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Medical Matters


She turned off the engine of her Mercedes SLK and touched up her makeup in the mirror, when she was happy she looked perfect she opened the door and slid off the leather seat, smoothing down her pencil skirt as she started to walk to the hospital entrance. The silken tops of her stockings slid past each other and her Christian Louboutin heels clicked on the floor as she strode into the lobby, nodding briefly to some of the staff then into her lift and up to the executive office suite which occupied the whole of the top floor. She opened the door to her office and sank into her plush leather chair with an irritated sigh, at least her secretary had put the latte on her desk ready for her arrival.

As she checked her appointments for the day a cold smile curved her glossy lips, another meeting about monies for the new operating theatre equipment, dull and boring except for the fact she knew they were desperate for the new kit, and she held control of the purse strings! It was a power thing, she knew they hated and despised her, just a NHS manager, but only she could release the funds for them and with too many departments chasing limited finances she had really grown to enjoy this part of her job.

She wriggled slightly in her chair, thinking ahead to the delights to come later that morning; she always looked perfect and sexy, the medical staff didn't have the polish and gloss she had, and she took every opportunity to flaunt herself in front of them, she'd seen enough of the doctors trying to hide their stiffening erections to know the effect she had on them. The fact that they loathed and detested her made the effect even more exciting!

So in about an hours time she would lock the office door and allow the head of the department to persuade her that his cause deserved the money, she was already starting to get wet thinking about what she was going to be enjoying. Forcing herself to focus she worked through a few emails and checked some figures, all the while keenly aware of the excitement growing inside her; as the morning wore on she realised that it was time to start getting ready for the meeting.

In her private en-suite bathroom she checked herself again in the mirror, making a few minor repairs, then she slid out of her damp panties and into a fresh pair, gasping as the satin brushed against her sensitised labia, she straightened her stocking seams and checked that her deadly six heels looked perfect. Gazing at herself in the full-length mirror she was very pleased with what she saw, a severely tailored jacket, a very tight pencil skirt just too long and restricting to be readily acceptable for the office, a tight satin blouse, it's creamy material stretched over her large breasts, open a button too far, the killer heels, make-up perfect, lips feeling thick and heavy with lust and lipstick, nails painted, buffed and pointed. She was so ready and the time was going so slowly, 5 minutes still to wait, she quickly looked around her office, yes, everything was ready for her pleasure.

The intercom buzzed and her secretary announced the visitor, she settled back in her chair, the leather cradling her body as she forced herself to relax, listening to the footsteps come down the long corridor to her office. A knock on the door.

"Enter," she called out.

In he came, her victim for the morning, Professor Peter James, Head of the Department of Microsurgery.

"Please sit down Professor," she said

She gestured to the chair on the other side of her large desk, standing up to greet him. Unsettled almost at once by her warmth and friendliness as he sat down she could already see how his plan for the meeting had been undermined, now all she had to do was wait until the right moment to make her move. As she listened to him prattle on about how important his department was and how much the money would mean for his patients she could already feel her pussy getting wet again and she knew that it was almost time.

"Professor," she interrupted "I've heard all these arguments before, more importantly the same ones from all the departments!"

He looked glum, this was going to be so delicious!

She continued, "You know exactly what I need from you in order to release funds, you've known for some time time, are you in a position to deliver?"

"This is immoral, unethical and bloody well illegal too you know!" he snapped, his whole body tight with tension.

She got up from her chair and strutted round her desk, standing in front of him, she ran her hands down her hips, smoothing out the material of her tight pencil skirt; she could feel her excitement rising.

"The only things that matter Professor are that you can't touch me, unless I tell you to of course!" she laughed briefly, "and how much you want this money. It's very simple really, I'm sure a man of your education can appreciate the options open to him, you give me what I want, I give you what you want."

She was so intensely aroused by the situation that her legs were starting to tremble, he had no choice, she was going to get the ultimate power trip, a Professor, wealthy, successful and highly regarded, was going to have to abase himself before her, to grovel and give her what she demanded. She was hated and despised by the medical staff, she knew they loathed her but now she was going to enjoy bringing one of them down so much!

She could see that the fight was going out of him, she turned and flaunted her gorgeous body in front of him, running her hands over her breasts and hips, bending over slightly to push her perfect arse towards him as she slid her hands around the tight curve of her buttocks. She could see him start to harden.

"Oh come on Professor, just look at me, it's hardly going to be unpleasant for you is it? You know I'm gorgeous and whatever you may say your body has already betrayed your feelings," she gloated.

Pointing one long painted finger at the bulge in his trousers she continued, "You want me, you've always wanted me," she raised her voice, overriding his protestations, "and now you are going to get your chance to have me."

She ran her tongue over her lush lips, she could feel they were thicker and heavier with lust as she got more turned on.

"Well maybe not have me as such, more serve me like a slave," she snickered, her voice getting husky as she could feel her body aching for it's pleasure.

She pulled her chair out from behind her desk, reached behind herself and slowly undid the long zip of her skirt, stepping out of it as the material pooled at her feet. She sat back into her chair and opened her thighs wide. Running her tongue over her engorged lips she looked at him through heavy lidded eyes, as she expected, he was fixed, gazing at her with lust; she crooked a long finger and pointed at her heels.

"Crawl over here Professor and show me just how much you deserve this money," she ordered.

As he sank to his knees and began to crawl towards her she could feel wetness seeping out of her pussy, her nipples had gown large and she was breathless with expectant lust; as he approached she open her thighs further and beckoned him in towards the slip of satin that covered her pussy.

Her voice was husky with desire, "Lick me Professor, use you eloquent tongue and lick me to an orgasm. If you give me the orgasm I want then you will have earned your place at the top of the funding league."

One polished fingernail slipped under the wet satin of her panties and pulled them to one side, exposing her pussy lips, engorged with blood and wet with her juices. He stretched his face towards her and her other hand grabbed hold of his hair and pulled him into her, she groaned under her breath as she felt the first contact of his tongue on her labia.

"Lick me Professor, that's all you have to do," she gasped as she settled back more comfortably into the chair and tugged on his hair to bring his mouth into position.

A low moan filled the office as she felt his tongue start to run up and down her pussy and flicking across her throbbing clit.

"Oh yes Professor, just like that," she moaned as she started to twist on the chair, waves of delicious pleasure radiating out from where he was servicing her.

She pulled him deeper into her, her gasps of becoming louder and more frantic as he worked deeper into her burning cunt. She pushed her hips forwards and raised her legs, crossing them behind his head so her silken stockings forced him even deeper into her, he was gasping and gagging for breath as her juices flowed freely and her aching cunt suffocated him. Apart from his lapping tongue, her dominance over him, her cruelty and the role reversal thrilled her, she was going to take such pleasure in his humiliation!

She could feel her orgasm approaching, desperate and needy she ground herself against his mouth, pulling viciously at his hair, crushing his head into her with her stocking clad legs. She was writhing and arching on the chair now, panting and drooling with lust, her glossy lips gleaming with spittle as the physical need to cum overtook her and the emotional control and power made her tremble. One hand clawed at her breasts, dragging long pointed nails over and over her hard, aching nipples, making herself cry out with pain and pleasure as she felt the hard sharp edges rake over them.

Frantic, desperate, feeling it so close she whimpered with the need to cum, the feeling starting to ride up inside her like a tsunami, the potential for explosive pleasure, but not quite realised yet. She needed more, to humiliate him verbally, to bring herself right to the edge; her face twisted into a lustful snarl of disgust.

"Oh yes, just there my little cunt slave," she hissed through clenched teeth as she rode his mouth closer and closer to her orgasm. "Not so high and mighty now are you? Crawling at my feet, pleasuring me, under my sexy high heels."

A groan interrupted her venom as another wave of pleasure washed through her.

She continued to verbally abuse the man between her thighs, "Think you're so much better than me don't you, you damn doctors! I see you sneering and whispering about me, just cos you think you're so clever! But I know you all want me, I know when you go home and fuck your little plain wife she can't understand why you are so horny, but I know, it's because you are thinking of me! It's my body writhing underneath you in your bedroom isn't it Professor, my glory that you dream of fucking when you screw her! You'll never have me you shit, know that, I will always be using you like this and you'll be begging me, will do anything for me to let you do this again."

She broke off as another wave of intense pleasure ripped through her, she didn't know anymore if it was his tongue or her cruel tormenting of him that was bringing her closer to cumming. She gasped and struggled to regain control of herself, she needed just a couple more things to complete her plan, to make this perfect

"Get down onto the floor slave, lie down on your back for me," she commanded as she struggled to bring herself under control, holding back the pleasure that was about to engulf her, struggling as she was on the verge of an explosion.

She struggled to her feet, her muscles twitching, fluttering, slid her panties off and stepped out of them, then she strutted across to her desk in her heels, wetness oozing down the inside of her thighs, feeling his eyes gazing at her perfect body. She bent over her desk, her heels, stocking seams and perfect arse making him grunt with excitement, and pulled out a long slim white cigarette and lit it, standing above him, looking down at her slave as she breathed in the smoke, looking at her lipstick stain on the filter tip. She took another long drag and blew out a long stream of cigarette smoke, she could feel her potential orgasm still towering inside her and knew it was time.

"Now is your chance Professor, pleasure me as best you can slave and let's see how well you can do," she snarled down at him. She knelt down over his face and settled herself above his waiting mouth, sneering at his hard, jerking cock.

"Now do it slave, use your tongue and lick me!" she snarled, desperate to cum.

She pushed herself down onto his face and felt his tongue dive deep inside her aching pussy, she balanced herself with one hand on his chest while the other held her cigarette, dragging on it hard when his tongue and mouth hit the spot. Her silken clad thighs tightened as her body spasmed in lust.

"Fucking harder slave, deeper, lick me deeper, oh god yes, right there, THERE!" she shouted as the muscles deep in her hot soaking wet vagina started to tremble.

Oh the pleasure of having him underneath her like this! Wealthy, educated, privileged and now gagging for breath as she used him to bring herself off, the bitch with no status, no wealthy upbringing, forcing this man to demean himself like this, she didn't know what was going to make her cum first, his tongue or the wicked joy of breaking him!

Her berating of her slave degenerated into a stream of abuse and urgent commands as she started to feel herself lose control as his tongue continued it's work. Fucking his mouth, ignoring his moans of pain as he struggled to breath she pushed herself down onto his face even harder and forced her hips forwards again and again as her back arched, her head tipped back and a cry ripped from her throat as the huge orgasm finally hit her. She ground herself even harder down onto him, choking him as she gave herself over to her own pleasure completely; arching and writhing, moaning with the intensity of it as she took her pleasure from the humiliation of her victim and the spasms running through her body.

Looking down as she rode his tongue she could see his cock straining to burst and waving in the air as he struggled underneath her, she knew knew she could bring him to explosive orgasm with one touch and the cruel pleasure of his denial brought on another wave of orgasm rushing through her, collapsing her onto his chest and stomach as she lost control, her huge engorged nipples rubbing against him through the taut satin of her blouse bringing on yet another wave of pleasure. She writhed across his body, arching her back and grinding herself against him as her whole body was engulfed in waves of ecstasy.

As she began to regain control of herself she struggled to her feet and slumped in her chair, waves of orgasm running through her; she waved the man out of her office, and closed her eyes to enjoy every last moment of pleasure. Minutes passed as she wallowed in sensual pleasure, slowly coming back to the real world. She struggled upright in the chair, breathing hard and twitching every so often as a delayed shock ran through her pussy. It seemed to take forever for the orgasms to finally finish running through her body, the last shivers slowly faded away as she lay panting in her leather chair, overwhelmed by the climax she had given herself. Her eyes found her schedule for the day and she smiled, Professor Diana Morgan was pencilled in for after lunch, another budgetary meeting; not unattractive and very desperate for money, she wondered what the professor would look like kneeling on the floor with her arse in the air as the cold hard heel of a Christian Louboutin shoe penetrated deep into her virgin anus?

She loved her job!

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