tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMeeting a New Friend

Meeting a New Friend


"I am on my way" the voice on the other end of the phone says to me. I know that means that my company will arrive in about 30 minutes. I am nervous, yet excited all at the same time. I find things to occupy my time as I nonchalantly watch the clock tick the minutes by. The next thing I realize, the dog is barking which lets me know that enough time has passed.

I come into the living room and see you there. You smile at me as you step close to me to kiss me hello. Your kiss is warm and familiar, yet exciting as always. You step out of the way and she is standing behind you. "This is Regina" you say to me. I smile and greet our guest. The three of us have talked about this moment at various times and I can't believe that she is actually standing here with you.

She seems a little nervous but not too bad, after all, it is not like we have not all thought about being alone together in the past. We all talk casually as we have numerous times on the phone. She has even watched us together on our web cam in the past, I realize that I think about how relaxed the atmosphere is. It is familiar even though this situation has never presented itself to us up until now.

Time passes and the sexual tension between us mounts. It is one of those moments that takes forever to occur yet happens so quickly that you are almost unsure what started it. I realize that she is standing before you with a very sexy bra and panty set on. She looks very sexy and I tell her so. The look of your nice strong hand on her body is just as sexy to me and I can feel my pussy get wet as I watch her touch you. I have my very own personal porno movie right in front of me and love every moment of it.

I lay on my bed and she takes my invitation to lay right next to me. You peel her panties off and lean down to lick her pussy. The sound of her moans right next to me is very arousing. I watch the two of you very closely and then you look up at me and I can see you almost smile as you see how much I enjoy this view. I watch her grab your head as she screams with pleasure, bucking up into your face. After she cums on your face numerous times, you lean back and your wet face glistens. Your hands stay in her pussy as you finger fuck her into yet another orgasm.

I feel electricity as one of your hands reaches over and touches my leg. You look directly at me as she buries her head into the bed as an orgasm overtakes her body yet again. My entire body tingles listening to her moan, watching your hand move and looking at your eyes watching me. You decide to give her some rest and lay down between the two of us. She doesn't hesitate a single second before she moves down to slide your very hard dick between her lips.

I move off the bed to look over your shoulder and see what it looks like from your perspective. The look of her very wet lips wrapping around your hard cock is very sexy and arousing. Her blonde hair falls over her face and you pull it back to assure that we both are able to see every single second of the view. It is evident that she enjoys it and I find that my hand has wandered down to my incredibly wet pussy. I slide fingers right across my clit which is swollen. My fingers slip right across my pussy as I whisper in your ear about the show we are watching.

There is nothing as sexy as a woman that enjoys giving head, you have always told me. This view allows me the opportunity to see, first hand, how true that statement is. I want to slide onto your hard cock so badly that I can barely stand it but do not want to stop the wonderful job she is doing giving you head. I continue to rub my pussy and watch.

Like someone else was directing and it was time to change scenes, I realize that we have all three shifted on the bed. I am still kneeling on the floor, but this time when I look up, her pink wet pussy is on your face as you lick it. Her body is across you with your hard cock deep in her mouth. You hold her pussy open for me to see as you expertly lick and finger fuck her. I take a toy and slide it into her and feel it tense up with enjoyment. I can look to my right and see her suck your cock in the bedroom mirror though I am quite engrossed in watching you.

I have always loved the thought of watching you lick pussy. The fact that you lick mine like no other man I have ever met makes this desire so great. I want to be able to see first hand what it is that you do that sends me over the edge with such a vengeance. I have never seen something so sexy up close. One would think it would cause jealousy but it has the exact opposite affect. Watching you lick pussy and share it with me, makes me want you so badly I can barely stand it.

Just as she begins to moan with great intensity, she cums and it squirts right across your face. I have never seen a woman squirt in person and it is amazing. At about that time, you tell me to watch her face. I wonder why you would want me to do that, but I do as I am told. I have definitely learned that your attention to detail is something that usually pays off, so I rarely question your suggestions. I look in the mirror and watch her face. The look on her face as she cums is amazing. What I don't realize is that at that exact moment, you are cumming on her, a return of the favor. I am so engrossed in the look on her face, that I miss it. How disappointing since watching you cum is one of my favorite things. Apparently it is just information overload for me. There are too many things to watch at one time although I am learning.

Don't misread my accounting of the afternoon; I know that there are times during the afternoon that you touch me. Your touch sends shivers across my body and I orgasm quickly and intensely when it happens. It is amazing how much I enjoy spending the majority of the afternoon watching. I get so excited watching another woman enjoy you and you enjoy her. The looks you shoot me, the feel of your touch, knowing exactly what it feels like to have your tongue graze across a pussy and that we will talk about this for a while as foreplay to times when we are all alone. The entire afternoon is really that ~ foreplay for us for another time.

We realize the time and know that our time is winding down. We all dress and enjoy the closeness that the afternoon has brought between us. As she leaves, I consider kissing her goodbye but don't. There are pictures in my head of other times when our schedules mesh already. I can picture using my strap on with her as you watch, introducing her to my double headed dildo and yes, kissing her. There will be time for that kiss, I know.

I am so wet now just recounting what others might see as just another Saturday afternoon. I imagine co-workers asking me on Monday how my weekend was and doing my best to look normal as I tell them it was fantastic. At this point, however, I am not quite sure how to keep my body from giving me away. I will never hear the words "I am on my way" again without a similar reaction.

C K & L

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