed on my back. I was now semi hard as the washing had taken the edge off it.

As I lay there waiting for mom to come in thinking about what she might be wearing, I started to get a full pole again. I stroked it gently once.

After a couple of minutes, I heard a knock on the door.

"Jacob, are you ready?" I heard mom say in a raised voice from the other side of the door.

"Yea, mom," I said. My cock was still rock hard and sticking up like a pole.

The door swung open and mom came in. I took in the wonderful sight. She was wearing a black bra and matching panties and nothing else. She saw my hard cock sticking up already and it jerked up again at seeing her.

I saw her draw a heavy take of breath. "So you are hard already I see. You didn't really need much stimulation today." As she walked over to the bed I got a better look at her body, although I tried not to stare too much. She had quite large boobs, but the bra and panties were a little old fashioned with quite a lot of material and covered most of her private parts well. She came and stood next to me as I lay on the bed. I saw she had the semen beaker in one hand.

"You've grown a lot since I last saw you naked," she said, looking at my raging prick, and then looking at me straight in the eye. I thought I saw a slight glint in her eyes I had never seen before.

"Now Jacob," she said, "I'm going to stroke your cock and wank you off into the semen beaker. I'm going to bend over slightly. You may touch my bottom lightly if you wish, and it helps you to cum.

She stood level with my chest and at about a 45 degree angle so that her ass was a bit more accessible to me, and then she bent over me, her head towards my legs, and started stroking her right hand up and down my dick. With her other hand she put the beaker between my legs near my groin, but not so it was touching me.

I saw her bra wrapped boobs hanging over my stomach as she touched me and realised they were probably much bigger than I had imagined.

"Go on," she said, "You can touch my butt lightly, but you must tell me when you are about to cum."

I looked at he ass, which was largish, but not huge. It was quite round and shapely and her black panties gripped the flesh of her buttocks sexily. Some of the white flesh was visible, under the thinner material of the panties where they covered her buttocks, but there was a thicker, non-see through material that covered the line of her ass and pussy area. I don't think this underwear was very modern, but it sure still turned me on seeing mom almost naked next to me and sticking her ass out at me.

As mom touched my dick I felt like I was in heaven. She started stroking it up and down ever so gently at first. With my left hand with was nearest her ass I started stroking her butt cheeks gently in circular motions, feeling the flesh there.

Her ass felt wonderful. I wanted to grope it hard and squeeze the flesh there much more roughly, but I dared not, and was quite soft and gentle so as not to put mom off.

Even so, I knew I would not last long this first time. Within about a minute of mom starting to pump my dick up and down, and me feeling up her ass curves, I said, "I'm gonna cum mom."

She grabbed the beaker quickly with her free hand and then, still pumping my dick wit her other hand, she pointed the tip towards the open end of the beaker.

I closed my eyes, and with my left hand still playing and feeling up moms wonderful fleshy ass cheeks in wide round circles as she pumped my dick even harder now, I shouted, "I'm cumming...oh...oh ....ohhhhhhh.....," and I spurted a ton of cum.

Mom had directed the tip of my prick right into the centre of the beaker and gently milked my dick into it, managing to collect all my spunk as I came. As my dick became limp, she wiped the tip with her fingers, and then wiped them into the beaker to collect as much as she could from them.

"That's good Jacob, well done. We have a good test sample," she said, pointing at the beaker and showing me my cum had reached the measuring lines marked on the side. I think our little arrangement will work well. You get yourself cleaned up and I'll do the same," and with that she turned and walked towards the door. I saw her hourglass voluptuous figure fully from the back now, with her white smooth skin naked and bare, except for the bra strap and panties. I couldn't take my eyes of her wide full ass cheeks as they wriggled and wobbled in her knickers as she walked. Her ass looked really sexy to me, and I wondered if I would ever see more of it, and than in just old fashioned black panties.

I looked up at the ceiling after she had left the room and wondered just how good the next two weeks would be.

To be continued...

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