tagErotic CouplingsMeeting Carol Ch. 02

Meeting Carol Ch. 02


You lean in and kiss me again softly. "I can't believe you really made it. I was sure your wife would find some reason for you to have to stay at home."

"I promised you I would be here for your birthday, Carol. Hope you liked your present."

"Mmm, I sure did," you whisper.

"I'm staying at the Super 8 in town. Can you get away for awhile?"

"My parents won't miss me until later tonight. I'll follow you there."

The drive to the motel felt like it would last forever instead of the few minutes it took to get there. The room door was in the back, off of the main street; assuring that no one would recognize your truck being parked there. As you get out of the car, you approach me and take my hand in yours. Your other hand carries a small brown bag. "I have a birthday party to go to later ," you explain. "I was going to change later but I guess I can just change here." We walk to the door hand in hand, like high school students on a first tentative date. The sun is down and the moon is full above us as we stop and kiss in front of the door.

"Are you sure you are okay with this, Carol?", I ask.

"After the parking lot, do you really need to ask that?" you reply with a soft smile

One quick motion of the card key and we are inside. As the door closes, you toss the bag on the bed and turn to kiss me again; a kiss with more passion than the previous one. Your tongue parts my lips and explores mine as my hands slide down your back to your ass. We are both moaning into each other's mouths, signaling we are ready for more.

Suddenly, you place a hand on my chest and push me away. "I think you might like the dress for my party. Let me try it on for you." Excited to watch you change, I am disappointed when you take the bag and walk into the bathroom. The sound of the latch tells me not to follow.

In moments, you emerge in a shiny black dress with thin spaghetti straps. The only light in the room comes from the bathroom as you spin slowly around, allowing me a full your body. As I start to move toward you, you raise your hand with your palm facing me. "Just relax dear." you say softly.

You walk across the hotel room, your little black dress clinging just perfectly to the curves of your body. Your only thoughts are of seducing me. You stop when I'm just out of your reach and turn so your back is to me; I know from our chats how you like a tease. Slowly, you unzip the back of your dress, sliding it down the length of your body to reveal your soft creamy skin. You peek over your shoulder to see the look of appreciation on my face as my eyes move from the clasp on your black lace bra, to the slip of fabric on the matching thong, to the black garter attached to thigh-high stockings.

You turn to me, and take a small step forward still staying just out of reach. The small moan of appreciation that escapes my lips makes a chill run up your spine. Your pussy is already wet with lust, and hunger. I want you, all of you. But you're biding your time. You unfasten your bra, revealing your perfect breasts, your nipples already hard in anticipation. You lick the thumb and forefinger of your right hand and lightly twist your right nipple, keeping your eyes locked on me. I can tell as you partly close your eyes that it feels good, the slight pain, and the shock of pleasure. You take a half a step forward. I can smell you now; I can feel the heat from your body as you move closer.

As you inch closer, hands caressing your body, I realize that you are not just wearing any old panties...they're crotchless. I can see glimpses of your perfectly smooth mound, and see a hint of wetness on it.

"You can touch me now," you whisper..

My touch is timid at first, grasping softly to your sides as I draw you closer. My eyes slide over your body greedily, taking in every inch. I glide my hand down your skin, feel all that I've wished for since you sent me that first picture of you.

We're close enough now that you can feel my breath on your stomach. Chills run across your body as I flick out my tongue....surprising you by just grazing the skin on your belly. You raise on leg up onto the bed and I brush my tongue through the slit in your panties. As I push more forcefully through, touching the tip of my tongue to your clit, you nearly collapse. You have to brace yourself against me.

I pull you closer, devouring you. I'm so yours.

My hands grip you so tightly, lifting you just enough that I can now suck on your swollen clit, flicking it occasionally. Your wetness starts to slide down my chin as I bring you to a nearly instantaneous orgasm. You hope it will be one of many. "It's your turn now" you whisper to me.

You softly push me away from you, forcing me to lie on to the bed. You're eyes appear ravenous now as you nearly tear at the zipper of my pants. You want so badly to release my manhood I lift my hips to aid you in pulling my pants and boxers down and you gasp as my cock springs free. It's looks larger than it felt earlier in the parking lot. You don't even hesitate, but greedily suck the tip of it into your mouth. You and I both moan with pleasure as you slowly slide inch by inch down the shaft until I feel the back of your throat pressing against me.

You grip the base with your other and begin to suck me. You twist your tongue around the head of my shaft as you come to the tip, flicking it lightly at the most sensitive spot underneath. My hips begin to rise up to meet you, slow thrusts to match your downward motion. My hands are on the back of your head gently but firmly setting a steady pace.

I love the way I feel in your warm, wet mouth.

"I want to make you cum", you whisper. But it would seem I have other ideas as you feel my hand grip your hair and lightly pull you off my throbbing cock. I crawl out from underneath you and stand up, removing what's left of the clothes I wear. You stand up for a moment; unsure of what I'm wanting next...your only thoughts are of wrapping your lips around me again.

I grab you, pushing you down on to the bed. Falling on top of you, my mouth on your left breast, my hand moving to your other; I flick and suck your nipples. Your hips involuntarily start grinding against me. All I can think of is being inside you again, filling you.

I continue to tease you, taunting you with the tip of my cock. I let it graze against your sex all the while squeezing and sucking on your sensitive nipples. I know you love the feeling and want to cry all at the same time.

"Please. Please fuck me." you plead.

I chuckle around your nipple and thrust inside you with one fast movement, burying myself completely inside your waiting pussy. I pause a moment, and you clench your muscles around my hard cock, squeezing.

I pull back out slowly and then quickly thrust into you again, pulling back faster and faster as you go. You pull my head up, and we lock in a kiss not of romance but of passion. Your hips rise to meet me, grinding your clit against me as I thrust down.

Our sex is now pure lust, our bodies matching pace with each other, our kisses broken only by our gasps for air. You feel a second, orgasm building and you clutch tightly to me as your legs wrap around my waist. Your nails scrape up my back as you cum. Your reaction only spurs me on. I continue to love you, still moving quickly as your breathing increases.

"I'm going to cum again," you cry out. "Make me cum."

Your muscles spasm around me as another wave of orgasm rushes over you, almost seeming to be desperate to hold my cock inside you. I feel the pressure building in my balls, and with one final thrust I explode deep inside your pussy, cumming in spurt after spurt of desire. I don't want to move; just to stay deeply inside you .. feeling your warmth around me. As our breathing slows finally, I remove myself from you and roll over on my side as your turn to face me. Our kisses are softer now; gentle brushing kisses of two exhausted lovers.

You fall asleep briefly as we lay together. I lay awake with light from the bathroom providing enough illumination for me to see the slight smile on your lips as you breath slowly.

As I brush my fingers across your forehead, you awaken. Sleepily, you look at me. We both need to freshen up as we take turns wandering into the bathroom. I sit on the counter as you wash, then follow you back into the room.

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