tagBDSMMeet Me in 7th Heaven

Meet Me in 7th Heaven


Another night, another exciting day of my life had come, another meeting was about to start in a while.

I was driving keeping steadily the steering wheel and being cautious, but the truth is that my mind was traveling far away, to the conversation I had with him earlier this afternoon. All hot details were coming one after another just before my eyes and my fantasy had already made them real. The only thing missing was the sense of feeling them happening.

That day, since morning and during the whole afternoon we had been talking making each other really excited, adding little hot elements to each other's fantasy and making it more and more perfect. The outcome was the perfect painting we had made together and in a few minutes we would finally play our scene, we would finally become the actors in our play. Lights, camera, action.....

The first mail was the typical "good morning" one I was sending him each and every morning. Two paragraphs full of the last night's news, full of love, full of all we felt for each other....He was the man that had changed my life in just a month.

All had started so unexpectedly. It was just one month ago when I received his mail. We had known each other for about two weeks and it was the first time he wrote a mail to me. How funny!!! He sent me that little story he had written to read and tell him my opinion. I don't know if he did that on purpose, but the truth is that it was a really cute way he used to approach me...and he had made it perfectly. I couldn't resist a fragile, romantic man. So I was just caught in his spells and two days later and after some long hours of conversations, we fell in love.

He was the romantic knight that could talk to me with tender poetic expressions on one hand, while he was the dominant master I was looking for all my life on the other. From the very first talks we both knew that we fitted perfectly and we could just complete each other. I could be the little slave he was looking for and he could be the master I was craving. The perfect match, these were the correct words to describe us.

Our first meeting turned out to be a tender unification, two people getting to know each other physically and two souls embracing one another. That first time we had made love in a rush, but with all the tenderness two lovers can offer to each other.

After that first time, each day we exchanged more hot messages, and each message had hotter details that the previous one and so our fantasies were building more and more. What had started as a romance scene, had become a scene containing bondage and domination elements. I kept challenging him, and the more I dared him, the more expressive he became, the more I opened up as a slave, the more dominant he was. He was driving himself on the paths I showed him. It was a "give and take" game we both loved and needed to explore. We both wanted to find out where our limits could be and to this end we were searching and exploring endlessly.

The following "meetings" had something new and hidden each time....first it was his way of exploring my body without giving me the right to do anything. I had just to accept, just to feel, just to express loudly the pleasure he offered me, but I was never allowed to propose or do a thing. Then it was his way of imposing his will, and I only loved and accepted all. The way of doing it all was unique and desirable. I felt like the little slut he wanted me to be, obeying to his orders and being lost to whatever he wanted. Our roles were clear and straight and none of us was willing to ask for less.

This game was played with new add ons each time we met and he kept revealing a new himself night after night. From the beginning he had told me that he had twelve hidden selves and he would let one come after the other. The last would be the worse and more dominant of all and in the meantime I had to meet the rest!!!

So, tonight it was the turn of "number 7" to come out and meet me.

His orders were clear and there was a little routine I had to follow each of these nights. I had always to wear skirts and easy opening tops or dresses that could be lifted or lowered and reveal my cunt and breasts. He wanted to have an easy access to whichever part he wanted to use and treat at the blink of an eye. The second rule was that I should never carry underwear, another way that could give him easy access to where he wanted to move. I always had to carry with me some meters of rope, clothespins and last but not least 2 cucumbers and my camera!!! I should never forget any of these necessary elements, and so did I.

I was watching the traffic lights turn red and green and I was moving closer to him every minute that passed. But my mind was always so busy and anxious like my body.

After an hour I was outside of his office and I let him know I was there phoning him so that he could come and open the door welcoming me. His eyes when he opened the door were so sparkling and he quickly inspected my looks from head to toes letting me understand that the outcome was exactly what he wanted it to be!!!

He touched my lips in a quick yet tender kiss, like caressing me in a second and we headed for his office which was on the fourth floor of the building. Seeing him just made my blood boil more and being with him inside the elevator made me extremely aroused.

We entered his office which was a regular room with a big desk in the middle carrying two monitors and also two chairs. I sat in my chair and he immediately went down to make me a coffee. The night would be long and I had to be awake for hot details were on their way. Two minutes later he came back carrying my coffee and he sat down and we started talking like all was more than normal. We exchanged our news, as if we hadn't meet for quite some time and he kept on dealing with his computers while he was giving me eyeshots from time to time. I was wondering when he would make his move and attack me but that was something he would decide and I had no word on it.

After half and hour and while we were listening to music he suddenly turned to me and he lifted my dress uncovering my thighs. He spread my legs with his hand and he showed me that he wanted me to stay like this. Then he turned back to his monitor searching for more music. My anxiety was building minute by minute and I was already feeling my body burning by desire just by his slight touch to my thighs. After some more minutes he turned again to me and reached for my lips. His kiss was so tender, it felt like heaven to me and I started losing control. I wanted him like I've never wanted anyone in my entire life and knowing that, he kept torturing me. He let his hands wander a bit to my breasts touching my already hard nipples through the silky cloth of the dress. This touch was like a little match that burnt my skin but still I was allowed to do nothing, as always. After that he stopped again leaving me to my hell and he turned again to his monitor. Damn computer! I hated the minutes he spent there but I knew it was part of the game. He suddenly got up and told me he'd be back in a minute. Left alone I felt so nervous and I could do absolutely nothing to ease my anxiety. Two minutes later he was back and while he was passing behind my chair he bent and started kissing the back of my neck, letting his tongue paint a trail from its middle till my right ear. All my nerves were tensed and my breath became faster and heavier. He kept teasing me for some moments that seemed like years and then he sat down again. This alternation of arousing me and then letting me relax was extremely intensive and I felt my heart beating so fast, but....i still had to wait.

Some more minutes passed and then he turned once again to me and lowered the upper part of my dress so that my breasts were revealed. He stared at them for some seconds and then he reached to get my left nipple to his mouth, sucking and licking it with me just watching while his left hand had caught my right nipple making it harder than a rock. I couldn't stop myself from letting out a moan which I knew would sound really hot to his ears. He loved listening to my moans and seeing me being on my boundaries when he was teasing me.

He kept playing with my nipples while at the same time his right hand had been under my dress touching slightly my clit. The game was getting harder and I kept being more and more aroused.

As suddenly as he had started this game, same he stopped and he asked me with a serious voice to give him our so called "toys". I gave him the bag I had brought and he took out the cucumbers looking me straight in the eyes. Even his look made me feel hotter and when he took one of the two vegetables and started rubbing it on my already wet labia I started feeling like I would explode in a second. He kept rubbing it while my breathing was now heavy and my moans had become louder. I needed this thing inside me immediately but he wouldn't satisfy my need till he wanted to. I was his slut, he knew it and this was the way he treated me. He continued playing with me more and more and enjoying my excitement which made him horny too. What we shared was the pleasure exchanged by these actions. When he finally entered my dripping pussy with the cucumber it was like deliverance to me. I needed it as deep as it could get and he put it in me with quick thrusts that took my breath away one after another. All this time and while I was lost in pleasure, he had of course took some shots of me, a thing that he loved and that satisfied his artistic nature. It was not long till my first orgasm hit me and I let it come with loud moans that added a lot to his pleasure while he was watching me being like that. When my breath became normal again, he gifted me with a kiss letting his lips touch mine like spring air coming from the open window. My smile assured him for my entire satisfaction.

Then we started once again enjoying our music and talking like friends while I was caressing his long hair which I loved so much. Being next to him was bliss to me and I was drinking all these moments saving them in my mind for later on. I copied in my brain each detail on his face, each expression, each word he said, his smell that drove me crazy...everything...

Not 20 minutes had passed before I slipped my hand to his loins. I knew that he was aroused since the beginning and I only wanted to give him some of the pleasure he had offered me earlier, so I just started touching his hard cock through his pants making it harder. I felt his breathing becoming heavy while he was trying to stay cool and he kept on searching for songs to listen. Well, men can't stand this and I knew it. So, when I unbuttoned and unzipped him he must have felt blessed. His cock came out hard as a rock and I started stroking it. He rest on his back letting himself to my hands. I could feel his satisfaction rising and I was watching him having his eyes closed and enjoying what I did. But now it was my turn to torture him a bit. After some minutes and while he was near to his own orgasm I sat back to my chair smiling at him when he opened his questioning eyes. That was our teasing game anyway and we both had to follow the rules. Only that the rules were made mostly by him and what I had done deserved a bit of punishment. I knew that and he knew that too.

Next he took the rope I had with me and he started tying me to the arms of the chair. First it was my hands that he tied and then using another piece of the same rope he tied my ankles to the chair's legs. I was now tied there with my legs spread and my dress up above my belly, exposed completely to him. Once again he started touching my already sensitive pussy, dipping his finger to my wet cunt, taking it out to rub my swollen clit and spreading my juices with his fingers on my nipples. I knew he loved the picture of me being helpless in his hands. This gave him the sense of power and the feeling of mastership on me. I was there able just to watch him and feel....This time he wanted to make the feeling a bit more strong so he used a piece of cloth to cover my eyes tying it behind my head. I had now no view of what was going on and I must confess that it was really really arousing. For moments that seemed like hours he did absolutely nothing and I was only wondering what would follow. When expectance became too intense, as if he knew it, he lowered his head and I felt his tongue touching and licking my so sensitive clit. He sucked and kept biting it sending me to the heaven of absolute pleasure. He then started again entering his fingers in my dripping cunt. At first he shoved 2 fingers and minute after minute he used more. After a while he had his whole hand inside me, causing me a mix of pain and pleasure I've never felt or had imagined before. There were moments that the pain was stronger than pleasure but as I got used to it pleasure got the most of my senses and unification with pain became almost perfect. He kept fucking me with his whole hand and kissing me at the same time. Who would ever deny that this picture is one of a kind? So passionate, intense and erotic....When he couldn't stand it anymore watching me like this, when he wanted to feel me and unite with me, he took off his trousers, unfolded my eyes so that I could see all this and entered me. That was the moment that my breath was cut. It was the moment I lost it all around me and just entered to his body while he entered to mine. It felt like our bodies were dancing in a tango and our souls were making love tenderly and with the most absolute passion one could sense. Less than two minutes later and while he kept thrusting in me with moves that became faster and deeper he let his cum spread inside me and that was the moment when my second orgasm came. I felt this so strong and in its highest moment I sensed like I was in another place, another time, out of my exploding body. My vagina muscles were almost dancing and milking him. God...this was the perfection of making love and we both knew it so well.

His little hidden smile of satisfaction for what he had done was all I could see now. He let me loose of my bondage and he covered my lips with the most tender kiss of the man who really loved me. He reached to my right ear and whispered "I love you...". That moment I felt his love so strongly deep inside me, like a wave of warm sunrays that caressed my soul and kissed my feelings. My unification with this man was so unique, so complete and absolute. It was beyond my wildest dreams.

Minutes later we were relaxing, listening to our favorite music and being quite in our bliss.

Time was passing and we continued talking about everything and listening to music and exchanging opinions for whatever like everything was fine. But I really couldn't resist my desire to touch him even more, feel him with my hands, see him reaching again his own boundaries and finally watch his absolute climax that I would build. This picture of him was always my most favorite and the one that really dominated my fantasies. All the nights I've been alone in my bed, touching myself, the main theme in my fantasy was him the moment of his orgasm and his voice in my ear saying "I cum now....for you...each drop is for you" accompanied by his moans that made me crazy.

While we were in this absolute relaxation, I lowered my hand and touched his cock causing him a new arousal. I knew it was too soon but I wanted so much to do it. I took it in my hand and started stroking it slowly. Soon his arousal condition was too high and I knew it wouldn't be long till he'd cum again and I wanted to make it as perfect and intense as possible. I continued stroking him slowly and as I was watching him with closed eyes, getting lost in his lust, and heard his slight moaning, I lowered my head and took him in my mouth. That made him moan louder and the sense of sinking in my wet mouth plus the feeling of my tongue caressing him up and down, must have been really exciting. His breathing was now faster and heavier and I sensed his balls more swollen and ready to explode. He was so very close to cumming and a minute later I felt him twitching and letting his juices in my mouth. I loved this moment so very much. For me it was the perfect sense of making someone full and offering him the happiness he deserved. It was one of my ways to show him my love.

We were both exhausted but no fatigue could harm us. Our bodies were so satisfied, our souls so full, our minds so complete and our hearts full of love and devotion. For us it was another proof that life is beautiful, worth living it to the edge and worth waiting for you never know when the best will come. All the sadness and pain we have lived in the past in our lives, was now just a memory left behind us, just shadows that could never come up again. What really mattered for us was our love, our perfect understanding and our own secret garden that had room only for the two of us. A private paradise we had made to enjoy free breathing, an oasis in a desert life that only few like us had the privilege to feel its existence. A heaven with no snakes inside, just us and our feelings....

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