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Meeting an Internet Admirer


This all started a couple of years ago when I posted some nude photos of my wife T on a web site. We received quite a few favorable comments from couples and single men and even established some long term e-mail relationships. One of those we had been e-mailing back and forth for well over a year with a 22 year old guy living in Florida. Even though he was younger than our own kids Josh professed to have a deep desire for older woman and seemed very honest in his e-mails. He also showed us that he found T to be very sexy as he sent several photos of him looking at her web posting while he stroked his cock.

As our e-mails continued we asked lots of questions and found out that he had grown up in an neighboring midwestern state but had moved to Florida for school and had stayed there as he enjoyed the warm weather. After a few months he explained how he had always lusted after his mother's friends and when he looked at T's photos he imagined that was actually looking at someone that his mother would have as a friend.

T was quite taken with him and soon we started to share more photos with him that hadn't been posted anywhere. He would always compliment her and rave about how hot she looked and would always send back a photo of himself spraying cum all over her picture. This became our routine for almost a year.

Every week or two we would hear from Josh telling us that he needed to see T again. (Kind of like a I'm out of money e-mail to the parents). We would then send him off a couple pics and within a few days Josh would send back a photo of him covering T's pics in cum. It got to the point where he would even ask for non-nude photos of her and he would send them back with her face almost obscured with cum.

We had a lot of fun with Josh and joked that we had never seen what his face or the rest of his body looked like, but that T was at least looking at the most important part. Josh always said that as long as he had her face and her tits to plaster with cum he would always be happy.

One day Josh e-mailed and said that he was returning home for his sister's wedding and asked if he could meet us in person. The wedding was about a 4 hour drive away but he wondered if we could meet somewhere in the middle. He said that he just wanted to meet us, and that anything more than that would be up to us. Of course he also suggested we meet at a motel room in case something did happen.

T and I discussed this at length before we finally responded to his inquiry with a yes. We didn't feel safe enough to meet him in private as you never really know what someone is like over the internet, but we suggested a public meeting place where we could still play around a bit if we wanted.

I decided that we would meet at a highway rest stop that was a bit closer to his location but had several areas where we could park out of the way and not be disturbed by others. We exchanged a few more e-mails and after asking Josh what he really wanted he indicated that his ultimate dream would be to actually cum on T's tits and face like he had done to many times on paper and in his imagination.

T and I discussed this a bit, and after some discussion on how we could make it happen she felt comfortable with the plan. I e-mailed Josh and told him that if at all possible T was going to make his dream come true.

When the day of our meeting arrived we got up bright and early to get ready as we had to drive almost 3 hours to be at our meeting spot at the right time. We had picked a late afternoon time to meet, during the work week, so that traffic would be light and the rest stop quiet.

After her shower I took the time to give T a fresh shave as Josh had mentioned many times how he enjoyed her naked pussy. She had already picked out a dress that buttoned all the way down the front so that she could open it up and totally expose herself to Josh. We left our house so we would arrive just at the appointed hour.

Since we still hadn't seen Josh's face we really had no idea what he looked like, or who to look for at the rest stop. We just figured that he would have to be the one who recognized T and he would find us.

When we arrived at the rest area we were a few minutes early so after I had parked the car in the most remote area of the lot we walked towards the information center. We were surprised that as we got close the the building a single young man jumped up and came running over to us. He quickly introduced himself and both T and I commented on how young he looked. He did show us his drivers license and he really was 22. He must really have been anxious and he looked nervous, as he said he'd been waiting for almost an hour.

T excused herself to use the restroom and I pointed him in the direction of our car and told him to wait there for us. I waited for T and when she came out of the restroom she had left a couple of her buttons unbuttoned and I could tell she was ready for an adventure.

As we walked towards our car Josh was standing in the shade watching us and since nobody else was in front of us I started to unbutton the rest of T's dress. Soon her tits were out in the sunshine and as she walked the last 30 feet her dress was wide open displaying her body to Josh.

I hit the button to unlock the car and reminded Josh that there would be no promises of anything other than him jacking off and splattering his cum on T's face and tits. If anything else happened it would be totally up to T. He agreed.

From there T slid into the passenger side seat of the car while I stood next to the drivers door. Josh stood right in front of T and looked at me across the top of the car. For anyone that might drive by it looked like 2 guys having a conversation over the top of the car. T turned around a bit and pulled Josh in a little closer as she put her feet on the ground on either side of his legs.

His crotch was now only a foot or so away from T and when she told him go ahead his grin was almost as big as his cock. I heard his zipper go down and then his belt buckle and watched as he slid his pants down around his knees. I kept looking in through the window so I could watch T, and over the top of the car to watch Josh's face as he started to pump his cock.

T seemed to be fascinated by what was going on and was just watching him as he stroked his cock. She hadn't touched him at all, but she had slid down a bit so that when he did cum it would be a direct hit on her tits and face. I took a couple of photos through the drivers window, and a couple more over the top of the car, and wondered how much longer Josh could keep going.

By now he had given up looking across the car and had fixed his eyes, and aimed his cock, directly on T's face and tits. With a loud grunt and a groan the first shot of cum hit T directly in the face. Her lips, chin and even her nose were covered by his first spurt. The second and third shots didn't go quite as far and as T moved about she managed to catch them on her nipples as they fell onto her tits. With one final jerk he left the rest of his load on her tummy and gave a huge sigh.

What surprised me was what T did next. Although we had discussed her just being a recipient for his cum she just couldn't resist and leaned forward and started to suck on his cock. She really likes to suck cock, and I don't blame her for taking the chance to suck on Josh. As soon as she started to suck he started to pump his cock again and although I didn't think he had it in him, I forget what it's like to be young, he was rock hard in just a few seconds.

T was doing her best to keep on sucking his cock, but he was pumping so hard that she could hardly hang on to him. I managed to take a few more photos and within a couple of minutes I heard Josh grunt again and I could tell that T was taking this load of cum in her mouth. As he pulled out she let his cock and his cum slide out at the same time and although this wasn't a huge of a load as the first time it still ran down her chin and onto her tits and her tummy.

T quietly turned around and as Josh stepped back she pulled her door closed. She had not bothered to cover up, and had not wiped away any of the cum either. We both looked a T's cum covered body for a few minutes through the windows but then she waved a hand at me so I said good bye, he said thank you, and I got in our car and drove away while Josh was still trying to pull up his pants.

We drove all the way home, about 3 hours, with T still having her dress wide open, and at my suggestion not doing anything to wipe of Josh's cum by then T was sleepy and drifted off as she often does in the car. Although I wanted to stop at a gas station or store somewhere and show off my cum covered wife I thought better of it and just drove on home. Several truckers, a few pick up truck drivers, and a Greyhound bus full of passengers did have a chance enjoy the view of my sleeping cum covered wife as I passed them along the highway.

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