tagBDSMMeeting at the Airport

Meeting at the Airport


He'd arrived at the airport early, which made a change because usually he was at least a little bit late to pretty much everything. The main reason being that this guy didn't sleep very well, but with the arrival of his guest today he'd be sleeping like a log for the duration of her visit.

After sitting around for half an hour, listening to music and almost constantly glancing at the arrivals board, he finally moved off his seat and went to stand at the doors that would open up to reveal his American girl. Despite knowing it was a cliché he'd brought along a sheet of paper with her name written out in big block letters. He didn't exactly stand out of the crowd, what with all the taxi drivers around him doing the exact same thing.

She had just picked up her luggage after getting off the plane. Getting through security had taken a surprisingly short time and she started pulling her suitcase on its wheels behind her. Following the crowd and the various exit signs, she eventually came to a set of double doors leading to the entrance area of the airport. As the automatic doors opened, and the family in front of her moved out of the way she saw him standing there. She read her own name on a sign before locking eyes with the guy she'd come to see.

His smile practically lit up the whole room, the cheeky grin that came naturally to him flashed across to meet the gaze of the beautiful young woman leaving the arrivals area. A small squeak escaped her lips and she half ran over to him, narrowly avoiding knocking over an old lady in the process. He opened his arms to receive her warm embrace, stumbling backwards with the force of her 'tackle-hug'. A few people looked around to stare at this crazy couple, but neither of them cared. They continued their embrace for a good thirty seconds before letting go, each of them still with huge smiles on their faces. They exchanged a bit of small talk about how the flight was and how each of them was doing before he picked up her bag then took her hand with his free one and they walked out of the terminal together.

He quickly signalled a taxi, opened the door for his female guest like a true gentleman, lifted her bag into the car and then pulled himself into the seat next to her. Almost as soon as the taxi had pulled away from the curb he turned to her and pulled her into another firm hug, which she happily returned. This time though, the embrace was quickly broken and they looked into each other's eyes. At almost the exact same moment the eyelids fell shut and they leaned into a soft kiss. His hands went to her back, pulling her in closer. Her left hand fell to his waist, holding on tight; while the other came to rest on his lap. Soon enough their lips parted and the two tongues began entwining around one another, dancing together in the darkness.

He'd almost forgotten just how good a kisser she was, and leaned even further in whilst moving one hand up to run his fingers through her soft, golden hair. She responded in kind, gently biting his lower lip as she leaned back into him. It didn't take too long for a bulge to appear in his trousers, just close enough to her hand for her to feel the movement in his jeans. Being the cheeky girl that she was, Ella began massaging enlarged area, giving firm but slow strokes up and down as their kissing grew even more intense.

After a few minutes of slow rubbing John took a handful of the hair he'd been caressing and pulled her hair back so that the two of them broke apart. Ella's hand had move up to the waistband of his jeans and begun undoing his belt.

"That's naughty, we're still in the taxi!" he said in a low voice, so the driver wouldn't hear. Ella gave him the most adorable disappointed pout, which John responded to by sharply pulling on her hair. She took a sharp intake of breath at this, for both the pain and the pleasure it provided. "Now" he continued in his low voice, "I'm going to take this," and out of nowhere his free hand made one swift movement and plucked her bra clasp open. "And you can have it back later" he finished, holding out his hand.

She briefly considered arguing or at the very least, raising her eyebrows in a look of disbelief. But she was enjoying herself too much to do either, particularly with those green eyes piercing her. Without another word she leaned back into the space of her own seat and pulled each of her bra straps off underneath her top, before pulling the whole thing out and placing it in his waiting hand. "Good girl" he smiled. Ella felt herself go all tingly just from hearing those two syllables.

A few minutes later they arrived at the house, John lifted the bag out of the car before paying the driver, and together they walked into the house. It wasn't a big place, but John made do with what he had. Ella followed him into his bedroom as he pulled her suitcase along behind him. Her eyes were drawn to his jeans-covered arse, and before she'd even made the conscious decision to do so her hand reached out and grabbed a handful.

He let go of the suitcase so that it came to rest in the corner of the room. For a second Ella wondered if he'd even realised she had a firm hold on his right butt cheek. Just as she released her grip he spun round to face her, wrapped one hand around her waist and pulled her into a deep kiss. Taken completely off-guard, it was a couple of seconds before she reacted to the kiss, parting her lips to continue the wrestling of their tongues.

They both got a little lost in the moment, but John soon regained control. In one swift motion the button on her trousers snapped open. He then slid both of his hands down to cup her round behind, squeezing a cheek in each hand. Ella sighed into his body as she felt the strong hands grip her bare skin. Her trousers were pushed down, and quickly dropped to her ankles. Two feet stepped out of the discarded garment, kicking it away along with her shoes.

With nearly half of her clothes gone, John decided it was time to take things a bit further. He moved his hands to her shoulders and roughly shoved Ella against the nearest wall, knowing just how turned on she would be in his taking control. Keeping one hand pressing her into the wall, his other slid down between her legs. He used his fingers to widen her legs slightly as he felt just how wet her panties were.

"Horny are we?" he asked in his soft, low voice, as he continued to rub around the damp spot between her legs. She responded with a high-pitched moan of longing. John smiled and pulled away slightly. He took one last look at her flushed face, relishing the gorgeous woman in front of him. Then her shirt was whipped up and over her head before she had time to object. This too was thrown aside and forgotten about. John plunged back into Ella's warm embrace. As she wrapped her arms around his neck his went to the back of her legs, lifting her up against the wall as their fevered kissing continued.

Ella wrapped her legs around his waist as he held her off the ground, her back pressed against the hard wall. Soon her broke apart, pulling his lips away from her for a brief second, before returning them to the skin of her neck. She felt him make his way slowly down her neck, stopping at regular intervals to suck instead of kissing. Ella subconsciously squeezed her legs tighter around the strong figure holding her up. She loved how she knew all of her little weak spots, her neck in particular was a sensitive area and to have him using his skilled mouth made her whole body shudder.

She felt his grip on her loosening, as she herself squirmed under his wondering tongue. Soon she was lowered back to the ground, and took the opportunity to grab at John's belt buckle. Dropping to her knees, she fumbled with the belt for a second before she managed to pull it open. Ella began to pull it out of the loops, but just as she'd gotten it free and was about to toss it aside, John's hand caught hers. She gave him a questioning look, but he just smiled as he took the belt from her hand.

John took his eyes off Ella for a moment, and reconnected the two ends of his belt. He tightened it until it was about the size of a dinner plate before slipping it over her head. As the belt passed her nose he saw a shudder run down her spine. Placing one hand under her chin, he used a finger to life her head to face him. With her eyes locked into his, John tightened the belt until it was snug around Ella's neck. He then took the end of the belt and gently pulled on it until she was forced to stand back up.

She felt the pressure around her neck, revelling in the control John had over her. Her eyes met his and he pulled her close so that their lips met once more. Ella's hands moved back down to his waist, pulling down on his flies before sliding one hand down the front of his briefs. She felt the hot, soft skin of his throbbing member and began gently rubbing up and down its length.

Without warning, John yanked her face away with the belt still in his hand.

"On your knees", it was not a request, but an order. Ella hastily obeyed, dropping once more to kneel before him. Her eyes now level with his crotch; she pulled his underwear down with both hands in one swift motion. John's hard cock sprung from its imprisonment, nearly slapping her in the face. She took the base of his shaft in one hand, and moved in to take the tip into her mouth.

"Good girl" he remarked, and she quickly re-doubled her efforts.

Part 2 She didn't care about the uncomfortable carpet that was leaving marks on her knees. She didn't care about anything much, except for the belt around her neck and the throbbing cock between her lips.

Ella continued working the length of his shaft, bobbing up and down and stroking with her hand. Her eyes went up to look into the eyes of the strong figure before her. He was smiling down as he held the end of his own belt in his right hand, the one that just happened to be fastened around her neck. She loved the feel of him in her mouth, the softly pulsing shaft all the way up to the round tip. Each skilled slip of her tongue caused a greater sensation for the pair of them. Ella could tell when she was doing particularly well from each sharp intake of breath, each shudder passing through his entire body.

John caught her gaze each time she looked back up at him, smiling as she did so. After only a couple of minutes of her skilful sucking he was about ready to blow. He gave a gentle tug on her makeshift collar before pulling himself out of her mouth. Turning around he walked over to the bed, Ella being pulled along behind him. Quickly rising to her feet she walked along behind him until they were both sat on the bed together.

"Now, help me off with my clothes" John commanded. Ella could barely comply fast enough. Her hands scrabbled at his tie, pulling it apart and tossing it aside. The buttons on John's shirt popped open one by one and quick as a flash. She start kissing down his chest, running her hands along his back, digging her nails in just enough to let John feel it. He sighed at the feeling of nails raking down his back, relishing the sensation. Kisses dotted their way down his torso, while hands roamed around it.

Then, without warning a sharp jolt of pain reached him. Looking down he saw pink marks in his skin -- teeth marks.

"That was naughty" in a disapproving tone. They both knew however, that he'd been waiting for such an opportunity. He stood back up, beside the bed "I want you on all fours" he said, "now". Ella's head drooped slightly, hiding a reluctant smile. She knew what was coming, and her apprehension was only outweighed by her eagerness. Thoughts of the pain she knew she was about to endure rushed through her head as she got into position on the bed.

She couldn't see much of John from where she was positioned, but heard the rustling of clothes and saw a flash of white as his unbuttoned shirt was tossed into a corner. Seconds later she heard shoes being kicked off, quickly followed by sock, trousers and underwear being flung into the corner. The bed sagged slightly under his weight as he joined Ella on the bed.

Ella then felt her underwear being pulled down, sliding to expose her round behind. As they fell to her knees John lifted each of her legs off the bed in turn, so that he could pull her wet panties clean off her legs. Before him now crouched a completely naked woman, arse in the air, waiting for her punishment. John moved himself into position, tracing one finger down the small of Ella's back, making her shudder all over. His finger followed the curve of her back, running down to reach her exposed behind and coming to rest there.

Ella felt herself tense up as the strong finger left the skin of her cheek. She knew what was coming. Therefore she was not disappointed as she felt the hard smack of John's palm across her arse. The sound reverberated around the otherwise silent room. Ella had lurched forward slightly. She had not expected such a sharp sting. She had forgotten the strength of the man on the bed with her.

By the time all of these thoughts had gone through her head another blow had landed, even harder than the first. Ella let out a cry -- a mixture of pleasure and pain. The sting left behind thoroughly aroused her, the feeling that she had given up control of her body completely to another person.

Three more slaps were administered in quick succession, alternating between her cheeks. Between each loud smack Ella let out an even louder moan of pleasure/pain, both relishing and dreading the next stinging blow.

"I hope this will teach you to be a good girl in future" John said, grinning. "Now just five,"








"one." And with that final word Ella felt his hard cock slide easily into her until he could push no further. John let out a low grunt while Ella let out a little scream of surprise. Before Ella could express further noises of pleasure John started thrusting, holding on around her waist and quickly picking up the pace.

Soon he was going like a jack-hammer; Ella felt her breasts swaying back and forth with the force of it. She then felt a tug on her neck and her head snapped backwards as John's belt pulled backwards. The complete lack of control she had over the entire situation, coupled with the thick, solid cock continuously ramming into her finally pushed her over the edge and she let out a long moan as she came.

John felt the contraction of her pussy as the orgasm hit her, pushing him very close to climax. With that familiar feeling welling up he reined it in, giving much slower, but deeper thrusts.

A few seconds later he pulled out entirely, flipping Ella over on to her back. He could see the look of surprise in her face, as well as the flush in her cheeks from her orgasm. They were both a little out of breath but he wasn't finished with her yet.

He buried his face between her legs, pulling them wide apart in the process. Ella couldn't do much more than to pant and bury her fingers in his hair as his tongue found her clit. John tried to remember several techniques he'd read about online whilst simultaneously playing off Ella's reactions to his cunnilingus. His tongue circled around her clit several times before rubbing it in small circles. Two fingers found their way into her wet slit and started pumping while his tongue danced in every direction possible. John continued pumping and licking 'til he felt Ella's whole body tense up again and her fingers pulled on his hair. Another long moan escaped her lips as her pussy contracted around his fingers.

Completely unrelenting John raised his head. He then shifted his lower half forward on the bed, lifting each of Ella's legs onto his shoulders. With one last cheeky grin he plunged his shaft back into her relishing every sensation. He went slower this time, though not by much. Every thrust was as deep as he could go, strong and decisive. John moved his hands forward to grab a breast in each hand, pinching Ella's nipples between his fingers as she closed her eyes, overcome with sheer pleasure

Another few minutes and he could hold it no longer; Ella's moans were increasing in volume again and he was so close. With a few final thrusts he let out a long moan himself, he emptied his load inside her. This, and the hard tugs on her nipples, were just enough to send Ella into her third orgasm of the day.

John flopped down on the bed to lie next to Ella, breathing as heavily as she was. A few minutes passed in silence before he turned to face her.

"Welcome to England" he said, grinning.

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