Measuring My Cum Ch. 10


"Oh...yes, baby" said mom, still with her eyes closed, and pushing her pussy up towards my finger as I inserted it in.

"Don't stop Jacob, that feels really good. Fuck me with your finger and see if you can make me cum."

I hadn't intended on stopping as I was really enjoying what I was doing.

"You can put another finger or two in to stimulate me better, if you like," she added, still with her eyes closed and humping herself gently on my finger.

I let my index and third finger enter mom's pussy as well, gently at first, and then started pumping them in and out, the full length of the fingers. The moist flesh there felt wonderful as I did so.

"Ahhh...Ohhhh...Yessssss," mom cried out.

I continued, increasing my pace a little, whilst mom pushed her pussy mound up to meet my forward pushes.

After another minute or two of this, mom cried out and her whole body shook and shuddered for a moment. I felt a small amount of liquid go over my fingers. I guessed mom must have had an orgasm and cum, although I'd never seen a woman's orgasm before.

Mom lay back on the bed still with her eyes closed for a few moment and then said, "Thanks Jacob, I needed that. I hope you'll be able to do that to me with your hard cock next time." She looked down at my prick as she spoke. It was still limp, despite what we had been doing. It was till too soon after my last cum load, although doing what I had been with my fingers had sent the right signals to my dick, which had twitched a bit!

"Tell you what, why don't I go downstairs and get some coffee for us both, and we can drink it up here and talk until we manage to get you going again," said mom.

I nodded in agreement.

Mom got up and put her bathrobe on again, and disappeared out of the room. "I won't be long," she said as she left.


I felt something touch my arm and I rolled over and opened my eyes drowsily. There seemed to be some kind of fabric touching my skin, and then I realised I was on mom's bed with a blanket over me. Mom stood over me next to the bed, shaking me gently on the arm and holding a cup.

"Jacob, you fell asleep, wake up now."

"Oh, sorry mom," I said sleepily. "How long have I been asleep?"

"Over an hour. When I came up with the coffee, you were already dozing away. I didn't want to disturb you as I though a rest would you good," mom winked at me as she said this, "So I went back down again and gave your auntie Jean a call."

"Here, have some coffee now -- it'll wake you up."

I sat up and took the coffee cup from mom. I let the blanket still cover me from the waist down. Mom sat down on the bed facing me, still in her white bathrobe.

I sipped the coffee. It was good and fresh, and I began to shake off my sleepiness.

"Your aunt Jean is doing well and says hello," said mom.

"What made you phone her?" I asked.

"You know I always call her on the weekend," replied mom. "It was just a general catch up chat."

Mom and her sister Jean, who was a couple of years older than mom, were quite close and spoke regularly. Aunt Jean lived on the West Coast, but she and mom would speak on the phone regularly -- at least once or twice a week, and also visit each other several times a year. Aunt Jean lived on her own now, as her husband had died a few years back of a heart attack. They never had kids. Mom was always asking aunt Jean to move closer to us, but she had got so used to where she was, she'd never made the move, so far at least.

Then a thought hit me. ", you haven't said anything to aunt Jean about know.... condition. I know you are very close."

"Mom looked down at the bed for a moment and said, "Well, I haven't gone into any great detail, but I have told her you have some personal medical problem and we and seeing a doctor about it. That's all."

"Oh, well I suppose that's ok then. I would be embarrassed if you had said anything else."

"But Jacob, your aunt Jean is like a second mom to you, I'm sure she would be very concerned and want to see you get well. Of course, I haven't gone into any detail -- certainly not know...our extra little activities, and what we are doing now."

I decided to let the subject drop, although I wasn't quite sure how much mom had told auntie Jean.

I finished the coffee whilst we had been speaking and placed the cup on the bedside table, feeling refreshed and fully awake again.

Mom smiled at me cheekily. "That's better. You've had a good rest now. How are you feeling?"

"Fine" I said. I knew I was ready to cum again, and the slight ache in my balls was telling me I needed to get a load off. "I need to cum again."

Mom smiled and slowly pulled the dark blue blanket, which was covering my crotch and legs, off me, revealing my cock and balls.

She stroked my limp cock gently with her fingers, almost like she was touching something precious. "Mmmm, very nice. I've got so used to seeing your wonderful cock now that I want it much like you want my body. Let's see, what shall we do to get you going again?" Mom straightened up her body a bit, and looked at me intensely with a sparkle in her eyes. The look in her eyes had changed from that of my normal prudish mom, when we had been talking about aunt Jean a moment ago, to something almost like another person, revealing her innermost, wickedly lustful nature which had been suppressed for a long time since dad had left (and I hadn't seen it all yet!).

"Will you wear something sexy for me?" I said.

"Ok, what would you like?"

"Well, I liked you a lot in just your stockings and stiletto's. That would do for now."

Mom though for a moment and said, "Ok, I have some ideas to get you going. Just lie back on the bed, close your eyes so you can't see what I'm doing for a few minutes."

I did as instructed, and lay back, now fully naked, with the blanket removed, with my eyes closed and back against the bed headrest.

I heard mom rummage around in some drawers and then some noises of movement as she must have been putting something on.

My dick was starting to twitch in anticipation.

After about five minutes mom said, "Ok, you can open your eyes now."

I did so, and a delightful sight was in front of me. Mom had removed her bathrobe and was standing in front of me, about two feet from the end of the bed, wearing just black hold up stockings with lace trims and black stiletto's. She had brushed her hair and was wearing deep red lipstick, and a little make up on her face.

She posed for me with one hand on her hip and her large boobs hanging sexily on her chest. Then she turned around to show me her ass and wiggled it from side to side for a minute, making the flesh on her buttocks wobble and jiggle, which she knew always sent me wild with desire. God it looked so good with those black stockings just below!

"Like what you see," she said, teasingly, but firmly, and then turned around. I could sense mom was getting turned on herself by what she was doing.

I whistled my pleasure. "Wow, sure do mom," I replied. My dick became semi hard almost immediately.

"I'm going to pose for you for a bit, and walk around the room so you can appreciate the curves of my body. I know you like doing that from our session in the living room a few days ago. But before I do that there's something I'd like you to do."

"What?" I said, keenly.

Mom held up a stick of lipstick which she had been holding in her hand, which I'd not noticed before.

"I want you to write something on my ass with this lipstick."

I gulped.

"Er...ok...what?" My dick was getting harder by the second.

Mom threw the lipstick on the bed and turned around, presenting her glorious ass to me again.

"Come and sit on the end of the bed so my ass cheeks are level with your face."

I picked up the lipstick and did as asked.

Mom's ass globes looked so hot, especially as her stilettos, made the angle of her butt cheeks stick out more. I had to kiss and lick them.

"Sorry mom, but I just have to do something first." I grabbed the fleshy cheeks with my hands greedily, squeezing them hard and then kissed and licked them, wiping my face over them. Mom moaned with pleasure as I did so.

"God, mom, your ass is so good," I cried out.

After satisfying myself, I said, "Ok, what shall I write?"

"I want you to write in large capital letters, 'S' and 'L' on my left butt cheek, and 'U' and 'T' on my right ass cheek, so it will spell 'SLUT'.

Fuck! I couldn't be; live mom was so dirty minded. It excited me though, and my dick was now rock hard hearing this.

I held the lipstick like it was a large crayon and did as asked, writing a large 'S' and 'L' on one cheek and then the 'U' and 'T' on the other. The letters were in deep red and against the milky white colour of mom's ass cheeks looked really hot!

"Done," I said. "Your ass looks damn hot mom, with that."

"Good," mom replied and wobbled her cheeks for me, standing on the spot. Fuck!

Mom turned around so her back was towards the mirrored cupboard wall and turned her head back so that she could see her butt out of the corner of her eyes.

"Yes, very good," she said satisfied, looking back at me.

"I used to do this with your father and it used to really turn him on."

Mom looked down at my dick and saw it was already hard. She bent down for a moment and gave the cock head a suck, making slurping and licking noises as she did so.

Then, apparently satisfied she said, "I want to tease you some more now. You've been very polite so far. I want you to talk dirty to me again as I pose for you."

Mom started to walk around the room in her stiletto's and stockings with her hand on one hip. Her tits jiggled and wobbled. As she walked away from me, the words 'SLUT' clearly showed on her ass as she sexily swung her hips from side to side. My dick was at full stretch now, seeing this.

"How does my slut ass look as I walk?"

"It looks fucking hot mom," I said, going along with her request to talk dirty and actually feeling what I was saying.

"Would you like to fuck my pussy?"

"You bet," I replied.

"Would you like to fuck me like a dog?"


"Then call me a bitch."

"I want tou fuck you, you dirty bitch," I said and blushed a little.

"What kind of bitch am I?"

"A dirty, slut, whore of a bitch, who likes to swallow my cum."

"Excellent Jacob," replied mom, commandingly. "I am a dirty little whore bitch as you will see. I just love prick, and the taste of cum, and to have your hard juicy cock inside my mouth and pussy."

Then she walked over to where the chairs were and put one let up on the seat cushion and inserted a finger into her pussy, playing with it and looking at me directly in the eyes.

Then she put her leg back on the floor and turned around, placed one hand on each butt check, bend forward and pulled apart her ass cheeks, so I could clearly see her asshole and cunt. Both looked delicious and enticing!

Fuck, that was it!

I got up quickly and knelt behind her and licked and lapped at her asshole and pussy, going from one to other and running my tongue all along her ass crack, up and down.

Then, mom turned, and sat on the chair so my aching hard dick was right in front of her mouth and she started sucking on it, taking it deep into her mouth.

I reached down and fondled her boobs as she did this as they jiggled and wobbled under me. After sucking me for a couple of minutes, mom let go of my prick and said, "Fuck my tits."

Mom held up her boobs for me and wrapped them around my rock hard dick as I fucked in between the fleshy mounds. Man, this was tit-fucking heaven!

After a few minutes of this I said, I don't want to cum like this, let's fuck now.

Mom stood up and walked over to the bed.

She got on her hands an knees facing away from the head end of the bed, so that her face was towards the mirrored cupboard wall. In this pose she said. "Now come and fuck my ass off, whilst you watch yourself fucking me in the mirrors."

Fuck! What an invitation. My dick was raging at this thought and I clambered onto the bed behind mom, and ran my dick all along her ass crack and slapped her buttocks a few times. Then, seeing that her gaping cunt lips looked so inviting I inserted the tip of my cock head in slowly, going deeper, until I was about half way in. I felt mom's pussy walls clamp onto my dick and I moved back out and the thrust in again, this time going deeper to the hilt.

Soon we were going at it full pelt, as I thrust in and out, slapping myself against moms ass cheeks as I fucked her pussy hard. I looked up at the mirrored wall and could see mom's tits hanging under her, wobbling and flapping like crazy, forwards and backwards as I thrust into her and she pushed herself back towards me. It looked damned, fucking hot!

I started moaning and mom hearing me said, "Yes, fuck me, fuck me you dirty mother pussy loving bastard."

"Yes, bitch" I cried out, "Take it all, yes..."

We carried on like this for what seemed like ages, watching myself fucking mom from behind in the mirrors was the most incredible sight and she was just loving it -- I could see this from the contorted looks on ger face and the moans of pleasure and delight she was making.

After what seemed like ages, I finally cried out, "I'm cumming...Ahhh....Ahhh...Ahhhh.......and came deep inside her, spurting wave after wave. Mom seemed to orgasm almost at the same time as she screamed out, and her body shook and shuddered violently beneath me. Finally, we both collapsed in a heap on the bed, still moaning and groaning with pleasure.

To be continued...

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