tagLesbian SexMeet Mags and the Sigma Epsilon Xi Sorority

Meet Mags and the Sigma Epsilon Xi Sorority


Margaret completed freshman registration at State College. She had the courses that she wanted and the schedule. As she was exiting the registration hall she walked past the tables representing the various student organizations. One caught her eye. The table was staffed by girls who seemed to be "like" her.

Margaret, or "Mags" as she preferred to be called, came from a rural ranching community. She learned responsibility early in her life. She was comfortable riding a horse and working the ranch. She had learned about sex at an early age from asking her Mom about what she saw with the bulls and the stallions and the birthing of calves and foals. She was a confident young woman.

In high school she dated some but only those boys who believed that it was wrong to have "sex" before marriage. Yes, she kissed and fooled around some but nothing like most of the other kids. A few of her girl schoolmates had gotten pregnant. Her parents were heavily involved in the community church and had "encouraged" her to commit to abstinence until she married.

She stopped at the table and picked up a handout and read it.

"The Sigma Epsilon Xi Sorority exists to provide young women, 18 years and older, the opportunity to learn and to develop skills regarding the practice and enjoyment of sex in a healthy, safe and responsible manner.

"The founders of the Sigma Epsilon Xi sorority recognized that young women attending college needed to understand about sexual practices. They would encounter them in their social interactions with fellow students both boys and girls. There is a natural desire to participate. The founders recognized that a person had the inherent rights to do with their body and life what they wanted. One had free will.

"Every woman should have total control of her sex life. They should know what sex is all about, what feels good to them, what doesn't and how to be an active and skilled participant. When engaging in sex a woman should do so honorably, responsibly, respectfully and considerately and fully expect the same from her partner.

"Most women entering college are aware of "procreational" sex in which the intent is intercourse to impregnate. There is another kind of sex, "recreational sex". Our species is one of the few mammals that enjoy sex for its pure enjoyment and therapeutic value. Sex is fun. It is to be enjoyed. Often in recreational sex, the sex of one's partner is immaterial. A hand is a hand. A mouth is a mouth. The sorority supports homosexual and heterosexual activities equally. "

Mags had always liked the kissing and touching that she had done. She might have pursued more if she knew more about it.

She stepped up to the table and asked for more information.

Mags was invited to attend an open house at the sorority the upcoming Friday night.

Came Friday night, Mags was an early arrival at the sorority house. She was welcomed warmly and introduced to several sorority sisters. Mags felt very much at ease. The sisters seemed to be a lot like her coming from smaller cities, towns, and farm and ranch communities.

During the evening the Pledge Master explained the pledging process.

"Every pledge is "sponsored" by a sister. That sister is the pledge's "Big Sister". A Big Sister is a guide, mentor and practice partner. There would be two open houses within the next two weeks at which prospective pledges attend and seek a sister to sponsor them. A third get together would be by invitation only.

"The objective of the pledging period is for the pledge to learn and develop basic sex skills. Initially sex will only be with one's Big Sister but over the course of the pledge period it will expand to include other pledges and Big Sisters. During the pledge period a pledge cannot have sex with anyone else."

After the presentation food and soft drinks were made available. Several monitors were turned on displaying videos of sexual activities, both girl-girl and girl-boy. A one-page handout was distributed that listed some suggested readings that could be accessed on-line at Literotica.com. The prospective pledges were encouraged to read them.

Every sister in attendance met every prospective pledge. They would spend 10-15 minutes conversing. It was like a speed dating process except the interactions were longer, wider ranging and more informal.

Mags enjoyed herself. She felt very much at ease with the idea of the sorority and with the sisters.

Before the next open house, Mags found time to access Literotica.com and read several of the listed stories. She liked the stories. She learned things. Some made her feel good. A few made her feel so good that she played with herself as she read them reaching a comforting release.

At the next open house Mags was warmly greeted by several of the sisters she had met at the last one. She would sit with one or a few and they would discuss some of the stories that she had read. They would ask her what she liked or didn't like about each story. They asked her which ones aroused her and to which ones she orgasmed. There was a lot of laughter. They shared equally with her. After the presentation by the Pledge Master, the monitors were again turned on. This time, though, a sister would invite Mags to watch a video and they would discuss it. What she liked about it and didn't and why. Mags became aware that she was with a different sister every time and that it didn't seem to be random. She felt that she was again being "interviewed".

Before the next open house, Mags made sure that she read all the Literotica stories on the list so that she could discuss them and their impact upon her. The evening unfolded as the previous one. At the end while she was preparing to leave the Pledge Master came to her and invited her to attend the last get together. Mags was excited. She had been accepted as a pledge.

For those accepted, the last gathering was to determine their Big Sister. The sisters had already ranked the pledges. Now it was time for the pledges to rank the sisters. To the extent that they could, the first choice of the pledge and the Big Sister would be matched.

When the matching was announced, Mags was matched to her first choice Big Sister, Nina. She was happy. She ran to her and hugged her. Nina hugged her back and then lifted Mags' face to hers and kissed Mags. Although it was the first time that Mags had kissed a girl, Mags melted into the kiss and the embrace. Nina took her by her hand and led her to her bedroom. Mags went eagerly. She had read enough about girl-girl sex and had watched the girl-girl videos at the open houses that she was eager to experience it.

Nina led Mags into her bedroom stopping next to her bed. She turned and embraced Mags kissing her deeply with a growing passion. She felt Mags responding equally. She stepped back and slowly began to undress. She had dressed earlier anticipating this moment. She unbuttoned her blouse letting it slip from her shoulders and arms to the floor. She was not wearing a bra. She released the clasp on her skirt and it fell easily to the floor. She was not wearing panties. Mags stared, her mouth slightly open.

She thought Nina's breasts were beautiful. They were not big, maybe a large B or small C. They sat firmly and proudly on her chest. It was Nina's nipples that caught her attention. They were thick and long. She wanted to suck on them. She lowered her eyes to Nina's mons. Nina was clean shaven except for a triangle of hair pointing downward to her pussy. Mags smiled as she thought to herself, "Just another example of a directional sign."

"Do you like it? Nina asked.

Mags nodded "Yes".

Nina took Mags' hand and guided it to caress her. She began with the tops of her breasts then all around her breasts, her nipples, then to her abdomen, her mons and her pussy. She held Mags' hand over her pussy and cupped it.

Holding her hand there, she again kissed Mags, this time, though, introducing her tongue through Mags' lips. Mags murmured.

Nina backed away slightly and began to slowly undress Mags. She clasped the hem of Mags' t-shirt and pulled it up over Mags' head. Mags raised her arms like a "good little girl". Mags was wearing a bra that clasped in front.

Nina began caressing all of Mags' bare skin, first with the palm or back of her fingers and then with her nails. She continued until she felt Mags' body relax yet eagerly anticipate the caressing.

"Do you like how this feels?" Nina asked.

"Yes," Mags responded quietly, embarrassingly.

Nina unclasped Mags' bra and slipped it off her shoulders. Nina inhaled deeply. Mags breasts were beautiful. They were larger than hers and her nipples were indented somewhat. She was looking forward to "inviting them out" with her mouth. She began to caress Mags' breasts as she had done elsewhere. Lightly. Teasingly. She began focusing upon her nipples, rolling them between her thumb and index finger, slowly increasing the pressure. She pulled on them pulling them further out. She watched Mags' facial expressions and was sensitive to her body language. When she felt Mags was ready Nina leaned down and took a nipple into her mouth and began suckling it, suckling it with ever increasing vacuum. When she felt Mags pulling away she did the same to her other nipple. When Mags again pulled away she let go, stood up and kissed Mags deeply with a lot of tongue. Mags melted into her and returned the kiss passionately. Nina sensed a growing hunger in Mags.

After a while of kissing, Nina pulled back some and with her hand behind Mags' neck, guided Mags' mouth to her nipple. "Suck" she said.

From time to time, Nina would say "harder".

Nina moved Mags from nipple to nipple. Mags "lost" herself in her suckling.

When Nina had suckled on Mags' nipples, feelings had rushed to Mags' pussy and soaked her panties. She had this "itch" in her pussy. Now suckling Nina's breasts, she had feelings that she had never experienced before. Her body demanded release. Mags pushed her hand down into her panties and began fingering her clit. Almost instantly she orgasmed like she had never experienced before. She dropped to the floor. Nina quickly sank to the floor, grabbed Mags and cradled her in her arms. When Mags regained a sense of awareness, she was aware that her mouth was close to Nina's nipple. She began suckling it again. When she did Nina opened Mags' shorts and pushed her hand into her panties. As Mags continued suckling, Nina fingered her to her second orgasm. After she recovered she just laid there in Nina's arms motionless.

Nina wrestled her onto the bed, stripped her, lay down beside her and hugged her tightly. They both fell off to sleep.

Nina awoke first. Mags was sleeping on her back, her knee bent open, fully exposing her pussy. Nina edged her way down and began lapping Mags' nipple with the flat of her tongue and toying with it with the tip. At the same time she was lightly massaging Mags' pussy.

Nina felt Mags move and then felt Mags' hands on the back of her head pulling her tighter into her breast.

"That feels so good," she heard Mags quietly say.

Nina began to suck Mags' nipple more deeply and began massaging her clit more aggressively. Mags orgasmed.

Mags pulled Nina up and kissed her appreciatively.

Mags began to edge down to reciprocate but Nina stopped her. Looking at the bed stand clock she said, "We have to get down for breakfast. You have a pledge class meeting in 30 minutes."

The hurriedly showered, dressed and had a quick breakfast of cold cereal.

At the meeting the pledges were informed of the schedule. There would be four pledge classes in the next two weeks, one every Saturday and Sunday morning in which basic topics would be addressed and assignments made. In between classes the pledges were expected to practice with their Big Sister and other pledges. The objective of the first two weeks was to sexually empower the pledges. They were to learn how to pursue sexual pleasures as they wanted, how to guide their partner to do so while respecting their partner's needs and limits and recognizing a responsibility to give their partner sexual satisfaction. After the first two weeks the pledges were to pursue having sex with all the Big Sisters. During the pledge period the pledges would refrain from having sex with anyone other than Big Sisters and other pledges.

The pledges would be introduced to a feeldoe. She held up a feeldoe so that they could see what it was. Then she raised her skirt so they could see how it was "worn". Some of the pledges had expressions of awe on their face.

Each pledge was given a sheet of paper containing a table in which the first column listed the names of the pledges with several columns following, labeled: Task 1, Task 2, etc.

The Pledge Master explained that the objective of the class that day was to have the pledges accept their bodies as they were. She noted that we are not created equally. Some have more whatever than others. To become empowered it was necessary to accept yourself for what you are. Towards this end they would watch several videos so that could gain an appreciation of the diversity of women's bodies.

After the videos the Pledge Master had the pledges arrange their chairs in a circle, had the pledges strip and sit at the forward edge of the chair, straddling their chair such that their knees where touching the knees of the girls sitting on both sides of them. She explained that Task 1 was to explore one another's body. She explained how it would be done.

"The first pledge, selected at random, will get up and kneel in front the chair of the pledge sitting to her right. She will kneel close enough so that she can easily examine and fondle the breasts of the pledge before examining and fondling her vulva. She will insert her finger into the girl's vagina and seek out her G-spot. Once found she will remove her finger and suck it clean. She will then have the pledge initial her task sheet. She will then move to the pledge on her right and do the same. When the initial pledge moves to the fourth girl in the circle the second pledge will kneel in front of the third pledge and examine and fondle. This is the way it will continue until the initial pledge returns to her seat where she will sit upon it as before. The process will continue until all pledges have the opportunity to examine and fondle all the other pledges. As you examine, recognize the differences: meaty or lean labia, wide or narrow vulva, big or little clits, innie or outie nipples, long or short nipples, large or small areolas and the difference tastes of the nectar."

"Any questions?"

"No, then let's begin."

The Big Sisters had entered the room to watch. They were interested to see how each pledge responded to being touched so physically. It was obvious to them that chemistry had already started to be shared among some of the pledges. Mags had found that there was something special that she felt when she had examined and fondled one of the pledges and later when that pledge had examined and fondled her. She recognized the pledge as a girl who lived in her dorm.

After the class Nina and Mags returned to Nina's room.

As soon as they were back into her room, Nina asked Mags what she thought of the class.

Mags liked it. She learned a lot. She was surprised by the diversity of pussies. She liked all the attention that she got.

As she was saying this Nina stripped and sat in the easy chair in the corner of the room. She draped her legs over the arms of the chair, opening herself wide to Mags. "Come examine, fondle and explore," Nina told her.

Mags did. She was surprised how different Nina's pussy was. It was fuller, more "robust". In her mind she thought it was a pussy of a woman and not of a girl.

Then Nina had Mags sit in the easy chair. She draped Mags legs over the arms opening Mags' pussy to her. Nina explored and fondled. She massaged Mags' pussy, over it, around it, around the labia. Mags murmured her pleasure. Nina instructed Mags to take deep breaths and exhale them fully. She guided Mags to think of it as pulling the sexual energy that she was feeling in her pussy up to her lungs and throughout her body; to focus upon it. Nina inserted her finger into Mags' vagina and found and stimulated her G-spot. Mags lost herself in the feelings.

Nina leaned forward and lightly licked Mags' clit with her tongue. Mags gasped. Nina smiled. She leaned back in and ran her tongue down through Mags' labia to her perineum and then back up circling Mags' clit. She lightly sucked on Mags' clit nerve sheath before lightly licking Mags' clit again. She did it again and again. She could tell from Mags' breathing and how she pushed her groin into Nina's mouth that she was having an effect upon Mags. She inserted her finger into Mags' vagina, found Mags' G-spot and began stimulating it while continuing licking her. Mags was fondling, pinching and pulling on her nipples. She climaxed. She howled. Everyone heard her. Her howls were joined by those of other pledges. Nina smiled. A task well done!

When Mags had recovered somewhat Nina helped her up and brought her to the bed and laid her down. They cuddled until Mags wanted more. This time, though, she wanted, no needed, to pleasure Nina.

She began kissing Nina, kissing and playing with her lips and kissing her with a wide open mouth and closing it during the kiss. She teased Nina's lips with the tip of her tongue. When Nina started searching for her kiss she responded satisfying Nina's quest. Mags was having fun.

Then she moved her kisses to Nina neck and continued lower until she arrived at her breast. She did to Nina's breasts and nipples what she had done to her lips. She engulfed them with her mouth. She lapped them with the flat of her tongue. She teased them with the tip of her tongue. She held back, though, until Nina pulled her mouth against her breast. Then she suckled one and then the other nipple until Nina seemed satisfied.

"Go lower," Nina instructed. Mags was hesitant. Nina recognized it. "I'll tell you what to do."

This would be a learning experience for Mags. Another step towards sexual empowerment.

"Tease me with your tongue. Lick me. Suck lightly on my clit and labia. Tease me more. Push my nectar around to lubricate me. Sense when I push against your mouth. I do that to build up my anticipation. Every time I push a little longer. When I hold it there know that it is time to bring me to the ledge and over it. If you position yourself right you'll be able to push a finger into my vagina and stimulate my G-spot. Don't get fancy. Keep it simple and consistent. Listen to me. I'll tell you when I want it harder or less hard." instructed Nina.

And Mags did just that. Nina was happy. Mags was a quick learner. She picked up quickly to Nina's body language and responded as she should. For a first timer she was outstanding.

Nina and Mags cuddled afterwards as they fell off to sleep together. Nina knew that Sunday would be a full day for Mags.

Mags awoke to Nina licking her pussy. It felt good. She reached down to pull Nina up so that she could kiss her but Nina waved off her hand telling her "Focus upon what I'm doing and how it feels to you. You'll need it today." With that Nina returned to licking Mags pussy. She did to Mags everything that she liked being done to her. The alarm clock interrupted her lesson.

The girls showered and dressed, went down for breakfast. Immediately after breakfast, Mags left to attend the pledge class.

The Pledge Master told them that Task #2 was for them to practice giving oral pleasures to one another. They would pair off and use one of their Big Sister's room. They would spend no less than 30 minutes together and then report back to the class area where they would socialize for 10 minutes before pairing off again with another pledge partner. There would be a brief lunch break. They had the option to arrange to meet with others during the week to complete the task. On the check list they were to note if they had reached an orgasm.

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