tagInterracial LoveMeeting Him Ch. 02

Meeting Him Ch. 02


We arrived at the dorms by 1:15am and Daniel dragged Mandy to our dorm. I opened the door and he took her to her bedroom then laid her on the bed. He walked out of her room and shut her door. We then heard her throwing up -- hopefully in the trash.

"So you're Mandy's brother?"

"Uh yeah. Sorry about earlier. I was just..."

"Tryin' to get some pussy?"

I laughed. He looked down and grabbed his neck.

"You wanna hang out sometime? I promise I'm not a dog. I just haven't gotten any in a like a few month."

"Um sure, but if you try anything I'm leaving."

"Okay how about Friday night?"

"That's fine. What time?"

"How about I pick you up at 8:00?"

"That'll work. Give me your number."

We exchanged numbers and he headed to the door. I watched him as he left the dorm room. What an ass! He was so sexy with his dark brown, curly hair, thick lips, and of course those blue eyes. He was over 6 feet and had a nice toned body from what I could tell. Why'd he want me? I think I'm pretty good looking. I have copper brown eyes, full lips, a small nose -- according to everyone, and a pretty nice body if I do say so myself. I like my curves. To get a better picture... I'm 5 foot 7, 129 pounds, size 34D breasts, small waist, thick thighs and legs, and a decent ass. Still, why did he want me? All of those girls at that party and he chose me? Oh well. I'll find out on that date.

I came to my senses and realized he was past gone and I was leaning against the door frame like a dumb ass. I shut the door and went to my bedroom. I was really anticipating this date.

...Wednesday 2:38AM...

"Oh my God!" I yelled out loud and sat up. That dream was too real! I had been talking to Daniel on the phone since the day after we met, and now every night I keep dreaming about him. The dream is always the same. He comes into my room with absolutely nothing on. Then, he climbs on the bed between my legs and slides his tongue right into me, wasting no time and saying nothing at all. Then he places his fingers where his tongue was and licks up my stomach towards my breasts. He slowly slides into my depths and looks into my eyes, smiles, then plows me like there's no tomorrow. He gives me long, hard, slow strokes, knocking the bed against the wall. As soon as I'm about to cum, I wake up. I wake up sweaty and out of breath, staring into space, wondering when I'll get to experience that dream in real life. I hope those images don't pop into my head on Friday when I'm with him.

...Friday 4:00PM...

'Oh my gosh! The day is going by soooo slow. I couldn't focus in any of my classes and I still have 4 whole hours until Daniel picks me up,' I thought to myself. I did a little homework and took another shower to waste time.

After leaving the shower, I looked into the mirror at my naked body and rubbed lotion all over my brown skin. I lingered at my breasts just a little longer than necessary, then continued on to he rest of my body. I rummaged through my clothes wondering what to where. I didn't want to come off as a slut, but I didn't want him to think I was a nun either. So, I put on a v-neck t-shirt and jeans that showed off my curves. I wore light make-up and left my hair in its naturally curly state. I was ready and still had 30 minutes until Daniel would be here, so I sat in the living area and turned the television on. Just as I found a suitable channel, I heard a knock on the door. It scared me, and I jumped. I calmed myself and walked over to see who it was. It was Daniel, so I let him in. He smiled his gorgeous smile, I just stared into those beautiful blue eyes.

"Hi Tasha," he said.

I snapped out of my trance and said,

"Hi Daniel. You're a little early."

"I know. I couldn't wait to see you. We've talked all week, but haven't bumped into each other on campus at all."

"Yeeeaaahhh, sooo, uuummm...."

I didn't know what to say, but Daniel stepped in and said,

"Are you ready or do you want me to sit and wait?"

"Oh, no. I'm ready. Just let me grab my purse."

I briskly walked to get my purse, then we left the dorms and drove to a movie theater. Throughout the entire ride, Daniel and I had small talk. We discussed classes and what we wanted to do with our lives. I told him that I wanted to become an engineer, and he called me a nerd when I told him I liked the classes I had to take. He on the other hand wanted to be a businessman. I could tell by the way he talked about pursuing a career and owning a business that he really was into the idea. I enjoyed watching him talk. He got so excited and smiled when he was talking about something he liked. His lips were mesmerizing and I couldn't tear my eyes from them.

"Tasha? Tasha, what are you looking at?'" he laughed and turned his head towards me.

I nervously said, "Oh sorry, nothing."

"I said we're here. Were you listening?"

"Yes, I just got distracted. Let's go."

We walked into the theater and after he held the door open for me, he slid his arm around my waist and I tensed up.

He whispered, "Relax. I don't bite...in public"

I felt my pussy tingle from his word and I sucked my lip in and held my breath until he pulled me to continue to our destination. He got our tickets and drinks, then we went and found some seats at the very top of the theater. There was barely anyone in there. I guess because the movie had been out for a while, but I still hadn't seen it. As the movie started, I unconsciously slid towards him, but the armrest was in the way. Daniel noticed and lifted it, then pulled me close and I leaned my head on his shoulder. I felt pretty comfortable and the movie wasn't as good as I thought it would be, so I fell asleep in the middle of the movie. Daniel did nothing but let me sleep. When the movie was over Daniel nudged e awake, and I sat up embarrassed.

"I'm sorry Daniel. I didn't mean to..."

"It's okay Tasha. I didn't mind," he cut in and smiled.

I smiled back at him, and we stood to leave. The ride back was just as great as the first ride. Daniel teased me about falling asleep saying sorry he was so comfy and making me fall asleep. We had a few laughs and arrived back at the dorms. When he parked, we just looked at each other, until Daniel brushed my cheek with his thumb and told me I was beautiful. He leaned towards and placed a soft and gentle kiss on my lips and I let out a soft moan that was barely audible. Daniel then walked me to my room, I told him I had a great time, and we kissed again. This time with a little more passion. Daniel grabbed my hips and pulled me against him. I threw my arms around his neck and slid my tongue across his lips. He did the same, and just as he was sliding his hands down my back towards my ass, Mandy opened the door with a stupid grin on her face and said,

"Hi you guys."

We pulled apart and Daniel growled and said,

"Mandy why?"

Mandy then said, "Why don't you love birds just go in your room Tasha?"

I looked at her wide-eyed, then Daniel said,

"Umm that's okay Tasha. You can call me once you get settled in. Okay?"

"Okay. Sure thing."

Daniel left and I walked into the dorm and shut the door.

"Why'd you say that Mandy? That was embarrassing!"

"You guys are cute together. I wouldn't mind my brother dating you instead of those stuck up rich girls. Plus, I like you, and I've come to see that you're not great when it comes to being forward. I thought I'd give you a little push."

"Well, thanks," I said sarcastically.

She giggled and we went our separate ways for the night. When I got into bed, I called Daniel. He sounded out of breath when he answered the phone, and I asked,

"Were you running a marathon?"

"No. I just...I was in the other room, so I ran to get my phone."

"Oh, um, what are you doing?"

"I was thinking about you. I had a lot of fun tonight. I didn't even realize we didn't eat. Sorry about that."

"That's okay. I ate a few minutes ago. I had a lot of fun too."

"I wish Mandy didn't interrupt our kiss. I was really enjoying it."

My heart stopped. I could tell he was smiling by his tone. I shyly said,

"You're a great kisser."

"You are too. Uh, do you wanna go somewhere tomorrow? I mean if you're busy, I understand," he said enthusiastically.

"I actually have to house sit this weekend, but it's right near the campus. You can come over if you want."

We came to an agreement and decided he'd come over tomorrow night and we'd watch movies and have pizza. I went to bed with a smile on my face and I hoped Daniel did too.

...Saturday 6:00PM...

I was house sitting for my aunt and uncle (uncle by marriage) while they went to visit my uncle's mother in the hospital. They'd be gone until Tuesday, and thankfully I had no classes on Mondays. I dressed in jogging pants and a tank top, then headed for the front room. As I was picking out movies for Daniel and I to watch, Daniel rang the doorbell. I walked to the door, peeped out the peephole, and smiled when I saw it was him. I opened the door and he smiled and said hello. We walked to the living room and I told him to make himself comfortable while I ordered the pizza. After ordering the pizza, I joined him on the couch and we chatted. He scooted close to me as I was talking and wrapped his arm around my shoulder. It felt good having him close to me. I reached to rest my hand on his lap and felt something hard and long. He looked away when I jumped and said sorry. My heart was beating so fast and I didn't know what to do. Just then the doorbell rang. 'Thank God!' I thought. I opened the door, paid the pizza man and got the pizzas. We acted as if what had just happened didn't, and I popped a movie in. Everything calmed down as we ate pizza, sipped soda, and watched the movie. When the movie was over I threw the trash away, then came back to another movie playing.

"I picked another movie to watch," Daniel said.

I joined him on the couch once again, and we snuggled with each other until we both fell asleep.

I woke up laying on top of Daniel, his hands on my ass and hard on against my stomach. He had me pushed against it, and I just laid there, loving how it felt. It was so hard, and I ground my pelvis against him. It wasn't until he slid me up and down against it, did I realize he was awake too. I inhaled sharply when I felt pressure against my clit. He heard me and said soflty,

"Tasha, are you awake?"

I didn't know whether to respond or pretend I was asleep. Again he said,

"Tasha, are you awake?"

I responded,


He rubbed my back and continued pressing me against his hard on. It was starting to hurt me, and I'm sure him too. So I sat up and undid his belt and said,

"It might feel better if you take your jeans off."

He lifted up, lifting me in the process and slid his jeans down to his ankles. I could see his dick straining against his briefs, but my view was obscured when Daniel pulled me back down against him.

"Tasha...I really want you, but I didn't want to rush anything. You're a really sweet girl, and Mandy told me that you're not very experienced with guys. I didn't want to scare you away," he said as he continued to grind against me.

I was so turned on and wet that I could barely get my words out.

"Mandy has such a big mouth, but she's right.... I'm a virgin," I blurted out quietly.

He stopped completely, but I heard him moan.

"Do you wanna stop? I won't make you do anything you don't want to, Tasha."

"Can we just do this? With our clothes on?"


He picked from where he stopped and continued grinding.

I said, "Wait."

He looked at me, frightened that he'd done something wrong. Then I said,

"I wanna take my pants off too."

I stood up to take my jogging pants off, and he removed his jeans all the way. I straddled his lap once again. He adjusted me on his lap so that his dick was right between my aroused pussy lips, right against my clit. He pushed up and I sighed. He repeatedly pushed against my clit, and I was getting closer to orgasming. Daniel pushed his lips against mine, and I began bucking hard against him. I felt my clit tingling and heard Daniel let out a long, low moan. I felt myself explode and squeezed my eyes tightly, still sucking on Daniel's lips. Neither Daniel nor I moved. Minutes passed by and Daniel was the first to speak.

"Tahsa, God you're sexy. I want you so bad."

"I want you too, but we can't....."

"Okay," he said sounding defeated.

"We can't.....on the couch. Let's go to the guest room."

I got up and grabbed his hand. We walked to the bedroom and things got hot and heavy. He kissed my neck and slid his hands across my body, leaving nothing untouched. I pushed him away and removed my shirt, now standing in my bra and panties. Thank goodness I put on a matching set. He threw his shirt to the floor and pushed his underwear down. His dick sprang forwards towards me and I stared in awe. It was gorgeous with a pink head and about 8 inches long. He walked towards me and I said,

"Wait, condom? You have one?"

"Shit! I didn't think we'd...shit!"

I smiled inwardly at his frustration and said,

"Wait here. My cousin should have some in his room."

My cousin was only 16, but I knew he had a stash under his bed. Before he left with my aunt and uncle he told me not to steal any or replace them. I went to search for them and found he had multiple sizes. I guess he'd just started his sexual adventures and didn't know what size he needed.

I returned to the room with a few condoms that were different sizes and handed them to Daniel. He laughed and said,

"Jeez! How many penises does he have?"

I laughed, and Daniel walked over and kissed me. He placed the condoms that weren't needed on the bed stand and the other one between his teeth. He unhooked my bra and slid my panties down, then gently pushed me on the bed. I pulled him towards me and snatched the condom out of his mouth and smiled. We kissed one again and i felt his fingers between my thighs. He rubbed slow, lazy circles around my hole, then slid to my clit. I began breathing heavily and he grinned.

"You're so wet baby. I'll be gentle, I promise."

He grabbed the condom from me and removed it from the wrapper and slid it on. I laid in the middle of the bed and tried to relax. Daniel positioned between my legs and slowly began to push into me. The more he pushed, he more pain I felt. I winced, and he stopped and said,

"Are you okay?"

"Yes, keep going,"

Daniel made sure he went as slow as possible, and because of that, it didn't hurt too badly. He was half way in and he pulled almost completely out, then slowly pushed back in. He repeatedly did this until he was all the way inside me and I was comfortable. I began to pump my hips up, meeting his thrusts. Once he felt this, He began to drive his hard dick into me harder. The headboard began hitting the wall, and I had a flashback to the dream I constantly had of him and smiled. I was pulled back to reality when Daniel hit a spot in me I was never able to reach, and I moaned audibly. My hips began to buck furiously, as did Daniel's.

"Mmm, Tasha....you feel so good inside. So warm and tight. I wanna feel your cum all over my dick baby."

At that instant, I did exactly as he told me and gushed my cum all over his dick. He thrusted up and hit my clit, causing me to shake uncontrollably. I threw my head back, screamed, and closed my eyes, riding out my orgasm. Daniel lifted my leg and gave me long deep strokes, then yelled,

"Uh, shit!"

He spurt his cum into the condom and slowly continued to pump me as I held on to him. I breathed out heavily and smirked. My body felt so amazing, and I was glad Daniel was my first. Daniel rolled off of me and went to dispose of the condom. After, he got back into the bed and tugged me to his warm body. I obliged and wrapped my arm around his stomach. Suddenly, our stomachs growled simultaneously, and we both busted out into laughter.

"I guess we should go eat some leftover pizza, huh?" I said between giggles.

"Yeah, we seemed to have worked up quite an appetite."

We continued our laughter and went back to the living room to grab some pizza. As we ate we talked and couldn't help but smile at one another. We decided that Daniel would go pick some clothes up for the weekend and skip classes on Monday. We figured we'd enjoy each other's company and explore one another's body some more.

That weekend was great, and Daniel and I are surely going to be happy together.

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