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Meeting a Reader


I had submitted a story about sucking cock in an ABS and received a lot of feedback. One of the people who contacted was Mark and asked if I loved to suck even if it wasn't that big. I wrote back to him and told him that just being on my knees in front of another man sucking his cock was a huge turn on. I also told him that the nastier a man talked to me or treated me the more exciting it was. Basically just treat me like a slut. After a few more emails we agreed to meet.

I went to Mark's place and knocked on the door. He is in his mid thirties and in good shape. I knew it was going to be a good time when he opened the door and said "Come on in cock sucker." Mark took control immediately and ordered me to strip. When I was naked he made me remove his clothes down to his underwear. When I got that far he said to me what is you want. I replied that "I want to suck your cock and swallow your hot cum." Mark laughed and said you really are a little cum slut aren't you?

He then reached out and pushed me down to my knees so I was staring at his hard cock thru his shorts. Mark smiled and said take them off. I reached out and slid his underwear down and off his legs. His throbbing cock was sticking straight out only inches from my face. It was only about 5 ½ inches but I still couldn't wait to slide it in my mouth. I started to lean forward but Mark stopped me and said no slut if you want it you have to beg for it.

Please master let me suck your cock, I want you to abuse my mouth with your dick, I said. I want you to use me as your little slut; I am here to please you. Mark grabbed my head and pulled it to his groin. I opened my mouth and let his pulsing meat slide in. The drop of pre-cum that was on the tip tasted sweet as it hit my tongue.

Mark started moaning as his cock penetrated my lips, god your mouth feels good. You really do love sucking cock don't you? I could only moan my reply as I was not about to let that sweet tasting dick out of my mouth. Mark started fucking my face slowly at first sliding his entire dick into my mouth until my nose was pressed against his stomach and his balls were resting against my chin. He would hold me there not allowing me to breathe and then finally release me and let his now dripping pole slide out again. He kept this up until my saliva covered his cock and dripped from his balls and my chin.

God you look good with my prick pumping in and out of your mouth, he said to me. You'll be my little slut from now on, my own little cock sucking fag. I'm going to fuck you face so much from now on that your lips we be permanently swollen. Mark was getting more and more turned on using my mouth and was getting more aggressive by the second.

He started fucking my mouth so hard that there was no doubt that my lips would be red and swollen after the abuse they were taking. His balls were bouncing off my chin each time he rammed his dick back into my mouth. Take it fag, suck that cock, he was screaming. Then he stopped and told me to follow him. I couldn't believe it, I didn't want to stop I wanted his cum.

He took me into the bedroom and told me to lie on the bed with my head hanging down. Then he straddled my face and shoved his cock back into my mouth with his balls now slapping against my eyes and nose. I had never had this done to me before but loved the feeling of total submission. There was nothing I could do but let him fuck my face and fuck my face he did. Mark reached under and held my head and rammed his dick into my mouth like he was fucking a pussy. I guess in a way he was.

Soon I felt his dick start to swell and knew I would be getting the sweet cum I'd been wanting and needing. With a moan he buried his pulsing meat in my mouth and shouted swallow that cum bitch. Although his cock wasn't that big I was surprised by how much cum he dumped in my mouth. In fact it was so much I couldn't swallow it all and believe me I tried. It ran past my lips and down over my face. As he was cumming I had shot my own load covering my stomach. I can't wait until we can get together again.

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