tagBDSMMeeting Ch. 03

Meeting Ch. 03


Author's note: Thank you to my good friends, BaileyL and Squarey, for reading, correcting, suggesting, pushing, and encouraging me.


April opened her eyes, disoriented by the dark and the unfamiliar surroundings. Then she felt Evan's right arm around her, his hand on her breast, rubbing her nipple, his left hand between her legs. She relaxed against him as he kissed her throat and continued playing with her. Gradually she became aware of another sensation, different from the ones he was eliciting and turned her head to him.

"Evan? I need to go to the bathroom."


But he made no move to release her. He lowered his head and kissed her gently, while his right hand continued rubbing, squeezing, caressing her nipple and his left hand dipped into her opening, then trailed up to her clit. She moaned into his mouth and wondered if the bathroom could wait just a bit. But when his thumb pushed into her belly as he rubbed her clit with his middle finger, she reluctantly she broke the kiss and wiggled out of his grasp. He smiled and lay back on the pillow, watching her pull her bathrobe on. She knew it was silly. He had already seen her completely naked and she had been sleeping next to him nude. But for some reason she needed the security, the propriety, of covering herself to walk across the room.

When she emerged from the bathroom he was not in the bed; he was standing in the living room, staring out of the window. Her breath caught in her throat at the sight of him silhouetted in the window. He might not be a George Clooney, but April thought he was magnificent. She wasn't exactly a tiny woman, but he made her feel that way. At six feet, he was tall enough that she had to look up at him, even in heels. The muscles in his arms and broad chest spoke to the truth of his assertion that chiropractors need a lot of upper body strength. But the muscles didn't stop there. His thighs and calves were also powerful and well-defined. She smiled, thinking that the middle-age paunch creeping in around his middle kept him from being too perfect. But if she had to pick just one feature as her favorite...other than his cock, that is...it would be his hands. Large and strong (also due to his work, she presumed), they were neither too rough nor too soft. Just like Goldilocks finding Baby Bear's bed, April thought they were just right. And they were capable of taking her breath away, whether they were gently teasing a nipple or wielding a crop against that same nipple.

She walked quietly across the room and stood behind him, wrapping her arms around his middle and kissing his back. He leaned slightly back into her and covered her hands with his as they rested on his belly. They stood like that for several moments, April's cheek resting against his broad back as he stared out at the lights. It was very late and there were fewer lights on in the city than there had been earlier, but San Francisco never went completely dark.

"So where do your family and friends think you are this weekend," he asked softly.

"Alone in a motel room at the beach, writing."

"And what would you be writing?"

"Lately?" She smiled against his skin. "Mostly porn." She felt his chuckle against her cheek. "And what about your family and friends?"

"What family I have are all in the Midwest. It's been a lot of years since they were privy to the day to day details of my life. My staff thinks I'm away...I'm not sure it would occur to any of them to wonder where. And the few friends who would notice that I'm not in the city over the weekend just think I'm at a conference or something."

"Sounds lonely."

"Not so much." He lifted one of her hands and kissed her palm. "Was the chair everything you had imagined?"

"Mmmm...." She smiled and kissed his back. "More than I imagined."

Her hands began to move, exploring his chest, his nipples, his stomach, as she left gentle kisses and soft bites along his back. His skin was slightly salty under her lips and she licked tiny circles on his back, feeling a shiver run through him. The hair on his chest tickled her palms and she smiled against him as she rubbed his hard little nipples. She ran her hands over the outline of his pectoral muscles and they flexed slightly at her touch. It was her turn to shiver involuntarily as she felt the restrained power in his shoulders and arms, remembering what they had done to her earlier.

She ran her hands over his hips and around to caress his ass and the backs of his thighs, loving the way his muscles moved and rippled under his skin as she caressed him. He had told her that he ran and cycled for exercise and she had a sudden urge to watch him run, the muscles of his legs working, the sheen of sweat covering him...she shivered again.

Her hands moved around to the front and insides of his thighs and he spread his legs slightly wider and sighed as she cupped his balls. Her fingers lightly explored and traced each one, running her fingertips over the wrinkled sacs. She opened her hand flat and hefted each one on her palm as though testing their weight. One hand continued to hold and stroke his balls as her other hand slowly moved through his sparse pubic hair to the base of his cock and slid up the hardening length of his shaft. He braced his hands on the window and encouraged her to go on with a slight thrust of his hips. She took her time exploring every inch of his cock, running her fingers along the veins, tracing the soft edge of the head, along his slit, back down to the base. The velvet-soft skin slipped through her hand, such a contrast to the hard and rigid power beneath that made it look angry and intimidating.

Slowly she began to pump as she licked and kissed and bit his back. He didn't make a sound, but she could feel his breathing quicken. He lowered his head and his hips met her thrusts. When she felt precum beginning to ooze from his slit, she smeared it over the head and along his cock. One hand left the window and covered hers, squeezing her hand tightly around him. He was pumping harder into her hand and she could hear him grunting softly.

He straightened and pulled her hands from him, pulling her around to face him. Grasping her bathrobe in both hands he pulled her roughly to him and kissed her. She responded eagerly, leaning into him and running her hands over his back and tight buttocks. Evan reached down and pulled the belt out of the loops before pushing the bathrobe off her shoulders, letting it slide off her arms and pool at her feet. Turning her around, he used the belt to bind her wrists behind her. He pushed her gently forward until she was pressed against the window, causing her to gasp at the coldness of the glass against her bare skin. Looking out, she thought that probably no one could see her...unless some curious person with a telescope or binoculars happened to turn in her direction. Strangely, at that thought a frisson of excitement made her pussy clench. She closed her eyes and rested her cheek against the window as Evan ran his hands over her arms, back, buttocks, and thighs. Putting his hands on the insides of her thighs, he pushed until she had spread her legs wide. Without warning, he shoved a finger into her and she groaned, grinding her hips.

"Mmmmm....so wet. I think this juicy cunt wants to be fucked, don't you?"

She shivered and moaned at his low voice, his mouth against her ear. His words made her blush. It was something they had spent a lot of time discussing...those words. It gave her a thrill to hear him say them, especially when they were having phone sex. But a lifetime of not swearing had proven too hard for her to break. She confessed to him that the first time she used the word "cock" in one of their emails, her fingers shook so badly it took her four tries to type it correctly. However, using the words in writing was as close as she had come; she simply could not say them out loud. It was one inhibition Evan had been unable to coerce her to break, though he had tried numerous times. But it was an order she simply could not comply with, though she had followed (or at least tried to follow) every other one. She accepted and carried out whatever punishment he decreed each time he ordered her to say "fuck" and she failed. Since those "punishments" always resulted, sooner or later, in a huge climax for her, she wasn't sure how sorry she was to disobey him in this.

Her breasts, mashed against the cold glass, were covered with goose bumps, her nipples hard. He pushed a second finger into her and began to pump slowly. Gripping her hair in his other hand, he pulled her head back and kissed her, capturing her gasps and moans. When his thumb began rubbing her clit she cried out into his mouth and began to buck against his hand. He kept it up for several minutes; kissing her until she couldn't catch her breath, fucking her with his fingers while his thumb kept up a constant circular massage of her clit. She began to pant softly and knew she was going to come when he abruptly pulled his hand away. She whined in protest as he turned her around and pushed her so that now her back and bound hands were against the window.

Gripping her hair again to pull her head back so that she was looking up at his face, he brought the fingers that had just been in her pussy to her lips. She didn't object this time but acquiesced meekly, sucking and licking her juices off of his wet fingers. When he deemed them sufficiently cleaned, he pulled them out and kissed her, pushing his tongue into her mouth. He ran his fingers around the brown areola of her breast, spreading her saliva over it before grasping a fat nipple between his forefinger and thumb.


She arched into his hand and he cupped her breast, his thumb rubbing the sensitive nipple. Then both of his hands were on her breasts and his mouth moved down her throat and chest to capture a nipple between his lips. She cried out and flattened her hands on the window behind her, pushing her breast into his warm, sucking mouth. He moved from one nipple to the other, his fingers staying to comfort the abandoned breast; tweaking, pulling, rubbing.

"Oh, oh, oh! Evan! Oh God!"

His hands released her breasts, moving down her waist and belly, followed by his mouth. Kissing and licking, he knelt in front of her as he moved lower. His hands were on her thighs, pushing them apart, and his thumbs parted her pussy lips. She squirmed as she felt his hot breath on her, but he didn't touch her right away. He held her open, just blowing on her clit until she wanted to scream with frustration.

"Evan, please," she moaned.

His tongue reached out and lightly flicked her clit, causing her to cry out. He licked the insides of her puffy outer lips, then delved into the pink folds within. He pushed his tongue inside her and then licked his way back to her swollen clit. Flattening his tongue against it, he rolled it back and forth, then in circles. He slid two fingers into her and began to suck gently on her clit, increasing the suction until she moaned his name over and over. She pumped her hips and began to pant, feeling the orgasm that was just out of reach. And then his mouth, his fingers, were gone and she was denied an orgasm a second time.

He stood and grabbed her face between his hands and kissed her. She snarled like a cat in heat and bit at his lips before they covered hers and his tongue thrust into her mouth. She was almost sobbing when he finally pulled away and led her, stumbling, to the sofa. He pushed her onto the sofa on her knees and then pushed her shoulders down so that her ass was in the air.

He knelt behind her and she heard the tearing of a foil packet and the sound of a condom unrolling onto his erect cock. Then she gasped and squealed as those muscular thighs pushed hers further apart and, without any more foreplay, no teasing, no warning, he pushed the head into her soaked and dripping opening and roughly shoved all the way in. Once in as far as he could go, his pubic bone mashed against the smooth globes of her ass, he stopped moving. April moaned against the sofa cushion and waited. His hands gripped her hips and kept her pulled tightly against him as he waited...for what, she wasn't sure. She could feel him throbbing inside her and when she couldn't stand it any longer, she began to rotate her hips in tight, little circles, trying to create some friction.

That seemed to be the signal he was waiting for and he pulled almost all the way out and then slammed back into her so hard that she would have fallen flat if he weren't holding her hips. He repeated it again, and again, slowly pulling out and shoving back into her. She groaned and tried to meet his thrusts, but wasn't able to move very much. Over and over, so slowly that she was sobbing, begging him to go faster. Then he gradually picked up speed until he was pounding her and she grunted with each thrust. He reached under her and touched her clit, just once, and it was over for her...she screamed and convulsed as she came, and came again. Evan tightened his grip on her hips as her pussy clenched around his cock and he came, his engorged cock growing even harder and then pulsing as his cum spit into the end of the condom. He continued thrusting, slowing and finally stopping and pulling out when the condom threatened to fall off his shrinking dick.

When he pulled away and sat back on the sofa, she didn't move. She knelt there with her butt still in the air, face against the cushion, gasping for breath. She felt him untying her hands and her arms dropped limply to her sides. After dragging in a few deep breaths, she slowly sat up and turned to face him just as he was pulling the well-used condom off and dropping it into the trash. His cock was still wet with his cum and she licked her lips.

"Can I clean it," she asked shyly.

He smoothed her tousled hair and smiled at her, nodding his assent. She slipped to the floor and knelt between his legs. She leaned forward and placed a tender kiss on the tip, making him jump slightly. Aware that he must be sensitive so soon after coming, she began to lick gently, finding every drop of cum left from the condom. She sucked his shrunken cock into her mouth and just held it there, enjoying the feeling of him in her mouth, even without an erection. He groaned softly, his fingers caressing her hair. When she bent her head to reach his balls, he shifted his hips forward on the sofa to give her more room. She licked and softly sucked his balls, licking her way back to his cock. Giving it a final kiss, she laid her head on his thigh and closed her eyes.

They stayed that way for a long time. So long that Evan finally realized April was dozing off. Sitting up, he helped her to stand and led her back to the bed. Settling under the covers, he wrapped his arms around her and she felt the steady thud of his heart against her cheek as she drifted off to sleep.

The sun was streaming in the window when April awoke. She stretched and realized that she was alone in the bed. Surprised at how forlorn his absence made her feel after just one night together, she rolled onto his pillow and inhaled his scent. Hearing the shower running, she climbed out of bed and quietly opened the bathroom door and slipped inside.

She had been right about the bathroom being luxurious. Evan was in the very large, glass-enclosed shower, steam rolling out of it and fogging up the mirror. She thought she could see two shower heads, at either end. The long counter, with two sinks and a mirror taking up most of one wall was to the left of the shower. On the right was an oval-shaped bathtub, large enough for two, two steps leading up to it. Her mouth watered at the thought of relaxing in that tub, but her attention was most focused on the nude man she could just make out through the steam. He noticed her watching him through the clear glass door and grinned at her.

"Want some company," she asked.

"Always," he told her, opening the door.

As she stepped in, he closed the door and wrapped his arms around her. He kissed her long and slow as the warm water beat down on them. His body was warm and when his hands closed on the coolness of her butt cheeks, she jumped and squealed into his mouth. He turned so that she was standing under the water and ran his hands through her hair as the spray wet it. She closed her eyes and tilted her head back, loving the way his chest hair chafed her tender nipples. His cock, soft and deflated this morning, hung between his legs and batted against her each time he moved.

"Here, you can wash my back," he told her, handing her the washcloth and turning around. "Then I'll wash you."

She smiled as she soaped the cloth and rubbed it across his back. After washing every inch of skin on his back and buttocks, she dropped the cloth and ran her soapy hands over him. She loved the feel of the muscles beneath his skin, remembering the power and strength of them when he was restraining her, positioning her, whipping her, fucking her. She reached up and got the hand-held shower massager and sprayed the soap off of him, watching him relax as the pulsing jets of warm water hit him.

Evan turned and took the massager from her and put it back in its holder. He shampooed her hair and rinsed it, then picked up the discarded washcloth and soaped it again. She groaned as he rubbed the rough cloth over her nipples again and again. He moved down her belly and washed each of her legs, leaving a light kiss on her mound as he knelt in front of her. Straightening, he turned her around and washed her back and butt.

Dropping the cloth, he pulled her against him and ran his hands over her soapy front. He cupped her breasts and rubbed his thumbs around the areolas until she was wiggling against his hardening cock and moaning. She arched into his hands, trying to bring them into contact with her hard, aching nipples. When he finally ran his thumbs over her slick nipples she cried out. He stayed there for a while, squeezing her breasts, pinching and massaging her nipples. She could feel his cock hardening against her butt as she wiggled with the sensations he was creating. His hands moved down over her belly to her smooth, soap-slicked pussy. She closed her eyes, her head lolling against his shoulder, as he parted her folds and began to stroke. Her breasts lifted with each gasping breath and she reached out to put her hands on the sides of the shower when she thought she might just slide down into a puddle on the shower floor.

Evan reached for the shower head and April moaned in disappointment at the loss of his fingers. Adjusting the spray, he rinsed the soap from April's front and turned her to rinse her back. He pushed her to stand with her back against the wall and directed the warm, fine spray at her breasts. She gasped when he adjusted the spray to pulse and the powerful jets of water hit her throbbing nipples. He kissed her as he aimed the water at her pussy and she whimpered into his mouth, grabbing his wrists to stop him.

"Hold your pussy open," he ordered.

Reluctantly she released him and used both hands to spread her outer lips apart. She winced when the first pulse of water struck her clit, then leaned her head against the wall and moaned. He began licking her wet breasts, leaving gentle love bites on the tops and undersides while he kept the pulsing spray directed at her pussy.

"Oh God," she groaned as he sucked a nipple between his lips, his wet beard scraping her skin. She writhed and whimpered as the sensations coalesced to a building pressure in her belly and pussy until it exploded into shuddering convulsions. She grabbed his shoulders, screaming his name, and he dropped the shower head and pulled her against him. He held her tightly as she shook and gasped for breath. When her heart rate slowed and her breathing returned to normal, she looked up at him. Feeling his now very hard member pushing against her, she smiled.

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