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Meeting Harry Guardino


Another request for a friend. If you grew up in the US in the 60s and 70s then chances are you'll have heard of Harry Guardino as he never seemed to be off the TV (usually typecast as a macho, craggy-faced cop) and is remembered for his role as Lieutenant Al Bressler in the Dirty Harry movies.

Harry sadly passed away in 1995 from cancer aged only 69. He was a highly respected and popular actor. This fic is set in 1976 when he was in his prime...also he was divorced at this time.


The wind blew steadily out of the northwest. A flotilla of schooners raced past Point Bonita, their bright spinnakers ballooning ahead of them; gaudy patches of colour against the green headlands of Marin County. It was a beautiful, gusty afternoon. Filming had just commenced on the third Dirty Harry movie The Enforcer.

The filming of a new movie in the Dirty Harry franchise always drew huge attention from the press and public. San Francisco would be busier than ever during the coming weeks.

When Nancy Spencer heard that some scenes were to be shot only a few blocks away from her house, a plan began to form in her mind. It was almost as if fate had smiled on her for a change. Nancy was 32, married with a four-year old son. At first glance, the typical All-American housewife -- a sunshine smile, blonde and apparently very happy with her lot in life. Except that she was more of a single parent these days. Her husband worked long hours at a financial company and in recent times had been on more week-long business trips than she could remember. John was a decent guy, solid, no malice -- but also dull, predictable and meticulous when it came to work. He was home so rarely that she was starting to wonder if she'd ever share her bed with him like they did in the first few years of marriage. Sure, John rang every night, but that hardly made up for things.

So when Nancy read in the paper that scenes from Enforcer were to be filmed over the next few weeks, a tingle of excitement ran through her as she scanned the cast list. Hopefully perhaps, she'd get the chance to meet him...an actor she'd desired since her high school days in the 1950s. No, not Clint Eastwood, the main star of the movie, but one of the supporting actors -- Harry Guardino.

Nancy had had a crush on Guardino ever since he appeared in the movie Houseboat alongside Sophia Loren. The handsome New Yorker's photos adorned her walls whilst her sister was rather more enamoured with the likes of Montgomery Clift. Nancy had written to her crush requesting an autograph -- and he had replied much to her delight. She still treasured the signed photo and letter he'd sent her back in 1958.

"Damn woman, you're daydreaming here like a schoolgirl," she said out loud, trying to concentrate on cleaning the oven and failing. She threw down the cloth. "I wonder if I could get to meet him in person...just to shake his hand." She smiled. That was exactly what she planned to do.

Harry Guardino reclined in an armchair in the mock-up of the police station office and lit a cigarette.

"Guess that wraps it up for today," he muttered to his co-star Bradford Dilman who selected a coffee from the drinks machine.

"I sure hope so. This heat makes things worse." He took a sip of coffee and grimaced. "Ugh, why can you never get a decent coffee on set?"

Harry just laughed.

"Why do I have to stay at Aunt Rita's?" Billy protested as the car pulled up outside her sister's home.

"Mommy has something important to do for a couple of days, honey," Nancy told her son. "Now I want you to promise me that you'll be on your best behaviour, okay?"

Billy pulled a face. "When's Daddy coming home?"

"Soon I hope. You know Daddy works very hard in his job so that's why he's away so often. But works hard because he loves us."

"Sure, I don't mind looking after him,"Rita said as she poured her sister a cup of coffee. "You look like you need a break." "It's hard,"she sighed. "John's just...never at home. It's like being single."

Rita sipped her coffee. "Your husband's a workaholic. You don't think..."


She shook her head. "Forgive me for saying this, but all these business trips he keeps going on - you sure there's nothing more to it?"

"No, I know him. There isn't an imaginative bone in John's body. He wouldn't play away."

Nancy was disappointed that Harry Guardino was nowhere to be seen at the meet-and-greet on the set. Huge crowds had turned up hoping to catch a glimpse of Clint and Tyne Daly, who was playing his new partner, Kate Moore.

"Well if you want to leave your name and contact details I'll see what I can do," the agent said. "If it's an autograph your after..."

"No sir, I already have his autograph. I was just hoping to meet..."

The guy frowned. "No promises there. It's a matter of security and all that."

"Sure. I understand."

Harry Guardino perused the movie script. His role as Bressler was smaller than in the first Dirty Harry movie. Not that he minded. He had plenty of other projects up his sleeve to ensure he'd be kept busy over the coming months.

"Say Harry, looks like you've got an admirer out there," the agent said as he entered the room.

"Huh, you serious?"

"Hell no. Wish I had fans like that! Blonde, very attractive too. Wanted to meet you."

"Nice! You sure she ain't after Clint?"

"Nope, she asked for you. Had to refuse her request though...insurance and everything."

"Ah jeez Jim!" Harry groaned. "You know I'm okay with shaking hands and such. After my last divorce...well let's just say I'm always on the lookout for female company."

Harry always took the time to respond to his fans. Granted, he only received a fraction of the mail his fellow star Clint Eastwood did but his fanbase was a growing one.

The agent handed him a small strip of paper. "Well don't be too disheartened. She left her contact details." Harry's eyes widened as he read the name on the paper.

Nancy drew the curtains and flopped down on the couch. Another boring night in front of the television beckoned. Today had been a disappointment in more ways than one. She'd hoped so much to catch a glimpse of her idol.

There was a knock on the door.

"Really hope this isn't Rita," she muttered. Had Billy been playing up?

She opened the door.

Harry Guardino stood in the doorway, a bunch of flowers in his hand.

Nancy opened her mouth to speak, but the shock of seeing him there left her speechless. Her face reddened like crazy.

"Hi," Harry smiled. "Nancy...yes? Have I called at a bad time?"

"Err...um...no, not at all!" She finally composed herself. "Um...this is a complete surprise! Come in!"

"I'm so sorry I was unable to meet you earlier," he said as she ushered him inside. "Oh and by the way, these are for you." He offered her the flowers.

"T-thankyou!" she stammered. "Well...can I get you a coffee or something?"

"Scotch would be nice."


She entered the kitchen, heart pounding and put the flowers in waters. With trembling hands she opened the drinks cabinet and was just about to pour two glasses when she heard footsteps behind her.

Turning she found Harry stood right behind her.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to startle you," he asked. "I was just wondering if you were okay with me having a cigarette."

Nancy blinked. "Maybe later." She said nothing else as she slipped her arms round his shoulders, her lips pressing against his. His breath was vaguely scented with whiskey and smoke.

He was silent, but pushed her up against the wall. There was no permission sought, nor was there any resistance. Her back rubbed against the wall and she murmured in breathless surprise. A moment later, Nancy felt a hand slip inside the leg of her panties, cupping her groin. She arched against it and his palm pressed on her mound. The nails of his other hand dug into her ass through the fabric. Her head thrown back in abject surrender, Nancy could feel him all over her: his mouth now at her throat, now on her shoulders, teeth scraping across her breasts; his hand unfastening her blouse and pulling her bra down.

Nancy pushed him away gently, so that her own hands could drag down the zip of his pants, unbuckle the belt and free his cock from its reluctant captivity. With little difficulty he wrestled his feet free of shoes, socks and pants. Nancy unfastened his shirt, exposing his hairy chest.

Harry took the housewife there where she stood, stooping to enter her. Now she was on tiptoes, pushing herself up to ease his admittance. But his hands grasped her plump ass and lifted her off her feet. She rode his hips - her body light in his arms as the actor thrust into her. Harder and faster he plunged into her. One of her hands ran down through his chest hair. He hauled her up again and carried her, cradled in his arms, into the sitting room and dumped her on the couch. Harry peeled her damp panties down and she lifted her knees. He gasped as he admired her butt.

"Harry...I-I've always been your biggest fan," Nancy whimpered.

"I know," he replied. "I still have that sweet little letter you sent me way back in 1958."

Her eyes widened. "You..."

"I had a feeling I'd get to meet up with you one day."

He gripped her by the hips and eased himself back into her. Right up to the hilt. He felt enormous as her wet cavern hugged him in its welcoming embrace.

"Faster Harry..." she begged and he duly obeyed. The rhythm, insistent and unceasing, and her long period of celibacy due to John's absence combined to bring Nancy to orgasm.


She felt him explode within her, pumping his seed deep and tightening his body as he thrust one last time.

"Oh God!"

"Oh God, Harry..." she uttered in a breathless sigh as her body relaxed.

Harry took her in his arms and kissed her softly. Nancy couldn't stop grinning. At last, smiling up at him, she said: "We were meant to meet up, weren't we?"

"Of course," he replied. "Now how's about that cigarette?"

The End

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