tagBDSMMeeting (A Humiliation Vignette)

Meeting (A Humiliation Vignette)


I smiled softly as our eyes first met.

"I feel I am at a disadvantage," I said, blushing slightly, "You know so much more about me than I know about you."

She nodded and smiles. "Funny how that worked out, isn't it?"

She said nothing as we waited to be seated. Finally the waitress showed us to our table.

"So," she asked, sitting down gracefully, "Do you find me attractive?"

I nodded and smiled. "Beautiful is the word I would choose."

She reached out and took my hand, holding it as she spoke.

"Just so we are clear, I want you to know that two things are going to happen. The first is that I am going to do everything in my power to make you need me, like you have never needed anyone before. And the second is that you are never going to be able to have me."

She tilted her head slightly and smiled. "You will come close. You will almost believe that it is going to happen, but it never will."

Her voice changed, almost to a calm lecture. "It is going to hurt, not like physical pain, but like something much deeper. Because I am someone who can give you everything you want and everything you need. But I know, that what you need most of all is to want someone you can never have. Do you understand what I am telling you?"

I swallowed hard and nodded.

"I have spend the last two months learning every secret, fetish and fantasy you have," she smiled again, this time with a more sinister edge.

She smiled. "You are going to fall in love with me," she stated plainly. "Who knows, maybe you have already."

I closed my eyes and shifted in my chair, her words ringing so true.

"And I am going to use that to hurt you. You will have one chance to stop it, because after tonight, I will have no mercy, no pity and no sympathy for you."

I shook my head no.

She giggled.

Both our heads turned as a beautiful little Asian girl approach and introduced herself as Keiko, our waitress.

She smiled at the girl and ordered a salad with chicken. The waitress looked at me and she stopped her, "Oh no, he won't be eating. But I do have a favor to ask."

The girl cocked her head and nodded.

She reached into her purse and pulled out a roll of wide white adhesive tape.

"This is going to sound silly I am sure, but believe it or not, he has this incredible tape fetish and what I would really like is for him to sit here with his mouth taped shut, looking like a complete fool while I eat my salad. Would that be OK?"

The waitress giggled and nodded. "I don't see why not. What did you want me to tape him or something?"

Her eyes sparkled. "Oh would you? That would be delightful," she said handing her the tape.

I turned bright red as she tore off a strip of tape and slapped it over my lips.

I started to inhale sharply through my nose as I felt my heart pounding.

She was laughing harder as she pressed a second strip over my face, closer to my chin. "Yup, a complete fool" she added, shaking her head. "Be right back with your salad, Kate," she said with a wink.

I looked around, wanting to hide, raising my hands to cover my taped face.

She simply shook her head and I lowered them without argument.

"It is a stupid little fetish and it needs to be exposed," she told me sharply.

I felt her foot sliding along my leg, up to my crotch, and ball of it press hard into my cock, which was already hard and starting to strain and ache from the humiliation.

She smiled at me. "So now you have met my room mate." I blushed even more, wanting to speak, but not being able to say a word.

I closed my eyes and whimpered.

When the salad came, Keiko could help but start to laugh looking at my ridiculous situation.

Keiko sat the bill down and with a glance I was directed to pay it.

"Take care of that and then go stand out on the corner, I am going to finish my salad and I will pick you up in a bit."

My desperation turned to panic. I whimpered and shook my head which was met with similar sounds and nodding as she mocked my pathetic attempts at communication.

"I told you that you would have one chance to stop it. When I finish eating, I am going to pull around to the corner. If you are standing there with your mouth taped, I will take you home to start your new life. If you aren't then this is over and you are never to contact me again."

I put $40 on the table, for an $18 bill and got up from the table. My head was swimming as I staggered outside. I stood and suffered glares and stares, questions and laughter until what seemed like eternity passed.

She pulled up in her car, opened the door and smiled.

"Get in and welcome to your new life."

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by Anonymous

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by trevent05/11/18

Hot and cruel and to the point

Well, I formed my opinion. This indeed is a she-devil of a vignette. What a fascinating and ruthless setup! Excellently done.

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by Failedscout05/10/18

Too Short

Some more detail and more length to this story is needed. It was not enough to even form an opinion.

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