tagNonHumanMedusa Ch. 08

Medusa Ch. 08


~~Don't worry people, I'm not turning this into a soap opera by introducing new characters. It's just difficult to run a story on only 2 characters. It's still a classic romance story, through and through, but the cast will grow in size every now and then.~~

Chapter 8 - Practically Married

Kallae and Medusa walked behind the group, turned to talk to each other. The two men, Darien and Vinn, walked ahead them against the shoreline. Darien couldn't help but look down to quirk a brow at how the huge minotaur's hooves made little noise, even with their shifting against dirt and stone.

"You must have been living in the wild for a long time to be able to move so quietly?" Darien asked, looking up at the massive creature beside him.

"80 years born," Vinn said, voice deep and rumbling.

"80 years? You are very old." Vinn turned to blink down at the small man, tilting his head to the side. Silent for a few moments, the two just stared at each other before they finally erupted in laughter. They continued to walk as they tried to get air back in their lungs, Darien raising his hands to rub at his eyes.

Darien cast his eyes over his shoulder, smirking as Kallae and Medusa seemed to be getting along great, chuckling and giggling and waving their arms in the air. The tiny water nymph was making size gestures with her hands, and Medusa was laughing merrily at her hyper personality.

"So uh, you and Kallae huh? Are you guys... romantic with each other?" Darien squinted a little, scratching at the back of his neck with embarrassment.

"Why ask?" Vinn said, not breaking stride. He didn't embarrass easily, as far as Darien could tell.

"Well, when we jumped you, she seemed really concerned for you. Unnaturally concerned. I've heard stories about nymphs, and... thought that maybe you two were an item." He worded his statement carefully, trying to hint at the sexual history of nymphs, without implying the insult.

"Lovers. Not mates." The minotaur was not phased, shrugging with his blatant answer as he walked. Darien nodded with his response, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.

"What do you think the girls are talking about back there?"

"Flowers. Peace. Beautiful meadows." Vinn nodded sagely, convinced of his answer. When Darien started laughing again, the minotaur blinked at him in confusion.

"You've been spending too much time listening to Athenian poets." As the small man grew more comfortable, his old smile returning, he reached out to nudge his elbow into the beast. "Well, I seriously doubt the girls are talking about flowers and peace."



"I swear, his penis gets this big," Kallae whispered with a giggle, putting her hands out in front of her with almost a foot between them. Medusa blushed horribly, almost reaching up to hide her eyes with the mere implication.

"Kallae!" Medusa said, frowning down at the little girl. The frown eventually turned into a smile as Kallae just grinned back at her. The girl's youthful attitude was contagious. She had more than one similarity with Darien, Medusa noticed.

"It's not an insult! Come on, we're girlfriends now. We can tell each other everything." The water nymph giggled happily and nudged her hip to some of the snake length below Medusa's waist. She was too tall for them to bump hips.

"We just met four days ago," Medusa responded, chuckling warmly with her deeper voice.

"Ah come on. Tell me tell me tell me! What's he like? Is he gentle? Does he like to lead? Does he prefer you lead?" The tiny nymph was apparently insatiably curious, and Medusa found herself in the strangest role. Never in 40 years had she another woman to talk to, and never in her life had she a woman to talk to who was so open about sex. She was the sexually mature woman in her ring of friends, oh so long ago, and the details of sexual encounters were not exactly prime conversation material. This nymph on the other hand, was so brazen that she was at a loss for words.

"Uh, well... uh...." Medusa looked around anxiously, scratching at the back of her neck in a very Darien manner.

"Alright, I'll help. Tell me... what happened the first time you had sex? Give me all the details." Kallae bounced excitedly as she walked, looking up at the tall, voluptuous gorgon next to her.

"The first time?" Her memories drifted back to when she found Darien masturbating in the room she'd provided for him, and she smiled as she looked down with red cheeks. "Well, it was the night after he saved me, and-"

"The same day? Really?" the nymph chuckled teasingly.

"Uh... well, yeah. Hey! If you were in the situation I was in, you'd probably have stripped him naked against his will an hour after meeting him." Medusa gave the water nymph a shove, smirking in mock anger. Kallae bounced back with a smile, curiosity overpowering any sense of privacy she may have head.

"Ok, ok," Medusa sighed with defeated, "it was after he saved me. We were talking, and bathing, and I noticed he seemed really attracted to me. I got upset because I never thought it would happen... and I stormed off."

"This isn't a very flattering sex story...."

"It's not over! Alright, so after he eats, and I'm in my room, he visits and... and tells me I shouldn't ever be sad about what other people have told me, and that I was beautiful and amazing." Medusa hugged herself with the memory, conveniently leaving out the detail that she was masturbating at the time.

"Awwwh!" Kallae swooned, reaching out to hug Medusa's snake half as they walked.

"Erhm. Yeah, umm... well, he went back to his room, and I realized that I wanted to... talk to him." She coughed a little as she said talk, making it all too obvious to the nymph what she really meant. "I found him... masturbating, to... well, to thoughts of me, from what he said."

Kallae squealed loudly, bringing both her hands up to her cheeks as she tried to keep her voice down. When Darien and Vinn stopped and turned to look at her, she waved them on with a dismissal.

"Go on, go on," she whispered.

"He... well, I interrupted by accident, and he.. confessed. Then I... confessed." Medusa blushed horribly, unable to look Kallae in the eye.

"You initiated?" The nymph was staring at her, jaw dropping.

"... yes. Hey! I hadn't been with someone for 40 years," Medusa whined in defeat, frowning at Kallae.

"No no, I'm not judging! Please, continue."

"Continue? Uhm... well, we undressed and... I laid down and he... kissed me."

"Kissed you? That's all?"

"He kissed me in more places than my lips," Medusa chuckled, finally getting into the spirit of the girl gossip. "And... he asked me what I wanted him to do. I told him where to kiss."

Kallae moaned softly and leaned against Medusa, looking up at her with fascinated eyes.

"Wow, so he's not like your usual guy? Always thinking about himself first? I had to teach Vinn how to get into the ebb and flow of sex."

"Kallae! You're so blatant. I, uh... definitely didn't to ask Darien to... pleasure me. He was more than happy to do all the things I asked for."

"That's so sweet." The nymph was overjoyed with the conversation, practically erupting with barely contained excitement. She took a deep breath to calm herself down, fingers shifting happily in her own grip as she netted them together. "Does he always take the passive route?"

"No, not really. Sometimes he... does things to me, even when I...." It was too much, and Medusa had to stop. She looked away as she reached up to rub her forehead, as if to clean away the dirty thoughts.

"Oooh, now I'm jealous. Vinn is always so gentle and sweet and careful with me."

"That's so beautiful! He's so big and strong, but he's gentle with you?"

"Too gentle," Kallae whined, frowning and putting her fists on her hips.

"Oh come on. I mean, it's really nice when Darien gets rough, but when he's tender and loving, I can just fall asleep in his arms in the afterglow." She swayed slightly, hugging herself with the memories.

"Now I'm really jealous." Kallae sighed with hopelessness, crawling onto Medusa's snake half and straddling her. She laid down on the snake's scaled spine and got comfortable, hugging the gorgon to stay on. In only a few days, she'd gotten terribly comfortable with her new friend, and stroked the scales of her body curiously.

"Never been in love?" Medusa asked, looking over her shoulder to the small woman on her body.

"Not really, no. Vinn's great, but he's just a good friend, and he wants to have a family with another minotaur. Nymphs are more attached to their homes anyway." The tiny woman shrugged as she got comfortable, letting her hand dangle off the side of Medusa's body and run along the stones. She watched the earth go by as they moved along, navy eyes drifting over the water of the river.

"Your home?"

"Yeah, this river."

"You've been on this river for hundreds of years?"

"It's a big river," Kallae chuckled, rolling over and putting her back against Medusa's snake spine. Looking up at the darkening sky, she let her legs dangle off either side of the gorgon, toes nudging against the rocks. "Lots of people come and go. Athens and Corinth in particular. This river takes us closer to Corinth by the time we'll stop, so hopefully we'll find some nicer people."

"I don't know how many people Darien and I were hoping to meet. I think we were looking forward to some solitude."

"You spent 40 years on that island. You want to be alone?"

"I wasn't really alone, with people constantly coming to try and kill me," she sighed, reaching up to comb her hair of snakes with claws. "Darien and I just wanted a place to be alone for a few years, maybe... convince a few people I'm not some horrible monster?"

"Good luck with that. Vinn's been trying for decades, and there's no legend following him around making people hate him."

Medusa sighed again as Kallae accidentally crushed her dreams. Was she insane? Could she really hope to find a peaceful co-existence with humans?

"I'm sorry!" the nymph squealed, standing up to hug Medusa from behind. It was a strange position, with the tiny woman's legs on the slithering part of the gorgon's body, her weight shifting back and forth even as she kept her arms around her friend's waist.

"It's alright. It's alright. Hey, I'm off that island, have a mate, and two new friends." Medusa shrugged as she looked behind her, smiling down at the nymph as she kept slithering. "As horribly dramatic and unbelievably silly as it is, I'm pretty happy for all this." She motioned ahead to Darien and Vinn, a smile on her lips. "It seems so small, but to me... it's too good to be true."


With only a couple dozen feet and a couple walls of thick brush between the two tents, Medusa struggled to make as little sound as possible, snake body slithering and cracking twigs underneath the furs. She groaned in frustration, unable to get comfortable on the forest floor even with a blanket between her and the dirt.

"I'm too used to my bed," the gorgon whined, her attempts to sleep on her side human style proving unsuccessful.

"It's only for a couple more days," Darien whispered. He was snuggled in behind her, arm hooked about her waist and body pressed to hers. To be the large spoon was interesting, as he was the smaller person, buried in her shadow. Her curves turned into scales at the hip, but he didn't care, hand reaching down to warmly rub her scales where her thigh would be had she legs.

"What're we going to do then? Kallae says there's a cave and a waterfall, and a clearing surrounded by dense forest. Cave means mountain, so we could certainly build something in its shadow." Frustrated with her inability to sleep, she turned around to face Darien, much of her snake length coiling up and onto his legs.

"Planning our future already?" Smirking at the gorgon as she turned to face him, he leaned in and hid his face in her cleavage. The silk wrap she wore did little to hide her breasts, and its soft material only complimented the supple fullness of her bosom. The sensation was heavenly, and Darien easily found himself drifting into sleep with her breasts as his pillows.

Annoyed and awake, Medusa looked down at the small warrior pressed against her. He was only in his loin cloth, and she couldn't help but let her claws run down his spine as she hugged him. The feel of his skin against her always calmed her, his skin warm to her reptilian blood, and she sighed happily with its texture on her fingers.

"Someone has to. You really seem to do things by ear." She leaned down and kissed his head, ruffling his short brown hair. "We'll need a big room filled with furs and blankets, where we can sleep, because this is going to drive me insane." She shifted her coils again, more of her coming to curl upon Darien's legs and waist. He didn't mind, even growing more sleepy with the sensation of her thousands of smooth, dry, tiny scales shifting across his skin.

"A place we can just laze about all day, naked." He nodded with his statement as if it were perfect, a common sense that needed to be said. His words pulled a chuckle from the serpent, and she hooked her arm about his back even as his did the same to her ass. The fact it was covered in scales didn't bother him in the slightest, and he rubbed the round rump of snake butt playfully.

"That's a lot of naked," she whispered, leaning down to nudge her lips against his forehead. "Hey... I know what'll help us sleep."

"Us? You're the one unable to sleep. I'm perfectly fine right here." He nudged his face against her lowermost breast, rubbing his nose into the silk of her wrap and pressing into its mass, smiling as its softness molded to his chin and cheek.

Wordlessly, Medusa reached up and gently slid the wrap down from her lowest breast, leaving nothing but bare skin between her and her man. Smiling happily down at the man in her arms, she nudged the back of his head , encouraging him with her yellow snake eyes, black slits almost invisible in the dark of night.

Darien needed little encouragement. Letting out a quiet groan of pure joy with the gorgon's blatant proposal, he adjusted his face to rest it against the fur with her nipple directly in front his lip. So comfortable, he took her large nipple into his mouth and gave it a gentle lick, grinning around it as it grew hard from the sensation. His face was lost in its softness, the weight of her breast pressing to his lips, chin and nose as he leaned into her, teasingly suckling on the hard nub.

"You make me feel like a mother," she whispered, kissing his hair as she leaned down, "sucking on my breasts all day, and me forced to think ahead for you." Even as she mock complained, her hand rose to slide its claws into Darien's hair, holding him to her bosom as a quiet moan escaped her. She could feel the tingles starting to spark, rippling through her nipple and into her chest, making her insides feel warm and her breath shorten.

Darien said nothing, but she could feel the hardness of his cock pressing through his wrap, hot and aching to enter her. His free hand rose from her curved hip to her other breast, hand sneaking underneath the wrap to find it with swollen nipple. He never tired of how massive her breasts were, overwhelming his hand even as he squeezed it softly. To feel its heavy body fill his palm, pressing between his fingers with her nipple pushing against his skin, made him quiver with anticipation.

"What is it you like about them so much? They're so heavy, and so big they get in the way of everything." Despite her frustrations, she couldn't help but melt to his touch, body growing hotter until she could feel a dampness in her hip wrap.

"They're so soft," he whispered, mimicking her word use, pulling away to smile up to the seductress, "and big. I can squeeze them, and they feel so, so good in my hands." Demonstrating, he placed both his hands upon her breasts and gave a rougher squeeze, causing the suppleness to shape to his palms and fingers.

"Hey," she whined, bopping his hand with a fist as his sudden squeeze made her mewl. "... what else do you like about them?" She didn't care if it was horribly shallow. She'd spent 40 years hating herself and having others hate her too; to hear her lover obsess over her beauty was divine.

"Well," he continued with a mischievous grin, reaching behind her to deftly undo the knot of the wrap and slip it from her body to leave her topless, "I love how heavy they are. You can see their weight pulling on them, and... gods it's just so intoxicating." Removing his hands, he leaned back to look at them. Drooping with their weight, her lowermost breast was squished by her uppermost breast, as the serpent lay on her side. "I love how they sag a little-"

"Darien!" the gorgon complained, bopping his head again. "They don't sag." She pouted, thick lips quivering with playful hurt.

"Wait wait! They're just.... so big and heavy that they do, but they're so... mountainous, that it only makes them look so... so....." He reached up with both hands and encased one of her breasts between both palms, massaging it with a rolling grip. Even with both hands, it still overwhelmed his grip with its size, making Darien groan before leaned in to nibble on her skin. Sucking on the underside of her breast, he slowly shifted his mouth upward before finding her nipple, suckling on it with need.

"Mmm... Darien...," the gorgon mewled quietly, her body getting more and more aroused as the small warrior nibbled on her. He used his hands to gently squeeze her breast to his mouth, as if trying to milk her and push fluid to her nipple.

"Come on Darien, nnnh... you're not going to get any milk from there." Still, she held the man to her breast, body starting to tremble lightly as she felt her fluids trickle down her labia into her waist wrap.

Starting to feel the signs of a rising orgasm, Medusa reached down and undid her lover's loincloth, his shaft springing forward as she let it escape its cage. Her natural height combined with the angle put her cunt in front of his shaft as it went under her waist wrap, and she nudged her hips forward till her lips were riding the underside of his cock.

"You're so wet," the smaller man whispered, unable to stop himself from sliding his hips back and forth, coating his member in her fluids.

"I... want you inside me, when I cum." Reaching, she wrapped her clawed fingers around his soaked shaft, Darien's groan making her quiver. As his cock slipped under her wrap, she nudged herself forward with his shaft pointed forward, the strange angle allowing her to slide his member into her cunt.

"Oh gods... so... warm... tight," Darien groaned, trying to keep his voice down as the serpent's pussy squeezed around him, quickly drenching him in her juices.

Medusa chuckled happily with his praise, gently easing herself down onto him. Slowly, milking the moment of its pleasure, she reached down and pulled the man closer to her, fingers digging into the hardness of his ass as she slid forward. When every last inch of his hard cock was buried inside her, she let out a satisfied moan, the sensation of the bulbous head of his member pressing against the deepest recess of her pussy making her tremble.

"Hey... keep going." Her hand reached back up to the small warrior's head, and she guided his lips back to her swollen nipple. Her greater height kept his head at her breast level even with their position, and she chuckled at the perfectness of it.

As Darien wrapped his lips about the hardened nub, he moaned softly into the softness of her breast as her body responded. Each time he licked or suckled, her cunt clamped around him, squeezing and pulling along his length before shifting forward to devour him. He shivered at the sensation, body turning into putty in her grip as she rubbed her soaked labia along the base of his shaft.

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