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Meeting Cathy


Cathy and I had been cyber buddies for a while now. We'd first met online when she'd barely lost her virginity in a lusty encounter with some guy she barely knew. Over time, I had been like a big brother as she dealt with her lust and had a couple of failed relationships, as well as a super-hot friends-with-benefits arrangement with one of her class mates.

I was beneficiary of many of the sordid details of Cathy's sex life, as well as a balanced opinion when she needed it. Additionally, Cathy and I had shared many hot times as cyber lovers from our remote locations.

I was instantly attracted to three things when we first met online - number one being her stunning blue eyes and perfect smile. Secondly, Cathy has this amazing sexual energy that she is constantly trying to tame, which she does her best to do via a number of avenues - masturbation, cyber sex, and physical encounters. The third, and most unmistakable point of attraction came from her most excellent E-cup breasts that sit high on her beautiful body.

Over the past 18 months, whilst Cathy finished off her degree in tourism in Aberystwyth University in Wales, we had been regularly chatting about life and everything, as well as playing when our moods and schedules matched. Cathy was always a blast to play with online.

One day she said to me, after she'd been playing with her trusty hairbrush while showing me pics, "I bet you'd be a good fuck."

My reply was ":) wanna try 1 day?"

To which she said, "I'd love to."

So, beginning that day, we began to hatch a plan to spend some 'quality' time together. The plan began to fall into motion with me flying from my home in USA to London, where Cathy met me on the connecting flight to the Greek Isles. We met in the gate lounge, and even though I was quite tired from my Atlantic crossing, I immediately perked up when I saw Cathy in real life, for the very first time.

Our first hug was intense, and we held each other a full two minutes. When we broke our hug, I looked into those blue eyes and felt like I could dive into them and stay there forever.

"My goodness Cathy, you are more beautiful than the pictures showed," I told her, in all honesty. Her blush was just so cute!

In the next hour till the flight began boarding, we talked non-stop, whilst constantly holding both hands and gazing into one another's eyes. Our connection was very real, and very powerful. In fact, we were both so engrossed in each other that we missed the boarding announcements, only to have the spell broken when the gate attendant actually called our names over the public address system.

We quickly gathered our bags and ran down the ramp to our flight, laughing as we caught up with the other passengers on the ramp. We quickly settled into our first class seats that Cathy had secured using connections she'd made during her internship with British Airways. The hostess delivered us champagne and we toasted a great holiday together.

We were just finishing our pre flight snack and drinks as the plane pushed back. Right after take off, we pulled the airline blanket over us and snuggled together, enjoying each other's closeness.

We continued to talk as we cuddled, merely whispering into one anothers ears over the aircraft noise. At the same time I was rubbing Cathy's arms. Soon enough, we found ourselves kissing. Softly. Gently. Slowly. We had both been looking forward to this part for a long time, and took our time to enjoy it. As we kissed, with only our heads above the blanket, I moved from rubbing Cathy's arms to her breasts. Her big, beautiful, soft breasts. I was in heaven, and by the change in her breathing, I could tell that Cathy was as well.

I slowly massaged both titties with one hand, enjoying her soft moans as we kissed. Thankfully, the lights were dimmed for our evening flight. After ten minutes, I broke our kiss and lay my head on Cathy's shoulder. With this, I also began to move my hand south. I moved my hand slowly from her tight nipples, across her belly and onto her skirt. Cathy groaned softly and spread her thighs at the same time. As my hand reached underneath her skirt I discovered, as expected, her hot naked pussy awaiting my attention.

"Is the coast clear?" I inquired with my head on Cathy's shoulder.

After a quick look around, Cathy hissed "Yesssss!"

With that, I began to seriously pet her kitty. Pretending to be asleep on her shoulder, lest someone come by, my hand was far from asleep under the blankets. Cathy's breathing was becoming labored as my fingers gently massaged her outer lips.

"Pinch your nipples," I commanded quietly. With a little readjustment, Cathy complied. With this, my middle finger pushed between her folds and began to work its way around her vaginal entrance. As I continued this action slowly, I reminded Cathy to work her breasts. I slowly moved my head the short distance off her shoulder and begin sucking the side of Cathy's neck. With this, Cathy humped against my hand as I fingered her, trying to get it further into her.

Sensing her growing need, I obliged Cathy by inserting my finger as far as I could. She grunted at this development, and I hoped it wasn't too loud so that other passengers could hear her. Her breathing became more urgent. I urged her to try not to be too loud, or we'd leave this flight on handcuffs. Cathy nodded.

I pulled my finger out slightly and bent it towards her front wall. I quickly found her G-spot and begin to pulse my fingertip against it. I coupled this with pushing my palm firmly against her pubic mound. Cathy humped against it as she began her final approach to orgasm. I kept my finger moving at an increasing pace, and vacuumed hard on Cathy's sensitive neck and within a couple more minutes was rewarded with a flood of warm juices as she tensed into a massive cum. She was struggling to keep breathing under control so as to not alert travelers in adjacent seats, and humped hard against my hand as she rode wave after wave of pleasure.

As Cathy came down from her intense cum, I extracted my digit and felt the extent of her pleasure soaking into the seat. I kissed her cheek softly and said "wow!"

She replied, "wow!"

I kissed her softly on the cheek and we dozed off into a blissful sleep together. A couple of hours later, I was awakened by Cathy unzipping my pants and rubbing me up. She had taken to her knees on the floor in front of her seat and her head was under the covers, clearly on a mission to return my earlier favor.

Once she had me unzipped and unbuckled, she worked my rising member out of my pants and quickly engulfed it with her warm mouth. This quickly got me to full attention! Now it was my turn to try to be quiet as I received the most awesome blow job.

Cathy kissed the crown as she stroked me, then fully engulfed me and took me into her throat as she rubbed my balls. Every minute she changed up her technique, each time more urgent than the previous. It was an intense cum that hit my within five minutes. Cathy took my load in her mouth and proceeded to swallow it. I could barely keep quiet as she licked the last of my jizz off my softening cock.

Cathy put my clothing back together and returned to her seat. "Hi sleepy head," she teased as her head came out from under the covers.

"Hi," I replied.

"Best wake up I ever had. Thank you." I kissed Cathy, sharing a taste of the remnants of our escapade on her lips and tongue.

After landing, everything happened in a hurry. We collected luggage, passed through customs and took a late night transfer to our resort hotel. We took a quick shower together and washed one another's bodies for the first time. I was dead tired from almost twenty-four hours of transit, and resisted the temptation to get it on with Cathy right at that instant. So we crashed in bed till the morning, cuddling each other tightly the whole night.

I awoke early, my body all messed up from jet lag. By the time I returned from going pee, Cathy was laying on her back, still asleep, with her knees spread, but feet together. This is a position I had seen her in many times in our cyber chats - Cathy found it comfortable and relaxing, she'd told me.

Wanting to give her a nice wake up, this prompted an idea. I carefully pulled the bed sheets out of the bottom of the mattress and crawled underneath into position between her legs. I gently kissed each knee to see her reaction. Nothing. Good, maybe I could give her a wet dream!

Slowly, I proceeded to kiss my way up her inner thighs, alternating from one leg to the other. The light that was filtering through to windows and bed sheets was just enough for me to get a view of her pussy slowly get aroused as I worked my way close to it - her pinkness deepened, and lips began to pout and glisten with lubrication. As I kissed, Cathy's hand moved to her mound and began slowly rubbing just above her clit. I lifted my head to see if she was awake. She had a blissful smile on her face and her eyes were closed. This was all making me rock hard; I had to work hard to fight the temptation to climb straight onto her and drive my rod into her.

I returned to my vantage between Cathy's legs and resumed my thigh-kisses. Cathy was now slowly circling her hips in time with her hand movements. As I moved closer to her treasure, my kisses became more like soft love-bites. Cathy began moaning softly with this. When I reached the junction of her thighs, I placed a kiss softly on her intimate lips, then began to lick her gently.

She spread her legs more now, her feet coming apart and began to hump harder against her hand and my face, which was now finally where I'd wanted it for many months. With this, I pointed my tongue and inserted it into her vagina. I used all my tongue muscles to give her two minutes of hard tongue fucking. Cathy responded with louder moans.

Once my tongue tired, I moved onto her clit and was able to suck on it even though Cathy's hand was still rubbing right above there. Again, her groaning got louder and more gutteral. I was really enjoying this, and felt like I might explode on the sheets despite no stimulation at all to my penis.

Wanting to give Cathy the full extent of my oral experience, and no longer caring whether she slept through this, I brought my fingers to the fray. Inserting my middle finger into her vagina and quickly found her G-spot. As I did the previous time, pulsed my finger across her inner wall at this sensitive place. This time, however, I gave Cathy the extra stimulus of pulsing my vacuum on her clit.

Cathy's moaning was extra loud now, and she was close to orgasm. Too send her over the edge, I added my tongue to the mix - flickering it across her clit whilst sucking on it, fingering her G-spot, and Cathy herself was rubbing her mound. I could feel her muscles tensing. From her thighs that crushed against my ears to her vagina, which clamped down on my embedded finger. Cathy let out her loudest moan yet, at the same instant I was rewarded with a blast of hot come on my chin and hand. Cathy squirted out three large streams of girl cum, soaking the sheets and my happy face.

I removed myself from Cathy's nether regions and moved up to lie beside her. Her eyes opened as I settled next to her and I said "good morning sleepy head".

She smiled weakly and said "hi," in her cute English accent. "I just had the most intense dream!" She told me.

"I know," I replied. She looked at me confused. I leaned in and kissed her, knowing that she would taste herself on my lips.

"It was real?" She asked.

"As real as those soaked sheets between your legs," I answered.

"Wow, I am so horny at the moment. Please fuck me!".

"I thought you would never ask!" I exclaimed.

I rolled on top of Cathy and positioned my hard cock at her entrance. Slowly I slid into her depths, enjoying the first moments of our coupling. Cathy was tight and hot. I was not going to last long, and told her so.

"Me too," she replied.

With that, I began to fuck her hard. Our bodies slammed together as she met my every thrust into her honey pot. It was animalistic. Intense. Within two minutes, I was filling her with my stuff.

Cathy was right there with me, coming for the second time in ten minutes. I rolled off Cathy and we dozed for a little while before getting up and getting ready for breakfast.

That was the beginning of the most intense week of sex I had ever had. In between time on the beach, a couple historical tours, shopping, and some fine dining, Cathy and I went at it morning, noon and nights. By the end of the week, we were exhausted, but both very satisfied.

On our return flight, we had no great adventure like on the way out. Instead, we talked the whole time, knowing that we would be back to cyber sex after this. We did make a pact to so this again, same time next year. The location will be different though.

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