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Mechanical Bull Show


My normally conservative wife is a closet exhibitionist, especially when she drinks. The occasional alcoholic drink to her is the one true aphrodisiac, the more she drinks, the hornier she can get. The hornier she gets the more she enjoys flirting and teasing other guys, which turns her on even more, which makes for great sex for me. She figures that teasing is fun and harmless, particularly since I don't mind, but she insists that she would not have sex with anyone other than me because she is afraid it would ultimately destroy our relationship.

Betty has a very cute, smiling face, blonde hair and a great body with full, large breasts. She knows she attracts attention, even when she's dressed conservatively. While I enjoy watching guys looking at Betty and encourage her to dress in her sexy, revealing outfits, she normally dresses attractively, but conservatively. When she's not in the mood, it's can be difficult to talk her into wearing sexy outfits. Normally she tells me that she is very satisfied just noticing a man's approving sideways glance.

I help her fantasize during foreplay for sex, and have learned over time that she gets turned on the most whenever I talk about exposing herself to strange men. Some of the best fantasies for her are getting into a situation where young, inexperienced men watch her naked while they masturbate, or a situation where she is helpless to prevent a group of horny young guys from exploring her body. While most of these fantasies remain in the bedroom, occasionally circumstances come together to allow some wild things to happen, as I have related in other stories of our experiences. When I play on these fantasies, she is more inclined to wear the revealing little outfits that I'm always buying her, usually if she wants to turn me on for the evening, and especially when we are away from home.

Once she gets turned-on, usually with the help of a few drinks, my conservative wife can change into a teasing exhibitionist, willing to show herself off and excited at making horny men lust for her. She will innocently let the wind blow her skirt up, bend over in a short skirt to show her panties or display her breasts, wear slightly shear skirts with no slip, or let a bikini top slip.

Circumstances started to come together one evening recently when Betty and I stopped off to check out a new up-scale shopping/entertainment mall complex about 15 miles from our house that included several restaurants, nightclubs, bars and upscale shops. As we strolled around we came to a large restaurant and bar that featured a mechanical bull near the entrance, between the huge bar area and the restaurant area.

Watching from outside by the large front window, we were very amused watching a guy getting bounced around and then thrown from the bull to the very thickly padded floor. Intrigued by this unusual entertainment, we went into the bar for a few drinks to watch more people ride the bull.

There were some girls and a lot of guys in the large bar area and standing around one side of the bull pit watching the action. Dinner patrons were seated around the other side of the bull pit and beyond watching the show while they ate. The bull was also visible to people walking by outside who stopped at the large front window to watch as we had. Surprisingly, more than half of the riders turned out to be girls, some very sexy, and several pretty drunk, many coming in from or going to the other nearby dance clubs and bars. Most of the girls put on a sexy show for their boyfriends or the guys at the bar rather than challenge the bucking bull. The bull's operator was very adept at making the bull move more gently for the girls in ways to display their attributes or violently to throw the macho guys off.

The nice thing about living in South Florida is the way girls dress all year, but especially in the summertime. Sexy, revealing little casual outfits that you would occasionally see in the summer up north are typical wear down here all the time. After watching awhile, I noticed that the guys became more attentive and moved closer to the bull pit whenever a girl in a promising outfit volunteered. It soon became apparent that the operator was very talented at moving the bull in just the right ways to intentionally jiggle or expose their breasts, and raise any skirts. Girls just arriving didn't seem to watch the action closely enough to figure out what the operator was capable of, but most of the guys picked up on it quickly.

I watched the operator swing one very large breasted girl with no bra quickly back and forth , and up and down to make her huge breasts swing wildly inside her shirt for the guy's enjoyment. Whenever she tried to hold her breasts with her arm the operator would buck the bull enough that she'd have to grab for the strap and again free her breasts. This was the routine he used on all of the big chested girls that volunteered. He bounced another girl with a low cut top up and down quickly enough that one breast popped completely out of the top to the cheers of the guys. He was adept at moving the bull enough so that the girls had to hang on and could not get a hand free to cover their exposure, but gently enough so as not to throw them off too quickly or frighten other girls who were deciding whether to ride or not.

I was very surprised when one well built girl in a snuggly fitting, long dress, who had been dining toward the back of the restaurant walked up and volunteered to ride (probably on a bet from her husband or date coupled with the alcohol). The smile on the operator's face told me he was going to enjoy giving her a ride. The assistant helped her up onto the bull with only a brief flash of thigh. She carefully tucked her skirt under her in the back and between her legs and securely held onto the strap before the operator started gently rolling the bull around. Suddenly the bull lurched repeatedly forward and back, which caused her dress to creep out from under her. The bull then pitched slowly forward and back, but just fast enough to raise her ass off of the bull and cause her skirt to ride up. Each time she pitched forward she lifted up to expose her very brief panties and well formed cheeks from the back. She vainly tried to keep pulling her dress down as it inched toward her waist, but couldn't because the operator would give her an extra lurch sideways which made her keep grabbing for the strap. He pitched the bull's head toward the floor and tail up which threw her forward, lying on the bull's head. As he swung the bull quickly around, the force held her in this position with her skirt up to her waist, her butt raised and panties completely exposed. As she turned, unable to sit back up, all the guys in the bar area cheered loudly and the dinner patrons got a good view. She finally slipped off and fell to the deeply padded floor with her legs spread and her skirt at her waist giving everyone a final good show as she struggled to get up.

I found it particularly erotic when a girl with jeans, a very transparent blouse and half cup bra got on. The guys did not crowd around the bull pit initially because the outfit did not appear all that promising for any exposure. After moving her around seductively for a minute, the experienced operator bounced her rapidly up and down which caused her breasts to pop out of the top of her bra. Her nipples were clearly on display through the transparent top with her breasts held up by the supporting bra cups. Despite the cheer that arose, she was completely unaware of her exposure as he continued moving her slowly and seductively for several more minutes and turning her so that everyone got a long look. Seeing her nipples openly on display to the crowd without her being aware was a huge turn on.

I was standing at the bar, tall enough to see all the action over the guy's heads standing around the bull pit. Betty was seated on the bar stool and couldn't see over the guys as well and didn't pick up on the amount of exposure actually going on, or how well the operator could cause it. She did notice though that the girls in the sexier outfits were getting a lot of cheers and attention form the guys. What she had not picked up on was that the guy's cheers were the loudest in response to the girls being exposed.

I was very turned on for the next two weeks thinking about seeing the girls being helplessly exposed on the bull. I was fantasizing a lot about seeing Betty exposed on the bull in front of the room full of men. I was having doubts that I could ever talk her into getting on the bull since she had seen some of the men thrown violently off.

During foreplay for sex, I talked about how sexy the girls had looked on the bull, and how much of a turn on it must be for them to have all those men getting hard watching them display themselves. Laying there after some great sex, I talked casually about the mechanical bull, reinforcing the idea that there were two standards- a rough ride for the men and a gentle, complementary ride for the girls who wanted to act sexy on the bull. I told her that I had noticed that the sexier the girl tried to act, the gentler the operator was to encourage her. This wasn't completely true, because the operator had moved some of the girls very aggressively if he thought he could expose them.

I told her what an especially strong turn on it had been seeing one girls panties exposed to all the guys and the other girls breasts moving around in her blouse. I told her the loudest cheer had been when one girl's nipple had briefly come into view. I knew the idea of getting a room full of men turned on would an exciting fantasy for her to think about. I didn't mention the girl's breasts being completely exposed for an extended time since she hadn't seen that over the guys in front of her and I didn't want her realizing how exposing the ride could be.

Two weeks later we were going out to see a concert by one of our favorite performers at the auditorium and the route would take us near the restaurant with the bull. I was turned on about the possibility of visiting it again and was fantasizing all the time about somehow getting Betty drunk enough to talk her into getting on the bull.

With the possibility in mind, I coaxed Betty into wearing a very short, and sexy sundress that she knew really turns me on. The dress was cut exceptionally well for her body and hid the slight bulge of her tummy so well that she felt very confident and sexy when wearing it (Is any women every satisfied with how flat their tummy is?) It was a soft material, tight fitting at the hips, with a very short flaring skirt that showed off her long shapely legs. The two thin straps held up a low neckline that revealed a lot of her exciting, braless cleavage. The dress buttoned up the front with spherical pearl buttons. I especially liked how easily I could pop the small buttons open with one hand while driving when I reached in to feel her wonderful full breast and hard nipple. The only problem with the dress was that a button would sometimes pop open in the middle where it was tight at her hips or the second button from the top from the strain of her full breasts.

While she was applying her makeup, I went into her drawer and pulled out a pair of very shear thong panties that I had recently bought her. She felt sexy wearing them and knew that I would get turned on imagining them the whole evening and would also cope a feel of her bare ass once in a while.

I started working on her early on the way to the concert, slipping my hand under her little skirt and lightly touching her crotch. I pulled out the "pocket rocket" vibrator that I keep in the car and held the head against her clit for a few miles as she sat with her legs obligingly wide open. Her pussy was swollen and panties wet by the time we reached the auditorium.

There was a light breeze blowing as we walked from the parking area up to the auditorium and I knew the guys walking behind us were getting quick glimpses of her beautifully bare cheeks. Inside we had to ascend an open stairway to get to our seats. As we turned at the landing and headed up the second flight, I glanced down at the people coming up the first flight. I was envious of the incredible view that two or three of the guys were getting as they looked up Betty's short dress.

I stopped at the bar before going to our seats to order us some drinks. When she asked for a light wine, I whined. I talked her into a stronger drink saying that I wanted both of us to get loose for some especially good sex later. At the intermission I got her a double drink on the pretext that I didn't want to wait in line if it wasn't enough.

As I expected, she got a little buzzed on the drinks since we had only had a light snack before going to the concert. After fighting the traffic to get back out to the highway, I suggested we stop for a bite at the restaurant with the mechanical bull for some entertainment while we ate and maybe stop in at one of the nightclubs. She agreed, which started my pulse racing a little faster. Step one was working. I reached across and slipped my hand into the top of her dress and caressed her hard nipple as we drove. I undid the top button to expose more cleavage. I whined when she started to re-button it before leaving the car. She said that the top was revealing enough buttoned, but finally agreed to leave it unbuttoned for me after saying that "you're never satisfied".

When we arrived, we had to wait for a table so I bought each of us a drink at the bar. I saw guys checking her out with looks that said, "God please let her ride the bull". Without asking I ordered her a Manhattan which gets her loose pretty quickly. A table was ready by the time we finished the drink. At the table I ordered a second round of drinks. She knows that sex is really good when we are both tipsy so she went along with me ordering another Manhattan. She is careful about her weight so she ordered a large salad for dinner, which I knew wouldn't offset the alcohol very much. Before she could protest, I ordered a refill as soon as she finished her drink.

My seat was directly facing the bull and she had to turn a little to watch, so I was selectively calling her attention to the bull riders. I pointed out a hot looking girl in shorts who got on the bull facing backwards with her feet on the bulls back and acted very seductive as the bull moved slowly around and up and down. She shook her chest back and forth to the guys cheering and dropped her legs down on either side of the bull. With both hands on the bulls back, she moved her crotch back and forth on its back and gave the guys a suggestive look. Betty commented on how sexy the girl's performance was and how horny the guys were acting. She was talking a little louder than normal and I could tell she was feeling the drinks quite a bit. The operator gave the girl a long ride and let her hop off gently when she was finished.

I ordered another Manhattan as I finally started Step 2 when I suggested that she could make them a whole lot hornier than that girl had and that I 'd really get turned on watching her up there. She laughed and said no way was she getting on that bull in this outfit. She said that she was a little drunk and knew that she would make a fool of herself falling off the bull. She also protested that the dress was too short and would show too much as she got on and off. "So what", I said, working on her fantasy. "I'd get really horny if they got a quick flash of your bare ass and you'd send a lot of guys home with a hard on thinking about it." I knew that would play to her fantasy.

As she watched other riders, I noticed that her legs had fallen open pretty wide and she was leaning on the table supporting her head in her hand. Her skirt had ridden up so high that she was drawing a lot of attention from the guy at the next table. I knew she was feeling the drinks pretty good, and from experience knew she should be very horny by now.

I kept suggesting how excited the guys would get from her teasing them on the bull. She laughed and argued that they wanted to watch young girls not an old lady like her. "Bullshit," I said, "You may be 34 but you're better built that most of the other girls here and a lot sexier. I guarantee you you'll make most of those guys hard watching".

As she sipped some of the fourth drink, I pointed out a young girl who was obviously very drunk getting onto the bull. She also had a sundress on, but longer than my Betty's. The operator was aware of how drunk she was and had to give her a pretty gentle ride to keep her on the bull. He stopped whenever she started sliding off the side to let her pull herself back up. He managed to get her on her back briefly, which exposed her crotch as he swung her around, but she managed to sit back up, swung her leg across and jumped down after a fairly short ride.

I pointed out how much drunker that girl had been and that she did just fine. "Come on, do it." She laughed and said, " I don't know" which was better than "no way". I told her that I had noticed that people tipped the operator before getting onto the bull. If the tip was small he apparently gave a rougher ride in retribution. I told her I would tip him $10 to make sure she got a gentle ride. I suggested that it would really excite me if she should look me in the eyes the whole time she was riding and give me her sexiest moves. She still said, "I don't know", which encouraged me since it wasn't "no".

After she drank more of her drink, I said lets go up and I'll ride the bull. She laughed really hard and said "This I have to see". I held her arm as we walked over and could feel her weaving a little so I knew her judgment wouldn't be good. When we got to the sign-in area I saw all eyes go to her, daring to hope that she might ride. We moved into the roped off area for the riders and I asked to sign up. The assistant gave me the "at your own risk form" to sign. I walked over to the operator who was looking at Betty and grinning. I held up a $5 bill in my hand and told him that if he made sure that I got a gentle ride, we may be able to get her up there. He smiled widely and said "absolutely."

As I took off my shoes, I noticed the crowd started building around the wall of the bull pit as guys crowded in from the bar area and some walked over from the dining area. Since they were eagerly checking her out, I realized they were anticipating that Betty was going to ride since she was standing inside the roped off area with me.

When the previous rider finished, I walked across the thick padding and jumped up on the bull. I smiled at Betty as the bull ride started and saw her laughing back at me. As the bull slowly pitched forward and back, I found it very easy holding the strap between my legs with my other arm up in the air. I had to be getting the easiest ride any guy got all night. When it stopped, I swung my leg across and hopped down.

"Your turn," I said as I stepped out of the pit and noticed the number of guys crowding the bull pit. "It was easy."

" OK, you're next," the operator said, gesturing toward the bull.

"I don't think so," she said to him, handing me my shoes. Enough guys standing close to us heard her remark and started cheering for her to ride. She broke into an embarrassed grin as the guys kept cheering her- "come on! come on! Go!Go!"! The operator also coaxed her. "There's nothing to it, give it a try."

She looked at me grinning and said, "I don't know about this". I could see her nipples standing out through her dress as hard as rocks. I knew she was getting very turned on from the guys cheering and really did want to tease them on the bull. I leaned in close and said "do it for me".

Grinning beautifully, she hesitated a moment before saying, "Oh all right, but you better tip him good".

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