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Mediterranean Lover


I'd been working a job in the Mediterranean for a couple of years and developed a friendship with Annie, a British ex-pat I met at a restaurant. We had completed our job at sea and went to a local restaurant one of our divers recommended. Annie and her serving partner, a little Cypriot kid, worked their asses off taking care of 12 of us at the table. We ordered the meat "mezzie" and if you've never had one, think of an unlimited buffet of everything on a menu. They were on it all night long and after we ate and finished four or five rounds of "Zavania", the local moonshine made from winemaking leftovers, we were preparing to return to our hotels. After we put the money together at the end of the evening, I rolled up a 20 Euro note and shook hands and slipped the money to Anne with big thanks, a wink and a smile. She had been flirting with all of us all evening and we appreciated that plus the hard work she had put in and the added attention.

Over the next few weeks I came back a few times and she quietly let me in on a few of the restaurants dirty little secrets, especially when it came to food freshness for "tourists" and how it differed from the locals quality. She also told me how the owners stiffed the staff of their tips, taking all of the money for themselves. After a couple more times of eating only salads, I never went back to the restaurant, however, I did stay in touch with Annie. I even tutored her daughter in math since she was having issues with fractions and such. As an engineer, I tried to make it practical and not just book problems. After gradually developing a friendship over the next few months, things stayed on a friendly basis for the next year.

Well, fast-forward 2 years and Annie and I see each other whenever I fly in to work. I insist she stay at my hotel and use the room when I'm away at sea. The little "house" she rents has no AC and the plumbing is suspect to say the least. She had since returned her daughter to her dad in the UK. Our relationship was never supposed to turn into something sexual, but after many days and nights together, driving in the mountains, walking on the beaches and eating a couple of meals together every day or so, I felt more and more in love with her. Annie did not give her passions easily, she had been burned so many times by guys with lies and stories and promises that never came through. She had dropped in to visit her last boyfriend unannounced on a Sunday afternoon only to find him in bed with a Filipino maid. She swore she'd never give her heart or say she loved anyone else again.

Annie was a beautiful brunette with great breasts and a body to die for. She wasn't perfect, she had a few pounds that were all in the right places and I certainly never minded having her on my arm when we went out. She was by far the sexiest dresser I'd ever known and her wardrobe seemed endless! Annie was all about fun and we never ceased to laugh and have a good time when we were together. The only serious times were when she was relating her childhood and the accident that almost cost her life and left her with a lifetime of pain and a mother who was oblivious to her trials with her step dad. The plastic surgeon was an artist and she looked great but the mental pains have never truly been erased.

On this particular trip, she had been expecting a visit from her daughter and her daughter's dad. They never married but Ron was an exceptional father and provided for her well. Since I had a nice SUV rented, I agreed to pick them up at the airport as we often did when they flew in from the UK. Annie was making sexual innuendos as she always did when she was in a good mood. As we started to the airport, she checked the flight and it was going to be about 45 minutes late landing. She asked me to take the last exit before the airport and get her a roll of mints. I stopped in and grabbed a few bottles of water for us and her mints. She looked up at me with that mischievous gleam in her eyes and I knew from the first time we went parking on the shore on the local beach that something fun was in store. That first night it was just making out a bit and she made sure the carload of guys a bit down the beach got their eyes full. She even pulled her pants down to expose her bright pink g-string undies as she flashed her ass out the window. She then put her feet up on the windshield so the guys were yelling and whistling as I drove away! We laughed about that all the way back to the hotel.

Anyway, back to the present. She smiled and said drive over to the big parking lot overlooking the airport facility and I'll make it worthwhile. Needless to say, I was a bit excited as I drove that kilometer over to the parking lot. I parked facing the entrance to the lot in case anyone decided to stop by waiting for their flight. Luckily this afternoon, no one did. She slid her seat back and reached over between mine and slid it back as well. We kissed long and deep with our tongues teasing each other. She opened her top to reveal her nice lacey bra and popped the front hook and let me suck on each of her nipples. I gave them both a ton of attention and she leaned back and moaned as I sucked each nipple and bit them hard. She loved to have her nipples and breasts pinched and bit on. She slipped her stretch pants down and forced my face into her delicious pussy. I licked up and down her juicy slit; all the time sneaking quick looks around to make sure no one was going to interrupt our "quality time" together. Giving a woman a good licking in an SUV front seat is anything but easy, I kept getting shift levers in inappropriate places as well as hitting the windshield wipers on and off and changing radio stations.

I slipped a finger inside her tight pussy as I was licking it and started rubbing her 'G' spot. She got more and more excited as I licked and rubbed her love button and g-spot. She stiffened and shuddered and pulled my fingers out of her pussy as her orgasm subsided. She stuck them in her mouth and licked her juices off my fingers and then I pulled them out from between her lips and licked the rest from my fingers.

She swapped positions with me on the passenger seat and slipped my shorts down around my ankles and proceeded to devour my cock like it was the last meal she'd ever have. She has such beautiful technique, she can make me cum in about 30 seconds when she wants, fortunately for me, this was not a 30 second afternoon! She took my entire length into her mouth and throat then ran her tongue up the vein on the bottom of my cock. I was excited and she knew it. She took her thumb and pressed down at the bottom of my shaft next to my balls and knew that killed anything going on in the orgasm department, She slowed her strokes and just tickled the head of my cock with her tongue and split the opening and tongued it. She slowly massaged my balls as she worked me towards that big O that I knew was coming soon!

She finally gave me some relief after 20 minutes of exquisite torture and let me cum in her waiting mouth. She did a little "porn face" for me, showing me the load I had dumped in her mouth. She laughed and laughed as she swallowed most of it then kissed me full on the lips. I always love this gal when she's playful and believe me; she's playful a LOT! As I pulled my pants back on and she hers, she grabbed the bottle of water and washed down the last bits of my cum. She then got a couple of mints and shared as we drove the last couple of kilometers to the airport. I parked and we walked inside to meet her daughter and her daughter's dad. Anne's daughter ran up and grabbed her mom and hugged her, Ron and I shook hands, man hugged and then I watched as Anne planted a kiss right on his lips, then hugged him and she looked over his shoulder right into my eyes, she gave me a big wink and licked her lips. God that woman is naughty!

More to come...

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