tagBDSMMeeting Anne

Meeting Anne


Your name is Anne. You only know me as N. Or Sir. You want...no, need, a Master.

You emailed me after reading one of my stories and said you had a boyfriend but he didn't understand your needs. You thought, from reading my tale, that I do understand what you crave. That I may be the Master you seek.

You asked my age and I told you the truth.You are so much younger than me but you are keen to learn and it doesn't seem to be a problem for you.

Maybe this is because you have a maturity beyond your years. You have already told me of your political and academic interests as well as your desire to be controlled, to be punished, as your Master so wishes.

Boys of your age are just that. Boys. They may turn your head. You may get wet when you think of their limbs entwined with yours. But you know that, ultimately, most cannot stimulate you mentally. Nor do they have an inkling how to use you. Deep down, you know you need to be dominated and you need to find someone to lead you along this path.

Your only experience, so far, is someone who spanks you before fucking you. You tell me you love this.

I feel envy towards this man. But maybe he has awoken something in you and I am the one to take you further.

If I think you are ready.

Are you ready Anne? Do you think you are worthy of being my submissive little slut?

You obeyed me when I suggested you experiment with a leather belt.

Your response certainly showed promise.

"After reading your email i went upstairs and belted my hand a few more times to think of the feel, then i masturbated with a video cam i have hooked up to my TV so i could watch my cunt seep juice as i fingered it. i came really hard thinking of it too! and thinking of u strapping my bum"

I have already set you some tasks to perform. Even though you were not entirely successful, you showed great willingness to learn and it amused me that not only was a failure because my test aroused you so much, but that the punishment aroused you even more. You may have higher thresholds than you think.

You show great potential and I have decreed we should meet.

You may leave the arrangements to me. All you need do is turn up as and when instructed and ready to be obedient.

You will arrive wearing your shortest skirt and tight T shirt. No bra. It is important that everyone sees your nipples sticking out when you meet me. They will assume I am your daddy and I will make great show of how I'm taking you to my room to discipline you. They will hear me reprimand you. They see you, looking nervous.

In the elevator you will allow me to put my hand up your skirt and play with your bottom, inserting a finger between your buttocks. You will wriggle for me, breasts jiggling. It matters not that the bellboy watches. Perhaps I will allow him to lift your shirt and play with your nipples. Would you like that? This young boy having the freedom to play with you?

And this was exactly how our meeting began.

In my room, I order you to undress. I have to inspect you...to make sure your pussy is bare. It looks like you did as I asked but I make you put a leg up on the chair next to the writing desk. I peer closely at your cunt. I see a stray hair. You will be punished after all. I bend you over the chair and begin your spanking. There is a knock at the door. I tell you to remain in your position. It is the maid. She has come to turn down the bed. I beckon her in. You will be so embarrassed...but that does not matter.

I ask the maid if I may borrow her feather duster. I hear the maid gasp as I hold the feathery end and swish the stick twice upon your bottom. You straighten quickly, giving her sight of your delicious bouncing tits. She leaves with a large tip. I force you to sit on the chair, knowing you will be a little sore. You know you have to unzip me. Taking out my cock, you gasp...surprised how hard it is. I hold your head and feed you.. I'm aware you are playing with yourself as you take me in your mouth.

It is no problem for me when I lift you up and sit you on the back of the chair telling you to open your legs and wrap them around me. You feel my stiff cock nudging against your cunt. Then I'm inside you. You are so wet. After a few minutes fucking, you are close to orgasm.

I carry you to the bed, still inside you. Lifting you off my cock, I position you on the bed and place a plump pillow under your hips. This elevates your ass and gives me a better angle to penetrate you.

But first we must continue your punishment. I know you are still a little sore from earlier but it was only two strokes after all.

I decide a spanking will suffice. The belt can wait for next time. If, that is, you maintain your promise.

I rub my hand over your bottom and then strike. The smack comes before you are ready and you squeal, more in surprise than pain.

The others come in quick succession and soon your buttocks are very pink.

I place another pillow on the floor and kneel, stroking my cock in readiness for entry. I tell you to spread your buttocks for me and I see your little anus.

I reach for your pussy. You are very wet. It seems this little private humiliation is very exciting for you.

You soon feel my cock pushing into you. Slowly...stretching you...

Soon you are pushing your ass back against me. "Fuck me Master" you gasp. "Fuck me hard. Shoot your spunk up my cunt...please Master."

I groan as I come inside you.

Just a couple more thrusts as my orgasm subsides and you tremble through yours.

My spent cock slips out, a trail of cum dripping down your thigh.

I lift you up and embrace you. We kiss.

Without my bidding, you drop to your knees and take me in your mouth, cleaning my cock with enthusiasm.

"You have done very well. Return home and await my next instruction."

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