tagFetishMed Testing Lab Assignment

Med Testing Lab Assignment


It's been a long day for me. The Medical Testing Lab where I work has had me running all day long - picking up specimens at various Doctor's offices in the area.

When I throw open the door, I notice that there are two nurses inside...

One, an older brunette, is barking orders and giving instructions with a very confident authoritative air to the other nurse - a young intern who seems a bit shy and inexperienced.

"You have got to get over that bashfulness and learn to be professional about this," I heard her saying. "let's face it, if you're going to be a nurse then you must be able to handle many intimate situations with a complete stranger - in this case, the patient." The young blond stared at the floor, listening.

"There's no need to be embarrassed, just concentrate on the procedures." They hadn't seen me come in yet, and as I walked slowly closer she continued:

"I will walk you through step by step in some of the more delicate procedures involving male genitalia and such... and mind you, this will be strictly confidential - the Academy must not know. But since you have such an earnest desire to be an RN, I'll be your mentor to help you through these 'social' difficulties."

I shuffled my feet approaching the two making a little sound and they both looked up, startled.

"Hi, I'm from the Med Testing Lab..." I said, trying to not let on what I'd just overheard.

"Oh yes, do come in" said the head nurse, "I want to offer an idea."

She made polite introductions, "This is Mia our new trainee, and I'm Olga Veltfort."

"Brad Connors, pleased to meet you" said I, "I'm supposed to make an emergency pick up..."

"Yes yes, I called in the request...so glad you're able to be here after hours."

I couldn't help staring at her voluptuous figure in that full proper nurses uniform. She sounded in complete control as she continued: "Can you spare us a few minutes of your time? - we need a 'model patient' for a private instructional demo-exam... if you will oblige us, I can promise you a good word to your boss... And believe me, I carry a goodly amount of respect - over 20 years in this medical community - why, you might even get a raise..!"

"Well I don't know...er, uh.." I stammered.

"Oh please Mr. Connors, you can trust me, and Mia needs this, as finals are to be next week."

"Well I guess so..."

"Excellent! Good boy! -thank you. Now I must advise you that this will be a very thorough examination... Some procedures you might find embarrassing, uncomfortable, or even a bit painful, but rest assured we know what we're doing and we'll not harm you in any way."

With that, nurse Olga showed me over to a stand-up locker and told me to remove all clothing and don a hospital gown "for modesty". It was a hot August night, even the gown seemed a little too warm, and I noticed Mia's white uniform was unbuttoned and she wasn't wearing stockings. Just bare legs and feet in thin strapped sandals. She glanced furtively around avoiding eye contact as I walked toward them, and she purposely dodged any glance at my growing tent-pole neath the gown.

Nurse Olga on the other hand, looked straight at it. She seemed to take perverse pleasure in observing the tell tale signs of my arousal, assessing my condition with relish.

"Step on the scale, please" and I was then measured for height, weight, blood pressure as well as stethoscope - which entailed Olga putting her arm up under the front of the gown, so for several intense moments my throbbing hardon stuck out fully exposed, jumping and twitching at odd intervals. All the while, nurse Veltfort continued to gaze unabashedly at this proud purple headed soldier standing at attention.

Her hands brushed up and down my abdomen - smoothly exploring all around with a firmness and authority I find hard to describe.

"Alright now, if you'll step over to the table and lean over on your elbows... that's right, now spread your feet apart.." I did, and then saw Mia handing her a thermometer which was lubed then slowly pushed into my tender little bung-hole.

"We need to leave it in at least five minutes... so while we're waiting Mia, I want you to come around here and observe while I do a testicle check."

As I mentioned it was a very warm evening - my balls were hanging loose and low. Nurse Olga took a hold of my sac, pulled it outwards and rolled the heavy orbs around and around, pinching and squeezing now and then.

"We mainly want to check for any lumps or irregularities," she instructed, "But also this is a good chance for you to get familiar with male anatomy... you can feel a long oval-shaped structure attached to the upper surface of each testicle.."

Mia, being behind me and out of view, now assumed a more scientific attitude and carefully took each nugget in hand, rolling between thumb and forefinger.

"These are the excretory ducts of the testes," explained Olga, "You can also feel the spermatic cords..."

"..referred to as the Vas Deferens in your anatomy diagram. they carry the newly manufactured sperm to the Seminal Vesicle and the Prostate gland."

Mia's curiosity was getting the better of her shyness as she went on feeling and pinching lightly with shaky hands saying, "I'm not sure..."

"That's okay," said Olga, "Go ahead... feel with a little more pressure, take your time, locate the Epididymus and the cords... This is not hurting the patient, is it Mr. Connors?"

"Uhn, no, it's okay" I grunted. Of course, 'Mr. Happy' was fully that, twitching and also dripping precum, rigid underneath me as I leaned over the table. I hoped they didn't notice.

"Very good" said Olga, "Now Mia, once you've found these anatomical features, I want you to circle his scrotum with thumb and finger, then pull downwards slowly, gently increasing the strength." Mia stopped momentarily.

"You should learn this," Olga went on, "The scrotum itself contains very few nerve endings and you'd be surprised how hard you can squeeze and pull, as long as you're not putting acute pressure on the testicles..." "Actually, you can pinch the skin part as hard as you can, and he will feel very little pain." Mia listened with extreme interest. "Let me demonstrate," Olga reached down and took about a half inch of scrotal skin and began to compress harder and harder until it was well apparent this was enough to bruise most any other part of the body - and yet I felt little pain, which only added to my feverish excitement at the moment.

"You see, that didn't hurt very much," the nurse continued, "however if I were to take and pop a finger directly onto one of his testicles, even very lightly, it would be excruciating - he'd be limping for days!"

Mia's head started to swim as she took in all this, and she began to feel a new found power and exhilaration...

"Go ahead now" urged nurse Olga. And with that, Mia took charge like never before, gripping the neck of my scrotum she tugged down so hard I thought something might snap. It really didn't hurt that much, just blew my mind how far the whole package would stretch... Actually it felt kinda good.

She pulled and released, up down up down, each time harder than before... I just buried my head in arms folded on the table thinking now there's no way I'm gonna be able to hide my total erotic bliss. By now I had been to the brink of orgasm so many times without any direct stroking, I was wondering what they'd do if I were to spurt all over the floor. From my position I could get the occasional glance at their legs - Mia's, bare and slender in hi-heeled sandals, Nurse Olga's in traditional white stockings with seams... I kept straining to catch a glimpse of the garters and the 'whites of her thighs'.

"Mm-hmm yes that's it," said Olga, "I see you're getting into it, but we must move on..."

"We need to check his prostate and prep him for the enema, so why don't you remove the thermometer and log in his temp."

Mia stopped the ball-pulling (with what I could've sworn was a caress) then all businesslike, took the thermometer from my rear, went over to the desk and wrote it down saying, "He's normal."

"Alright very good," said Olga, "Now we shall examine his prostate before we do the enema series." "This will be a checkup, we're not going to milk him for a semen sample just yet... but I do want you to be able to locate and determine the health condition of the prostate gland."

As Mia walked over I heard them both putting on rubber gloves...

***to be continued

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