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Meeting Hal Holbrook


Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction.

A request for a good friend in the US. ..well this certainly was a challenge. I hope I did it justice.

As a teenage girl growing up in the 80s, I had never been one to follow the crowd. Nowhere was this more apparent than in the type of men I lusted after. Whilst my schoolmates filled their walls with posters of the latest boy bands, my choice of heartthrob was decidedly older. I couldn't remember what started my crush on the then fortysomething Hal Holbrook but watching that repeat of that cheesy 70s TV movie Suddenly Single might've been responsible. Wasn't going to lie, the day he replied to my autograph request was one of the happiest days of my life.

"Honey, he's old enough to be your father," my mom remarked, less than impressed. "Sure, he's a great actor and all but attractive? He doesn't do anything for me. He's almost in his sixties for God's sake!"

"I know that, Mom. But I can't help it. There's something about him that's really attractive to me."

My mom rolled her eyes, hoping this was a phase that would soon pass. My lust for Hal never faded but for the sake of a quiet life, I tried not to mention his name to often. I pretended to fancy younger guys, but I wasn't remotely interested in them. In truth I was only attracted to middle-aged men. I couldn't understand why I had this particular fetish. I hadn't lacked a father figure in my life. Dad was always there, always understanding – a perfect father. I guess I was just born this way. But it created problems as I entered my twenties and guys started asking me out. All of them were the same age as me and whilst I turned down most of them, I agreed to go on a couple of dates just to save face.

Inevitably none of them worked out. I had a few long-term relationships but always winded up back on the singles scene.

So, here I am, 40, a single mom to a wonderful 10-year old year old daughter and I still haven't found Mr. Right, but I've only myself to blame. I'm just too fussy I guess. They say life begins at 40. Hmm...

I found out through a friend at work that Hal Holbrook was coming to town to give a talk at the local college about acting and his long running performance as Mark Twain. I'd seen his one-man show years ago and had been enthralled – the energy he put into the role was amazing. I'd never been brave enough to try and meet him backstage though. I guess I was always afraid of his reaction and it would shatter the illusion I had of him.

"You should go," Gretchen told me that afternoon. "You'll regret it if you don't, what with him being so old now."

"You make it sound like he'll be dead in a week," I replied.

"Well he's 87...he ain't gonna be around forever, hon. A lot of our great actors have passed away recently."

Gretchen is always matter-of-fact. I guess she has a point, but I'd like to think that Hal has a good few years left yet. I could only imagine how devastated he must've been in 2010 when his wife Dixie Carter died. So I was relieved to read that he was still busy acting. A lesser man might've given up after losing the love of their life.

I was as nervous as hell for some reason when I attended the talk. "Christ, pull yourself together woman, you're 40, not a schoolgirl with a crush...actually I felt as if I was a teen all over again. I'd been thinking about Hal a lot recently.

He was incredibly articulate as he addressed the audience. Mindful of the fact he was in his 80s, I couldn't deny that he looked in great shape for a man of such senior years. Hell, I've seen much younger guys with walking sticks. No such thing for Hal though. He still has a full head of hair. Yes, he's aged very well indeed. He glanced in my direction a couple of times. I told myself that was pure coincidence. No, he's not looking at me. Wishful thinking there. As the evening drew to a close, Hal indicated that refreshments would be available in the adjacent room. Walking off the stage I saw him look in my direction again and smile. This time I didn't imagine it – he was making eye contact! I smiled back, feeling strangely faint.

The food selection here was nothing special. It was all buffet, but it had soggy roast beef, roast chicken, pizza, hamburgers, hot dogs and sandwiches that looked like they'd seen better days. I was ravenous, despite this. I stood there like a dope, tray in hand, trying to figure out what would be best for me when I was startled by an unfamiliar voice in my ear.

"I'd try the roast beef. It's the best of the lot."

I whirled around and looked up into the steely blue eyes of Hal Holbrook himself! He was grinning, apparently amused by my reaction. I opened my mouth to speak, but couldn't form words. Why would he be talking to me? I was nobody. Certainly not anybody he would want to talk to...and yet, he had.


"Here, I'll get you some," he said, his grin widening.

I laughed nervously and nodded, still unable to speak. He walked me over to the buffet and grabbed a plate, put a couple of slices of beef on it, and then led me to the drinks table and got me a glass of wine. Then we headed over to a small table, where he pulled a chair out for me, the perfect gentleman.I sat down gingerly, afraid this was a dream and as soon as I sat down I'd wake up. Hell, I didn't know what I was afraid of. I wanted this to last, dream or not.

"What's your name?" Hal asked me.

"Umm?" I spluttered. "Janine." I'd never been put on the spot like this before.

"Janine. That's a nice name," he replied. I felt myself blushing...

We started talking about everyday things, the places we'd visited, films he'd starred in, his favourite roles. I let him do most of the talking as I was too nervous to ask him anything, fearing I'd say the wrong thing and offend him.

"Umm, Capricorn One," I stammered. "Always a great favourite of mine."

"Oh yes," Hal smiled. "Working with James Brolin and Elliot Gould was a lot of laughs. I was on the receiving end of several pranks!"

"So...the character of Dr. Kelloway. I found him an interesting character. I mean he's a bad guy, but a clever one."

"Yeah, a good guy who morphed into a real nasty piece of work at the end of the movie. He's a guy who had to make difficult decisions. He wanted to defend the program even if it meant sacrificing his best friend, Brubaker. I enjoy playing a complex character like that."

He let me finish my food and then we sat together for ages, just chatting away, and as time passed I finally relaxed and felt at ease in his company.

I glanced at the clock awkwardly as a few groups of people approached our table, wanting autographs. Hal signed them all and chatted to everyone, shaking hands. Taking this as my cue to leave, I stood up.

"You're not going are you?" he said, also standing up.

"Um, well it's getting rather late and I don't want to take up too much of your time...meeting you has been lovely."

Hal smiled. "I couldn't agree more. So...let's go back to my place. I'm staying at the hotel just up the road. Would you do me this honour and share a coffee with me? I hope I'm not sounding like some sad old guy here, but..."

I couldn't quite believe what I was hearing.

"S-sure. I'd love to."

A gentle smile lit up his face as he nodded. "Alright. I'll lead the way," he replied.

When we got to the hotel, he led me into the elevator to the third floor, and then down to the end of the hall where his room was. It wasn't a room so much as it was a suite; it was one large room that was divided into four sections. Well heck, you couldn't expect the likes of Hal to rough it in some crappy motel. Up until now it had all seemed perfectly innocent. He stepped in ahead of me and gestured for me to enter, and I flashed a bright smile as I walked past him. I swayed my hips just a little, hoping to appear sensual. I looked at him over my shoulder as he shut the door and noticed his eyes wandering over me. I came to my senses.

"Damn it, what the hell am I thinking of?" I could almost hear mom's voice. "Honey, he's old enough to be your...grandfather!"

"So, shall we have that coffee?" I asked. "Or did you have something else in mind?"

Hal didn't say anything as he thought about it. He seemed a little nervous, which threw me. "I'm not sure," he replied.

It dawned on me as he stood there staring at me that he was viewing me as a younger version of his late wife. With my long dark hair and olive complexion I suppose I resembled Dixie a little.

"Um...are you alright with this?" I said, moving closer.

Hal looked at me for a moment, then a slow smile spread across his face. He came toward me until we were so close together my breasts were practically touching him. He put his hands on my sides and slid them down to my hips, then under my top. In one smooth motion he pulled it over my head and tossed it on the floor.

I could've easily pulled away but I didn't. He removed his jacket and loosened his tie. "Oh God, what the hell is happening?" I told myself. Was I going to let this happen? He looked into my brown eyes, his gaze intense with lust. Yes. He kissed me, softly at first, and then more urgently as his hands found their way to my breasts. The age difference was quickly forgotten. He cupped them gently, causing goosebumps all over me, his mouth covering mine.

His fingertips were light as he ran his hands around to my back and unhooked my bra...I shrugged out of it, then wrapped my arms around his waist as he began exploring my neck with his lips. My hands slid down his back.

Holy crap I was a teenager all over again, but here I was kissing my childhood crush. Hal pulled me closer still as his lips found mine again. I could feel his growing erection as he pressed against me and ground his hips slightly. Oh my God, he was aroused...so was I! I'd never been this aroused in my entire life. I pressed my breasts against his chest and ground my hips lightly against him as lust overtook us.

My hand moved to his belt and trousers, which I quickly unfastened. He was so hard, age was no barrier to his libido and I couldn't wait to feel that mature hard member inside of me. It wasn't just his face that looked in good shape for a senior citizen. I could feel myself getting wet, and hot. I pushed his pants down to his knees and I started to stand up, and then thought better of it and knelt in front of him, taking his cock in my mouth. I'd worshipped Hal for so many years from afar, now I was going to give him my full, undivided attention. True fan worship that a great actor deserved.

He moaned as I began moving back and forth, circling my tongue around the head and stroking the base. He tasted so good. I cupped his balls in my left hand and continued stroking lightly with my right, while I took him as far down my throat as I could. I swallowed around him and heard his breath quicken. I continued swallowing and stroking and rubbing his balls, and then I released him and looked up. He was breathing hard and his eyes were bright. He pulled me to my feet and unfastened my skirt. I hurriedly removed my panties– and he gave a low moan as he took in the sight of my naked body.

His eyes stopped at my pussy, which further aroused me, if that was possible. I gazed into his eyes as he pulled me toward him and slowly slid a hand between my thighs. He rubbed my clit very lightly, so lightly it almost tickled, and yet felt so incredible that I almost came right then. His middle finger paused on my throbbing clit and pressed on it, and I gasped, feeling wave upon wave of pleasure roll over me. He was gentle, yet forceful. The perfect lover. Just as I'd always imagined him to be.

"Janine, will you let me make love to you?" he whispered. "It's been a while...but I've never stopped yearning for the intimacy from a woman."

"Yes...gladly," I replied, as he led me to the bed.

He rolled over onto his back and pulled me on top of him, and I straddled him, rubbing his rock-hard cock with my soaked pussy. Unable to wait any longer, I sat up and slid him inside of me. He closed his eyes and groaned in ecstasy while I gasped at the incredible way he filled me...and at his stamina. He didn't need assistance in moving into position. I ground my hips slowly, moving up and down slightly and massaging his cock with my pussy. I leaned over him as he thrust up and down, matching my motions, and I felt my clit rubbing against him, pushing me toward another orgasm.

He gripped my hips tighter in his hands and thrust faster, his breath coming in short little gasps. The faster we went, the closer I was to cumming, and then suddenly I was in the grip of the most intense pleasure I'd ever felt.

I cried out his name over and over as I came. Shaking when he pulled down hard on my hips and threw his head back, moaning as his own orgasm peaked and rolled over him. He pressed against my pussy so hard I came one more time, and as each of our orgasms subsided I collapsed on top of him, breathing hard, listening to him trying to catch his own breath.

Hal pulled me close and wrapped his arms around me, caressing my back and placing tiny kisses in my hair while I finally managed to get myself under control. Jesus, that had been the best sex I'd ever experienced. It was true what they said about older men. Like a fine wine, they just get better with age.

Hal looked truly happy, with a satisfied grin on his face, almost as if to say "there's life in the old dog yet." How right he was.

"That was wonderful," he purred. "I feel...like a dark cloud that's been hanging over me for a while has just dispersed."

I took that to mean that he had finally come to terms with the loss of Dixie. I smiled back. "I'm so glad I was able to lift your spirits. You know...I've been fantasising about sleeping with you for 25 years. I still have the autograph you sent me in 1986."

He chuckled. "Better late than never!"

"How about that coffee?"

As I got up off the bed I noticed a small, framed photo of Dixie on the bedside table. I hope I hadn't insulted her memory. Glancing at Hal I smiled. I'm sure she was giving me the thumbs up for making her beloved Hal happy again.

The End

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