tagTranssexuals & CrossdressersMeet The Neighbors Ch. 01

Meet The Neighbors Ch. 01



It is doubtful if these two syllables have ever struck as much fear into a man’s heart as they did when they were uttered on that day last summer.

The “’Coo-ee’” had been called out by Linda, as she came through her neighbor’s back door. A friendly soul, she had taken her neighbors suggestion that she could ‘pop round sometime’ literally. The back door wasn’t locked so she had let herself in.

The “’Coo-ee’” was heard by Kevin. He wasn’t afraid of Linda, but he was devastated by what she was about to see.

Linda came through from the kitchen to find Kevin, sitting at his computer. The fact that she could see that he was on an Internet website for lingerie wasn’t the problem, he could have explained that. The difficult part to explain was the too-small dress, the laddered pantyhose, the high heels, the inexpertly applied makeup and the blonde wig; they were the problem.

Kevin sat rooted to the spot, mortified, waiting for a scream or some abuse; but it didn’t come.

‘Hi there!’ beamed Linda smiling kindly. ‘What do you like to be called?’

This shocked Kevin. What did he like to be called? In the various chat-rooms he frequented, he often chose what he imagined to be exotic or sexy names. He was stumped for an answer.

‘I cant call you Kevin can I? How about … ,’ Linda paused thinking of a name like Kevin but feminine, ‘Kelly?’

Kelly (nee Kevin) nodded dumbly.

Half an hour later Linda had made coffee and they were sitting at the dining table. She had listened and coaxed Kelly into telling her if not her whole life story, a good few highlights. The trying on one of Mom’s pretty dresses; the thrill of the feel of pantyhose; the difficulty in buying female clothing without trying it for size; but above all, the feeling of comfort and rightness about dressing up even though it was something everyone else would think of as shameful; that sort of thing.

‘Good for you Kelly!’ said Linda, patting her arm supportively. ‘I think what you are doing is super; I if may I would like to help.’

‘Help? Why?’

‘Well round this neighborhood there aren’t many women my age and I could use a friend. How about it Kelly, we could have morning coffee, chat, go to the mall, please say yes!’

‘The mall? I couldn’t go out like this!’

‘Why ever not honey? With a bit of fixing from me you could look a knockout.’

Linda looked so certain, looking imploringly into Kelly’s eyes, that Kelly agreed.

Kevin worked from home a lot. His job in computing required only minimal office time. The next day after lunch he called at Linda’s. As instructed he had brought nothing. Linda took him straight to the bathroom and told him to shower, the put on the pink bathrobe. Obediently he did.

‘Come on in Kelly!’ called Linda from the main bedroom.

There on the bed was a fabulous selection of ladies clothing.

‘I hope you don’t mind sharing for now honey, but till you get some stuff of your own we’ll have to make do.’

First Linda sat Kelly down at the dressing table. With practiced ease she guided Kelly through the application of make-up, passing on little tips on the way. Then helped Kelly put on a bra, in the cups of which she placed some small silicon falsies, giving Kelly a pair of small, but pert boobs. Next she told Kelly to remove her robe and then held out a pretty lacy pair of panties.

‘Put them on’ she urged.

Kevin now had a problem. This close to Linda, who was a sexy woman, and wearing make up and a bra, he was somewhat aroused, which did nothing for the fit of the panties.

‘Ow!’ he cried, more in shock than pain, as Linda gave his ‘bulge’ a gentle slap.

‘Save that for later’ she grinned. ‘Tuck it between your legs.’

She told him to shave his legs before next time, but handed him a some shiny, sheer pantyhose. ‘These will feel great, Kelly.’ She was right they did.

Together they chose a very pretty dress. Linda was only a bit shorter than Kelly, and of a similar build so Linda’s pretty blue summer dress, fitted very well. Kelly strapped on a pair of white sandals, before Linda topped the whole ensemble with a beautiful wig. Not a cheap novelty-store wig, but a fabulous styled, honey blonde wig.

It was the crowning glory. Looking at the reflection in the mirror Kelly felt like a million dollars. Linda’s idea of trips to the mall like this didn’t seem so far fetched now. Happily Linda and Kelly, strolled round the house, sat and had coffee and cookies. Linda even coaxed Kelly into the garden, in full view of the other neighbors! There Kelly felt the feel of a soft breeze rustling the hem of her dress, the sun on her bare arms and shoulders.

Kelly felt free!

Linda and Kelly chatted so easily, just like the friends Linda had said they would become. In what seemed like an instant hours passed.

‘Hi Honey, I’m home!’

It was Gary, Linda’s husband.

Panic rose in Kelly’s mind.

‘Don’t worry Kelly. Gary’s gonna be cool about you being here.’

Gary appeared in the kitchen doorway.

‘Hi!’ he said walking over and planting a kiss on Linda’s lips. ‘You must be Kelly, I’m Gary.’

He walked over placed one hand lightly on Kelly’s shoulder and briefly kissed her cheek. Kelly blushed as she watched Gary disappear into the house.

Linda laughed. ‘See? I told you he’d be cool about you being here.’

‘But he kissed my cheek! Does he know who I really am?’

‘Of course, silly!’ Linda giggled. ‘We’ve had a cross dressing friend before and she loved to be treated exactly like one of the girls. Gary pecks all my girlfriends on the cheek. He wont do it when you are in your everyday clothes.’

Gary reappeared. ‘That dress looks great on you Kelly.’

Kelly blushed again but said ‘Thank you Gary’ and meant it.

‘Will dinner stretch to another guest Linda?’

‘Well I was expecting Kelly to stay, but I think there’s enough to go round, who’ve you invited now?’

‘Jack from work. We need to work on something our presentation for tomorrow.’

‘I won’t stay.’

Linda looked at Kelly. ‘You have got to stay now, please. When Jack and Gary get going I will be so bored, I am gonna need a girlfriend here to chat with. Please say you’ll stay. Plee-ease!’

To be continued

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