tagLoving WivesMeeting Another Couple with Anna

Meeting Another Couple with Anna


Warning: this story contains wife swapping, wife watching and lesbian sex.


Anna and I had gone back to chatting on line with other couples since the Halloween party. Although we had plenty of offers we didn't feel the need to rush into anything. We both had settled on the fact that swinging was something we both wanted in our lives but we had put ourselves in situations beyond our control. In a clear state of mind you think you know what you would do but sometimes you expose yourself and in this type of lifestyle you have to know your limits.

We had met a lovely couple online who only lived 20 miles away. Mike was 55 and his wife Shirley was 46. They like us had only a few experiences and reading about their experiences shocked us into reality of how far we had gone. Shirley would tell us how wet our experiences had made her and Mike very politely would say how he wished to get his hands on Anna.

After a few weeks of chatting online we exchanged photographs of each other dressed very casually. Shirley was a knock out in her photo and Anna found Mike to be very attractive despite his age. From looking at the photos and reading the way they described themselves, both kept in good shape.

Mike couldn't praise Anna's photo enough and his comments were very tasteful leaving Anna very hot and bothered. Shirley dropped the bombshell though confessing that it was Anna she was really interested in. I couldn't stop laughing when I seen my wife's face.

We were a little disappointed that Shirley had waited a month to confess she was bi-sexual to us, but they had met too many men pretending to be bi women online.

Anna had confessed to me many times about sharing a woman but felt too scared to try it. We had met many couples online with bi wives looking for the same but Anna felt it was something she would never try.

We continued keeping in touch and Shirley would talk about seducing Anna as I sat groping and teasing my wife. Mike would also chip in and Anna would have some pretty big orgasms as she typed back.

I guess we both felt a meeting wouldn't happen as after 7 weeks neither couple posed the question, until now.

Anna was very honest with Shirley confessing her feeling about lesbian sex. Anna wanted to try it but didn't feel she had the courage. During this time I didn't even think if Mike was bi, but he quickly reassured me that he was straight. The thought of watching my wife getting off with another wife as I sat with the husband was pretty erotic in a strange way. I definitely wanted to watch my wife with Shirley. Even swap wives with Mike as I was keen to fuck Shirley and watch Mike fuck Anna, but the idea of watching with another man gave me mixed feelings.

Shirley suggested meeting for dinner and staying at a hotel in the middle of our locations. That way we could get to know each other without anybody we know bumping into us. We would have separate rooms meet for dinner and go from there. Shirley also reassured Anna that if she only wanted to swap husbands then that would be fine.

On a very wet and washed out August afternoon we were checking into a very nice hotel just outside of town. We drove up early Saturday morning and checked in with plenty of time to do a little shopping as we weren't due to meet at the bar until 6pm.

After dropping our bags off at the room we headed into the city centre for some food and shopping as Anna wanted some sexy lingerie. She had plenty with her anyway but she always liked to buy a new fresh set whenever we stayed in a hotel.

Anna had picked out some very sexy and revealing outfits at the lingerie store and we headed for the changing rooms. The changing rooms were at the back of the store which allowed the men to enter with the women. They were cut off from view of the shop floor with seats outside the actually booth so the women could show their men once dressed, but you weren't allowed into the booth together.

As Anna entered the booth and closed the door I took my seat and waited. Another younger couple also entered and the guy sat a few seats down from me. After a few minutes Anna opened the door to show me her new garments.

"Well what do you think? Oh shit!" she said quickly closing the door.

I could hear my wife laughing and apologising behind the door as I cracked up laughing. The guy sat near me also started laughing realising my wife's embarrassment.

Anna had stepped out not realising someone was sat near me. I'm sure the guy didn't mind though as she looked very hot. Anna was wearing a red satin quarter cup bra showing most of her breasts and nipples, with matching suspender belt and g-string.

After trying on a few other things she left the booth not looking at the other guy and dragged me with her. She told me she had decided on what she wanted and that I had to wait until tonight to see it. I couldn't wait.

Back at the hotel we both confessed how horny it made us seeing her step out in front of an unsuspecting stranger, and were soon between the bed sheets having a dirty fuck.

Shirley and Mike texted to say that they had checked in and would meet us at the bar as planned for 6pm.

I was wearing a smart pair of shoes with black trousers and a white shirt. When Anna stepped out from the bathroom once again she managed to blow me away. She stood in a black sleeveless button down dress with a slight v-neck and a tie around her waist. None of her cleavage was on show, which I have to say is a first. She was also wearing a sexy pair of black strap heels which revealed her soft feet. I knew our new friends would be very impressed. I however was more looking forward to seeing what was under that dress.

We entered the bar and Mike signalled us over to their table. He quickly shook my hand before taking Anna's hand and kissing it like she was a princess. I kissed Shirley on the cheek as I admired her beauty which was complimented by her dress.

Shirley was about 5"6 probably weighing about 130lbs with sexy curves. She had long black hair to her shoulders and she was wearing a very sexy strapless red cocktail dress which ended mid-thigh.

Mike got our drinks and we chatted like old friends before going for our meals.

Anna and I had talked about her experiencing Shirley. Anna couldn't decide one way or the other. I was keen to see her explore this avenue but made sure I was ready mentally to support my wife. This time there would be no standing by as we lost control. Anna had left it in Shirley's hands; if she could be seduced then Anna would just flow with the evening.

After the meal we went back to the bar for drinks. I sat with Mike talking sport while Anna sat with Shirley talking shopping. As the drinks flowed the conversation became a little looser and Shirley's hands began touching Anna.

My attention became focused on my wife as I half listened to Mike. I could see Anna was tipsy if not drunk as Shirley's hand rested on my wife's leg. Anna pretended not to notice until the hand began moving up and down her leg. I could see Anna becoming more nervous the longer Shirley was touching her so I suggested move to our room for a quieter drink. Anna welcomed the decision and Mike bought some wine to take to the room.

Once in the room Mike and I poured the drinks and Anna quickly gulped it down before handing me the glass back. Shirley took a hold of Anna and sat her on the bed. Mike and I sat on the sofa and settled down to watch our wives.

Mike was clearly turned on and so was I but for the first time I was holding back as I watched out for my wife. I couldn't relax until I knew Anna was totally ok with everything. I allowed everything to proceed watching for a change in reaction from my wife. Something I was unable to do in the past.

As Anna sat on the bed Shirley stood over her slightly bent forwards with both of her hands rubbing up and down Anna's exposed thighs. Shirley then leant forward and kissed my wife softly on the lips and Anna closed her eyes as she kissed back.

The two women climbed on to the bed slowly still kissing very slowly and seductively. Shirley then led on top of Anna as my wife opened her mouth and grabbed the back of Shirley's head.

Two beautiful married women were now locked in a passionate embrace whilst their husbands looked on.

Mike stood up and made his way to the open window where he sat smoking a cigarette and drinking his wine. I remained seated transfixed on what his wife was about to do to my wife.

Shirley broke from the kiss and moved to Anna's neck and ear lobe. As she planted very soft kisses all over my wife's neck she began to unbutton her dress. My cock became hard as each button undone revealed more of her flesh that Shirley began feasting on.

As I released the throbbing cock from within my trousers I noticed Mike had also taken his cock out and was slowly wanking.

Shirley had managed to undo all the buttons on Anna's dress without fully exposing what was underneath. Once the last button was undone Shirley stood up and began to pull her strapless dress down over her breasts. She was curvier than Anna with probably the same bust. She looked to be about 34C. As the dress was slowly being pulled down her eyes never left Anna's and vice versa.

My cock twitched as Shirley exposed her breasts and dropped her dress around her ankles leaving her in red heels and a lacy pair of red panties. Shirley then climbed on top of Anna again and lowered her breasts to Anna's mouth. I watched my wife open her mouth and taste another woman's nipple for the first time. Shirley remained on all fours above my wife offering her breasts to my wife's mouth.

After a few minutes Shirley moved back between my wife's legs and bunched up the lower part of her dress around Anna's waist exposing a sexy pair of white panties. These were quickly removed and Anna gave out a deep moan closing her eyes as she felt Shirley's breath on her mound. Shirley was soon flicking her tongue across my wife's clit as she bucked her hips. As she pushed her face further into my wife's mound I could sense her orgasm was near and so could Shirley. Anna was arching her back and filling the room with loud moans of pleasure. As soon as she came down from her orgasm Shirley stopped eating her pussy and inserted a couple of fingers into my wife and preceded to finger fuck her to another orgasm. Shirley stepped away from Anna and left her lying on the bed totally satisfied as she sat next to me on the sofa.

She took my cock in her hand and slowly stroked it as she smeared my pre-cum around the tip with her finger. I couldn't help but moan in delight before she stopped placing her finger into her mouth and tasting my juices.

"Do you mind if we watch Dan while Mike takes over for a while?" she said.

Before I had time to answer she bent down and swallowed my cock as she started to deep throat me.

"She's all yours Mike." I smiled at him as he approached my wife.

I was receiving the best blow job of my life as I watched Mike offer his cock to my wife. Anna led flat on her back with her head on the end of the bed as Mike stood over her feeding his cock into her mouth. Anna reached above her placing her hands on Mike's waist trying to pull him in deeper as he thrust between her lips.

Shirley raised her head and sat stroking me again telling me she didn't want to miss anything. I slid off her panties and began massaging her clit as we watched our partners on the bed.

Mike began to rock his hips with some force and Anna was moaning with pleasure. He then reached forward taking hold of her dress and flipped it open revealing her new sexy outfit. Shirley and I both moaned with approval of my wife's sexy black corset. It pulled tight across her waist helping to enhance her bust even more.

Mike withdrew from her mouth and helped remove her dress completely. He then pulled her to the end of the bed and positioned himself between her legs. Grabbing hold of her breasts through the corset he instructed Anna to guide him into her pussy. Anna held his cock as she rubbed it up and down her lips. Then without warning Mike pushed forward with a deep lunge and filled my wife with cock.

Fair play to him he had some stamina. He moved his hands to Anna's legs and held them apart as he really started to fuck her hard. Even Anna admitted to losing count of her orgasms during that session.

Mike slowed his pace but did not withdraw as he allowed Anna some recovery time. Shirley got up and made her way to the bed. As she climbed onto the bed she straddled my wife as she offered her pussy to Anna's mouth. Anna opened her mouth and began eating pussy for the first time.

Mike had clearly smashed all of Anna's inhibitions away with the pounding he had just given her as Shirley grabbed two handfuls of my wife's hair and began to slowly grind her pussy into Anna's mouth.

Very soon Anna and Shirley were cumming for two very different reasons. Mike had started fucking Anna hard again as Shirley came all over my wife's face.

Mike poured another round of drinks as everybody to take a break. I joined my wife on the bed and gave her a deep lingering kiss which had a new taste to it.

Shirley then dragged Anna to the window for a cigarette while Mike commented on how sexy he thought Anna was.

When the wives came back to the bed it was Shirley who took the initiative and laid me on my back as she took her position above me. By the time Anna had done the same to Mike, Shirley already had my cock buried deep into pussy and was riding hard as I squeezed and sucked on her breasts.

I almost shot my load but not because of Shirley but because of what was happening next to me. Mike was flat on his back holding his cock up straight. My wife was kneeling high but low enough to brush the tip of his cock with her pussy lips. She rocked back and forth teasing his cock as she reached behind her back and unzipped the corset.

I shot my load deep into Shirley as soon as the corset dropped from my wife's body. Simultaneously the corset fell from her body exposing her breasts as she sat down on Mikes cock. His hands quickly cupped her breasts and she began to bounce on his cock as hard as possible.

Shirley rolled off of me as she coated my spurting cock with her juices. Anna leaned over and grabbed my shrinking cock as Mike was soon filling her pussy with his cum.

That night we slept in our own bedrooms and I got to fuck Anna in the morning with that corset on before we met Mike and Shirley for breakfast. We said our goodbyes and have kept in touch with the hope of a repeat performance.

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