tagLoving WivesMeet Diane Ch. 01

Meet Diane Ch. 01


This story is about swingers and how a housewife got caught up in the web of sexual predators. If the reader does not like stories about swingers and/or unfaithful wives then I suggest not reading this story. I placed it under group sex because most of the action, particularly the subsequent chapters will be mostly group sex. As always feedback is welcome either in the comment section or e-mail.


I am sitting in a Jacuzzi in a romantic interlude hotel room with the guy that just fucked my brains out. We have just finished what has become our normal routine of sex. Walt and I eat each other with him filling my mouth with cum then he fucks my pussy bringing me off multiple times and then he fucks my ass in finale. I always end up with three loads of cum in my body, my mouth, ass and cunt. Two months ago the last thing from my mind was cheating on my husband and having sex with his business colleague. Especially with Walt who is known to be a ladies man and who has fucked quite a few girls in the office.

It all started when my husband Dave started paying more attention to his career than to me. He expected me to take care of our two children, prepare the meals and keep the house spotless. He would work late and when he was home he was in his office working while I lay alone in bed. It was bad enough that he wouldn't fuck me but he wouldn't play with my pussy either. I had mentioned this to my closest girlfriend who told me to have an affair. I told her I couldn't do that and she then told me to buy a vibrator. It took awhile but eventually I did buy a vibrator and used it whenever I was horny. I still missed the real thing and I was going nuts without a real cock.

Dave and Walt were VPs in the same company and there was a Senior VP position open. Dave was killing himself to get that promotion and Walt who was also being considered acted as if he could care less. Walt would party after work, play golf with vendors and still seemed to get his work done. Dave was totally focused on work and he was obsessed with competing with Walt. Walt got along great with their boss Vince and that drove my husband, Dave crazy. Apparently my girlfriend Barbara who I confided in blabbed to her husband Dick about Dave ignoring me. Dick and Walt were good friends, golfing buddies and tennis partners so Dick mentioned it to Walt.

Now I am very proud of my figure. I am 29 years old, 5'6" 125 lbs with short brown hair in a DA style. My breasts are 34 C and I have very nice legs and a nice round bottom that often turns heads. I would have no trouble picking up guys if that is what I wanted to do. Walt is an impressive guy at 6'0" 200lbs who is extremely active in golf, tennis, skiing, scuba diving and martial arts. He is a former Recon Marine and Vietnam veteran. He is also one of the most pleasing and engaging people one would ever meet. He had all the tools to be a bully but he was just the opposite. Walt's wife was a cow. She was overweight and didn't care. What a waste she had a great good looking guy with a terrific personality who was a successful businessman and she was throwing it all away. Walt was embarrassed to bring her to company functions so he left her home most of the time.

Vince was having his direct reports over to his impressive home for an afternoon cookout and evening social. His functions were always great, good food and conversation. Vince and his wife Rhonda had a large pool and Jacuzzi that were always available at these functions. This particular Saturday was a little cooler so swimming would not be on the agenda. I dressed in a light blue mini skirt that was cut about 8"above the knee with a matching halter top tied just below my breasts. I loved to show off my shapely legs and abs. I noticed Walt on the patio when we arrived in his black shirt and white pants. It was obvious that Walt was well endowed by the outline in his pants, how well endowed one could only imagine. My husband didn't waste any time finding Vince and left me alone so that he could butter him up. I was on my third glass of wine and I hadn't seen Dave for quite sometime, I was feeling a little tipsy. Walt walked up to me and asked if I was enjoying the party. I told him it was a good time as always. He told me that I looked great and that I obviously workout a lot to keep my figure. I blushingly smiled and thanked him.

"I hear that you're not getting any action these days" Walt inquired.

"What are you talking about" I nervously responded.

"Well I heard that Dave doesn't fuck you anymore and that he won't even play with your pussy" Walt said blatantly.

"You're disgusting, excuse me I have to use the bathroom" I lied but needed an excuse to move away from him.

I started to walk into the house and the wine had affected me and I felt lightheaded. I felt someone steady me and looked up into Walt's eyes. "Here let me help you" he said as he guided me into the house. I felt helpless in his strong but gentle grip.

Walt guided me into one of the downstairs rooms and locked the door behind us. He laid me down on the bed and looked at me.

"Just relax while I take care of this" he said.

He pulled me by my legs until my ass was at the bottom of the bed and doing so pushed my skirt up to my crotch. Walt then peeled my panties down and off my legs as I lay there speechless and in shock. He knelt before me and began to eat my pussy. I had never been eaten before and the feeling was marvelous. He soon had me thrashing all over and cumming all over his face. It was the most intense orgasm that I had ever. Walt stood up and walked around the side of the bed and said,

"Take your time getting straightened up and while you are doing that think about whether you want to take this to the next step".

With that said he opened his fly and showed me his erect cock. It had to be at least 8-9" and 5-6" around.

"If you are interested this will be waiting for you" he wagged his cock at me and then put it in his pants and left the room.

I lay there with my panties on the floor and my skirt pushed up over my waist and a dripping pussy for several minutes trying to compose myself. I couldn't believe that I let him take advantage of me like that. At the same time I was sexually relieved and I had a pleasant feeling following my orgasms. I reflected on Walt's cock it was huge almost two times the size of Dave's dick and I tried to imagine it in my pussy. Then I got annoyed at myself and said out loud, "You are not going to fuck him". But as I revisited the image of his cock sticking out of his pants I started to think what it would be like to let him fuck me. Certainly the oral sex had been pleasurable. As my mind wandered I felt horny again and let my fingers slide down to my pussy. I began to finger myself and tickle my clit. As I was bringing myself off I covered my mouth to muffle my groans. Just then I heard someone turning the door knob. I jumped up and pulled my panties on and tugged my skirt back down into place. I opened the door and it was my friend Barbara.

"Are you okay" she asked concerned.

"Yes I am fine I just had to lie down for awhile, too much wine" I replied. I left the room with Barb and she steered me down the hall.

"I want you to see this", she said.

Barb and I walked out on the other side of the patio and Barb motioned for me to be quiet. We moved slowly to the other side of the house when Barb stopped me and pointed to two people who thought they were out of sight. It was Walt and his pants and underwear were down around his knees and kneeling in front of him was one of the catering girls. She was giving him a first class blow job. Her head bobbed back and forth and she continually tested her gag line trying to take as much of his cock as she could. Barb and I watched this for several minutes and then Walt announced that he was going to cum. The girl continued sucking him taking his load in her mouth. She swallowed as fast as she could and still some of his cum flowed out of her mouth. She caught the excess cum trickling down her cheeks and scooped it up with her fingers and licked her fingers clean. The girl sucked him dry and then he pulled up his pants and straightened himself up. He smiled at the girl and thanked her for a first class blowjob.

"My pleasure, anytime" responded the girl who then went back to her catering duties.

Barb and I hurried back to the party and mingled with the guests as if nothing had happened. We broke into different groups for conversation. As I looked around I noticed Walt talking with Dick and his wife Barb along with Vince's wife Rhonda and Vince's SVP of Far East Operations Suki, a beautiful Japanese woman. Dave still had Vince's ear by himself and I had joined some other people in conversation. I looked back at the other group and noticed that Walt had his hand on Suki's ass as he talked. He glanced over toward me and smiled and I snapped my head away from the group acting as if I did not see anything. When I looked back they were all gone probably had adjourned to the house. Dave and Vince were also gone and I assumed they went into the house as well. It was getting late and most of the guests had left so I went into the house to find Dave and say goodnight to our hosts and other guests.

I looked around and couldn't find anyone immediately so I checked some of the rooms. I heard voices coming from the recreation room downstairs so I headed down there. Before I got to the room I heard a man's voice, "Oh yeah, suck my cock you are the best". Then another voice, "Yes she is quite good, isn't she?" I peeked around the entrance to the room and I was astounded by the scene in front of me. The beautiful Suki was lying on her back and was sucking Dick's cock as Dick's wife Barb was on her knees eating Suki's pussy. Walt was behind Barb and was fucking her doggy style with his big cock. Everyone was totally naked and off to the side Rhonda was in the process of shedding her clothes. I quickly headed back up stairs to look for Dave. I had to get out of here. I found Dave and Vince wrapping up their conversation so we thanked Vince for a wonderful time and said goodnight.

On the drive home I could not get the group sex image out of my mind. I was sure that Vince would join them after we left and I tried to imagine what they would be doing to each other the rest of the night. I was getting horny again as my mind was cluttered with sexual thoughts and images. I tried to get Dave to respond to me but as usual he had no interest. I wondered if he would ever be able to get hard again. Dave fell asleep quickly and then I retrieved my vibrator and went downstairs to get myself off in private. As I masturbated with my toy and imagined being fucked by someone and Walt's smiling face kept coming into view.

The following week I went to the office to meet Dave for lunch. As fate would have it Dave scheduled a so called important meeting and was not available. As I was leaving I ran into Walt and he politely greeted me and asked why I was at the office. I explained about the lunch plans being cancelled and he asked me to have lunch with him as he had no plans. I agreed probably more so because I was mad at Dave. Walt took me to a marvelous restaurant with great food and a quiet atmosphere. It was really relaxing and conducive to having a conversation. We talked about general things and Walt never once mentioned our sexual encounter or the sexual escapades at Vince's home.

Walt quizzed me about Dave and what was up with him. I told him about how Dave was immersed in his work and his passion to be promoted to SVP North American Operations. I also told him how worried Dave was about him getting the job instead.

Walt laughed out loud. "You know Dave should stop worrying about his career and pay more attention to his wife".

He continued, "Dave is going to get the promotion, he is the best candidate and I have no interest in that position".

Walt then told me that the SVP European Operations was moving on and that he was going to take that position. He and Vince had already discussed all the promotions and internal moves and Vince had made his decision.

He smiled at me again and said, "Tell Dave to stop worrying about his job and to start taking care of your pussy or someone else will".

I blushed when he mentioned my pussy.

"My offer still stands if you are interested" he said.

I was really red now and I told Walt that I was worried that word would get around about our sexual encounter.

He took my hands in his and asked me, "Have you ever heard me speak of having sex with anyone?"

"No but your reputation proceeds you", I replied.

He smiled and assured me that his reputation mostly rumors came from other people and that he never talks about his encounters.

"I saw you in the Vince's recreation room the other night along with the others" I embarrassingly admitted.

"Okay so you saw some group sex, have you ever heard anyone in that group mention it ever?" he asked.

"No, I haven't" I replied.

"Then I rest my case, I do not talk, we all have images to protect and I certainly didn't tell anyone about us" he concluded.

"What are your plans for the rest of the day?" he inquired.

"Just some shopping" I told him.

"Would you like to go somewhere intimate?" he asked.

I shyly nodded yes.

"Good I was hoping that you would say yes", Walt said as he paid the bill and led me out of the restaurant.

He drove us to a Romantic Interlude Hotel and checked us in over the phone. Apparently he used this place often enough that he had an account with them. He parked in a very private area next to the room and the room door was left open for him. I felt very secure because of the privacy of the situation. We entered the room and there were a couple bottles of wine for us. The room was indeed very intimate but tasteful and there was a full size Jacuzzi tub in the room.

Walt locked the door and then turned to me and took me in his arms and kissed me tenderly. I just melted in his arms and pressed my body up against him. He then proceeded to undress me. He unfastened my dress and slid it off of my body and then he hung the dress up leaving me standing there in my bra, garters, stockings and high heels. Walt then moved behind me and unclasped my bra and slid it down my shoulders placing it on the chair behind him. He massaged my tits and rolled my nipples and I closed my eyes in ecstasy I was really turned on. He turned me to face him and dropped to his knees in front of me. He lifted my high heels off one foot at a time. Then he started to unsnap my garters.

"Just a tip for the future, wear your panties over your garter belt when you are wearing stockings. That will allow your pussy to be more accessible if you are in a hurry" he said as he rolled one of my nylons down and off my leg.

Then he did the other leg leaving me there in just my panties. He gripped my panties by the waist band and pulled them ever so slowly down and off my legs as he trailed light kisses down my body. I could feel my pussy dripping and I felt as if I was going to cum just from being undressed.

Walt pushed me gently back to the bed and I felt it hit the back of my legs. I sank down on the bed and Walt knelt between my legs to eat my pussy. He lifted my legs over his shoulders and he reached up to take my tits one in each hand. He began to eat my pussy, flicking my clit and inserting one of his thick fingers in my cunt. I went wild as he ate me through countless orgasms. I humped his face and cried out with sexual satisfaction. He buried his tongue in me and tweaked my nipples with both hands until I almost passed out from a long awaited sexual release. I lay on the bed as Walt got up and began to remove his clothes. When he turned toward me I saw his impressive organ and he was in an unmistakable state of arousal. He walked toward the bed with his weapon swaying in front of him and I was wary of his size and what it might do to me.

He had me move back up the bed a little and then he knelt between my legs positioning his cock at the entrance to my pussy. He pushed his way into my cunt slowly allowing me to adjust. He would fuck me with some of his cock in me and then push more into me. Walt clearly knew what he was doing and soon his entire length was buried in my hole. He fucked me with long and steady strokes keeping his cock in contact with my clit. Walt kept his weight off of me and created a space between our bodies, so I could watch his big dick piston in and out of me. He would withdraw it almost all the way and the slide it all the way in so that I could see as well as feel his cock fucking me. I couldn't believe that I was taking all of his meat but I was and I loved it. I could feel my orgasm approaching and I knew that this would be a big one. Walt kept fucking me as I humped my body up to him, rotated my hips and tried to salvage every feeling of this moment. I trembled, shivered and shook almost violently with the intensity of my orgasm.

I was surprised to hear myself screaming, "Yes, oh yes, fuck me, hold me, please, please!"

Walt flooded my pussy with his seed and I have never had so much cum in me. I could feel his cock sliding around in the warmth of our combined juices and I could feel his cum overflowing on his cock and trickling down between my pussy lips. Walt rolled us to the side so that his weight would not crush me and managed to keep his still erect cock in my pussy.

We held to each other and I heard him say, "That was marvelous!"

I kept repeating, "Thank you, thank you, thank you!"

Walt allowed me to rest on the bed as he got up to run water into the Jacuzzi and poured us a glass of wine. I marveled at his physique as he moved around the room and I knew he was proud of his body and of his sexual prowess.

"Come on let's grab a shower while the Jacuzzi fills up" he said taking my hand and leading me to the shower.

We both showered and Walt soaped me up and washed me all over. He paid a lot of attention to my butt and shoved a soapy finger in my ass and moved it around as if he was washing my rectum. We rinsed off and then entered the Jacuzzi tub and Walt turned on the jets. He had put an ample amount of body oil in the tub and it started to bubble up. Soon the tub was filled with oily bubbles and our bodies became slippery. Walt was rubbing me all over and I was getting turned on again. Walt had me lean over the edge of the tub exposing my ass to him and he began to plant soft kisses on my butt.

"You have an incredible ass" he told me.

Then he slipped his tongue between my buttocks and began to rim my anal opening. No one had ever touched me there much less licked my asshole I was caught off guard but at the same time turned on by this taboo act. He began to probe my bunghole with his tongue and then swipe his tongue down across my pussy to my clit and then back up to my anus. He was going to make me cum again. Walt then grabbed by ass cheeks with his hands and pried my buttocks further apart so he could tongue me good. I could feel a mild orgasm just from the butt loving I was getting. He then moved his mouth to my clit again and soon had me reeling in another orgasm and then slipped a finger all the way into my asshole sending me over the edge once again.

Walt pulled me back into his arms and let me recover resting against his body. I could feel his fully erect cock against my bottom as he stroked my tits. I reached behind me to hold his cock in my hand and realized his thickness when I could not get my hand around its girth.

"Have you ever sucked cock" Walt asked?

"No I never have" I replied and thought it was strange that Dave have never asked me to suck his.

"Well we will take it slow and when you think you may be ready to try, let me know" he continued, "Maybe the next time we are together we will eat each other in a 69 position".

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