tagInterracial LoveMeeting Him Ch. 01

Meeting Him Ch. 01


My name is Tasha Beaudreax, and I just turned 18 last month. Now I'm attending Johnson University, and so far it's been great. I'm satisfied with all of my teachers and my roommate is pretty decent. She's a nice girl, but can be a little too talkative. I'm a quiet, shy girl. I've told her many times, but she can't seem to get that into her cute little blonde head. Anyways, I like the on-campus college life. I make my own rules and decisions. I have so much more freedom too. I can go out whenever and with whomever I want. Although I'm not very social, I enjoy briefly chatting or socializing with others.

Just a few days ago I was invited to a party by a classmate named Joe. I didn't even know he knew my name. He was gorgeous with caramel skin, curly hair, and grey eyes. He was tall and built. When he smiled, it made all the ladies turn their heads. He was quite cocky because he knew he looked good, but hey, he was damn sexy. When he told me about the party, he whispered in my ear, "You'll be mine before the night's over." I was shocked but didn't think much of it.

Later that night he picked me up from my dorm and we drove to a huge house with dozens of cars parked outside. Before we got out of the car he leaned over and said,

"I forgot to tell you, but you look sexy in those jeans. Hopefully I'll get to see what's under them."

I turned my head and huffed.

"Why you gotta act like that?"

"I didn't even know you knew my name. Now you invite me to a party and hit on me. What's with that?"

"I've been interested since I saw you, but you seemed antisocial."

"Sure. Let's just go inside."

We walked in the door, and it was loud and rowdy. I could smell the alcohol and other illegal substances. Joe saw one of his buddies and left me hanging at the doorway. I just stood there looking dumb and lost. Suddenly, a body appeared out of nowhere and bumped me into the wall. I caught myself and looked to see who almost knocked me on my ass. I was awestruck when I looked into his blue eyes. He smiled, wrapped his hands around my forearms, and said,

"Sorry babe. Didn't see you there."

Then he winked and walked away, calling to someone. My eyes followed him until Joe blocked my view.

"Hey, there you are. Let's dance!"

He pulled me to the area designated for dancing and turned me around so my back was facing him. There was a reggae song playing and he ground his dick on my ass. I was no longer intrigued by his charm but put off by his "I'm the shit" attitude. I moved a little but didn't put my back into it. I guess he got tired of doing all the work and left me hanging once again when a girl pulled him by the arm.

I started to leave but didn't have a ride, so I just walked to a random wall and leaned against it. I felt so out of place and akward. Then I saw him again. Was he walking over to me? Why is he staring me down?

"Hey babe. What you doin over here by yourself? You're too cute to be alone at a party like this."

"I-I was here with someone but they ditched me for someone else."

"That's too bad. Wanna dance?"

At least he asked if I wanted to dance.

"Sure I'd love to."

I grabbed his hand and we walked to the floor. This time I turned around to grind my ass into him. He put his hands on my waste and pulled me into him. He was hard and I was loving it. I put my all into it, trying to give him the best grind he'd ever had. I heard him moan and I smiled to myself. His hands were roaming all over my body and he breathed heavily.

"You wanna go upstairs?"

Ugh! Why'd he have to say that?!

"I'm not that kind of girl. I don't know you."

"You can get to know me."


"Now. Let's go upstairs."

Just as I was about to answer, Joe walked over and snatched me away from...Damn! I didn't even know his name.

"Joe, what are you doing?"

"You came here with me!", Joe said.

"Did I say anything when you left me for that girl?"

"Whatever! Let's go!"

Blue eyes grabbed me and said,

"Wait. What's your name?"

"Tasha and yours?"


Joe interrupted,

"Come on girl before you get left."

I looked Daniel in the eyes and said,

"I gotta go because he's my ride."

"I'll take you home."

"Like I said before. I don't know you."

"Yeah I know but he seems upset. I promise I'll get you there safely and I'll keep my hands to myself."

At that moment, my roommate walked up and said,


Daniel stepped in,

"Mandy have you been drinking? Wait do you know eachother?"

I said,

"Yes. She's my roommate. You know her?"

"Yes she's my little sister and she's in big trouble!"

Mandy then grumbled,


Then I said,

"You're a drunk ass woman. Did you drive?"

By now Joe had left me and I really didn't care. Daniel was pulling his sister out the door and since he had to take Mandy to the dorms, I figured that I might as well go.

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