tagLoving WivesMeeting Bob Ch. 02

Meeting Bob Ch. 02


This man standing and watching us, slowly smiles a wicked looking grin saying to us, that, that was quite a show. That he has never seen a woman squirt in person before, and he would love to join in the play if we didn't mind, he would love to experience it again up close this time. I tell him to sit down and have a drink with us (in my mind I am hoping this is the gentleman you and I had talked about earlier). Lisa is squeezing my hand this whole time. I know this to be an indication that she wants this but won't allow herself to admit to it. Both you and I are holding her hands still and her legs are open, we haven't had time to re-arrange from playing with Lisa's pussy to make her squirt. We are preventing her from covering herself from this man's view. I nod to the side of the booth telling him to join us and we'll play things as they cum.

He sits telling Lisa how hot a woman she is, and how fucking hot and hard she has made him, that he can hardly wait to blow his wad for her anyway she wants it all over herself or somewhere more intimate and internal. This man introduces himself to us as Rich, a good friend, he does not elaborate on this. Though Rich is speaking to all of us, his gaze never leaves Lisa. Rich says he is really going to enjoy this party. He reaches out towards Lisa's still spread legs saying to her "you don't mind me having a little taste of the candy dish, now do you honey?" Lisa's eyes are as big as dinner plates as her hand squeezes mine hard and her head nods yes, as she says OK. I lean into Lisa's neck, I whisper to her, asking if she is good with this, telling her she has nothing to fear everything will be fine either way she goes with it. Lisa melts back into me letting Rich run his fingers freely up and down her slit, coating his hand in girl juice for him to sample. With Rich flicking her clit gently, Lisa quietly moans to me "just don't let me get hurt or go to jail, let's take this somewhere private before the whole bar wants to cum too"

We have rented a room here so I suggest to all of us that we move this party upstairs to a private place we might be more comfortable in. As we get up from the table Lisa tries to right herself, I touch her hands asking if she will just walk with us looking the way she does now. I tell her she is so fucking hot looking like this that I'm going to blow my load if I'm not careful, both Rich and you agree with me and plead with Lisa t comply with the request. She says noooooookaaaay, as she walks to the back stairs and up them, with us all drooling at this hot woman walking half un-dressed in front of us. (It's a good thing we were at the back in a dimly light area and that no one has used these stairs the whole time we have been here. I don't say anything to anybody but this is the most daring, forward thing Lisa has ever done in her life)

Lisa turns down the hall at the top of the stairs; she waits at the head of the hallway, for us to all to top the stairs. With a very serious yet sensuous look she asks if this is what we all want pulling her dress over her head and off, leaving her in nothing but her stockings and heals, standing in front of us. Lisa turns not waiting for an answer walking to our door. When she reaches the door, she reaches out, knowing someone will have opened it just for her.

As we enter, Rich walks up behind Lisa wrapping his arms around her, gently caressing her skin from her thighs to her shoulders and everything in-between. Rich says, as he was late to the party that he just needed to catch up a little. You and I disrobe as Rich massages Lisa's breast with one hand from behind, as the fingers of his other hand start to disappear into Lisa's dripping wet pussy. When our clothes are off we both move in on Lisa and Rich, using our tongues and hands on her body, Licking and gently caressing her sides and legs.

Lisa isn't talking any more, she is just moaning in ecstasy. Rich lets her out of his grip as he starts to disrobe. We guide Lisa back to the bed and gently lay her down while still caressing and licking her. With his, clothes gone now Rich moves between Lisa's legs asking (mostly me and you) if anyone minds him eating some pussy. Lisa moans out "please oh gawd please do". I tell rich he needs to eat it now because it won't be long before its nothing but a cream-pie, he says that's ok too as his face disappears into Lisa's thighs.

I start nibbling on Lisa nipples as I motion to you to move to her head. As you near her head, Lisa reaches out wrapping her hand around your throbbing cock. She smiles saying what a wonderful cock you have, as her hand wraps around it pulling you to her mouth. She licks out just touching the tip of your cock. I look up seeing my wife licking another man's cock and liking it, I look down and see another man yet feasting between my wife's thighs. I feel that slight pang of jealousy I have felt before, as my heart swells in both lust for Lisa and love for her that she is doing this both for and with me. I feel my cock throbbing so hard it almost hurts. I gently touch Lisa's cheek and I kiss the side of her mouth while your cock slides in to it. I tell her this is the hottest thing she has ever done.

Rich does something between Lisa's legs and her eyes almost roll back into her head as she inhales and her head falls forward onto your cock. In this move, Lisa has swallowed your cock to your balls. She gasps out, but doesn't back away from you, keeping you buried in her throat. I can see her breathing around your cock and massaging you with her throat mussels. We all hear her moaning, I recognize it as the low guttural roar she gets, as she is cumming. Her body tenses lifting her back off the bed, driving you deeper into her open throat (if that's possible). You can't hold back any longer, feeling Lisa cum while buried in her throat has set you over the edge. You moan that you are going to cum and send jets down her gullet into Lisa's stomach. I watch my eyes wide as Lisa swallows every drop you give her. We both look down now to see Rich pull his fingers out of Lisa as she squirts into his mouth.

Enough for now Bob. I'll work on more later.


Hay Bob

This has been/is fun and hot, and though most of our conversation to now has been just this fantasy. Gotta tell you, when we meet you are getting laid. I know my wife and unless you do a total reversal, you are getting laid when we meet. Bob she is like a giddy school kid waiting to read these e-mails we have been sending back and forth. She has enjoyed both of our stories and can't wait to read either one. Anyway just wanted to let you know that Lisa has already given herself to you with every orifice. Fuck, she's so fucking hot this way. I think we are going to make some winter trips to Bend this year for some cross-country skiing and some Bob.

Blunt question Bob, so you want to fuck Lisa in the ass don't you. Good I/we want to have her DP'ed, I'm just going to ask you that when it happens for the first time (each session I'm pretty sure, once Lisa meets you in person there will be more.). that I be the one on the bottom the one looking into her eyes as she takes two cocks into her for the first time that night. I need to see the expression on her face as she takes two cocks whether it is two into her pussy at the same time, of one in the ass and one in the pussy. I get so freaking hard thinking about seeing this, OK enough.

Hope nether the story or the question are out of line. Chat soon


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