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So, how did it happen that I dragged my dear friend Janye with me into this world? It started after she read my first few submissions to this site. She thought then that they were all fantasy. That I was writing day dreams, or such. I thought then that she would have been offended and shocked if I told her they were true. That I had not only fucked my boss, but enjoyed every minute of it, and to think she doesn't know yet that he wasn't my first extra-marital dalliance. The first just isn't worth mentioning, nothing interesting enough to write about happened.

So, I sent her my stories, they got her attention enough that she asked me if he was a real person. She said he sounded "hotter than fuck" to use her specific words. I think she started to suspect that there was more than fantasy to my stories when I told her that he did indeed exist, and that he had been the one to interest me in writing these stories down. Janye lives close to 12 hours away, but, said that she had to meet him. It took quite a bit of finesse to arrange a time away from my family to introduce the three of us. Janye liked to tell me that my lesbian tendencies weren't that far from the surface although I'd never really even considered being with another woman – I like men too much. I like cocks. Always have. I assume always will. So, I had quite a bit of personal hurdles to get over, just to consider introducing the two of them. He had long teased me, or suggested in a teasing manner, that I introduce him to one of my friends. Janye seemed to be the perfect answer to that problem. She's a year younger than I am, and she'll always make me remember it. She's several inches shorter than I am and considerably bustier than I am. I must say though, I think we are a nice looking couple of young women. We're both moms, she has three to my two, but we've managed to keep looking good, curvier sure, but we still look good.

So, we arranged time that she and I were supposedly out shopping together to go to the hotel. I turned the tables, as we got there first, usually, he'd beat me there and tell me what room to meet him in. We got there, primped, primed, a little unsure, but ready for anything. We sat there talking about the mundane, until he knocked on the door. The butterflies in my stomach erupted. My insecure nature took over, suddenly I was unsure of myself. You'd have thought it was my first time. I opened the door, let him in.

"Hotter than fuck for sure" Janye murmured. And, suddenly, I laughed, and felt much more at ease. This was my best girl friend and the man I had no doubt could leave us both limp wet rags when he was through with us. I should know – that's the way he left me every time. I rarely had the will to move afterwards, and it was wonderful, having cum so many times I had long lost count.

I summoned all the courage I had, and, after I had introduced them, I figured I'd tackle the insecurities I had first. I backed Janye up against the bed, kissing her deeply. Soon, I became so involved in the kiss, I had forgotten all about him being in the room, until he came up behind me, and pushed us both down onto the bed. I stayed on top of Janye, kissing her, and loving the taste of another woman, the feel of her soft skin beneath me. We shed clothes as quickly as possible. I loved the feel of her breasts against mine, touching, teasing, both a little unsure of ourselves, but so lost in the moment, so lost in each other that it didn't matter that neither of us had ever been with a woman before.

Suddenly, I felt him behind me, lifting my ass up and away from Janye's where we had been entwined in each other's legs. He impaled me in one fast stroke, buried to the hilt. I stopped kissing her long enough to scream. It felt SO good. I looked down and he was fucking Janye with his fingers of one hand and holding me in place with the other. She was writhing in ecstasy beneath me, and I knew exactly how she felt. He has magic fingers, and she was ready to cum almost instantly. When she was breathing evenly again, she kissed me again on the mouth, then turned underneath me, so that her pussy lay in front of me, already dripping from her first orgasm. She held his balls in one hand, while she licked my clit as furiously as he was fucking me. My curiosity got the better of me, and I soon had my face in her musky pussy, savoring not only the taste but the textures. The skin was so smooth, so sensitive. A lick here, a bite there, and she was falling apart in my hands, or, my mouth rather.

He took advantage of her current position to pull out of me, and he started fucking my ass. We'd talked about it before. He had wanted to, but I had told him that it really wasn't something I enjoyed all that much. He had told me it was only because I'd never had someone do it that knew what they were doing. He was right. I was so wet, from having cum multiple times myself, that he had plenty of lubricant to slowly ease his dick into my ass. My ass is so sensitive. I was so far gone, the thought of fearing what was happening to me never even entered my mind. After all, I was face first into my best friends pussy, she was face first in mine, and he was fucking my ass like there was no tomorrow. I had no idea the pleasures I could experience. I screamed out again as I came, and I fell forward on the bed, dislodging him from my asshole.

Janye wasted no time, having seen the way he'd fucked me, she turned back around and offered herself to him. She screamed incoherently in orgasm, just from his immediate penetration. I took the opportunity to enjoy my voyeuristic personality and I watched as he used her body like he had often used mine. He turned to look at me, those ice blue eyes pinning me, I couldn't move, could hardly breathe, he has the most amazing eyes. Then he told me to touch myself. To get myself off, while I watched them. I had no choice, I had to do what he said. As I brought myself to yet another orgasm, Janye bit her hand to keep from screaming as she came again. Time has a way of passing while it feels like it is standing still inside that hotel room.

Janye wiggled away from him, we both knew that I had no pregnancy worries as my tubes had been tied, but she was not so sure, so she turned around and with almost no effort deep throated him. I watched in awe. I've fully admitted in the past that my abilities in the blow job department are lacking because of my small mouth. I watched as she swallowed him whole and he held her by the hair as he fucked her face. When he'd cum she milked him dry. As the three of us fell together on the bed, utterly exhausted, I knew that Janye thought that the afternoon's tryst was over. She went to get up and get dressed when she could breathe again. I grabbed her by the waist and told her to wait. Just wait. We were just getting started.

The air conditioner chilled me, as the sweat from my body and theirs dried on my skin. I cuddled closer to him, stealing his body heat, and Janye followed suit, sliding closer to me on my other side. I had to laugh when he asked her of her kinkiest experience and her wildest fantasy. She said that the afternoon qualified for both.

Two hours later, Janye and I left the hotel room completely sated, exhausted, and pleased beyond our wildest dreams. We laughed, that the rest of our friends would never believe us, even if we ever told them. Our little secret. She plans on visiting me more often now that she knows MY little secret. "Hotter than fuck" for sure. I grinned and told her that my lesbian side was a little closer to the surface than either one of us had imagined. I sure hope I can convince him to meet us whenever she comes back to town; although I don't think that will be much of a problem.

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