tagBDSMMeeting Ch. 02

Meeting Ch. 02


Author's note: Thank you to my good friends, BaileyL and Squarey, for reading, correcting, suggesting, pushing, and encouraging me.


April waited for her breathing to return to normal as she watched Evan efficiently pouring drinks for them, a vodka and cranberry juice for her, whisky for him. She straightened and pulled her blouse together with trembling hands.

As she reached for the top button Evan told her, "No, don't...leave it open."

Reluctantly, she let go of the edges of the blouse and reached for the glass he handed to her. She kept her eyes on her drink, unable to meet his gaze, and took a sip. Now that her climax was over and her heart was returning to normal, she was embarrassed. Embarrassed by her disheveled, exposed state while he remained calm, cool, and completely dressed. Embarrassed by how easily he had turned her into a writhing mass of need. While Evan had proven to her that she was capable of responding to him, now she was afraid of the power of those responses. For the last year and a half she had enjoyed the fantasy of ceding control to him, but suddenly faced with the reality, April felt a sense of foreboding...mixed with excitement...knowing that what had just happened was only a taste of what was to come in the next two days.

Holding her elbow, Evan guided her further into the hotel room. Or suite, she could see now. There was a kitchenette; a sofa, coffee table, and wing-back chair in the living room area; a small dining table with two chairs (one of which was now sitting across from the sofa with ropes attached to it) sitting in front of a huge picture window, a set of glass French doors leading out onto a terrace; through a set of double doors she could see a tastefully furnished bedroom. With a very large bed. Beyond the bed was the bathroom, which she couldn't see much of but it looked to be quite luxurious. He led her to the window and they stood sipping their drinks as they gazed out at a spectacular view of San Francisco. She thought it was unlikely that anyone could see her up here. At least that was what she hoped. The air felt cool as it hit her bra, wet from his mouth, and her breasts were covered with goose bumps, her nipples erect. She watched his profile as he looked out the window.

"Nice view," he murmured.

"As nice as New York?"

He looked at her and smiled. "Nothing is as nice as New York." Gesturing to the sofa he added, "Why don't we sit down?"

April wished she could go to the bathroom and wipe off the wetness between her legs, knowing that if she sat down in this condition it was going to get on her skirt...and probably the sofa. But she suspected he would not allow that; she knew that he liked for her to walk around with her juices smeared on her pussy and her thighs. The truth was that she enjoyed it as well, pretending it was his cum. She tried to arrange her skirt so that none would soak through to the rather expensive-looking sofa. Evan sat next to her, his left thigh touching her right, his left arm on the back of the sofa behind her and his hand just touching her shoulder.

"How was your drive," he asked as they sipped their drinks.

"Not bad," she said, looking up at him curiously. This was the kind of question she had expected when she arrived...before they got down to the reason for this weekend.

She relaxed as they talked about inconsequential things; the weather in New York versus San Francisco, his flight and her drive, the new titles that had arrived at her bookstore the day before, sightseeing plans for the next day. Out of the corner of her eye, through the bedroom doors, she could see the dresser, and on it were items laid out neatly. She couldn't see what they were, exactly, but she caught flashes of leather and chrome. Evan noticed her gaze wandering in that direction.

"Can I look," she asked softly.

"Sure. Do you want another drink?"

"No, thank you."

He took their empty glasses to the kitchenette as she stood and walked to the bedroom, feeling the butterflies begin again in her stomach. Her reflection in the mirror seemed to belong to someone else. Alone with a man she had only met in person an hour ago, her shirt open and bra exposed, wet spots on her skirt. This wasn't April Greer...responsible parent, upstanding business owner, respected in her community. She had only dated sporadically since her husband passed away suddenly ten years earlier...and hadn't had sex with any of them. Ten years...how had she come to be in this hotel room with this man?

She stood and looked at his collection. Black leather cuffs and collar...they looked more expensive than her purple ones, and more menacing, somehow. Evan had told her not to bring hers ("You're going to wear my collar this weekend"). He had told her not to bring anything but clothes for the weekend; he would provide everything else they needed. Chrome clips and short chains, varying lengths of rope, nipple clamps connected by a thin silver chain, and the whips. Black leather crop, a flogger...she ran her fingers over them lightly, shuddering with an equal mix of anticipation and dread. Her eyes met his in the mirror as he came to stand behind her.

"Are you ready, baby?"

"I think so," she whispered.

"Take off your top." Unable to tear her gaze from his, she shrugged and let the blouse slide off her shoulders and down her arms, dropping it on a bit of clear space on the dresser. "Now the bra." She blushed as she reached behind her to unhook her bra, putting it on top of the blouse. "And the skirt." Her fingers shaking, she unzipped the skirt and stepped out of it, still looking at him as the skirt joined the pile on the dresser.

She blushed again and dropped her gaze, unable to watch him looking at her nude body. Not a slim, tight, young body. While she exercised and tried to eat healthfully, she lacked the discipline it would take to keep a fifty year old body looking like it was thirty. Her body had the curves and slight sag that came from age and four pregnancies. Her breasts, not the huge jugs she suspected he had imagined, were full, with large brown areolas and nipples...the result of having nursed her babies all those years ago.

Stepping closer to her, Evan ran his hands over her belly and her hips. She could feel his erection, hard against her butt. His hands cupped her breasts and squeezed, causing her to gasp. His attention was riveted on the mirror, watching the way her flesh filled his hands and squeezed through his fingers. Then they skimmed over her belly to her generous hips and ass (definitely not her favorite part of her body), to the insides of her thighs. Two fingers slid into her folds, still slick with her juices. She moaned softly and wiggled her butt against him. He pulled his fingers out and brought them towards her lips.

"No!" Her eyes wide with shock, she grabbed his wrist.

"Who gave you permission to touch me," he growled in her ear.

They froze for a moment, eyes locked. Unable to bear his gaze any longer, she closed her eyes in defeat. Releasing his wrist, she opened her mouth and he pushed his fingers between her lips.

"Suck that, baby. Suck all that juice off my fingers," he told her softly, his mouth against her ear.

She whimpered but did as he told her. It was the first time she had tasted herself and she was surprised that the musky flavor was not repulsive, as she expected. Soon her whimpers turned to moans of need as she sucked on his fingers, her hips beginning to grind in small circles. When he pulled his fingers from her mouth, she opened dazed eyes, aware that she was getting wetter but not sure why. He reached across to pick up the black leather wrist cuffs and turned her to face him. She watched him as he fastened the cuffs on her wrists. She could see the desire and excitement on his face, as well as the hard cock pushing against the fabric of his pants. But he was controlled, businesslike, as he knelt and buckled the cuffs on her ankles. Standing up, he looked her over for a moment before turning her around and picking up a chrome clip. He pulled her wrists behind her and slid the clip through the rings on the cuffs, binding her arms behind her.

Her heart was pounding as he looked at her and smiled. This was what she had imagined so many times when she put her own cuffs on at home. Sometimes she put her hands behind her and pretended they were bound, but this...this was so much more powerful than her imagination could conjure up. There was fear...she was completely at the mercy of this man standing in front of her. He could do anything he wanted to her and she wouldn't be able to stop him. But more than fear, there was relief. It was out of her hands now...literally. She didn't have to worry about "performance"; he was in control and he would direct whatever happened.

"Almost perfect," he said.

He picked up the black leather collar and buckled it around her throat, then stood back to look at her. Her breasts lifted with each shallow breath and her nipples hardened. At home, playing with her cute purple leather collar, pretending it meant she belonged to Evan, she'd had no idea how it would feel for him to place his own collar on her. She felt a sudden urge to drop to her knees, to kiss his feet, to beg him to take her, to do whatever he wanted with her. But she stood there, wearing only her garter, stockings, and heels...along with his cuffs and collar...waiting for him, for his reaction. He pulled her into his arms and kissed her throat along the collar.

"God, baby, you have no idea how fucking hot you look like this," he whispered in her ear, causing shivers to run down her spine. "Do you feel how hard you make me?" He rubbed his cock against her and she whimpered. "It makes me so crazy to see you like this. I want to just throw you on that bed and fuck you."

He lifted her face to him and kissed her, hard and deep, stamping his brand on her with his lips and his tongue. His hands pulled her tight against his hard body and she could feel the muscles of his chest and thighs beneath his clothes, the buttons on his shirt and the zipper on his pants bit into her soft skin, making her groan. One hand went to her hair, holding her head immobile as he continued to devour her mouth. His other hand slid down her back and over the smooth skin of her buttocks. One finger threatened to slide between her cheeks and she jerked and squealed in protest. She felt him smile against her mouth as he withdrew his finger. April pushed herself against him and hungrily returned his kiss. Finally he pulled away and held her away from him. She was flushed and panting.

"Yeah...I want to fuck you. But we have some business first." He held her face between his hands and looked into her eyes. "Do you know your safe word, April?"

"Yes," she said. They had discussed safe words, of course, but communicating only by email or phone, there had never been a need for one.

"Say it."


He nodded. "Don't say it again unless you really want me to stop. Understand?"

"I understand," she said softly.

"And if you can't talk?"

She swallowed hard at that. If she couldn't talk?!

"I make three sounds."

"OK, then let's get started."

He took her arm and led her back into the living room, to the chair that was sitting across from the sofa. He guided her into it, her bound arms behind the back. Using the ropes he already had on the chair, he tied one around her waist, slid rope through the rings on her ankle cuffs, binding them to the legs of the chair. He took a length of rope and threaded it between her elbows, pulling her arms back and causing her breasts to thrust out even more. He walked around the chair, looking her over, and then went over to the dresser and picked up the crop. Her breath caught in her throat when he laid the crop on the coffee table. Leaning down, he caught her face between his hands. She opened her mouth for a kiss, but he didn't kiss her right away. He licked and bit her lips until she was frantic for his kiss. Only then did he cover her lips with his and thrust his tongue into her mouth.

She moaned into his mouth, suddenly very aware of just how restrained she was. She couldn't touch him, couldn't lean into him, couldn't thrust her pussy against him. She kissed him feverishly, showing how much she wanted him in the only way left to her. He knelt in front of her, kissing and licking her throat and her chest. He licked each of her breasts, staying away from the aching nipples until she was wiggling as much as the rope around her waist allowed, begging him. Finally, he sucked a nipple into his mouth and she felt an electric shock in her pussy. He moved back and forth between her nipples, her moans and gasps growing louder.

Evan left her aching breasts and began licking and biting across her belly to her thighs, then continued along the inside of each thigh. He licked her smooth mons and her outer lips. Using two fingers to open her, he licked along her folds, pushed his tongue inside her, then sucked her clit between his lips and lashed it with his tongue.

"Oh, oh, ohhhhh...."

He slid two fingers into her and began to pump, still sucking and licking her clit. When her thighs began to tremble and she began to pant softly, he pulled away, eliciting a whine of protest. He stood up and looked down at her; she was flushed and gasping for breath. He picked up the crop and she jumped as he traced it lightly along her jaw, then down to her chest. Around each breast, over each nipple, across her belly, up the inside of each thigh...everywhere the crop lightly slid across her skin it left a trail of goose bumps. Her head was lolling back, eyes closed, panting softly. He pushed the crop against her lips.

"Lick it," he ordered.

She opened her eyes and lifted her head, looking at him questioningly. He brushed the crop across her lips. Opening her mouth, her tongue came out and she licked the leather tentatively, then again, and again. Now he pushed it into her mouth and her eyes flew to him in alarm.

"Suck it, April. Pretend it's my cock and show me how you suck me."

She swallowed nervously and began to suck hesitantly. She closed her eyes and did as he told her...pretended it was his cock. She had done that so many times with her vibrator at home, both at his command and while fantasizing alone. She sighed and sucked harder, moaning softly. She was so into the fantasy of sucking him, that he had to tug on the crop to pull it from her mouth. She opened her eyes and watched him looking at the crop, the leather dark with her saliva. Her eyes moved down to his crotch, where the bulge in his pants seemed even bigger.

"You really are a slut, aren't you, April?"

She looked back up at his face and realized he had been watching her. Her face reddened and she dropped her gaze to the floor, shaking her head in denial.

"N..no," she whispered.

"No," he growled, grabbing a handful of hair and pulling her head back so that she was looking up at him. There was nothing soft or warm about his eyes now. Even as her eyes widened in fear, she felt her nipples harden and her pussy clench with desire. "Look at you," he said. "Tied up, sucking on a piece of leather because your Master told you to. Are you telling me you don't like this, April?"


"No...you aren't telling me that. Because you do like it...you love it. You're so fucking wet already and you're hoping, just hoping, that I'm going to whip you with this crop, aren't you?"

She didn't answer, couldn't answer...she just stared up at him. He kissed her, making her groan with the force of his excitement. She closed her eyes and kissed him back hungrily. Without breaking the kiss, he brought the crop down on the top her right breast...just a light slap. She jumped and squealed, sucking on his tongue frantically. He continued kissing her as he slapped her breasts with the crop; the tops, sides, undersides. Her moaning was constant, feverishly biting his lips and sucking on his tongue.

He pulled away from her mouth and stood up, still slapping the crop on her breasts. April closed her eyes and leaned her head back as he whipped her breasts and nipples, gradually hitting them harder and harder as her pain level grew with her excitement...and as the fire grew in her pussy. Never in her life could she remember wanting a man's mouth on her tits as much as she wanted Evan's.

"Please, please, please...." she groaned, unable to verbalize what she wanted.

Suddenly the whipping stopped. She opened her eyes and saw him lay the crop in the coffee table and open his belt and zipper. Her eyes grew wide as he pulled out his cock...angry and red, the head glistening with precum. She licked her lips and groaned as he began to slide his hand up and down its length.

"You want that, baby?" His free hand caressed her face and then moved down and squeezed one of her reddened breasts.

"Oh! Evan....please," she whispered.

"You want it, don't you? You want this big cock in your little whore mouth, don't you? But you don't get it...not yet. Not 'til I say."

She groaned with frustration as he continued pumping his hand up and down his shaft. He moved forward and ran the head across her lips and her tongue flicked out, reaching for him, but she was too late. She licked his precum off her lips and pulled against the restraints on her wrists, but they held fast. Gripping her head with both hands he leaned into her and pushed his cock against her lips. At last! She opened her mouth with a groan and sucked him in gratefully. It had been so long since she had done this with a man and she loved it! He held her head still and thrust into her mouth over and over. She gagged slightly when the head hit the back of her throat, but she kept sucking, sucking....humming softly with pleasure.

"Gaahhd...." His voice was hoarse with arousal. "Oh, you gorgeous bitch!"

She wasn't aware that he had released her head with one hand until she suddenly felt the crop slapping the insides of her thighs. She yelped around his cock as the next blow landed on her wet pussy. Moaning and sucking as he whipped her, the crop splashing in her juices. When he began to hit her swollen and tender clit over and over she felt her orgasm building and knew she was going to come any second. She couldn't suck fast enough and her saliva and his precum dripped from her mouth, down her chin, and onto her beaten breasts. Then she couldn't suck at all as she chased the orgasm she could feel just beyond her reach. Panting softly, she simply held her mouth open as his cock slid in and out.

Evan pulled out of her mouth and threw the crop down. Reaching down and grabbing her hair in both hands, he kissed her brutally until she couldn't breathe and was struggling to pull away. He let go of her hair and with shaking hands untied the ropes binding her to the chair. He grabbed one arm and pulled her roughly from the chair. Not sure if her legs would hold her, April threw her arms around his neck.

"Evan! Please...p..please!"

Half dragging her, he pulled her quickly to the bed and pushed her down. Straddling her chest, he grabbed her wrists as she reached for him and clipped one wrist to a strap extending from the corner of the mattress. She hadn't noticed them before, but he must have attached the under bed restraints before she arrived. He clipped her other wrist to the opposite corner. Staring down at her, he began to unbutton his shirt. She panted and licked her lips as he pulled off his shirt to reveal the hair-dusted muscles of his chest. Getting up from the bed, he quickly shed his shoes, socks, and then his pants and boxers. She groaned at the sight of his muscular thighs and his erect cock standing up against his belly, watched him pull a condom from the bedside table.

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