tagExhibitionist & VoyeurMeeting Carmen Ch. 03

Meeting Carmen Ch. 03


We had an excellent time yesterday, a sunny Saturday with many, many cute women wearing revealing clothing, Carmen most of all. To my delight, she looked forward to doing the same sort of thing today. Not a complete rerun of yesterday, not the craft fair all over again; but still meet in the morning, spend the day outdoors, and head back to my house for some fooling around.

At 9:45, I set up camp on the landing of my stairway, that perfect spot where I can gaze through the small window to see who's at the door before she even knocks. I'll agree that's a little voyeuristic, but then Carmen proved to be an eager supplier for that sort of demand. Anyway, I wanted a glimpse of her as soon as she arrived.

At about five minutes to 10, she walked up to the door, but didn't ring right away. She wore a cute pink outfit, her trademark sweatpants riding low on the hip, and a skimpy top, showing her midriff. She wore no bra. Very similar getup to yesterday's, but I didn't mind at all.

I was thinking how lucky I was to be with a girl who considered this to be casual wear, and anticipating seeing her loose sweats give in to gravity again, when she raised the stakes. She glanced behind her, hooked her thumbs in the waistband, and pushed her sweats down. She wore nothing underneath. Only afterward did she ring the doorbell.

That took bravery on her part. She was the kind of girl who would attract attention fully clothed. Now she stood bare-assed on my front step, which faced a public street.

I must have been staring at her awhile. She rang again, rousing me out of my reverie, and I came downstairs. I opened the door and feigned surprise at her half-naked state. "Uh, what's going on?"

"About time!" she said. "I was standing out here in the open like this!"

"But how..." I said, looking down.

"Oh. They slipped off after I rang," she explained. "I thought you'd be here in a few seconds anyway."

I didn't mind that she was fibbing to justify her dare; I thought it was even charming. I was also keeping a secret, and to point out hers would have meant revealing mine.

"Aren't you going to offer any sort of help?" She was acting distressed about the situation, but her smile was a giveaway.

"Sure, I'll help," I said, and reached toward her chest.

She grabbed my forearms, laughing. "That is not helping!"

"Sorry." I pulled up her sweats without any further mischief. I scanned the street to see if anyone was watching; I didn't see anyone. That didn't guarantee no one saw her.

I took her inside. Her hair was a little damp, with the scent of shampoo; her skin, dry, warm and clean. When you have a gorgeous woman in your arms, you know what a turn-on these ordinary sensations can become.

"I changed my mind about going out today," I said. "Let's get these clothes off you and just stay in."

"You never want to wait," she scolded. "It'll be much more fun if you wait. I promise."

We drove back to Capital City, this time planning to visit Hillside Park. There was a river walk, flower garden, and scenic overlooks; great for a sunny afternoon. We had lunch at a bistro across the river from the park.

Afterward, I ran into Gary, a friend from a few years back. I hadn't seen him since New Year's. He was hand in hand with a woman I didn't know; their body language cried out "brand new couple."

Gary had done quite well for himself. His new woman, Lynn, was small, about five-three, Chinese, with very light skin, and an incredibly cute face. She wore petite red satin shorts, and a matching collarless short-sleeve shirt. She had a shapely yet modest pair of breasts, but to my dismay she wore a bra. (I knew Carmen's wardrobe was spoiling me, but I still felt cheated.) She also wore a red OU baseball cap, with her long ponytail pouring out the back. I love that cute tomboy look.

Her voice was lower than I expected. Not a James Earl Jones bass, of course, but the smooth, reserved, precise tones of a documentary narrator.

Lynn seemed a little aloof at first, particularly when she raised an eyebrow at Carmen's attire. I tried to figure out why. Disdainful of Gary's choice of friends? Culturally conservative? Or maybe jealous of another woman who might attract Gary's wandering eye?

Gary and Lynn had no big plans for the day, so they joined us. Within a few minutes I saw my fears about Lynn were unfounded. She warmed up to us quickly, and had an appealing, offbeat sense of humor.

We sat around a small table at an organic juice bar, sipping our drinks. Gary and I got caught up on his new job, and then I popped the big question: "So how did you two meet?"

Gary chuckled. "I'll let Lynn take this one."

Lynn took a moment to compose herself, as if preparing for a piano recital.

"I was at Borders when I noticed this guy at the magazine rack. He was kind of cute, in a goofy sort of way. I was curious to see what he was reading, so I came over to take a look. I was kind of shocked at what I saw."

"Better Homes and Gardens?" I joked.

"No," she said, grinning. "Any other guesses?"

Carmen shrugged.

Lyn said: "Playboy's Exotic Asians."

Carmen laughed and I groaned. "Aw, bad timing, Gary."

Gary shrugged, sheepish. It looked like he had sat through this story a few times.

Lynn said, "He picks it up, puts it underneath his stack of other books, and sneaks off to another section. And I'm so dismayed by this that I follow him. I go up to him and say point blank, 'What's that magazine you have?'"

"Busted," I said, chuckling.

"I was expecting," Lynn said, "that he'd be all defensive, or pretend he got it by accident, that sort of thing. I wanted to give him a hard time and watch him slink away with his tail between his legs. Instead, he's got this guilty look, but otherwise he's just totally honest about it."

"Well, he could have bought it for the articles," I ventured.

"There are no articles," she said. "Just pictures. Naked chicks, cover to cover. So much for that excuse."

"What did you say after that?"

"I was still pissed off. I mean, page after page of naked 'exotic' Asian women, how am I supposed to feel? The other stereotypes are bad enough. But having people who look like me, all submissive, with their clothes off, just pisses me off."

"I see your point," I said. "But how, after all that, did you end up together? Did he just start hitting on you?"

She smirked. "Worse. I guess I was charmed by his honesty or something, because instead of making him crawl away I said, 'Why don't you put that thing back on the shelf and meet me in the cafe.' And he did."

That was just like Gary. Always getting up shit creek but at the last second finding a paddle.

"So he buys me a coffee and we sit down, and I grill him some more. Do you have a girlfriend? Do you have an Asian fetish? And so on."

"And I'm looking a little wistfully back at the magazine rack," Gary joked.

Lynn shot him a cross look. It lasted only a second, and she smiled afterward, but I hoped she'd never send her evil eye my way.

"So what were your answers?" I said.

Gary said, "No, no girlfriend; broke up two months back. And no, no yellow fever. I like all hot women. I don't discriminate."

"More of this disarming candor and I stop the interrogation," Lynn said. "So we're just talking about all sorts of things, and all of a sudden it's six o'clock. I say I'd better get going, nice to meet you, blah blah blah. And then he asks me out. And I'm surprised to hear myself answering yes."

"That's so romantic!" said Carmen.

"Really?" said Gary.

"Of course. All the classic movies start out with the man and woman not liking each other. Philadelphia Story, Pride and Prejudice..."

"That's a good point," said Lynn. "I never thought of it that way."

"How was the first date?" I said.

"Gary was pretty smart about it. He called his friend Rick, who was on the second date with his own girlfriend Stacey, and set up a double date at the comedy club. We have a few drinks, we're laughing, and we don't have to sit across from each other and make small talk. By the time we do have dinner everybody's warmed up and we have a good time. That ends at about 10, and Gary invites us all back to his hot tub."

"Just like 'Blind Date'," Carmen laughed.

"If it was just Gary, on the first date, I would have never gone," Lynn said. "But with another couple, it seemed OK. Gary took me back to my place to pick up a swimsuit. By that time I'm feeling brave enough to take something a little daring. Back at his house, when everyone else is already in the tub, I change inside and walk out in this skimpy little black bikini. Both guys' jaws basically dislocate and just hang there."

"You'd have to see it to believe it," Gary said.

"I'm not like those big boobs centerfolds in those magazine Gary is so fond of," she said, passing him a stern look, "but I look pretty good in the right suit. And that black one just does everything right.

"So we hang out for another hour or so, drinking wine and relaxing. We're all feeling good, but no naughty stuff. You can kind of tell that Rick and Stacey are going to spend the night together. At about midnight, we all dry off, and they say goodbye. Three nights later, I go out with Gary again, and... now, we're an item."

"Good for you," I said. "I'm glad you guys hit it off."

Gary said, "Lynn, aren't you going to tell Part Two?"

She shook her head. "I don't know. No."

"What's Part Two?" said Carmen.

"It's kind of personal." Now Lynn was looking a little embarrassed.

"Come on, we're all adults," Gary said. "They're good friends. Afterward, they can tell us their story."

Lynn relented. "Okay. Um, 'Part Two' starts when Rick and Stacey are saying goodbye. I don't feel like leaving yet, so I ask Gary if we can stay a little longer in the tub. We've all had some wine, and I'm feeling pretty good."

She paused and looked at each of us, but she easily had our rapt attention. Part Two was looking pretty promising.

"He climbs back in the tub, and I'm about to. I'm standing there on the rim, he's looking up at me, and I can tell he really likes what he sees. Then I convince myself, and gather up the nerve, to take off my top. For a while, I'm just standing there, with him staring at me. Staring at my, you know, boobs. I'm feeling a little lightheaded, nervous, but still excited."

I confess I've had a very vivid image of this scene in my mind, well after the telling. If only I had been there...

"I finally," she continued, "gather up the courage to climb in with him. Then one thing leads to another, two plus two is four, etc. etc."

"That takes guts," I said. "Especially for a guy you just met. Especially that guy."

She laughed. "Well, in one way it was a sure thing. I'm Asian, I was topless; I knew that was his thing."

"You may want to end the story there," Gary said.

"Yes, long story short -- there is no Part Three -- we spent the night."

"A cute story!" Carmen said. "I like it."

"Thanks," Lynn said. "So how did you two meet?"

I let Carmen handle that one. She recounted everything that happened in the stacks, up to and including my pulling her sweatpants back up. She left out the Druuna playacting, both with me and with her brother. For good reason. But she did include almost getting caught in the library storage room: we had sex on our first date, too. She might not have said so if Lynn had not already admitted the same thing.

"Our stories have a lot in common," Lynn said.

"You're right, come to think of it," said Carmen. "Both guys with an interest in the, uh, naked female form; both of us sort of catch them at it; and then both of us following a hunch and doing something really daring."

"You took a bigger chance than I did. I can't imagine how frightened I'd be. Naked, having sex with your guy, hiding in the corner while people are trying to decide if they should take your clothes away? That's extreme."

"Yeah, there was more risk of being seen. But taking off your top and climbing into a spa with a guy you met that day -- that takes guts too."

"Glad things didn't get out of hand!"

There was a lull in the conversation for a bit, Lynn looking pensive, until she faced Carmen as if conducting a TV interview. "Are you doing a dare right now?"

"Oh, what I'm wearing?" Carmen said. "Yeah. Two, I guess. One is go without a bra; and the other is these loose sweatpants."

"See how low you can let them go?"

"Sometimes they fall all the way off. And I don't have anything on underneath."

"No way!" Gary exclaimed.

"Easy there, honey," Lynn said, palm toward Gary. To Carmen: "You're not kidding? No undergarments of any kind?"

"No, I'm not." Carmen hopped off her stool, stood in front of Lynn. "Here's proof." She pulled out her waistband just enough to show Lynn.

Lynn's eyebrows perked up. "You are braver than I am."

Gary said, "I need to verify this too. With my own eyes."

Lynn picked up her glass, which had some melting cubes and very diluted juice. "Gary, I think you need cooling down."

She was half joking, though. He raised his hands in mock surrender.

We finished our drinks and walked toward the park. Gary was sneaking peeks at Carmen's chest, irritating Lynn, but who could blame him. The top clung to her breasts, outlining every curve, its V-neck showing a few inches of cleavage. Slight shadows suggested her dark areolae through the pink material, and the telltale bumps of her nipples implied that Carmen was a little excited about showing off like this.

I think Lynn was determined to hold her tongue, and not get riled up by his gawking. She certainly seemed to enjoy Carmen's company, and soon they were chatting about mutual interests, leaving the guys to themselves.

Hillside Park overlooks the city, and perched on one hill is a botanical garden, free to the public and supported by donations. It was one of those places none of us had visited, even after living here for years.

We let the girls walk ahead as we ascended the wide path, one perk being the view we had.

From the back, Lynn was firm and compact, her butt just curvy enough to be feminine. I found myself comparing the shape and flow of her slender legs to the proportions and lines I study when drawing a figure: the subtle curve of the calves, the way the muscles in the thigh blend and define its shape. If only I could see her in something more revealing, such as the maroon underwear/bikini the young woman was wearing the day before. More and more, I was finding myself quite taken with Lynn.

Not that I was any less appreciative of Carmen; I have plenty of lust to go around. All our walking had caused the waistline of her sweats to inch down even farther than I thought was possible while still staying on. She had a little bit of "plumber's butt" showing, though she'd be the sexiest plumber anyone had ever seen. Gary was also following this development like the final reel of a whodunit film.

Our patience was rewarded when friction gave way to gravity, and her sweats fell down. "Uh oh!" she cried, kneeling down to grab them, and the pulled them back up as she straightened.

Possibly Gary regretted walking behind Carmen at that point. He saw a flash of her bare bottom, very nice in itself, but Lynn got a glimpse of her dark bush. So did a young couple approaching us. The guy looked our way for while, as if waiting for instant replay, while his woman took his arm and glared straight ahead.

Lynn laughed. "I can't believe I just saw that."

"That's part of the dare," Carmen said. "It happened a couple times yesterday, too."

"You didn't say anything about yesterday," Lynn said. "So you did the same dare?"

"Yeah, a few people got a good look."

"I think you should increase the dare today."

Carmen arched an eyebrow. "I don't think I will. I'm new at this, but I think that changing it midway might get me into trouble. I'll work up my own dares, thanks."

"Well, this isn't really a new one. You could do the same dare, but... a little more daring."

"How would you do that?"

"Next time, let me pull them up instead of you. I'll do it whenever you say so. But you should try to postpone saying so as long as possible."

"No, sorry," Carmen said. "That's too much control in someone else's hands."

"That's the fun part. I mean, I'm not going to get you in trouble. I'm on your side. But in your mind, there'll be that lingering sense of doubt; that feeling of 'do you really trust her?'"

"Why would I do that?"

"It's like a roller coaster," Lynn said, by coincidence using the analogy Carmen did yesterday. "You know you'll get through the ride without even a scratch. But when you first get to the very top and look down, there's still that instinctive feeling you have about five seconds to live. That's the thrill."

Carmen thought this over. "Okay. But you have to do a dare too."

"That depends. What do you propose?"

"This one's simple. You are wearing panties, right?" said Carmen.

"At least someone is," Lynn joked, to which Carmen stuck out her tongue.

"Your dare," Carmen said, "is to take off your shorts and put them in my bag. You get them at the end of the day."

Lynn looked down, picturing herself in her panties. "I don't know."

"Come on, I've already shown a lot more than you will! It's just like wearing a bikini bottom. Lots of girls are doing that today!"

Meanwhile, the image came to my mind of the blonde, stacked girl we saw yesterday in the denim cutoffs and the sheer yellow bikini top. What was she doing today? Maybe wearing the matching bikini bottom as well, her bush and butt easily visible, tinted yellow? So many girls you see only once in passing, and would love to find again.

Lynn accepted the deal. "Okay. But I get to change in the bathroom."

"Okay," Carmen conceded. It was a deal.

We found a set of restrooms. The girls went inside while the guys waited. It gave us a chance to compare some notes.

"Carmen is a fox!" Gary said. "I can't believe you found somebody like that at the freaking library!"

"Don't sell yourself short," I said. "Lynn is really cute, too. You scored big time."

"They get along well. I guess we should take up tennis or something."

"I don't think either of us would mind mixed doubles," I said.

"Too bad they don't hate each other," he said. "Wouldn't mind seeing a knock-down, drag-out-"

We had to stop there because the girls came back out. This was apparently a magic bathroom. Lynn had transformed from attractive, refined girl to innocent-looking sex object. She looked hesitant about appearing in public like this, but reluctant to back down on her word.

Her panties were red (like everything in her wardrobe?) and small, just like bikini bottoms with spaghetti straps. An inch or two of skin was exposed between the waistband and the hem of her now-loose shirt. There was the slightest curve in her slim belly. Her legs looked long now, even at her height.

She had taken off her baseball cap and untied her ponytail. Glossy straight hair hung down to her shoulder blades.

Carmen explained that she had stepped up Lynn's dare, and taken her bra as well. Lynn's nipples made gumdrop-size bumps under her shirt.

"You feel okay, Lynn?" I asked.

"Really overexposed," she said. "Carmen says not to cross my arms or try to hide myself, but it's hard not to do that."

"I have some more dares for you two," Gary joked.

"No, Gary," they said in unison; and then joked about the effectiveness of stereo "No, Gary's" versus mono.

The garden wasn't crowded, but there were usually enough people around so that we knew the next "Carmen event" would have probably have an audience. However nervous she might have been, she didn't once touch her waistband, to hang onto it or lift it up.

Lynn at first did not at all appreciate the attention she was getting. I could see her stiffen up whenever someone passed, trying to act natural but wishing the person would just scoot by without looking. After a while she seemed to realize that it wasn't that dangerous, going braless and in bikini bottoms in public, but with three friends and in a progressive, tolerant area of the country. Nobody was going to throw holy water on her.

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