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Meeting a Literotica Fan


(Writer's Note: I'll let my readers decide at what point this story goes from fact to fiction. And sincere thanks to all who comment on my stories.)

I have been writing erotic stories for lady friends online for some time. It's exciting to me to imagine and write down, in detail, the fantasies that cross my mind from time to time. And it's an ego stroke to read feedback that I've hit on some topic or idea that appeals to so many other people. And some of the comments include reader's descriptions of experiences they have had similar to those I have imagined. I have to admit, whatever effect my words had on them, their words have a definite effect on me. I may not be much for corresponding with men, but it gives me a thrill to think that there are real people out there living out some of the things I can only dream of.

And then there are the comments and feedback from the women. Ladies, thank you for taking the time to write, even a few words. As I've said a million times, if my 'real life' sex life were at all satisfying, I would have never explored the internet's erotic offerings. It turns me on so much to read the words of women who feel touched by my words, my characters, and the scenes I daydream of every day. And to read that they have experienced some of these things, and that they enjoy them and want to go even further than I have dared dream, is the sexiest thing there is, to me.

They say you can't tickle yourself. There has to be that other person, doing the tickling, so that you don't know what's coming next. It's the same for me with the stories I write. I kind of use up my thoughts on a particular scenario when I write the story. So when a woman writes to me and asks for or suggests some totally unexpected twist, I am blown away.

That's how it started with Tanya. I got an email comment on my story 'Mother's Milk 2' from a lady who praised my work, but then proceeded to tell me how she was so much more aggressive than the passive ladies in my story. She said that she had very active milk glands and that the pressure she felt when her milk 'let down' was a painful ache and that she had become very aggressive and dominant about relieving her need.

I was intrigued. What could that mean? So, I wrote her back to ask. She had asked me some questions about me and my experiences with lactation. I told her about my precious few episodes long ago and how my imagination was about all that was active these days for me.

The next day I was excited to see a reply. Tanya told me that she was a single mother by choice and that she had pressed her sisters and a couple of other young mothers into helping her express her surplus milk. She had, like some of the characters in my story, found the breast pumps unpleasant and painful to use. She had tried suckling herself, but her breasts got so full that lifting and forcing a nipple to her lips was impossible. She didn't go into detail, but it seemed like she wasn't at all shy about approaching whoever was handy to get help with her milk and then with the sexual tension that expressing her milk built up in her. She was very matter-of-fact about it. She also sympathized with my situation, having to rely on fantasy and masturbation for my satisfaction. She felt I should be like her, more aggressive getting my needs met.

Then she told me that she was from a town not far from where I live! She said she knew I would enjoy seeing her in action. She wasn't really teasing me. It sounded almost like she wanted to entertain me or at least show me what the things I wrote about really looked like when they were done for real.

I wrote back. I told her that she was actually close enough to my town that I could imagine driving there to watch. I meant that she had given me more fuel for my fantasies. She took it another way entirely. She wrote back with directions to her place, a phone number, and an invitation to pop by anytime! I was stunned. I have never met anyone from the internet in real life. The horror stories about psychos and blackmail had kept me pretty honest. But this was just too tempting.

I had to take a deep breath and slow down. I wrote Tanya a very carefully-worded email. I mentioned explicitly that I was married, 45, hair thinning, not exactly hung like a horse, and generally tried to anticipate every aspect of meeting me that might put her off. I told her how my schedule goes and how it might be tough to find a time that was convenient.

Her reply pushed aside all of that. She wasn't looking for a boyfriend. She didn't want to break-up my marriage. She had plenty of money, thanks to an inheritance, so she wasn't looking for a sugar-daddy. She also told me to call her cell phone any time, 24/7.

I spent a few days wondering what I should do. Finally, after another intimacy-free week from my wife, I gave in. I set up a half day at work and just after noon dialed Tanya's number. She had been waiting for my call. She had a cheery, upbeat manner. She sounded young. I told her I was coming over and she said she was waiting. It was just that easy. As I drove to her place, I realized that I didn't know what this woman looked like. I imagined a plain housewife type, probably a bit heavy. I would be polite and friendly and we'd talk about her experiences with lactation. It would probably kill some of the thrill once I had a less than hot image of her in my mind, but who cared?

I arrived at the address, a very nice modern house, back in the woods, on a lake. Somebody had some money, I thought. I rang the doorbell and was greeted by an attractive woman in her late 20's. I was stunned because she was the very image of the character Bonnie from the story that Tanya had initially commented on! She had medium length reddish-brown hair, a very pretty face, and a killer body. Not model-thin. But super-shapely. She had very large, very firm-looking breasts, a trim waist and a nice tushy and legs. She was in a bright sundress with bare feet. She was very happy I had come. It seemed like she needed company. She explained that she was from a wealthy family and that she had dumped the 'sperm donor' father of her year-old baby shortly after he had gotten her pregnant. She lived alone in this nice house and ran some sort of consulting business online. The nanny had taken the baby to her parents place not far away for the morning.

" I had a lot of milk already pumped that was going to go bad, so I sent it with the nanny to use up today. They won't be back until dinner time."

"That's great," I said. "So tell me about how being dominant and aggressive ties into lactation."

She smiled.

"Like right now. I fed Jessica early this morning. I was almost crying from the tightness and weight of my breasts. It woke me up. I had to get rid of some of it at least, my milk I mean. And Jess took a lot, but I'm almost back to full up now. And when it starts to hurt, I get aggressive, I guess. I mean I feel like a fucking cow that has to be milked and I don't care who does it. And what harm is it to anyone to help me out? Who am I hurting? I don't really have much choice. And is it my fault if my tits are tied into my clit? I have needs. So I have to take what I want."

As she spoke I saw Tanya's expression change. She wasn't kidding about this. I pictured her just grabbing whoever happened to be around to help her relieve her need. She didn't care about privacy or what anyone thought of her. She told me how she had first appealed to her sister, shortly after the baby was born. She spoke of how she had to convince her sibling that suckling her was no different than helping change the baby's diaper. Her sister was shocked when she saw Tanya rubbing her pussy as she suckled, but she had not stopped. Little by little she had recruited her two sisters and her mother (!) to relieve her excess milk production. As she spoke I was getting hard. This sexy woman had breastfed her own mother! And gotten herself off while doing so!

Tanya told me how she had tried to hold back her open sexual desire from her family, but that she found herself whispering nasty things to her sisters as they suckled. If they minded, they hadn't said so. It was for this reason that she had sought out other nursing mothers. I imagined the reaction of some average new mom upon meeting a new friend for tea, only to have her demand that she suckle her and then get her off. Tanya said that yes, the few ladies in her 'circle' had been shocked at first, but then they had each expressed similar desires. She was living my fantasy story!

Tanya began to make little faces as she spoke, as if she was growing uncomfortable. Her tone of voice became stern, almost angry.

"So you see. Your story really touched me. Ow. You know, I need it now. Come here."

I hesitated. Seeing this, Tanya became angry.

"Look, man, my tits are about to fucking burst. I know you're into this. Now come here and suck the milk out. Or have you got a better offer?"

I was shocked. Far from motherly and nurturing, Tanya was forceful and demanding. I jumped up and practically ran to her side. She stood up and stripped the sundress over her head. This left her in a tiny pink thong and a big white nursing bra. It looked funny, the contrast between the skimpy string down below and that huge white harness up top. She reached back and the tightly stretched confining garment relaxed and fell forward. She shrugged it off and looked over at me. I was in awe. She was the vision of 'Bonnie' I had when I wrote the character. She looked so perfect. Nothing about her was 'skinny', but you would never describe her as overweight. She was 'healthy'. Toned, firm legs, nicely rounded butt, tight belly and those gravity defying pontoons. Her tits were perfect round globes that stood out from her chest with barely any sag. She had nice half-dollar sized aureole of pinkish-red and nipples that stood out like little mountains, huge bumpy pyramids perched on each.

"Well?" she asked, almost angrily. I wanted to do whatever she wanted. I bent to lower my head to her teat, but before I could touch it, she shook her head and grabbed me and pushed me down on the sofa and straddled me. She leaned forward forcing her tits in my face. I immediately began sucking one of her prominent teats. Sweet warm milk flooded into my mouth. I could feel my cock getting hard as I began to suck and swallow at a comfortable pace.

"Harder! It won't break. Suck harder. Bite it a little. Let me know you're there, for Christ sake."

If she hadn't been so forceful, rude actually, I would never have sucked and bitten that monster nipple as hard as I did. It had to have hurt. Tanya finally sighed and moaned a little.

"That's it. Now you have it. More. More." I couldn't see her face. All I could see was tits. I looked at the one I had yet to suckle and saw it dripping milk from the huge nipple's tip. I reached up to cup it only to have my hand slapped hard.

"No hands. Not yet." I lowered my stinging hand and kept suckling as hard as I could. I heard Tanya's breathing get slower and deeper. Her sighs and moans became almost constant. I thought that the flow of milk from the tit I was sucking slowed a bit, so I moved my mouth to the other enormous jug. I sucked this one hard right from the start. Again, milk gushed into my mouth. Tanya lifted the tit and forced it into my mouth. I could feel her other hand down by my crotch. But she wasn't touching me. Her mound was almost grinding against my crotch bulge. She must be fingering herself, I thought. The inadvertent contact with my throbbing cock, still trapped in my pants, was most welcome.

The milk flow began to slow from this tit now. But even as it did, Tanya's moans began to peak. Whatever she was doing to herself, it was bringing her to a climax. As her orgasm hit her, she pulled back from my hungry mouth and began twisting her body violently and practically screaming. She leaned forward again and slapped my face with her tits. This was no playful lovetap either. She wailed on me with those still firm and heavy jugs. And I loved it. My cock was about to rip free of its confines when I felt Tanya unbuckling my belt and ripping my pants and boxers from me. It took seconds. Faster than it takes to tell, she had straddled me again and was simultaneously beating my face with those tits and working my cock into her hot, wet pussy.

Again she leaned back, but this time she was riding my stiff cock. Her hands went to her tits. She cupped each massive boob and began squeezing them from the fleshy mass toward the nipple. She was milking herself onto my face! Tiny needles of sweet, warm, mother's milk jetted out onto my face and my chest. She was moaning and fucking and milking herself. This was too much for me to take. I rolled her over and plunged my cock into her a few more times until I felt my come exploding. Then I lunged forward to lay my spurting cock between her milk jugs. I grasped her boobs roughly and pumped them up and down and came bucketsful. My balls hurt I was coming so hard. Most of my load was trapped by those fleshy bags. I finally released Tanya's massive tits and looked down at the milky, cummy, mess on her incredible chest. Tanya was smiling, but far from idle. She was using a finger to scoop up as much of the warm sticky mess as she could and eating it. I moved down lower and started licking it up. Cum and mother's milk. Mmmmmm.

After a while, Tanya said," And I'm going to need this again in a few hours." She was almost sad about it. I looked at my watch and saw my time was short. I told her I would love to pop by wherever I could. She told me she needed someone a lot more often than that. She wasn't looking to start an affair with me. She just wanted to thank me for my story and show me that truth can be so much better than fiction.

I started writing my next story in my head as I drove away.

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