tagNonConsent/ReluctanceMedicine Ch. 01

Medicine Ch. 01


I awoke with the same strange feelings I'd had so many times before. My head spinning, my vagina wet and slightly sore, that strange yet pleasant salty taste in my mouth...no that's not quite right, strange and delicious would be closer to the truth.

Licking my lips I sat up feeling slightly dazed as the familiar sight of the doctor's room swam into focus. There he was, as he always was, sat behind his desk writing notes and seemingly ignoring me.

"Well done Sarah, your treatment is progressing well." Doctor Percival looked at me over his thick lensed glasses and smiled, "Do you feel well enough to go home now?"

I nodded still blinking slightly, those glasses made his eyes look so large and strange.

"Still feeling slightly disoriented I see, that is quite normal. Take a few moments and leave when you feel you are ready my dear."

I smiled wanly at the doctor as he returned his attention to the papers on his desk in front of him, his wrinkled old hand gripping his pen firmly and writing with quick scratchy strokes. Examining his heavy jowled face, I noticed it was quite wet with sweat and a few beads ran down his forehead which he quickly wiped away with a large white handkerchief. How odd, the room was neither warm nor cold but just right and certainly not warm enough to make anyone sweat, not even a fat old man like Doctor Percival.

He looked at me again and smiled, but this time his smile was slightly more forced. "Come now my girl, I have other appointments and you must be getting home."

The old man stood and walked across the room towards me, my gaze still fixed at the same height, now came to rest on his enormous belly. He looked like he was pregnant and for some reason this struck me as hysterically funny. I stifled my laugh and looked down as he came closer.

Helping me up he ushered me towards the office door, "I will see you at the same time next Friday Sarah, goodbye until then."

And with that the door was closed and I was on my way home.


"How was it today my dear?" My mother sat as pale and stern and seemingly disinterested as she ever did, looking at me only briefly before continuing to read her book. "Does the doctor say that you are making progress?"

"Yes mother, he told me that my treatment is progressing well...although..."

"Although what?" she looked at me sharply.

"Well, I don't know what it is I'm being treated for or..."

"We've been through this before Sarah," my mother snapped. "You must trust the judgement of both Doctor Percival and myself. You are in the most capable hands and must trust your doctor entirely. Is that quite clear?"

I nodded, "Yes mother."

"Good girl," she acknowledged once more returning to her book. "Dinner won't be for another hour so go to your room and amuse yourself for a while, practice with your new toy."

My mother looked at me briefly and gave me a cold smile, I blushed slightly and turned away feeling her eyes on me as I left the room. I climbed the stairs, squeezing past the huge frame of Doris our maid, and looked at the portrait of my dead father and gave him a smile. How I wished I could sit on his knee again and talk to him.

I closed my bedroom door behind me and kicked off my shoes. Jumping onto my bed I open the drawer in my bedside cabinet and took out the toy mother had bought me.

"You will be leaving school in a few months and so you must learn to be a woman and prepare yourself for men," she had said when she had handed me the box on my eighteenth birthday.

She had shown me how to switch it on and had told me where to put it and then left me to my own devices. I loved it and was going through batteries at a very rapid pace. I'd never forget that first time I pushed it tentatively into my vagina, the furious buzzing, slightly muffled as it travelled deeper inside me, oh and the feeling! It was so naughty and I had cum so hard and for so long.

I lay back on my bed and pulled my knickers off, flicking them onto the floor with my foot. The angry buzzing of my plastic lover sent a quiver through my groin and I quickly moved to insert it into myself. I was still wet after my visit to the doctor's, the long fat vibe travelling quickly and easily deep into my vagina.

Oh God I was so horny, and I didn't know why, but it felt incredible and I didn't care. I stroked the plastic phallus in and out of my wet hole quicker and quicker and as I convulsed I held it deep inside me, clamping down on it with my walls of my vagina.

Afterwards I lay still for a while, still twitching involuntarily as the vibe, now hanging loosely from my dripping vagina, buzzed on angrily between my splayed thighs.

My thoughts went back to my visits to Doctor Percival, what was he treating me for and how? Then a plan began to form in my mind, what if I didn't drink the drink he offered me at my next appointment? But then how would I dispose of the contents of the glass? I smiled, there were several pot plants in his office and I wondered if the drug would work on them.


Everything was as it always was, the doctor standing and mixing my drink, the pills still fizzing as they dissolved into the cloudy water. I sat on the edge of his low, padded examining table and waited for him, outwardly patient but inside I had Mexican jumping beans and butterflies in my tummy. He smiled as he handed me the glass, I smiled back and thanked him.

As he turned back towards his desk I quickly tipped the mixture into the soil of the nearest pot plant and by the time he had sat down I was wiping my mouth with the back of my hand as I always did.

"Good girl Sarah, now lie back and relax and your therapy will begin as normal."

I followed his instructions lying back on the padded table, my knees bent over the end, my feet on the floor. It was a strange position and I wondered that I hadn't noticed this before, but then of course I'd been drugged every other time.

"You will be feeling sleepy now Sarah, so close your eyes and relax."

I obeyed, and closing my eyes gently I began to slow my breathing. Just as I had as a child every Christmas Eve for so many years, I pretended to be asleep.

After a few moments I heard the doctor stand and walk slowly across the room towards me. I poured every ounce of my concentration into not moving or reacting, not giving myself away.

He touched my face gently, it was so hard not to react, and then I heard him laugh slowly and quietly...it sent shivers up my spine.

I felt the doctor's hands travel slowly up my splayed thighs. Up, up and under my grey school skirt. I could feel his hot breath on my skin as his fingers hooked nimbly into the waistband of my knickers and then pulled them down around my ankles in one easy motion. As my skirt was pulled up I let my legs fall further open in what I hoped was a natural action. I fought to control my breathing - I could almost feel his eyes burning a hole between my thighs.

Then I heard soft footsteps, a drawer being opened, a clink of glass and he was back. I stifled a gasp as something cold and wet was rubbed briskly into my vagina and then felt a cold hard object being firmly inserted into me.

Opening my eyes a fraction I could just make out the doctor standing over me, holding what looked like a large glass bottle between my legs. I closed my eyes again before he could notice and revelled in the sensation of my body being used like this.

The neck of the bottle was deliciously thick and long, slightly thicker and longer then the vibrator I kept in the drawer at my bedside. I silently thanked my mother for the present that had prepared me so well for this moment and I felt the bottle withdraw slightly before being firmly pushed back home, withdrawn again and then building up a rhythm between my thighs the doctor began to fuck me with it. The firmness of movement increased quickly and he was soon fucking me hard with the bottle, my body jerking loosely and a wonderful warmth spreading down through my belly and into my vagina.

The doctor's breathing quickened as he pushed and pulled the bottle back and forth inside me, I heard the sound of his zip being lowered and could only imagine what he was doing with his other hand as my orgasm rapidly approached and then overtook me. My body tensed, my hips bucked involuntarily and I fought to relax and not give myself away. In this way I found out something very interesting, my orgasm seemed far stronger than it normally was, perhaps due to the situation but I felt sure that it had something to do with fighting to keep my body relaxed.

My thoughts were interrupted by the doctor as I came down slowly from my amazing high. I could feel him closer to my face now and I breathed a warm musky and slightly fishy odour before feeling something hot and soft brush up my cheek and across my lips. His fingers gently but firmly prised my mouth open and the soft warm fleshy object was pushed into my mouth. I felt hairs tickling my face and the soft weight of his belly on my forehead as he leaned into me.

"Yes, suck it....suck it," the doctor hissed.

I sucked gently on his soft but rapidly hardening penis, feeling his skin peeling back and tasting the delicious tangy, salty head beneath. I couldn't help myself, I sucked harder it was delicious. Luckily this must have been my reaction when drugged too as the doctor didn't move and just held his dirty penis in my mouth while I suckled him.

Soon his penis was rock hard, it filled my mouth completely and I struggled not to choke as he pushed forward towards the back of my throat. I felt him grasp the sides of my head, entwining his fingers in my hair, and then he began a firm thrusting motion into my mouth.

The doctor was breathing heavily now and soon built up a rapid pace, my head held firmly between his hands the rest of my body jerked as loosely as a rag doll as he continued to thrust into me.

"Now take your medicine like a good girl," the doctor breathed excitedly, the smooth thrusting of his hips suddenly staccato and jarring my head roughly.

The good doctor flooded my mouth with a warm salty liquid that I instantly recognised as the delicious aftertaste I had been left with on my previous visits and only sputtered slightly as I drank it down greedily.

"Oh you whore, you little fucking whore," the doctor moaned, his hairy crotch grinding roughly into my face the weight of his enormous belly pressing heavily against my forehead.

All too soon it was over, the doctor stopped moving and I felt his penis softening in my mouth. I gave it one last gentle suck before he withdrew it from my mouth and I felt him wipe my face with a tissue, pull my knickers back up and straighten my skirt.

I heard his zip being done back up, some soft footsteps and then the sound of his chair being sat in heavily and a long contented sigh. I listened to the scratching of his pen as he wrote, perhaps in my report, for what seemed like an eternity. I wasn't sure how long I should stay like this before waking up without arousing his suspicions. He stopped writing and I decided to stir slightly to test the water. The scratching of his pen began again so I decided it was ok to stir some more and then gradually opened my eyes.

There he was, as he always was, sat behind his desk writing notes and seemingly ignoring me. This time however I knew why my crotch was wet and slightly sore and what that delicious salty taste was in my mouth. My head was still spinning slightly but this time it wasn't the effect of the drug and was more to do with the amazing turn of events.

I sat up blinking groggily.

"Well done Sarah, your treatment is progressing extremely well." Doctor Percival looked at me over his glasses and smiled, "It is time to go home now."

I nodded. Did my mother know or did she think I was really having treatment?

"Still feeling slightly disoriented I see, that is quite normal. Take a few moments and leave when you feel you are ready my dear."

Those same words every week, I smiled to myself as I stood, "The same time next week doctor?"

The old man frowned slightly and then then smiled, "Yes of course Sarah, the usual time, the usual day - until then."

And with that the door was closed and I was on my way home to my trusty plastic friend. I'd be needing a new set of batteries.

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