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Medieval Times


It is in medieval times; I have pissed my husband off. He says that he will fix me; and I will do as he says. He grabs me, takes me over to the stocks, puts my head, hands in and closes it, locking it with a big padlock. While he walks away, I am crying and yelling at him to let me out of the stocks right now. After about 5 minutes of this, he comes back. He says that he will keep me quiet and puts a gag on me. Now I can only moan into the gag. I hear him walk away.

The day passes by slowly. Night comes and it feels like I am the only person in the courtyard. Then I hear footsteps behind me. Hands grab the top of my dress and pull it down to my waist, leaving my breasts hanging there. Hands grab my breasts squeezing them.

I try to move away but I am helpless. Hands pull on my nipples and I kick my foot backwards trying to kick whomever is touching me. Hands lift my dress up to my waist and pull my panties down to my ankles to stop me from kicking. Hands start stroking my arse, rubbing and squeezing the cheeks. The person runs fingers down the crack and around to my pussy. A hand rubs my pussy and I start to get wet. The person feels it, puts two fingers into my pussy, and with the other hand starts rubbing on my clit. I get wetter and the fingers are moved in and out of my pussy and along my clit making me moan.

The person pulls all the fingers out and I feel a cock against my leg. He shoves it into my pussy with one quick thrust. . He grabs my hips and starts fucking me. I get even more excited and I can't help it. I don't know who it is fucking me but I am starting to come. He keeps pushing into me and starts to cum squirting inside of my pussy. Giving one final push into my pussy, he holds onto me and fills me with his cum. He pulls out, walks away leaving me with my dress around my waist, my breasts and pussy showing.

I feel cum slowly oozing out of my pussy and running down my thigh. I stand there feeling helpless, violated and totally exposed.

After a while I hear footsteps behind me again. Someone stands behind me rubbing my arse and feeling how wet I am and just pushes his prick inside of me. He pumps away making me cum again. Then he runs his finger around my arse hole and pushes a finger into my arse while fucking my pussy.

Next he pulls out of my pussy and rams his prick into my arse. I cry out in pain but he doesn't stop fucking my arse. He grabs my hips and holds on it while continuing to thrust his prick in and out of my arse. He grabs my nipples and pulls on them. He makes me cum while fucking my arse.

I feel him start to use faster strokes and then he holds his prick inside me as he starts cuming in my arse hole. He slowly removes his prick from my arse, pulls my dress down, covers my breasts, and he leaves me. He walks away leaving my pussy and arse full of cum.

I still am left wondering who were the men that fucked me. I stand there thinking and look forward to what will happen next. I am listening for any sounds of anyone walking close by. Almost immediately I hear somebody else at the back of me.

The person starts touching me, playing with my breasts, reaching under my dress and touching my pussy. When I feel a cock against my arse, I realize that it is a guy. I start to moan because he is doing such a fantastic job rubbing my breasts, pussy and arse.

He pulls down my dress and I do not try to stop him. He removes my panties from the bottom of my ankles and puts a finger inside my pussy to see how wet I am. Once he realizes that I am very wet, he grabs my arse and rams his cock into my pussy. All I can do is moan.

He starts to fuck me faster and faster and I can feel his cock so deep inside of me. It is an enormous cock since I feel it stretching my pussy. His cock feels so huge in my pussy that I feel like I will be split in half if he continues.

I brace myself and cannot stop him from fucking me. Soon I feel him throbbing within me. He fucks me faster and faster until he gives me final thrust into my pussy and proceeds to shoot his cum inside me. I feel his cum hitting the walls of my pussy.

I stand there leaning forward against the stocks, not knowing what will happen next. I feel him pull out and then I feel a cloth over my eyes. He puts the cloth around my eyes and ties it behind my head. He removes the gag from my mouth but I know better than to scream out anything.

I do not know who this man is and I am scared that he may hurt me if I yell out. He moves in front of me and I feel a cock on my lips. He pushes his cock roughly against my lips. I have no option but to open my mouth. He plunges his cock into my mouth and starts to fuck me hard and fast. I start to gag because his cock is so big. It is hurting and touching the back of my throat when he thrusts in. I start to cry and there are tears pouring down my cheeks. The guy must have seen the tears because he starts to fuck me more gently. I start enjoy his big cock and I tighten my lips around it.

All at once, I feel someone touching me from behind. Unbelievable, I feel more hands on my arse and pussy. I start to get wetter and start sucking the cock in my mouth faster and faster. I feel a tongue on my pussy and clit. Whoever is sucking me, is doing a hell of a job because I begin to orgasm.

As my body starts to tremble and shake, a cock is pushed into my arse and another cock is pushed into my pussy. I can hardly believe that I have three cocks inside of me now. It does not take long before all of them to start to cum inside of me. The cock that I have been sucking starts to throb in my mouth. I feel it start to shoot at the back of my throat. I start to orgasm one after another. I would have collapsed against the stocks if the guys had not of held me up.

After they all came, they pulled their cocks out of the openings that they were in and decided that they wanted to switch places. I feel one in my pussy, one in my arse and one in my mouth. They all carry on fucking me and continue thrusting away at me until they all cum into me again. I swallow the cum that is squirted in my mouth. I am so turned on by being fucked by three guys, that I start to orgasm. The orgasm makes my whole body start to shake.

They stay where they are for a few minutes and then they switch positions again. I hear one them say that he wants to fuck my beautiful pussy too. I stand there not being able to do anything just listening to them move around.

I feel another cock at my mouth and I open up to accommodate it. I start to suck the cock faster and faster. I brace myself as I am being fucked again. I feel myself start to cum again and they all follow soon after. They all pull their cocks out of me. I hear them move around in front of me. There are hands on my breasts, my pussy and my lips too.

It is feeling so wonderful having my breasts sucked and played with at the same time. Over and over again, I feel lips on my breasts sucking them and teasing them. They each take turns sucking my breasts, nibbling on them and tugging on them. They each take turns pressing their lips to mine and giving me passionate kisses on my lips. They each stick their tongue in my mouth and play with my tongue. I can't help but to kiss them back. There is a tongue sucking and licking my pussy and my clit.

It is feeling so good that I start to cum again. I have never cum so much in my life at any one given time. When they hear me start cuming, I feel more tongues on my pussy lips. I can't believe that they are licking my pussy dry. I spread my legs wider to accommodate the tongues that are on my clit and in my pussy. They pull up my dress and panties. Someone unties the blindfold on me. They put back the gag in my mouth. Afterwards i hear them stride away. I am so exhausted, that I start to fall asleep. I hear someone coming towards me again. I am too tired to lift my head so I just stay where I am.

Then I hear someone say, "Are you going to be nice to me honey?" I realize that it is my husband. He takes off the gag. He reaches down, cups my head and lifts it up. I look into his eyes and realize that I was wrong to be treating him like crap. I say that I am so sorry. He unlocks the padlock and removes me from the stocks. He picks me up and carries me home. It feels so good to be in his arms. I snuggle in close to him.

Once we arrive home, he carries me into the bedroom and gently lays me down on the bed. I am too tired to take my clothes off. He realizes that and removes all my clothing for me. He crawls into bed beside me and covers me up. He starts to kiss me slowly and softly on my lips. I look at him and start kissing him back. He realizes how tired I am and he lets me curl up beside him. I fall asleep in his arms.

Sometime during the night, I wake up to lips on my breasts and hands on my pussy. Disoriented at first, I think that I am still at the stocks padlocked. I wonder who is going to fuck me now. Then I realize that I am in my own bed. I look down and see my husband sucking on my breasts and touching my pussy. My breasts are so tender from all the action that they got earlier. They are hurting a little when my husband sucks, tugs and nibbles on both breasts.

I do not want to say anything because of what happened while I was padlocked in the courtyard. I just grin and bare it. It does not take long for my pussy to get extremely wet. He asks me to get up on my hands and knees. After I do as he says, he slowly pushes his thick cock up inside my pussy. It goes in easy because of all the cocks that were in it previously and the fact that I am so wet again. My pussy lips have been stretched. He thrusts in and out of my pussy faster and faster. His cock goes deeply inside my pussy at every thrust in. I move backwards just to meet his thrusts.

I start to moan and scream, "Fuck me honey oh please fuck my pussy." He pumps into me faster and harder. It is not very long before he starts to come in my pussy. I feel my hubby's cock pulsing inside of me. I clench my pussy muscles to keep him there. He starts cuming. He keeps cuming over and over again. I feel the cum sliding down my legs. I collapse on the bed and just lie there.

He moves behind me and sticks his cock in my arse. My arse is very tender also from all the fucking it got earlier. He starts to play with my breasts as he fucks my arse. I do not care to be fucked in the ass but I can't tell him that I was fucked in my arse many times while being locked in the stocks. I lie there letting him thrust inside me. It does not take him long before I feel him start to twitch.

He turns me over. He tells me sweetly to open my mouth and finish sucking his cock until he cums. After I open my mouth, he pushes his cock deep my mouth and starts to thrust away. I suck him until he cums in my mouth. I feel it splashing against my throat. I swallow and swallow down all the cum.

When he is finished cuming, he asks me to move over on the bed and climbs in beside me. He asks if I am still mad at him for how he punished me by locking me in the stocks. I cannot tell him that I thoroughly enjoyed being locked in the stocks because he would ask me how come I liked it. I feel like shouting it on the rooftop that I had a fucking good time Saturday night getting fucked over and over again.

I tell him that I am sorry and that I will try to do better. He tells me that the next time I disobey him, sass back to him, and curse at him, he will have no choice but to punish me farther. He also tells me that I don't want to get him mad again. I kiss him and tell him that I love him very much.

I fall back asleep close together. I start to dream and wonder what will be the next punishment he would give me. I can hardly wait.

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